Wednesday, June 28, 2006


By de Andréa

al Qaida definitely has a friend in the New York Times. After the 911 attack by Islam on America, the New York Times demanded that the U.S. Government develop a way of tracking the flow of monies to al Qaida in the support of terrorism. This passed week the New York Times committed Treason by printing the top secret Federal program of tracking Al Qaida money laundering in the U.S. and all over the world.

While the media is very careful not to divulge the sources of their Information to protect their own interests they for some twisted reason find it perfect okay to support America’s enemies by giving top secret information to our enemy in the middle of a war.

This writer is a WWII baby, growing up during the 2nd World War and the Korean War, I know that the editor of the Times or any other news agency that printed the Navaho language or printed the fact that we knew the German code, during that time; they and all their employees would have been arrested and probably never heard from again.

The result of this program involving U.S. and foreign banks watching for the flow of money and money transfers among suspected entities led to the resent foiling of both foreign and domestic terrorists attacks.

The result of the New York Times Aid to the enemy by exposing this top secret project has led to all foreign, and some domestic banks pulling out, and thereby gutting the project. The next attack on the U.S. may be on the New York Times building and our CIA has just lost one very important way of discovering this before the fact.

The Los Angles Times apparently had this Information as well, but chose to sit on it, that is until New York broke the story, then they too joined in on this conspiracy to help al Qaida defeat America.

Because this is not the first time The New York Times has committed treason, someone should check to see if the N.Y. Times is being held hostage by Islam. The two previous High Crimes against America by the N.Y. Times was the exposure of the N.S.A. tracking communications, and then the keeping and cross referencing of phone records. Someone needs to stop these people!

"The Federal statute on treason,18 USC 2381 provides in relevant part: "Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States...adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and under this title at minimum be fined not less than 10,000 and be imprisoned not less than five years, or at maximum suffer death".

THE BOTTOM LINE: Should the People at the New York Times Be brought up on Charges and tried for treason? The Law of Treason finds its roots back more than 600 years to Britain’s Treason Act of 1351, which defines High Treason as giving aid and or comfort to the enemies of the Realm. So they can’t say they didn’t know about it. I say “ang em matee, ang em igh”…

de Andréa

Thursday, June 15, 2006


By de Andrea

Every spring time I thank God for global warming. After nine months of cold, rain, snow, sleet, hail, and any other kind of cold or frozen stuff that may fall from the sky without my permission, global warming feels sooo goood.

An acquaintance recently asked me if I believed in global warming. I replied, yes and I believe in global cooling as well. Just spend a winter with me sometime, it will make a believer out of you.

The question is not whether global warming exists, but did humanity do anything to cause it? Well according to history and science, global cooling and global warming has been around long before humanity was emitting anything but flatulence, so I guess not.

That should be enough to dispel any argument about whether we as civilized human beings have anything to do with the weather. Well we don’t, however some human beings have something to do with the global warming cult/religion. This is what caused this writer to search for the origins of this religion. I call it a religion because a religion is a belief in something by faith, for which there is not the necessity of any substantive proof. One cannot find a credible scientist to support human caused global warming.

So what is the origin of this religion? It has its beginnings in the 1950’s. The department of energy known then as the energy commission was looking for a way to sell the American public on the idea of atomic energy, “a clean form of energy”. The public was more than a little concerned about anything atomic since the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan less than a decade before. People were just not too excited about the idea of having an atomic reactor in their neighborhood.

By the mid 1960’s NASA had discovered that the atmosphere on Venus was mainly carbon dioxide, one might ask what the atmosphere on Venus has to do with global warming on earth. Well it does, but only to the extent that an almost pure carbon dioxide atmosphere on Venus is what contributes to its almost 800 degree temperature. Needless to say it probably doesn’t snow on Venus; moreover, one might need more than a dab of sun screen.

When this hit the AP, that increased levels of CO2 could contribute to global warming, this became an issue. But like anything else, a little bit of information can be dangerous. Never the less the atomic energy commission decided to use this hysteria to promote their atomic energy agenda. A lump of coal is dirty and when burned produces hydrocarbons. A lump of uranium is clean and when refined and used to run a reactor produces no hydrocarbons, clean energy, the public bought it.

So did the airhead ecologists, and with this little bit of information they created the Religion of Global Warming. It doesn’t matter that all the Hydrocarbons produced by humanity doesn’t amount to a fly on an elephants butt. Just the idea that humans produce CO2 and CO2 produces Global warming is enough. Never mind that one substantial eruption from one volcano produces more than a one hundred times the “green house gases” than all of humanity has since the beginning. Like I said “a fly”…

THE BOTTOM LINE: Global warming is here to stay folks, get use to it. Moreover so is global cooling, it happens every winter up here in the high country.

de Andréa

Monday, June 12, 2006


By de Andréa

Many new vicissitudes were introduced into our society as we approached the twenty first century; such as Global Warming and letting forest fires burn because they are natural. One of these modern ideas is a new creative reason for the development of pharmaceuticals. Designer Diseases. The main difference between these diseases and other diseases are that either the medicine is developed first, and then a disease is created to support the need for the medicine. Or the disease is created so that a medicine can be created for the disease, either way it is a 15 billion dollar a year business that is doing nothing more than creating a plethora of side effects including death.

Probably the most well known of these Designer Diseases is A.D.D Attention Deficit Disorder or a custom made variation of the disease, AD/HD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Suggesting that the person afflicted with this dreaded disease is board, and or, has an enormous amount of energy. The group most afflicted with this disease is the little people of the male gender, boys from preschool age through junior high. (A group not likely to protest) Moreover, these children are dying by the hundreds every year, not from the so-called disease, but from the drug treatment program.

The burning question that lights this writer’s fingers on fire is where did this disease come from? It seams to be an epidemic, with no origin. Is it a new kind of virus or a bacterium from another planet? No, it is a mental disorder created by the same liberals that created global warming and natural forest fires. A.D.D. was created by a small group of people starting with a militant liberal lesbian feminist school teacher, together with a Pharmacist, a Marketing Engineer, and an MD. Moreover, to date this disease has no medical consciences.

In many cases parents are coursed, even threatened by the school and Child Protective Services to put their child on drugs or they will be brought up on charges of child neglect or some other trumpet up charge. It is a monetary advantage for schools to get as many children as possible diagnosed with A.D.D because they receive additional money for special education programs.

Born out of laziness, irresponsibility, incompetence and a desire to subjugate the male of the species; this part of the feminist movement created a way to vanquish male children in a bazaar attempt at female domination. The subsequent drugs to deal with these rowdy little boys soon came to the rescue. Teachers and parents of course, welcomed the new wonder drug Methylphenidate better known as Ritalin named after the creator of the disease Rita Lin and Amphetamines or Atomoxetime which sedated the little boys and made their heads full of mush quiet and orderly. One less problem/responsibility a teacher or a parent needs to deal with until it comes to learning; kids on drugs become learning impaired, oh well at least their quiet. This may have possibly created yet another need for a designer disease that impairs their ability to learn, this may be one reason why they can’t be taught to read; maybe somebody could design a drug for it.

I do not deny that the symptoms of some of these disorders are real and do exist, however for the most part they are just normal human traits or in some cases disorders than need to be dealt with. By calling it a disease and drugging people up does not address the problem and certainly does not cure the problem it just sedates it, covers it up, and that is why it seems to take care of the problem until one runs out of drugs or forgets to take them or they kill you. So one does not have to be responsible for dealing with the disorder or trait, just pop a pill, it’s much easier.

Just a side note; Albert Einstein the famous Physics genius, had all the symptoms of AD/HD. Just think for a moment, what if little Al had been drugged up with Amphetamines instead of being allowed to develop normally. He had so much energy and was so board he failed the third grade, and yet went on to become a mathematical genius. One has to wonder how many geniuses, potential inventors or possible future Presidents are all drugged up because parents and teachers do not want to deal with an energetic special child, and as a result will never reach their full potential.

Not to be outdone in this new lucrative industry are such designer diseases a Restless Leg Syndrome for which there is of course a designer pill. And Erectile Dysfunction for which there is also a pill, and many more normal human traits that have been turned into diseases. The latest addition to our designer disease portfolio is I.E.D. no, not Improvised Explosive Devises, that is an Iraqi terrorist disease, but it is close, this new designer disease is called Intermittent Explosive Disorder, I.E.D. The new disease just announced on the A.P. on June 6, 2006 is so new that there is little information about it yet. After all it has just been invented, give them a little time. According to the so-called experts this is a disease that causes such symptoms as bar fights, road rage and spousal abuse. So all you people out there that have poked somebody’s lights out in a bar or have run somebody down on the street because they made an obscene gesture, or husbands who have beat their wives nearly to death. According to the designer disease people you are not responsible, you are victims, and simply have a new designer disease, for which I am sure, their will be a designer drug forthcoming.

THE BOTTOM LINE: According to the new Airhead Liberal Philosophy, we are not responsible for anything; we are just victims of a new Designer Disease. Well I have news for the Lib’s, LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER, and which I think, is at least partially caused by mixing too many drugs, and smoking to many funny cigarettes...

de Andréa
For more Information on A.D.D. and the drugs used to treat it, go to:

Sunday, June 04, 2006


  • By de Andréa

    In Defence of Our Soldiers

    Prior to the Vietnam War, the rules of war were fairly straightforward and the modern rules of engagement of the time were totally relevant. The enemy wore an identifiable uniform and occupied a known area, (the front). If one wanted to know where the war was, someone could accommodate them by pointing in the direction of the war, and could also display a picture of what the enemy looked like.
    If one would recall the history of the American Revolution, the Americans introduced the British to a completely new kind of war. Not only was it the Revolutionary War but the style of warfare was revolutionary. The Americans fought in the way they had learned from the Indigenes Indians. Even though the British were at the time the most powerful military in the world, they were defeated by a handful of farmers, partially because the British were not accustom to this new kind of warfare. To ambush, to shoot from behind trees and other barriers instead of out in the open was considered cowardly by the British, who marched properly into battle and lost row after row of perfectly good soldiers. Cowardly or not, this new type of strategic warfare was extremely effective.
    In the Jungles of Vietnam, in the 1960’s, the Indochinese introduced the U.S. to a new kind of war, and a bunch of rag tag Oriental farmers beat the pants off the most powerful military in the world. They donned all kinds of different uniforms and sometimes they wore civilian clothes. They fought from tunnels and pretended to be innocent civilians; they created hand made weapons, made from bamboo that was devastating to our troops.

    Many times a squad of soldiers out on patrol would happen upon a small jungle village. After a little reconnaissance, they would decide that just a few old women and children occupied the hooch’s in the village. Then suddenly a little child would run toward one of the soldiers and jump into his arms hollering G.I. G.I., after the explosion there were pieces of bodies blown all over, the child was a mobile bomb with little legs. Or, one would not even notice an old mama-san pushing a baby buggy down the road of a village and stop near some G.I.’s, leave the buggy and walk on, in a few minutes the buggy would blow up and kill and maim several American soldiers. This was a new kind of war against an enemy we could not always identify.

    Because this new and strange kind of warfare was routinely used against our ground soldiers in Vietnam, some became demoralized; some began to consider everybody the enemy, unless they knew differently. The old rules of engagement did not seem to apply in these new circumstances. Eventually the discovery of a village on a routine patrol resulted in blowing the village away regardless of who the occupants might be. Women, children, old people, V.C., N.V.A, all became the enemy because they were. This eventually resulted in the infamous Massacre of the village of Mi Lia, which hit the news like gangbusters, read and heard by a people who had no understanding of the new kind of warfare to which our troops had been subjected.

    It seemed easier to prosecute these soldiers, that were scared out of their G.I. socks just trying to stay alive, than it was trying to explain to an American civilian population, why a bunch of American soldiers would totally level a village containing women, children and old people.

    The same sort of circumstance exists in Iraq today, we have had several cases of strange behavior from our soldiers under fire and on patrol in Iraq, such as the resent incident in the insurgent infested town of Haditha. Could most, if not all of this unusual behavior be again attributed to the pressures of trying to stay alive in the face of an enemy one cannot identify? The enemy does not wear a uniform he may be an old woman or a child or may not be seen at all.

    After a firefight, against a people who a few minutes earlier you didn’t even know were the enemy, your buddy is left standing next to you, holding in his hands what is left of the 27 feet of his small intestines, asking you, what you think he should do with all this stuff. Or, after a large explosion, your friend who was riding beside you in a truck is now sitting beside the road trying to stand up, but cannot, because he has no legs. All because some innocent looking civilians tossed an I.E.D. onto the road and destroyed his life. Things like this do begin to change the way you see the world.

    One would think that because of this new kind of warfare that the rules of engagement would change as well. Our military soldiers are being judged by a set of rules that applied to a time gone by, and may no longer be relevant in the face of this new type of warfare. Moreover, our soldiers are again being judged by a people who have absolutely no idea what it is like to live day after day, night after night with the fear that at any second an enemy whom you cannot identify and could be any ware, might kill you or separate you from some of your much needed body parts.

    One question that keeps sticking in my craw is why we do not demand of the enemy, an investigation and justice every time they murder one of our innocent civilian workers or journalists. Aren’t our innocent civilians just as innocent? Analogous to Vietnam we are running the risk of condemning ourselves right into losing this war as well, because of our ignorance and brain washing by a negative and pompous press.

    THE BOTTOM LINE: This writer believes that our Government, Military Executives, and some American citizens may be more interested in listening to the complaints of a bunch of ungrateful recipients of our benefactions. Than they are in exercising the need to be very understanding of a soldier in combat who has volunteered to fight in a war for the very people who will stand in judgment of him. It is easy to sit in ones own armchair sipping mint juleps and condemn the actions of one who lives every day in constant fear for life and limb, and at times must at any moment do things most of us cannot even imagine, just to defend his own life and the lives of his fellow soldiers.

    Moreover, after our combat soldiers risk their lives by volunteering to fight for freedom in our place, (it reminds me of someone else who gave His life in our place) they defend their own lives and the lives of their fellow soldiers, and must now come home and defend themselves in the press, and in the courts just to justify doing all this for us. I guess someone must take the blame for what America does, it may as well be the poor beat up soldier who should be by now, very weary of defending himself against everything and anything that is thrown his way. May God bless the American Freedom Fighter. May God bless the American Soldier.

    de Andréa

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