Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The New War On Terror

The New War On Terror
According to your American government, who are the terrorists, which groups are a danger to the National Security of the United States?  You might be surprised…

By de Andréa
August 27, 2013
Obama said, "The war on terror is over".  He meant our war on terror'ists is over...now he is going to war with those nasty hateful Christians. 

According to Obama’s Department of Homeland Security Terrorists have now been redefined as people belonging to or identifying themselves as…Rightwing Conservatives, Anti-Abortionists, Constitutionalists, Evangelical Christians, Jews, Returning Combat Soldiers, Tea Party Members, Gun Owners, Anti-Sharia Groups, Anti-Gay Rights Organizations etc…in other words any, and all patriotic Americans.

By contrast, people belonging to groups previously defined as…known Islamic Terrorist Extremists Groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Council on American Islmic Relations, al-Qaida, The Holyland foundation,  Hamas, Hisbala, Taliban, Mujahedeen, Wahhabists,   Palestinians, have become part of and are supported by the Obama Régime.  

What most Americans fail to understand is that Obama has supported Islamic Jihad in American since day one of his first Regime in 2009.  Obama’s very first order of business was to overturn the sentences of the leaders of the Holyland Foundation terrorist money laundering Jihadists in a Federal trial who were found guilty in 2008.  He has sent Billions of your money to aid terrorism all over the Middle East and the world, even Burma. Not only to support Militant Muslim Terrorism but to aid in the murdering of Christians.

Why does he do that?  Because Obama is in fact of evidence, as well as his own admission, a Muslim Jihadist.  Obama bows to the king of Islam, prays to Allah, celebrates Muslim holydays in the Whitehouse, and cancels the Christian National Day of Prayer and sends billions of foreign aid to terrorists.  All this in support of the enemy of America!

I know you are probably tired of me telling you this but I am not going to stop until Obama is impeached, brought up on charges of treason, and sentenced to life in prison or a lethal injection, which would actually be too good for him.  

I’m going to give you a break from me for a change and let you sit back, relax, and hear the truth from others.  You don’t even have to read, just click and watch and listen.  Then decide if I am a conspiracy nut or maybe it’s Obama and his Fellow Muslim Jihadists that are the conspirators.  Below are just a few of the, quite literally, thousands of videos, available about Obama’s support of Islamic Jihad and his war on Christians and Jews.  

I have done all the work for you, except push the left button on your mouse…

War on Judeao Christianity

Muslim Jihadists In the Government

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you agree, please share these posts with your friends, family, co-workers.  The only way to defeat the apathy and propaganda of the government controlled media is to spread the truth. 

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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