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Islam is in - Christianity is out

Islam is in - Christianity is out
Muslims block whole intersections in downtown New York City to pray, but a Christian gets arrested for reading the bible in the parking lot of a Southern California DMV

By de Andréa
August 19, 2013

Recently acquitted, this happened in February of 2011, it's much worse now!  A California highway patrolman arrested Mackey for trespassing and told him it was illegal to preach to a captive audience, and yet Muslims pray in the streets of New York City…Why?  Because Obama said in his campaign speeches, “I will fundamentally change America”.  “This will no longer be a Christian Nation, it will be the Nation of Islam”.   

When you don’t want to believe a Muslim, that’s when you should believe him…

Yes, that is not Mecca, that picture is in the streets of New York City, the same goes on in Paris France.

Members of Calvary Chapel of Hemet in Southern California have been involved in an active Christian evangelism program for years.  Assistant Pastor Brett Coronado heads up the evangelism program at the church and frequently leads others out into the community to hand out Gospel tracts and read from the Bible.

In February 2011, Pastor Coronado and two men from his church went to the Department of Motor Vehicles parking lot to witness to the line of people waiting outside for the DMV to open.  Mark Mackey, one of the men accompanying Coronado, began reading from his Bible when a security Guard told him he had to leave.  Mackey knew his Constitutional rights and continued reading from the Scriptures.  Not long afterward, a California highway patrolman showed up and immediately arrested Mackey  (watch the video) for trespassing and told him it was illegal to preach to a captive audience.  This is interesting and of course an ignorant lie, because if that were true, then all prison ministries and chapels would be operating illegally since their audience really is captive.  I may have spoken too soon that may be next on the chopping block of First Amendment rights.

Despite the fact that Pastor Coronado and the other man with him were not speaking at all they were also soon arrested by another officer just for being there, on the charge of co-conspiracy before the fact.  So now Christians are conspiring to commit…what?

The three evangelists vowed to fight for their rights of free speech and religion.  They were represented by Robert Tyler who is a general counsel with the Advocated for Faith and Freedom.  At the time, Tyler said: "Now when we do go to trial, it will be an important case as unfortunately it reflects upon the increasing discrimination that Christians are facing in this country for engaging in their faith - doing things in public places that never before would have been considered to be something that was criminal in conduct.  As a result, this case will be an important one - and Lord willing, we'll be able to find success and victory in the court system.”  When the case recently went to trial, Pastor Coronado and Mackey were both charged with misdemeanors citing Section 602.1 of the California penal code for “Impeding an open business”, which one can clearly see in the video was untrue.  The prosecutors claimed that they were conducting a demonstration on state property without a permit and presented their case before Riverside County Superior Judge Tim Freer. 

Do you see, now according to law Christians must obtain a PERMIT FROM THE STATE to exercise their rights.  The thing about permits is that they can be denied, even though the U.S. Constitution says that there shell be no laws  “…respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the FREE EXERCISE THEREOF or abridging the freedom of speech…”  But you and I know that the U.S. Constitution has been replaced with Islamic Sharia Law which outlaws all other laws and religions and everything there is.  And then where will the ‘Separation of Church and State’rs’ be?

What happened next surprised everyone, including the defense.  Judge Freer acquitted both men without ever hearing their defense and without a jury.  He ruled, not on the grounds that their Constitutional rights had been violated, but that the prosecution failed to provide enough evidence against the two to substantiate the charges against them, meaning that they were still legitimate charges.  

After the acquittal, Tyler told said, "This case, I think, is somewhat symbolic of the battle that we have seen occur in the United States over Christian worldview in an attempt to silence [that] worldview.  I think this is just symbolic of Christians around the country, standing up and saying ‘We need to stand up for our liberties and we want protections.  That's why our First Amendment exists.’”

Oh!  If you think that America can’t become an Islamic State well you would be wrong my friend it already is becoming an Islamic State, one town at a time, that’s how it’s done.  Take a look at Dearborn Michigan for an example, and tell me we are not becoming the Nation of Islam.  Take a look at the religion of Christianity itself, it is becoming Islam one church at a time.  Look at some more examples, Here and Here.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  In today’s Muslim government and the Islamic Jihad of our judicial system, especially in the growing Islamic state of California, I was very surprised at the actions and ruling of Judge Freer.  Knowing that Christians can still stand and defend their rights, I hope and pray that more will do the same.  If we don’t stand and fight for our rights as Christians and Americans, we will surely lose them.  Remember the Constitution is still technically on the books, it has not yet been officially repealed.  Although I do fully expect some appellate court Judge to someday soon, overturn the entire U.S. Constitution claming it to be unconstitutional and replacing it with Islamic Sharia law.  This would be tantamount to the courts adopting Christian Cannon law or Jewish law in place of constitutional law but that of course would be ruled unconstitutional.   

How can Sharia law be adopted as U.S. court law when it violates every fundamental statute in this country?  That’s why it’s a good indication that since Sharia law is not compatible with our law it will replace all other American law. 

Note: recently a judge in Okalahoma upheld Sharia law in state courts over local state and federal laws, despite the fact that Oklahoma voters in 2010 passed an initiative that would "forbid courts from looking at international law or Sharia Law when deciding cases."  And in North Carolinian the state legislature passed state Representative Chris Whitmire’s American Laws for American Courts bill, officially titled, “Foreign Laws/Protect Constitutional Rights (bill number, HB522) with the support of the people and an overwhelming bi-partisan support: House (75-37) and Senate (31-2).  But there is one final step necessary in North Carolina.  The citizens are still waiting for Governor Pat McCrory to sign North Carolina’s American Laws for American Courts legislation so it will become law.  He has until August 25th to do so, in the mean time he is being pounded and threatened by Islamic opposition groups like CAIR—who have unleashed their national membership on North Carolina—to force Governor McCrory to veto the bill.  This is what happens every time and in every state that this has been tried.

The problem is every time a law that upholds the constitution is’ passed, some ignorant PC judge overturns it.  And this is how America will be “CHANGED” from a Christian Nation into an Islamic Nation just as Obama promised in his campaign speech.  One can only guess that this is what the majority of the people want; because they voted for Obama who said he would “fundamentally transform America”.  That’s Islamic Democracy!  The thing of it is…when did America become’ a democracy?  It wasn’t on September 17 1787 that’s when America became a Constitutional Republic.  We became a Democracy in December of 1913 and totally lost the federalist structure of checks and balances of our constitution nearly one hundred years ago, read your history…and we have been on a down hill slide toward MOB RULE ever since, and this MOB is now represented by Islam.   

We should do is pass a law prohibiting courts from passing laws…Oh well… the courts would just overturn it…

Thanks for listening –de Andrea

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