Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Freedom Train

Look out… Get out of the way, freedom is coming. Yes the Minutemen are rising up, we will not long stand for this attack on our freedom and the oppression of our souls.
By de Andréa

Despite this miserable excuse for a human being and the deception of this Muslim Communist President disguised as an American, leading this country to certain destruction, we…free, liberated, God fearing Americans will in the end, prevail.

The tea is in the harbor. All over this great country, we are dumping tea in the harbor.

The tea parties are not about tea or even just about taxes. They are about the ‘Hue and Cry’ of “Freedom”. Almost four hundred years ago, God brought a small group of people to this land who wanted nothing else but to live free. They were accompanied by a few aristocrats sent by the King to be the dictators over the people. While we thought that those aristocrats were defeated, they just went into hiding.

The aristocracy has again reared its ugly head and is once again bent on reviving the Kingdom. The fist major attempt at laying the groundwork for this revival was in 1913, and by the end of the 1920’s it appeared as though they would be successful. What they didn’t count on was the interruption of a world at war. By the early 1940’s, America was again rallying around the flag and freedom became as popular as motherhood and Coke a Cola.

But the ‘Elitist Aristocracy’ was not about to be totally defeated. This godless ideology of power and control would fall back, learn from their exuberant mistakes, they would plan, and prepare more effectively. Rebuilding their power base from the ground up, taking full advantage of any infrastructure that was still in place from 1913 and build a foundation on education, turning the country’s educational system into a robotic indoctrinational system, they would create a new sociality of human robots that were incapable of any original thought, following only their recorded program.

Today we see the result of that endeavor. What gives them away is the same scenario regarding the destruction of ‘Capitalism’ and ‘Free Enterprise’ and Freedom itself. .

In the ‘twenties’ it was the elitist encouragement or even threats of government regulatory agencies to make loans to be used to buy stock in a growing stock market. Of course the market was growing; people were buying stock as if there was no tomorrow, moreover, it was with bank loans that would never be paid back. The inflated stock kept growing as long as the people kept buying, and the people kept buying as long as the banks kept lending. Then the balloon burst…

In the ‘nineties’ it was the elitist encouragement or even threats of government regulatory agencies to make loans to be used to buy property in a growing real-estate market. Of course the market was growing; people were buying homes as if there was no tomorrow, moreover, it was with bank loans that would never be paid back. The inflated home prices kept growing as long as the people kept buying, and the people kept buying as long as the banks kept lending. Then the balloon burst… Déjà vu? Exactly…Because it is the same…

I hesitate to call it a conspiracy because the real conspirators have trashed the word, making people who see the conspiracy of the aristocratic elites, seem as idiots for daring to speak the truth. But history tells the truth. The idiots are the conspirators, who even while the architects of this Democratic Constitutional Republic were designing this Free Nation, the elitists were conspiring to destroy it.

By 1913 enough of them had positioned themselves in government to begin to lay the foundation for a Socialist Republic, an idealistic philosophy that has been tried repeatedly throughout history always resulting in failure.

The reason I pick 1913 as a significant turning point in the philosophy of American politics, is because in 1913 three very important parts of the socialistic foundation of America was constructed, the necessary infrastructure for Big Government.

The unconstitutional enactments of the 16th - 17 Amendments and the Federal Reserve Bank.
Although illegal under constitutional law for a very good reason, the elites rammed through two amendments that would forever change the course of a free America. The new power of unlimited taxation with the ability to print unlimited amounts of worthless money could bypass congress completely. The IRS together with the new Federal Reserve Act could operate independent of congress and more importantly, independently of the people. Moreover, with the 17th Amendment, that state legislators no longer had any representation in the Federal Government.

Relatively unknown by most American citizens is the fact that the Federal Reserve Bank, the “FED” as it has become known, is a privately owned bank, or a stock owned bank. That’s right, the “FED” ‘is about as federal’ as Federal Express.

Totally in violation of the Constitution they are able to print their own money, called “Federal Reserve Notes” The FED now controlled the U.S. Monetary System, moreover the IRS would control the wealth of the Nation by force.

Read about the debasing of our coinage and paper currency
Almost immediately after the 1913 the socialists foundation was laid, plans for debasing American coinage and paper currency was in the pipe line. By 1964 all U.S. currency had been debased. There is no one thing more valuable to an independent free economy than a valuable medium of trade. Once our money was made valueless we would eventually become totally dependent on the government to balance the money supply with production, the GNP, this was the job of the Federal Reserve Bank, both with interest rates and the printing of money.

Taking what they had learned in the 1920’s and adapting it to the 1990’s once again the attempted murder of our free independent economy was in motion. On black Friday in 1929 the market had lost just 12% of its total value. It wasn’t until 1932 that the market had lost more than 90%. It took 3 years for the American economy to finally die.

In 2008 when the inflated housing market began to loose pressure it took just nine months for the market to lose more than 40%.

Will America’s free economy finally be killed? Moreover will we lose all of our liberty and rights? Yes, if we continue to allow this Federal Government to ‘Nationalize’ every aspect of lives.

The ‘Freedom Train’But there is a train coming down the track. The ‘Freedom Train’. If the elitists can revive the socialist aristocracy, the people can revive freedom, in spite of the damage that has been done.

All across this country the Freedom Train is a’ steaming. America is having parties, Tea Party’s. The citizens Minutemen, are on our borders, protecting this country because the government refuses do it. The People are rising up in unison to speak out against this Communist Nationalist takeover of our economy, of our property, or our beliefs, of our healthcare, of our lives.

We're tired of the dictators, murdering our children, attacking our religious beliefs, pillaging and stealing our property. We will no longer stand for the destructive force of this enemy from the dark side. We will not drink your tea Obama… We will no longer stand by while you lead this country down the rails of the abyss.

The American people are preparing for warIn the military, the war college teaches one should never engage oneself in a war that one cannot win. But when a people are fighting for their very survival they will go up against any, and all odds. The all encompassing “Rather be Dead than Red” motto, comes to mind.

In the 1770’s, a handful of freedom loving God believing American people prepared for war. A war against the most powerful military in the world, a war they could not win. But win it they did, and against insurmountable odds. A few farmers and storekeepers, businessmen, and patriots, did in fact defeat the dark-side of humanity, the oppression of the mighty British Empire.

Today we fight the same perverted ideology of oppression, dependence, and control. Then, it was independence from Imperialist Colonialism. Today, it is independence from Communist Nationalism. We are fighting against the destruction of our free Capitalist Economy and the implementation of an oppressive Social Dependant Economy, which is certain to lead to despotism and tyranny. .

It is not just about Healthcare or property rights or even taxes. It is not just about freedom of speech or the freedom to exercise ones religious beliefs. It is not just about bringing up our children as we see fit, or the freedom to engage in a business without fear of government interference, or about the God given right to defend ourselves against death or serious injury. It is not just about the right to life and the protection of the innocent against a murdering oppressive government. It is about all these things. It is about ‘Freedom, Liberty, and our God given rights’ that no person or government has the right to take away.

The Freedom Train is coming. If it stops in your town, I suggest you get on. Not to just ride along, but to fight this battle for our very survival. Just as the Minutemen of 1777 who paid with their blood the price of the freedom and liberty that you now enjoy, the right to peruse happiness and to fight a war against all odds and more importantly, to win.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The least one can do is to write, call, e-mail, and or FAX, our elected representatives, inundating them with our concerns. Tell them that you don’t want their programs; you want the freedom to pursue your own. Tell them you don’t want their jobs, you want the freedom to pursue your own. Tell them you don’t want their hand outs, you want the freedom to make your own way, to take care of your own families and to…

Just get out of OUR way…

Look out!, the Freedom Train is ‘a Commin…

Watch the video Where Freedom Flies by Diana Nagy again
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And then, prepare to fight for it….

God Bless America

de Andréa .