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Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Is In America

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood
Is In America
The Islamic World Brotherhood Empire is not just in Tanzania, Libya, Syria, or Egypt, all over the Middle East or Africa.  The World Nation of the Muslim Brotherhood is also in Europe and the Americas. Thanks to Obama it is growing out of control.

Action alert
By de Andréa
March 29, 2013
It is better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self. -- Cyril Connolly (1903 - 1974) I will give you the week end to read and study this, there is a lot here…

Barely alive, Amir Ayad was left for dead on an Egyptian roadside this week after having been beaten and tortured for hours.

Why?  Because Ayad, is an Egyptian Coptic Christian, the oldest Christian sect in history, a remnant of the once Christian Nation of Egypt and before, he was arrested Friday along with several others  in an ambush set-up by Egypt's ruling Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group that was and is still supported by Americas Muslim President Barack Hussein Obama.

Brotherhood militia members continue to target, torture and kill Christians in Egypt as well as in the U.S. because they are seen as a threat to the Jihadist supremacist regime of Islam.

Professor of International Studies at the University of Denver Colorado Shaul Gabbay says, "It will only get worse.  This has been a longstanding conflict, but now that the Muslim Brotherhood is in power, it is moving forward to implement its ideology - which is that Christians are supposed to become Muslims.”  He adds, "There is no longer anything to hold them back... the floodgates are open."
According to Gabbay, the current political climate in Egypt threatens secularists and non-fundamentalist Muslims in addition to Christians and Jews…well actually anyone that is not Muslim.  In short, any individual or group that stands in contempt of the new Morsi Brotherhood regime are in potential danger.

The question stands: Why does Obama continue to turn a blind eye to the oppression taking place in Egypt and support the Brotherhood Empire of supremacism by refusing to cut off Foreign Aid?  Well…he doesn’t turn a blind eye he purposely supports them.  If you really have to ask that question then first’ you don’t know who Obama is, and second, I will refresh your memory, Obama used our military to support the Brotherhood takeover of Tunisia and Libya as well as in Egypt he has also for over a year been supporting them in Syria, read the story  Why does he do that?  Because he is a Muslim Jihadist and a member of the World Empire of The Muslim Brotherhood, the resorted Ottoman Empire shut down in 1924. 

But you already knew that, that’s why you voted for him.  It was the mindless tolerant politically correct thing to do.  But did you know that Obama’s Brotherhood Terrorists are also here in America?  They live next door to you, they have infiltrated your police departments they are in the FBI they are in the CIA, the Courts; the American military, they are in the Presidents Cabinet.  They make you eat Muslim Halal Food, they dictate what your children learn in our schools, and they are even in our Christian churches.  I could go on page after page with just some of the ways they are surreptitiously and incrementally turning the West into the Middle East.  Moreover because of your ignorance we are all supporting the evil that is definitely going to destroy us.  If that seems a little pointed and harsh, you would be right, but I am no longer a nice guy, we just can’t afford it!  We simply don’t have the time for politically correct niceties, they don’t work…this is the time for the bold, raw truth my friend.

Rand Paul is the leading Senator calling for the elimination of foreign aid to hostile countries.  In his highly-anticipated speech at the 40th annual Conservative Political Action Conference, the Kentucky Senator reiterated his call to end foreign aid "to countries that are burning our flag" – like Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Syria, Palestine, and Libya.

Relating our foreign aid expenditures to the parody of the sequester, Sen. Paul said:
"Only in Washington could an increase of $7 trillion in spending over a decade be called a cut.  After the sequester, it was announced that the White House would stop giving tours.  Administration officials said that it was due to "cuts" imposed by the sequester.  Meanwhile the President found an ‘extra’ $250 million to send to Egypt.  You know, the country where mobs attacked our embassy, burned our flag, and chanted death to America.  You know, the country who’s President recently stood by his spiritual leader, who called for death to Israel and all those who support her."

Right now, Senator Paul has a bill in Congress that would eliminate military aid to Egypt ‘this year!  It would halt the delivery of expensive Abrams tanks and F-16 fighters to our enemy the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Egypt in Chaos
President Mohammed Morsi - "elected" last year with a promise to bring Egypt out of martial law and into the rule of law – but he has shown himself to be more radical than his predecessors, and his new constitution is hostile toward religious freedom, women's freedom, and any kind of democracy itself.  Why is that?  Because Morsi’s regime is the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

Then the question begging to be answered is: Why is the American Government subsidizing - rewarding - such a tyrannical regime?  Answer, because Obama’s regime is also ‘THE WORLD NATION OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD’. 

Anne W. Patterson, the Ignorant American Ambassador to Egypt would have us believe that the United States is arming the Egyptian government to do…what???  “Support peace.”  She said.  "We look to Egypt to continue to serve as a force for peace, security, and leadership as the Middle East proceeds with its challenging yet essential journey toward freedom and democracy." 
Lady!!!!  There is no freedom or democracy in Islam; it is against their so-called religion.  Ignorance eventually leads to destruction… What a departure from the reality of truth!  How is the subsidization and support of the chaos of our enemy who hates freedom, a strategy for peace and stability?  More proof of truth about what I am saying is the fact that we are knowingly and willfully losing our freedom with no end in sight, this is certainly not the free independent America of history where we shed our blood and died for freedom.  Now we are shedding our blood for the despotic supremacism of ‘Islamic Jihad’ my friend. 

The Paul Bill
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is sponsoring a bill - S. 201 - that will stop the American government's unconstitutional and treasonous, "gifting" of arms to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood government - a nation that has become increasingly hostile toward the United States and Israel, not to mention the murdering of its own people.

On the floor of the Senate on January 31st Senator Paul said:  "I think it is a blunder of the first proportion to send sophisticated weapons to a country that allowed a mob to attack our embassy and to burn our flag.  I find it objectionable to send weapons, F-16s and tanks, to a company that allowed a mob chanting ‘death to America' to threaten our American diplomats.  I am concerned that these weapons, some of the most sophisticated weapons in the world, someday may be used against Israel.  I'm concerned that these weapons threaten Israel's security ..."

In his Senate career Senator Ron Paul has tirelessly called for the reduction of U.S. Foreign Aid to places like Egypt and Pakistan.  Sen. Paul - in addition to grilling Hillary Clinton during her testimony to Congress - has so far been the only Senator to officially call for the investigation of the 9/11/12 terror attack on our consulate in Benghazi by terrorists supported by Obama’s Brotherhood.

Obama is again committing treason by shipping valuable military equipment to further militarize our enemy the Muslim Brotherhood in the Islamic State of Egypt.

Funny I don’t remember sending military aid to Nazi Germany or Japan in the 1940’s.  If we had, history would reflect the opposite of what finally transpired.  It will eventually happen here! 

Has Congress forgotten that it was in Egypt where our embassy was over-run by the Brotherhood’s violent protesters?  Has Congress forgotten that those very same protesters not only scaled the embassy's walls, but also burned American flags?
Has Congress forgotten that the Brotherhood’s Egyptian government has detained Americans on politically conjured charges?  Has Congress forgotten that it was the Muslim President of Egypt who nodded in agreement when an angry Muslim jihadist cleric shouted "Death to Israel and all who support her"?  Has the Congress forgotten that it was the Muslim Brotherhood that Obama supported in Libya in the overthrow of Gadhafi, as well as the Brotherhood’s attack on the United States in Benghazi?  Has the Congress forgotten that it was the Muslim Brotherhood’s affiliate al-Qaida that attacked the United States on September 11 2001 murdering more that 3000 innocent American Citizens?  Has Congress…well…forgotten everything?   What is the matter with these people???  The entire Obama Regime should brought up on charges of TREASON FOR AIDING AND ABETTING THE ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!  And I hope you know what happens to traders in time of war.

Domestically we are faced with coming cuts in military spending yet, rather than conserving our military tools, Obama is giving them away to our enemy and the enemy of our allies…what does that tell you my friend!  We will meet our own weapons in combat.  Such will be the case if our mindless treasonous gift-giving isn't stopped by Obama and Congress.

Sen. Paul said last week on the Senate floor.
"I think it is a blunder of the first proportion to send sophisticated weapons to a country that allowed a mob to attack our embassy and to burn our flag.  I find it objectionable to send weapons, F-16s and tanks, to a company that allowed a mob chanting ‘death to America' to threaten our American diplomats."

It's time for Congress to heed Sen. Paul's words and Pass S. 201 -
Take Action! DEMAND Congress pass S. 201 to "prohibit the sale, lease, transfer, retransfer, or delivery of F-16 aircraft, M1 tanks, or any other defense articles or services to the Government of Egypt." Fax Congress!  Or at least write ‘YOUR OWN’ Congressional Representative and let them know what you know and that you vote, and you want them to stop Obama from destroying this Constitutional Republic or they will all be out on the street begging for bread. 

THE BOTTOM LINE: Have your ever wondered why you are losing your freedom increment by increment?  Egypt has already requested more money this year than they did in 2012 - $1.56 billion, that’s more that 1500 million of your dollars to the enemy of America and the give away of your freedom.  How do you like being an enabler of your own enemy and a co coconspirator to the treason of your America hating criminal president?  If we consider Obama’s record, he has a history of giving every single dollar requested by his terrorist Muslim supremacist’s buddies - sometimes ‘more’, (consider Obama's first year in office, 2009).  You’re losing your freedom my friend because your Jihadist Muslim President is giving it away to the enemy a billion dollars at a time.

If we don't tell our politically correct tolerant useless sheep in Congress to act - it is likely that this trend will continue until we the willfully ignorant people of America have nothing left, which is the Obama plan for turning the United States of America into a tyranny of Islamic Sharia despotism and absolute control.

Instead of being a ‘Free American’, you will be Muslim, a slave of Islam, or you and your family will be dead.

What happened to Amir Ayad in Egypt is already happing here in America and worse, because as your Muslim president said: America is no longer a Christian Nation, it is a Muslim Nation.  And in Islamic Nations, all who are non Muslims must die.  A recent example is the two beheaded Christians in Pennsylvania,  we will surly see more of that, it will be a common event in our neighborhoods just as it is in any Islamic country. 

Moreover Obama supports it with your money…

Ignorance leads to Deception leads to Enablement leads to Destruction!  We are now in the enablement stage; the next stage is our own Destruction. 

Are you ready for that my friend?

“We will live in servitude to Islam or we will die at its hand” – de Andréa

"The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he breaks, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime, and the punishment of his guilt."  John P. Curran

"...There is no nation on earth powerful enough to accomplish our overthrow ...              If our destruction, should it come at all, it will be from within.  From the inattention of the people…from their carelessness and negligence…  I fear that they may place too implicit a confidence in their public servants, and fail properly to scrutinize their conduct; that in this way they may be made the dupes of designing men, and become the instruments of their own undoing.”  -- Daniel Webster, June 1, 1837

We have ignorantly become Webster’s worst nightmare, dupes of Obama’s evil design as well as ‘enabling instruments’ of our own undoing…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Declare War On The Despotic United Nations

Declare War On
The Despotic United Nations
The United Nations is an unelected world hegemony of wannabe dictators.

By de Andréa
March 27, 2013

For the last fifty years or so, the United Nations has been working towards global disarmament through their US Conference on the so-called Arms Trade Treaty (“ATT”) which continues this week in New York City.  Many UN Member Nations have signed on to the treaty ignorantly disarming their own citizens, and that my friend, is exactly what the UN wants to see happen in the United States.  You will be left helpless in the face of ‘World Despotism’.  

Food for thought…if you for whatever reason don’t by into this conspiracy of the UN to disarm the world, even though it is well documented.  And if you also believe that the control of arms will have a direct effect on lowering the crime rate…Think…why would the UN be interested in the crime rate of an independent sovereign country?  The UN has nothing to do with crime and law enforcement within a sovereign country!  It’s because ATT has nothing to do with crime, or the control of guns, but has everything to do with the international control of PEOPLE and world despotism.  It’s the only way the dots connect my friend.

The United Nations is a self appointed unelected hegemony, accountable to no one, working to outlaw our American Constitutional rights and freedoms.  Bear in mind the ATT treaty if signed, also encompasses a nation’s military.  The ultimate goal of the UN Arms Trade Treaty is to regulate ‘all’ arms world wide - leaving the UN Military the only fully armed force in the world, moreover as in all terrorist organizations ‘world wide’, the U.S. is its largest supporter.

The UN is not working alone
The UN has a propaganda machine that is tirelessly working every day targeting American constitutional organizations such as the NRA and painting Free American gun owners as evil.  That propaganda machine is known as “The International Action Network on Small Arms” (“IANSA”) located in London, England.

According to IANSA’s mission statement, through research, and advocacy campaigning, IANSA members are promoting local, national, regional and global measures and, its goal is “to stop the proliferation of small arms and light weapons world wide.” IANSA’s power and influence comes from over 500 anti-Freedom, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who are members of the group.  As Hitler did, they align themselves with the nation of Islam who also hates America as well as Freedom. 

Rebecca Peters, who originally headed up IANSA, and is still on its board of directors, also worked for well-known, billionaire, and America-hater George Soros’s Open Society Institute, a Communist affiliated organization.  Ms. Peters has been successful in obtaining an endless supply of money for IANSA’s gun-ban agenda from Soros.

Ms. Peters led the gun ban in her home country of Australia, and is resigned to do the same to Americans.  Ms. Peters is now a so-called international arms control advocate.  With her leadership, the Australian gun law banned all gun ownership.  The Australian government destroyed more than 700,000 of these weapons, with the largest gun buyback and destruction program in history.  While America, in spite of the increase in guns, the crime rate has decreased over the past decade, Australia’s violent crime rate has climbed to over 170 percent of what it was before its national gun-ban.  They are not interested in controlling the crime rate or even the control of guns; what they want is to control ‘you’ completely.

Britain gave a $2 million grant to IANSA in 2001 through an organization the Britain Socialists created to hide the real source of this money, known as the Global Conflict Prevention Pools (“GCPP”), whose said purpose is disarmament and controlling the proliferation of small arms.  It makes one wonder, after nearly 240 years: Did we really ever truly win our freedom from the King of England?  Yes we did, but the fight to preserve it, has never stopped.

UNICEF, an anti-American UN organization which has always had a misrepresented reputation for benevolence in the world, is a partner in all of this.  According to Carol Bellamy, Executive Director, “The spread of small arms creates a serious global problem and requires an equally urgent response, because the lives and futures of children are at stake.  These weapons have extinguished more young lives than they have protected.”  FBI Stats show just the opposite.

"The greatest tyrannies are always perpetrated in the name of the noblest causes.”  -- Thomas Paine

"No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation.”  -- General Douglas MacArthur

What are you doing to preserve freedom for your kids and Grand kids…?  Or are they going to ask you…why...why didn’t you do ‘something,’ ‘anything’.

England and Australia have already proven that their gun bans have backfired.  Crimes in disarmed countries have sky rocketed and innocent victims have been left defenseless in every so-called GUN FREE country.  Nevertheless, many countries are already enforcing the UN’s agenda, such as Japan, England, and surprisingly, Canada – leading the way.

The UN’s ultimate goal is a binding international world treaty and the UN just may succeed.  If a treaty is ratified just by 2/3rd’s of the Senate, that’s it…, the house the peoples representatives, will have no vote…why do you the people or the individual states have nothing to say about this atrocity?  READ THIS.  ‘All’ our rights will be gone, not just the Second Amendment my friend.  Remember the Second Amendment is what ultimately protects all of our other rights and freedom.  It says so “…it is necessary for the security of a free State”… 

On the other hand, maybe all that is necessary to lose all our rights, is an anti-gun President, who will pass yet another executive order, such as President Clinton did in the early 1990s with the implementation of the United Nations Agenda 21.  Agenda 21 has been stealthily and surreptitiously implemented under the secret code-name of “Sustainable Development” for the past 20 years.

Thomas P. Kilgannon, President of the Freedom Alliance, and author of “Diplomatic Divorce: Why the US Should End its Love Affair with the UN” describes the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty being discussed in New York this week, as “an international agreement that is very broad and overreaching.”  Mr. Kilgannon claims that the UN Arms Trade Treaty is trying to regulate the manufacture, ownership, and possession of conventional firearms, big and small.  It would also reach into other aspects of the manufacturing, technology, related parts and equipment that are all part of the firearms industry and create a UN international bureaucracy that would adjudicate and enforce the provisions of the treaty.  According to Mr. Kilgannon, the UN Arms Trade Treaty aims to “track and regulate every gun ever made.”  The NRA said the treaty would also regulate the manufacture of shotguns.  All arms…

So, the question is, can the Senate pass a treaty that contradicts our own Constitution, and do they care?  Moreover, do we currently have an anti-gun President and Senate?  During the Democrat Presidential debate back in 2008 between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, a question was asked about Washington DC’s then gun control law which had been in place since 1976 turning DC into the murder capital of the world and which then was before the Supreme Court.  The question asked was - if this gun control law, which “prohibited” gun ownership conflicted with an individual’s Constitutional right to bear arms.  President Obama replied, “Just because you have an individual right doesn’t mean that that state or local government can’t “constrain” the exercise of that right.”  Is “prohibition” the same as “constraint”?  Doesn’t our Second Amendment state that our right to bear arms “shall not be infringed” in anyway?  Of course it does, but again they don’t care!  You my friend need to make them care…

THE BOTTOM LINE: Americans have more to be concerned about than NY Governor Cuomo’s SAFE Act and the U.S. Federal regulations to disarm us.  It’s time for us to look back at history, look at the big picture, and connect the dots over the past 250 years.

It’s time to get the Oppressive United Nations out of the Free United States while it’s still’ FREE and we still’ can.

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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Your Dead If You Tell The Truth

Your Dead If You Tell The Truth
This Story is as much about you and me as it is about a school teacher in a small town called Concrete Washington.  Muslims hate the truth, because as this school marm said, they are indoctrinated with lies from birth.  Wait until they read this, they will likely call for yet another hit on me and my family. 

By de Andréa
March 22, 2013

One of the most graphic emails that I have personally received from a Muslim was from a member of CAIR - it said the following:  “When we find you, we will hang you upside-down, cut your throat and bleed you out like the pig that you are.”  Comforting thought coming from the “Religion of Peace”.

When the following story first came across my desk almost three weeks ago, I only gave it a passing glance because this is really - not news…not for me anyway.  This kind of thuggery from Muslims and especially the U.S. Government supported terrorist thugs from The Counsel on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is…well…not that unusual.

But then this past Tuesday a tiny church in the little town of Concrete, Washington, which seats about 150 people, was filled to standing room only by over 450 people, and many more who stood outside the church in the rain, just barely able to see and hear through the windows that were left open. 

So what was so special about this tiny church that people came from miles around to see and hear?
  Well my friend, it was a rally in support of Mary Janda.  Ms. Janda, a local veteran school teacher in the little town of Concrete, has been accused by the Washington affiliate of CAIR AMERICA (Council on American-Islamic Relations) of making “anti-Muslim hate” remarks in her classroom.  My first thought was SO!!!  Part of the mantra of Islam is to make anti-Semitic remarks as well as anti-Christian remarks and threats…but then of course Muslims feel they are speaking from a platform of supremacism just like Nazism.  A Muslim recently beheaded two Christians on the East Coast of the U.S. for nothing more than, well…being Christians, I am certainly glad Muslims are really nice people and have such a “peaceful religion”, I can only hope that Ms. Janda has a body guard.  Of course one must understand the Muslim definition of “PEACE”“Muslim Peace” only occurs after all the rest of us are either dead or slaves of Islam. 

It was estimated that at least half of those turning out that night came from outside of the little town of Concrete,
see a local media report HERE from the Concrete Herald.

So what was the terrible crime that Ms. Janda committed?  Ms. Janda, during a class discussion on bullying, used Islamic terrorist organizations such as Hamas and the Taliban as examples of groups that use violence to intimidate and bully others.  She allegedly, and if true, accurately compared Islam to Nazism, if that is true then she has made another true statement. 

The historical truth about CAIR and Hamas
The truth here is that CAIR’s roots can be traced to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt which began in 1928.  It is the revived Islamic Empire of ‘The Ottoman’ which met its demise in 1924 in Turkey.  The Muslim Brotherhood was the only real ally that Hitler had throughout World War II.  The Muslim Brotherhood is now all over the world, it first made its appearance in the U.S. in 1962.  And in 1987 the Brotherhood created the Terrorist group called Hamas and later it formed the political liaison called CAIR.  They all presently operate freely in the U.S. with the blessings of the Imam Jihadist Barack Hussein Obama who stopped the sentencing of these organizations that were found guilty of money laundering in the 2008 Federal Holyland Foundation trial.  Obama our Muslim Jihadist president ordered his newly appointed Attorney General Eric Holder to Squash the case and Seal the documents and transcripts of the trial and it has been quietly hid under the carpet ever since.  The only real difference between Islam and Nazism is their prophet.  Islam has Muhammad, Nazis had Hitler, but they both share the same evil god…Satan. 

One of Ms. Janda’s students complained to her Muslim Jihadist father, he filed a complaint with the U.S. based terrorist organization CAIR-Washington.
  The school district investigated the incident and found Ms. Janda had done nothing wrong.  Well…kudos’ to the school district but that depends on who’s perspective we are talking about.  You see, telling the truth about Islam could get you killed, right or’ wrong!  Besides, she was certainly not very tolerant or politically correct.  For that she should at least get the death penalty.  And under Sharia law, that has already been introduced in American Courts, she would. 

CAIR’s agenda has been clear from day one; it is the same as The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hisbala al-Qaida, Taliban, The Mosoiadean, The Holyland Foundation or any other Muslim order, it’s in their handbook of Jihad, ‘the Quran’.  CAIR’s founder Omar Ahmad, who is still in jail, said this’ about Muslims: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominate.  The Quran will be the highest authority in America and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”  CAIR has been affirmatively connected to Hamas, CAIR-Washington is upset that Ms. Janda dared to speak the truth, saying that the terrorist organization like Hamas “bullies” and even kills people.

A message for current CAIR Director - Nihad Awad:  Stop picking on helpless school marms Awad, and come and get ‘me’ you coward.  I’m not defenseless…if you insist on living under Satan’s Sharia law; you will be condemned under Gods Holy Law!

May God bless you Mary Janda!

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Profiling The Obama Code

Profiling The Obama Code
Is it Obama’s agenda - to be dictator of the U.S. or maybe even of the world?

By de Andréa
March 25, 2013

For years now, and despite of a lot of flack for saying so, I have been suggesting that Obama has aspirations to be a powerful Hitleresque type dictator.  I have said this for two main reasons…  First it is his background… and second…because of what he says and does.  

And now I have discovered a forensic profiler who worked on the disappearance of Natalie Holloway and the double-murder case against O.J. Simpson among countless other crimes, who says:  “he is more than alarmed by some of the references President Obama has been using”. 

Andrew G. Hodges, M.D., who wrote the book titled:  “The Obama Confession: Secret Fear, Secret Fury,”  said Obama’s statement “I am not a dictator” actually meant, “I am the dictator president.”  Hodges also concluded Obama unconsciously confessed to stealing the 2012 election.”  Something that I have written about and has been very evident all along.

On Hodges’ website, Steven A. Egger, associate professor of criminology at the University of Houston, Clear Lake, has written that Hodges’ technique is “becoming the cutting edge of forensic science.  Dr. Hodges’ investigation of forensic documents in the Natalee Holloway case indicates that his ‘thought-print decoding method’ and ‘reading between the lines’ is, in fact, becoming a major contribution to law enforcement tools used by criminal investigators.”

Dr. Hodges is not new to the field, already having identified killers by studying ransom notes, emails, letters and police interviews to spot secret confessions.  He decoded Simpson’s “suicide note” to confirm Simpson had committed a double murder.  He also decoded Bill Clinton’s comments about Monica Lewinsky.

Profiling The Obama Code
In his newest analysis, he looks further into Obama’s statements in his press conference about the sequester issue in which he berated Republicans for not doing what he wants.

When asked whether he couldn’t have pushed negotiations until a deal was reached, Obama replied, “I can’t have Secret Service block the doorway.’”

Hodges explained.  “He suggests the secret wish to block the Republicans from the door to the government.  Failing to negotiate, he has made every effort to demonize/crush Republicans to gain total control of the government after the 2014 election.  His ‘have Secret Service’ image further suggests a desire to totally control major government law enforcement agencies– to block any opposition,” Hodges said.  “The frightening image ‘of blocking the doorway’ to those who oppose him suggests progressively ideas of imprisonment/forced containment, and a picture of martial law.  Extreme?  Likely so for now but equally a potential major warning of his true intent – if everything fell into place,” he said.

But Hodges noted objective actions that fit the pattern, such as the government’s purchase of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, the estimated 145,000 federal agents with firearm- carry authority and the 65,000 agents for the Department of Homeland Security alone which I have written extensively about.

Then, he said, “There’s the report that a Minnesota company was selling to the federal government - cutout targets custom designed to ‘desensitize police’ to ‘nontraditional threat targets.” So what were these graphics?  “The targets included pregnant women, children, older people, and other civilians in neighborhood settings – all holding guns.  The company reported law enforcement designed and ordered the targets.”  In your wildest imagination, who in law enforcement needs desensitization to such targets…unless Obama is planning a war against all American citizens?

Hodges noted that even activists on the left have expressed concern.  Medea Benjamin, co-founder of the left-wing Code Pink, in a recent WABC radio interview with host Aaron Klein, called the potential abuse by the Obama administration’s huge domestic police power “extremely troubling.”
Recall Obama’s earlier words which, he made spontaneously, strongly pointing toward an unconscious confession.  “‘We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded as the military.’  What exactly was he thinking and why?  Undeniably this was extreme: a civilian force just as well funded and strong as our military – implying majorly armed.  The question is what exactly was Obama secretly confessing about his future plans?  His unconscious super intelligence suggests a warning from a very dangerous Obama, Hodges contends.

The violent imagery statements Obama used in his first inaugural stunned Hodges.  He cited “sacrifices borne by our ancestors,” “perils we can scarcely imagine,” “stained with blood,” “earlier generations faced down fascism …with missiles and tanks … and enduring convictions.”  And Obama’s references to “leaders” include: “those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents,” “leaders … who seek to sow conflict, or blame their … ills on the West” and “the oath is taken amidst gathering clouds and raging storms.”

Hodges the profiler said Obama’s behavior “shouts at us.”  It sure does, and I have been shouting it at America for years.  “The background of murderous drone attacks he personally took delight in supervising – a suggestion of just how furious he is,” he wrote, noting Obama’s “pattern” of weakening the U.S. militarily and citizens individually by cutting budgets and restricting gun rights.

“Throw into the mix the seemingly extreme idea of using drones on the American people but still a possibility and we have yet another issue of war against the citizens,” Hodges said.  “Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., staged a nearly 13-hour filibuster because Obama refused to confirm for him that Americans on U.S. soil would not be killed by Obama-ordered drone strikes.”

Remember, too, Obama was an Alinsky trainer.  And Alinsky’s motto was “trick” – deception from within – followed by revolution and social chaos,” Hodges said.  “One thing we can say for certain is that America is in a very precarious place. And such an angry wounded president arming a civilian force to the maximum when speaking of an apocalypse, evil on the horizon and a dictator president – along with his need to control law enforcement – presents an extreme warning.”

Hodges previously noted Obama’s reference to two sci-fi movies.  “He suggested the idea, ‘I should somehow do a ‘Jedi mind-meld’ with these folks [Republicans] and convince them to do what’s right.’  He used a mixed image from two sci-fi shows,” Hodges explained. “First he alluded to a Jedi ‘mind trick’ used on weak-minded foes (‘Star Wars’ films) implying his continued mind games to trick subservient foolish Americans.”  His spontaneous ‘Star Wars’ image also references his war on the Republicans – efforts to discredit them so that he can affect the next election and control both houses of Congress in his dictatorial behavior.  (He also suggests his war on the military – to weaken it.)

“Finally he implies in the ‘mind-meld’ technique he’s opening his unconscious mind up and we can read it if we know how – just as Commander Spock in ‘Star Trek’ would let others read his mind to provide them with special insightful messages,” Hodges said.

He suggested Obama has been exaggerating the impact of the sequester to “unconsciously paint a true picture of his overall destructive plan.”
Hodges also suggested Obama is revealing a coming “apocalypse” by saying, “There’s not going to be an apocalypse.”

“When he wonders (regarding Republicans) if he could do something else ]‘to make these guys not paint horns on my head’] we indeed should be frightened beyond belief.  He suggests America is in for a devil of a time to put it mildly – that deep down he harbors evil intentions,” Hodges said.

THE BOTTOM LINE: (A little Personal) If you would go back into my archives and read everything that I have said about Obama since he was a child then a collage student to a Chicago legislator and on to the present, it would seem as though Dr Hodges has been reading my articles.  It is either that or I am a lot more intuitive than I thought or have been given credit for.  I mean this guy is a trained Forensic Psychologist, a Criminal Profiler.  If nothing else it is sure supportive of what I have been, as I said at the beginning, saying for years about Obama, that at the time seemed almost no one else could see.  At times I felt a little lonely out there when many were calling me a loony tune conspiracy theorist nut.  But I know what I know!  Moreover I will write the truth as I see it even if no one will read it.  It is interesting how the truth divides people, I would rather it bring people together.  But I do feel less alone knowing there is someone with credibility out in the either that is respected and has discovered the same ‘Obama Code’ that I have.  

Dr Hodges, Professor Steven A. Egger and I agree, Obama is dangerous to children and other living things...

While I certainly do not want to derogate my faithful readers, it is sure nice to be validated and have a little support from the academics for a change.

Thanks for listing – de Andréa

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Traditional Segregationists

Traditional Segregationists
Traditional Marriage is a union between a man and a woman, at the most intimate and basic levels.

By de Andréa
March 24, 2013

Marriage is not traditional because a group of people decided to make it so.  It’s traditional because God made it so.  He made men and women biologically suitable, that is what makes it so.  The two became “one flesh” (Gen. 2:24; Matt. 19:5; Mark 10:7–8; 1 Cor. 6:16; Eph. 5:31).  Is the U.S. Supreme Court going to try to overrule God and everything that is natural?

And’ beyond that my friend, it is the only way to procreate and insure the future of the species.  If we left the world up to homosexuality, humanity would obviously become extinct.  

Just because people do something the same way over and over for a long period of time does not make something fundamentally and morally traditional.  I mean people steal, rape, and murder, but no one would call these actions morally and fundamentally traditional.  If marriage is not a God-ordained institution, then all this talk about marriage is useless, no matter who does what.

And of course, if we go down this road, then there’s nothing that has any principled foundation in law.  The State could determine that products of conception between two biological carbon units are the property of the State.  If the State can determine that property is ultimately owned by the State, then who’s to say that children can’t be put in the same category?  Well…that shows you how far down the wrong road we’ve traveled, the State has already tried that…

What I am trying to say is the State does not define marriage.  That’s already been done.  The creator of nature and science has already done that.

At a time in our culture when religion is out and anything but religion is in, I’m not sure why homosexuals are pushing for a Christian recognized marriage since it’s a relationship rooted in God.  The same God that describes homosexuality as a perversion also defines marriage as being between one man and one woman as well as the Federal law DEFENSE OF MARRIAGE ACT, (DOMA).

Any young person who has an elementary understanding of biology knows that the sex organs are not compatible between men and men and women and women.  They just don’t fit my friend.  I wish some opponent of homosexuality would explain this elementary bit of natural science to them and just state the obvious.  I mean, come on!  This is basic birds and bees stuff.

I would also like someone to point out that during the AIDS crisis that the disease was predominately in the homosexual community.  Yes I know, there were also innocent victims of AIDS.  I had a cousin who was transfused with tainted blood and died of aids before her 10th birthday.  There are exceptions that prove the rule.

Then there are the general mortality rates of homosexual and bi-sexual men when compared to the general population.  “In the U.S., recent research has identified HIV/AIDS as the leading cause of death among men aged 25–44 in several states including New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, and Massachusetts.

It’s no wonder, therefore, that proponents of homosexual marriage are going off the logical rails in order to defend the indefensible.  The latest charge is that anti-homosexual marriage advocates are like racial segregationists”.

Openly homosexual Don Lemon of CNN compared opponents of same-sex marriage with opponents of interracial marriage, he said:  “People felt the same way about interracial marriage as some people today feel about homosexual marriage. People didn’t agree with interracial marriage.  People didn’t think black people should vote.  People didn’t think women should vote.  Did that make it right?  Should you respect that viewpoint?”

First Mr. Lemon I would like to point out that you are shockingly ignorant.  That being said, there is’ a difference between race, gender and what people do sexually.  Homosexuals cannot produce offspring unless they find someone from the ‘opposite sex’ to supply the needed sperm or egg.  It’s not a matter of race or gender or’ what a person is by nature, but what people of all races and both genders do sexually.  Sexual distinctions are not made in terms of race when it comes to adultery, pedophilia, polygamy, rape, child molestation, and mother-daughter, mother-son, father-son, father-daughter marriages that are a logical extension of the way homosexual marriage advocates argue for their view. I hope that clears it up just a bit for you Don!

David Sirota of joined Lemon and the other two pro-homosexual marriage advocates in pouncing on radio host Ben Ferguson who opposes homosexual marriage.  “You just said you oppose gay marriage.  You opposed extending the same rights to marriage as everybody else.  That is intolerant.  That is the definition of intolerance.”

Opposing homosexual marriage is only intolerant if homosexual marriage is morally acceptable.  Opponents of homosexual marriage oppose it for everybody not just for homosexuals, the same way they oppose adultery, sex with children, and polygamy ‘for everybody’.

David Sirota says:  “…You opposed extending the same rights to marriage as everybody else.  That is intolerant…”  Well…your right only about one thing David, I will not, nor does God tolerate this perversion of his creation.  But if what you are trying to say’ is that your rights have been violated, you would be wrong, try reading the Constitution.  As for so-called equal rights under 14th Amendment Section 1, equal protection of law clause.  Under the law Homosexuals are no different than any other citizen.  Homosexuals have equal protection of law, the same as heterosexuals.  But here is the rub David.  Homosexuals don’t want the same or equal law; they already have that, as specified under the Constitution as well as DOMA.  They want a special law/right not afforded to any other group except those that choose to live a life of perversion.  While they choose to be different and unequal they what to be treated as equal.   

In addition the U.S. Constitution does not allow special laws/rights for separate or special groups of people.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  The reason there has been a difference in opinion about homosexual marriage is because most Americans have never been taught to think.  No!  I really mean that, there is no thinking going on here.  They can’t follow an argument because they only know what they have been indoctrinated or robotically programmed with by homosexuals or proponents of this perversion.  And if you still don’t get it, then I suggest that you start reading this article all over again from the beginning until you do. 

Thanks for listing – de Andréa

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Malia on break in Mexico

Malia on break in Mexico
You are paying your fair share for 13 kids and 25 SS agents to go to Mexico on Spring Break, you must be a rich American taxpayer, you’ should pay more taxes.

By de Andréa
March 23, 2013
This Intel was sent to me by one of my subscribers

Obama’s 13 year-old daughter Malia went, with 12 friends on “spring break” to Oaxaca Mexico.  All’ on ‘your’ dime.  She took two jets, 12 friends and 25 secret service men.  A thirteen year-old !!! Why haven’t you heard about it? 

Well…the Obama Administration had the Secret Service scouring the web ordering that any website mentioning this be taken down because letting the travel plans out could endanger the president’s daughter’s security.  Nonsense, the despotic couple just want to hide the fact that they are ripping you off, again. 

Listen to this Obama…Just try and shut me down – de Andréa  

Only a few Canadian Web-sites still have this information up. 

This trip cost more than an average American will make in their entire lifetime.


Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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Obama is leaking Marxism

Obama is leaking Marxism
In Comrade Obama’s  address in Jerusalem recently, he satanically channeled Saul Alinsky, citing the ‘Radical Community Organizing Marxist’ defining mantra, as he urged young Israelis to “create change” and to nudge their leadership to act.

By de Andréa
March 23, 2013

One must understand the distorted twisted Communist Muslim mind of Obama to see the ‘Code’ he speaks and be able to read between the lines of where the so called  “great articulator” is really coming from and what his fundamental programming actually is.  So what did Comrade Obama mean by “we must fundamentally CHANGE America”?  And what is the meaning of “Community Organizing” in Obama's language of Alinsky’s Marxism?  I will try to explain…

Obama recently told a crowd of college students in Jerusalem’s main convention center that Israel “has the wisdom to see the world as it is, but also the courage to see the world as it should be.”  Quoting Alinsky’s major theme, he said: “…working with the world as it is to turn it into the world as “it should be.”  I have my doubts whether those Israeli students were really ready for Obama’s Satanistic type of truth.

In Alinsky’s defining work, “Rules for Radicals,” which he dedicated to “the first rebel, Lucifer”, Communist party leader Saul Alinsky used those words to lay out his main agenda.  He asserted that radical “change” must be brought about by working ‘within a system’ instead of attacking it from the outside.  This infiltration strategy is also the same technique of Islamic Jihad, which has been proven, because of Ignorance and deception, to be very effective.  Well…it’s no wonder because - Karl Marx, Muhammad, and Adolph Hitler all were driven by the same god, Lucifer/Satan.

“It is necessary to begin where the world is’ if we are going to change it to what we think it should be.  That means working in the system,” wrote Alinsky.
Obama related his Alinsky quote to a suggestion that “peace begins with the people and not just the leadership.”  He further suggested Israelis do an end-run around the country’s leadership to “create the change that you want to see.”

Sounding very satanically deceptive with something that sounds like the truth Comrade Obama said: “That is where peace begins – not just in the plans of leaders, but in the hearts of people; not just in a carefully designed process, but in the daily connections that take place among those who live together in this land, and in this sacred [Muslim] city of Jerusalem.”

It’s not the first time Obama used the Alinsky phraseology of “the world as it is” versus “how it should be.”  In a May 2011 Marxist speech, Comrade Obama stated: “There must be no doubt that the United States of America welcomes ‘change’ that advances self-determination and opportunity.  Yes, there will be perils that accompany this moment of promise.  But after decades of accepting the world as it is in this region, we have a chance to pursue the world as it should be.”

In an April 2009 talk to a London girl’s school, first lady Michelle Obama recalled that on her first date with Barack Obama, he took her to a so-called “community meeting” (Code for a Marxist indoctrination center) and taught her “about the world as it is and as it should be.  As he talked to the residents in that community center, he talked about two concepts,” she stated.  “He talked about ‘the world as it is’ and ‘the world as it should be.’  And I talked about this throughout the entire campaign.”

Alinsky’s ideology is not foreign to Obama.  Obama’s Grandfather in Hawaii was a friend of Saul Alinsky and programmed Obama with Marxism at a young age.  Then the politician started his career as an Alinsky-style community organizer in Chicago and taught the radical’s tactics at the University of Chicago.

WorldNetDaily reported the executive director of an activist organization that taught Alinsky’s tactics of direct action, confrontation and intimidation was part of the team that developed volunteers for President Obama’s 2008 campaign.
Jackie Kendall, executive director of the Midwest Academy, was on the team that developed Camp Obama, a two-to-four day intensive course run in conjunction with Obama’s campaign.  It trained volunteers to become Marxist activists to help Obama win the presidential election.

WorldNetDaily also reported about the Woods Fund, a nonprofit for which Obama served as a paid board director from 1999 to December 2002, provided capital to the Midwest Academy.  Obama sat on the Woods Fund board alongside William Ayers, who was founder of the Weather Underground domestic terrorist organization.

Also, in 1998, Obama participated in a panel discussion praising Alinsky alongside Midwest Academy’s founder Heather Booth, an organizer and dedicated disciple of Alinsky.  The panel discussion following the opening performance in Chicago of the play “The Love Song of Saul Alinsky,” a work described by the Chicago Sun-Times as “bringing to life one of America’s greatest community organizers.”
Obama participated in the discussion alongside other Alinskyites, including Booth, political analyst Aaron Freeman, Don Turner of the Chicago Federation of Labor and Northwestern University history professor Charles Paine.

In a letter to the editor of the Boston Globe, Alinsky’s son David praised Obama for stirring up the masses at the 2008 Democratic National Convention “Saul Alinsky style,” saying, “Obama learned his lesson well.”  The letter, signed L. David Alinsky, closed with, “I am proud to see that my father’s model for organizing is being applied successfully.”

Communist fellow traveler
Former 1960s radical and FrontPage Magazine Editor David Horowitz describes Alinsky as the “communist/Marxist fellow-traveler who helped establish the dual political tactics of confrontation and infiltration that characterized the 1960s and have remained central to all subsequent revolutionary movements in the United States.”  Horowitz writes in his 2009 pamphlet “Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution. The Alinsky Model”: “The strategy of working within the system until you can accumulate enough power to destroy it was what ’60s radicals called ‘boring from within.’ …  Like termites, they set about to eat away at the foundations of the building in expectation that one day they could cause it to collapse.”  This is also the strategy of Islamic Jihad presently going on in America.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  As I said this is not just Obama’s strategy, it is not at all a new concept.  It was first successfully used on Eve in Eden approximately 6000 years ago by the same evil ‘god Satan’ that drives Islam, Nazism, and Marxist Communism.  The key to deception has always been ignorance my friend, it leads to enablement and destruction.  The god of the dark has always used a disguise and a speck of truth to deceive and create his slaves of hate and death.  The best three examples of the organized community of HATE AND DEATH in history is ISLAM, COMMUNISM and NAZISM.

The Title “Communist” comes from the word Community, to commune, or the unity of the common people.  The “FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE” by “ORGANIZING the COMMUNITY” that Comrade Obama promised the people in 2008 was to destroy the present system of Freedom and a Free Capitalist Economy governed by Constitutional law, to Alinsky’s Marxist Communist Socialist System, a satanic twisted version of equality.  Using Obama’s and Alinsky’s Marxist philosophy, it is necessary to begin where the country “is’ if we are going to change it to what we think it should be.”  That means infiltrating and working within the system to destroy it from the inside.  Then comes the “CHANCE”.

Do you see it coming…

Thanks for listening my friend – de Andréa

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