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Al Jazeera Buys American News Anchors

Al Jazeera Buys American News Anchors
The next step in Islamic Jihad has been made by Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood.

By de Andréa
August 12, 2013

First came immigration, then infiltration, establishment, indoctrination, and then comes militant supremacism.  We are now in the final fazes of Islamic Jihad just before militant supremacism.  What’s that you say?  Well that translates to an all out militant terrorist Jihad to establish the oppressive servitude of the dhimmah for all of you ignorant kuffaars. 

If you still don’t know what I just said, well…that’s the whole idea of Stealth Jihad you’re not supposed to know.  You will wake up one day and wonder what happened, how did’ America become an Islmic State, run by Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood.  You see, you started by voting in a Muslim Jihadist for president in 2008 just like the Germans voted in a Nazi Murder for chancellor in 1933.  I mean, you do’ see that don’t you?

What you may not know however is that the Muslim Brotherhood was once one of the largest Empires in the world, and though short lived it will’ be again.  It just went by a different name; it was called The Ottoman Empire until 1924 when it met its demise, then four years later in 1928 the Ottoman Empire was reborn as the Muslim Brotherhood.  America fought a war against it in 1804 in Libya and if you’re somewhat awake you will realize that we are still fighting the same war in the same place just by a different name.  Garbage by any other name is still garbage my friend.   

So what does that have to do with Al-Qaida, or’ excuse me Al-Jazeera, ‘same thing’, just a different name.  Well you see in this faze of Jihad, Islam takes over the propaganda machine or as you might know it, the American “Alphabet Soup Media”.  It begins with bringing their own Islamic propaganda machine to us and using our own ignorantly deceived news anchors to indoctrinate us the Sharia way.  Did you know that Fox News Network is partially owned by the Prince of Saudi Arabia?  How do I know all this?  Well I read my history book.  “The further back one looks, the further forward one can see” Sir Winston Churchill said that. 

So now read a little bit of history in the making
Former NBC News anchor John Seigenthaler and MSNBC anchor and Current TV correspondent David Shuster have announced they are both joining ‘Al Jazeera America’, a TV network owned by the government of Qatar who is of course, yep you guessed it, tied to Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood.  You might just get the hang of this ‘exposing Obama’s Islam for what it is stuff’ yet!

Shuster and Seigenthaler will both serve as propaganda anchors for the network, which is scheduled to launch in a few days on Aug. 20.

Upon making the announcement, Siegenthaler said, “I’m proud to join a respected worldwide news organization that is committed to delivering high quality, objective and balanced investigative journalism.  While other networks and newspapers are cutting back, Al Jazeera is growing.  It’s exciting to be part of the launch of this unique cable news channel.”  Do you see what I mean about Islamic deception?  These American news anchors will enable the communication bridge of deception between Islam in the East and America in the West.

Shuster told the Huffington Post, “I’ve followed Al Jazeera since I covered the Iraq War in 2003 from Doha.  The organization’s fearless efforts to give a voice to the voiceless have always struck a chord in me.  It’s an honor to help carry on that unique mission on an American channel and for an American audience.”

In recent months, other news personalities have joined Al Jazeera, including former CNN host Ali Velshi, former CNN reporter Joie Chen and former CNN morning show host Soledad O’Brien.

As Cliff Kincaid, director of Accuracy in Media, has noted, “The anti-American channel works hand-in-glove with the Muslim Brotherhood and its associated terrorist groups, including Al Qaida and Hamas.  Nothing has changed.  In fact, Al Jazeera has become more open about its work as a foreign policy instrument of Qatar, including the promotion of al-Qaida-linked terrorist groups in Syria.

Kincaid noted that the Muslim Brotherhood website refers to Al Jazeera as “the greatest Arab media organization. The channel originally made a name for itself by airing al-Qaida videos, and one of its correspondents was convicted of being an agent of the terrorist group that carried out the 9/11 terrorist attacks,” he wrote. “The hit movie ‘Zero Dark Thirty,’ based on the killing of Bin Laden, notes that the al-Qaida leader was tracked down in part by locating a nearby Al Jazeera office that received and aired terrorist videos.”

Muslims Jihadist prey on your ignorance, using what I have learned to be the supernatural power of Taqiyyah, the Satanic lies of Islam. that they are programmed with from birth.  Now they will use our own ignorantly deceived news people to enable our own destruction.  Check out the words below my banner at the top of this article and memorize them.  It’s the process of Allah.

Online readers like me took to to voice their reaction to news of Seigenthaler and the others hiring’ and posted the following comments:

“Now that this NBCer is free to shout, ‘Death to America!’ whenever he feels the need, all the other NBC anchors are jealous.”

“Al Jazeera, all the Shariah-approved news you can use.”

“Translation: They are giving me a paycheck and I am willing to sell my integrity.”

“That man used to be on ABC affiliate in Nashville!  Man he must be really hungry to stoop that low.”

“I cut my cable company so that I won’t support this network or any other liberal clown channel.”

 “Will he be wearing a burqa?”

“One propaganda outlet for another, nice move elitist!”

He just started working for them and already he’s committed Taqiyyah.”

“John, you should be happy to have a job.  But I wouldn’t call you a journalist any more than I would call Al Jazeera America ‘high quality, objective, and balance investigative journalism.’  I tend to think of Al Jazeera America more as an extension of the Al Qaida Propaganda Ministry.”

“His statement is such blatant and obvious B.S.  Are we sure he was not kidnapped by Al (Qaida) Jazeera and forced to say this at the point of a gun?”

THE BOTTOM LINE: My sentiments exactly.  Only one question I would like to add, Isn’t this a little like American news people going to work for Japanese news agencies during World War II? 

You know…kind’a like a Tokyo Rose…“hey GI don’t you know your wife back home is in the arms of your best friend”…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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