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More’ Proof That U.S. Schools Are Nazi Indoctrination Centers

More’ Proof That U.S. Schools Are Nazi Indoctrination Centers
“Every scientific revolution took place because a non-consensus view was eventually allowed to gain a hearing,” Anything else is not education it is indoctrination.

By de Andréa
August 12, 2013

Ball State University located in Muncie Indiana typifies the Fundamental Change that Obama promised in his campaign speeches, “I will fundamentally Change America,” he shouted reminiscent of Adolf Hitler.  We have “CHANGED” from education to the narrow censorship of indoctrination.

Ball State University president Jo Ann Gora stated that to allow Physics Professor Eric Hedin, pictured at right, to present intelligent design as a valid scientific theory would “violate the academic integrity” of the course Hedin was teaching.  My point exactly Ms. Gora, you are demonstrating the very indoctrinational robotic programming that is at issue here.  If anything, it actually proves’ the integrity’ of the mathematics that Professor Hedin was presenting.

The origin and evolution of the species by the odds of chance is mathematically impossible.  It is even more impossible than believing that the materials necessary to cause the existence of the Empire State building just by chance, appearing out of the slime, and as if by magic all the parts lifted themselves up and fell all into the proper place, and ‘POP’ the Empire State building.  Yeah right!  And how much more complex is the universe?  The Empire State building didn’t happen by chance my friend, it was designed, and so was the universe.

I can guarantee you Ms. Gora has never studied the science of intelligent design.  Intelligent design has in fact been proven by the sciences of, mathematics, biology, and archeology.  And my friend it has been historically proven beyond any doubt that Darwin’s theory of the “Origin of the Species” was influenced by ancient religious paganism, making Darwin’s theory closer to paganism than science.   

In a statement to Ball State faculty and staff, Gora said: “Intelligent design is overwhelmingly deemed by the scientific community as a religious belief and is not a scientific theory ....  To allow intelligent design to be presented to science students as a valid scientific theory would violate the academic integrity of the course as it would fail to accurately represent the consensus of science scholars.”

I have news for you Ms. Gora, “Darwinism is overwhelmingly deemed by the religions community as a false religion and to allow the religion of Darwinism to be presented to science students as a valid scientific theory violates the integrity of education as it fails to accurately represent the consensus of world wide acceptance.”  That was a quote from me and it holds as much water as yours.  

World Magazine writes: Students at Indiana's Ball State University will no longer hear intelligent design perspectives in honors science classes after the school president blasted it as just a “theory” overwhelmingly rejected by the scientific community”.  Oh really, just what does the word  “THEORY” actually mean in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution” I would like to know! 

“Students at Indiana's Ball State University will no longer hear…” Again proof that there is no education going on here.  Denying students to “HEAR” all Ideas regarding a subject is not education it is controlled indoctrination. 

According to WORLD Magazine, Gora was responding to pressure from the Freedom from Religion Foundation, which had been alerted to Hedin’s material by a University of Chicago ecology professor.  More proof that political presser drives education rather than the exploration of ideas.  Again it is called Indoctrination. 

Atheists are on par with Islamic ideology in that it is my way or the highway aditude, read and article about atheists attack on Home Schooling in Texas.

And then the legal aspect
Casey Luskin, an attorney who works as a research coordinator at the Discovery Institute, says the university appears to have violated its own policy in the way it has handled the situation.  “If you look at Ball State’s faculty guidelines, it has some very strong protections for academic freedom.  In fact, their guidelines say that teachers should be able to talk about controversial or unpopular views.  But yet apparently when it comes to intelligent design, they apply a double standard."

Luskin also says to restrict the exchange of ideas in the classroom, even though they are controversial or unpopular, is dangerous.  “Every scientific revolution took place because a non-consensus view was allowed to gain a hearing,” Luskin explains.  “And then that view gained popularity and eventually it became a consensus view.  So it’s very dangerous, I think, to the health of the scientific community when you shut down an idea simply because it’s not the ‘consensus.’”

In July, Discovery Institute vice president Dr. John G. West submitted a letter the Ball State Board of Trustees, encouraging the university to “guarantee Prof. Hedin’s freedom to teach without the threat of censorship or intimidation.”

Attached to that letter was a petition signed by more than 7,000 supporters of Hedin’s academic freedom.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The absence of academic freedom, results in indoctrination not education.  Our schools and colleges have followed Darwin’s theory ‘and have evolved’ into nothing but the production of human machines, stamping out programmed robots that will eventually put a chock in the cog of scientific progress.

The dictatorship of putting science and technology into a prepackaged box has historically put the brakes on educational progress completely.  Darwinism is worse than a false religion; it is not even a scientifically provable theory it is just a hypothesis that takes more blind faith to believe than intelligent design.  But it is part of the unquestionable indoctrination that we have been subjected to since the 1930’s gaining popularity in the 1950’s.  Then by not allowing opposing views, this science of how the earth began has just STOPPED DEAD IN ITS TRACKS.  I recall that a few scientists of history went against the consensus including Galileo Galilei  who discovered the Heliocentric system that all the rest of the planets in our solar system rotated around the sun instead of the accepted Ptolemaic system where the Earth was the center of the then known Universe.  If the exchange of ideas was not allowed, (and at the time it wasn’t) the truth would not have eventually risen to the surface.  And then the Earth along with science would still be ‘standing still’, in the center of the cosmos.

If the only purpose of the talking heads is to indoctrinate, then the truth of our origins or the truth about anything for that matter, will never be known.  Let this discourse freely flow and the truth will eventually prevail and set us free to move on my friend.   

Latest information…though Hedin will no longer be allowed to teach “The Boundaries of Science Course,” he has thus far remained at Ball State

Doing what…sweeping up the debris in the campus parking lot?

The name of the course ironically proves my point as well, they are putting science in a box, there should be no “boundaries” in science…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa  

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