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Christ’s Birth Date

Christ’s Birth Date

According to a Messianic Rabbi it’s not on December 25…

By de Andréa
December 23, 2014

The Bible teaches that in the end times the Jews will be the Bible teachers.  That became very clear to me last year on my trip to Israel.  I discovered that no people on earth know better than the Jews what the meaning of words and names are in the Hebrew Scriptures. 

With Christmas drawing near and in keeping with the article about Halloween published on October 29, in which I pointed out that the enemy Satan wants to steal and control everything, especially anything Christian, like Christian Holy Days.  This teaching by a Messianic Rabbi, I thought further shows that the enemy also, has for many years, controlled Christmas and not just in the obvious ways such as changing it to Xmas or just happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas taking Christ out of the celebration altogether.  But the date of Christ’s birth was even linked to an existing Roman pagan holiday called Saturnalia, (sculpture pictured) an ancient Roman festival in honor of the deity Saturn, which was celebrated in the known world on the 25th of December.   The holiday was celebrated with a sacrifice at the Temple of Saturn, in the Roman Forum, and a public banquet, followed by private gift-giving.  Leaving the question: did Satan steal Christmas or did Christians steal Saturnalia?  You decide!

“And the word became flesh and dwelt among us.” -John 1:14

Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn best known for his books, The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah,” is now out with a new documentary film called The Mishkan Clue.” In it, he sets out to solve two mysteries – the time of Jesus’ birth (was it really on Dec. 25?) and’ does it matter.
Side Note: Rabbi Cahn likes to teach in the Socratic Method, named after the classical Greek philosopher Socrates.  It is a form of inquiry and discussion between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas. It is a dialectical method, often involving a discussion in which the defense of one point of view is questioned; one participant may lead another to contradict himself in some way, thus strengthening the inquirer's own point, presenting questions in the form of a mystery and then launching an investigation that eventually turns up answers.  It is a very old teaching method which early on was used in America to produce independent thought - that is before we began the robotic programing method of indoctrination used so effectively by the USSR in mind control, today it has all but completely destroyed the ability of independent critical thought.
Using the Socratic Method and his knowledge of Hebrew and Jewish history, Cahn provides a clue to the answer in his title – with the meaning of the Hebrew word “mishkan.”  As Cahn goes on an Indiana Jones-style quest to solve the 2,000-year-old mystery of when Jesus was born. The first day he rules out is Dec. 25.  I think you will find this very informative as well as interesting…
The following article is by Leo Hohmann  a contributor to WorldNetDaily, he writes about Rabbi Cahn’s new book, “The Mishkan Clue”:  
“December is probably the least likely time for a Jewish couple from Nazareth to be traveling to Bethlehem for the Roman census while the young woman, Mary, was pregnant.
Not only would the weather be too cold and rainy that time of year for shepherds to be “out in their fields,” as the gospels say, but the Romans would not have held their census during the winter because it required families to travel back to the father’s hometown to register. Joseph’s family hailed from Bethlehem.
In the Church record, it’s hard to find a credible reference to Dec. 25 as Christ’s birth date prior to the fourth century time of Emperor Constantine. More than likely, this date was picked to line up with the Roman holiday of Saturnalia, which was celebrated with a pagan sacrifice to Saturn and a public banquet, followed by gift-giving and a carnival-like atmosphere.
Another theory is that Jesus may have been born on Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, which would fit nicely with Him being the Light of the world. But Hanukkah is a newer, minor Jewish holiday and comes with the same pitfall used to debunk the Dec. 25 date – it’s too cold for shepherds to be out in the fields at night gazing at the stars.
One other popular theory is that Jesus was born during the Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot, also called the “Feast of Booths,” which occurs in late September or early October each year on the Hebrew calendar. Proponents of this theory say Jesus was born in a sukkah or booth and that this temporary shelter was later referred to as a manger.
While this is “well meaning” and “sounds nice,” Cahn says it would have been impossible for several reasons. First, Jesus was born in a manger, not a sukkah, and a manger is a type of feeding trough.
Also, the spiritual meaning of the Feast of Tabernacles lines up with the end times and the closing of an era, not the opening or beginning of an era, Cahn says, and Messiah’s birth, death, resurrection and second coming must come in the proper chronological order.
Plus, the Tabernacles theory puts Mary and Joseph in the wrong place. Jewish families traveled to Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles.
“He was born in Bethlehem not Jerusalem. It would have caused revolution to require travel (for the census) at a time when Jews were supposed to be in Jerusalem,” Cahn said.
Not to mention, they would have had to have traveled back home during the onset of winter, again not convenient or comfortable for a pregnant woman.
So Cahn rules out winter and autumn for the birth of Jesus.
But what about summer? That would have been difficult during Israel’s brutally hot, dry summers but perhaps doable for a woman with child. The only problem is there is no major Jewish feast day in the summer.
“There are no holy days to fulfill, which is how God works,” Cahn said. Passover lines up with Jesus’ death, He rose on the Feast of First Fruits, he created the Church with the sending of his Holy Spirit on Shavuot or Pentecost, and the Feast of Trumpets or Rosh Hashanah foretells the Messiah’s second coming.
“There must be a time when travel is practical and comfortable, when shepherds would be out with their flocks and a pregnant woman could travel,” Cahn says.
The Lamb is born
That leaves only one option – spring. In Israel, this would have been known as the “lambing” season.
“Only in the lambing season do shepherds watch their flocks by night,” Cahn said, as described in the gospels.
This would have been in late March and into April when shepherds were out watching for lambs to be born in the fields.
“So here they are out looking for lambs to be born and who do they find? The Lamb of God,” he said.
But is there a holy day in the spring?
There certainly was, but it’s been downplayed over the years. It’s called Nisan 1, the historical first day on the Hebraic calendar. It falls in early April on the Gregorian calendar.
The birth, death, resurrection, and second coming of Jesus fulfill the Jewish holy days, in the proper order, Cahn said, starting with Nisan 1 for his birth.
But it gets even better if you look deeper.
“Messiah fulfills the feasts but he also fulfills the theme of the feast,” Cahn said. “Is there a day on the Hebrew calendar that would fulfill the theme of the Messiah’s birth?”
If there is, it would have to be Nisan 1. It represents a new beginning.
“Nissan 1 is the calendar changer. It breaks the calendar,” he said. “Every calendar changed based on the birth of Messiah, from B.C. to A.D. So it would put us back to Nisan 1.”
But because the early Christian Church changed from being Jerusalem-centric to Rome-centric, all of this history was lost to the Western believers in Jesus.
Besides linking Christ’s birth to an existing Roman holiday, Saturnalia, the 25th of December also linked it to the Roman New Year just one week later on Jan. 1.
“They saw the birth of the Messiah and they linked it to another day on their calendar that was similar. New Year’s Day, the Roman New Year,” Cahn said.
A clue from the Talmud and early church father
Building his case further for Nisan 1 as Jesus’ birthday, Cahn looks to an unlikely source — the Talmud, which contains ancient biblical interpretations by Jewish rabbis. According to Talmudic teachings, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all were born and died during the month of Nissan. Isaac in particular was a type of the coming Messiah.
“The first commandment was to begin everything in Nisan. It’s been forgotten by modern Judaism,” Cahn said. “It’s the real New Year. Not Rosh Hashana.”
In Exodus 12:1-2 it says about the month of Nisan: “God said to Moses and Aaron in the Land of Egypt.  ‘This month shall be for you the beginning of the months; it shall be for you the first of the months of the year.’” In fact, the title “First of the Months” (“Rosh Hodashim” in Hebrew) is reserved in the Torah for the month of Nisan.
His writings are among the first that refer to Dec. 25 as the birth of Christ. But because one page of Hippolytus’ writings still mentions springtime as the proper birth date, some historians have speculated that his writings were later doctored to reflect the new Dec. 25 date with the caveat that the one reference to spring somehow got past the censors.
“There is one manuscript left that actually gives us two different dates,” Cahn said. “One says Messiah was born in the springtime. They forgot to put the Whiteout.”
In fact, the statue of Hippolytus in Rome today still mentions April 2 as the month of Christ’s birth.
The final clue
But beyond the physical, historical importance of nailing down the accurate birth date for the most important man in the history of the world, there is a spiritual reason that Cahn brings to our attention in “The Mishkan Clue.”
Yes, there’s more to this story than just setting the record straight.
It has to do with the Hebrew words “Mishkan” and “Goel.”
God’s instructions for the “goel” redeemer were given in the Torah. When a man died his next closest male kin was allowed to marry the widow. He may “redeem” her if he is not already married. This was the case when the widow Ruth was wedded to Boaz, her “kinsman redeemer” by whom she had a son. Boaz is a type of the Father God who brings the childless widow a redeemer. Boaz is the new father who brings a son.
“There is going to be one more Goel redemption,” Cahn says. “This time the Goel is going to be God. God is going to intervene in the line of Judah, the line of man. He comes to the virgin Merriam. God marries the creation. He fathers the Child.”
And that offspring is the Messiah. That matches up with the type of the Messiah in the book of Ruth, whose son is conceived in Bethlehem at the end of the wheat harvest. Go forward nine months and that ends up in the month of Nisan for his birth.
The last “clue” to Jesus’ birth lies in the mishkan and ties in with John 1:14 “and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”
In Hebrew, the translation for the word dwelling is something similar to a tent or “tabernacle,” which was a temporary dwelling place for God’s glory. The incarnation, God coming in the form of a temporary human body, also fits the theme of a tent, as Peter explain in his letter 2 Peter 1:13-14: “Yes, I think it is right, as long as I am in this tent, to stir you up by reminding you, knowing that shortly I must put off my tent, just as our Lord Jesus Christ showed me.”
“He pitched his tent among us or tabernacled with us,” Cahn said of the Messiah. “It wasn’t a sukkah it was a tent, a mishkan. The glory of God was in that tabernacle. Messiah’s incarnation is foreshadowed in God’s glory coming into the tent…the tabernacle.
The conclusion is that, through a deeper understanding of the birth of Messiah, Christians can experience the new birth every day, not just once a year, Cahn said.
“The real point is…It’s about God joining himself to your life,” Cahn says. “Being intimately joined with God through his Messiah. Every day in Christ should be like Nisan 1. A new birth. A new beginning. You cannot have life without that union. You cannot have new life. Your soul is waiting to get close with God. We need to get rid of the distractions. Nisan 1 is the day that everything is made new again. Your life was meant to be like this tabernacle, filled with the glory of God. In that place is the fullness of your healing, in that place comes your emotional healing, your joy, your shalom, your destiny.”

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Leaving the question of who stole who’s holy day to history, now the question is, should we take back Christmas by letting Satan have his Saturn day, or Xmas, or happy holiday, or whatever, on December 25, and move Christmas, Christ birthday to April 2, in the spring of new life or leave it as it is, because it doesn’t make any difference what the date is, as Rabbi Cahn said: “The real point is…It’s about God joining himself to your life, being intimately joined with God through his Messiah.”

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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If this was helpful in your quest for truth, you might be interested in getting a teaching series by Rabbi Cahn:

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How to Create Despotism

How to Create Despotism
Chaos to chaos to chaos…

By de Andréa
December 22, 2014
This past year has been one of cascading crises – from Obamacare, to the invasion of Islam across our southern border, to the ascendency of ISIS, Iran and Putin’s Russia, to illegal executive amnesty, so-called race riots, and now the recognition of Communist Cuba – each and every catastrophe either caused or greatly exacerbated by Barack Obama and his communist media.
But I have to tell you, I predicted this way back in the middle of last year. I could see down the road and see in advance how 2014 would have to play out.
With Obama’s popularity plummeting and scandals skyrocketing, what the big question is - what does Obamas next move have to be?
Obama at this point has only one way forward, Crises. Lots of crises.
After all, Barack Obama is wholly committed to ever-expanding government, until it is an all-powerful dictatorship, and government my friend, expands through crisis and chaos, and eventually martial law.
Consider what would happen if, magically, there were no major societal crises in America today, and if most citizens – as has been the case in some earlier times – were content, family-oriented, free and grateful for the blessings of living in this uniquely blessed country. Obama and his agenda would be seen for what they really are, and he would be swiftly and surely impeached by the House of Representatives, convicted by the Senate and removed from office.  Maybe even tried and convicted of treason.
But if people continue to be willfully confused, intimidated and upset over constant crises and the accompanying left-wing communist/Nazi demagoguery and demonization of real American constitutional conservatives – as they have for five years – Obama can likely make it through the remainder of his second term handily, with his destructive “transformational” policies intact.

Ignorance and apathy is a choice, my friend…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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ISIS Murders Children Harvests Organs

ISIS Murders Children Harvests Organs
Ooooooh these Muslims are an enterprising bunch aren’t they…

By de Andréa
December 21, 2014


As a follow-up to an article published on December 16, titled “They cut the heads off children don’t they”, comes a possible monetary reason to murder as many humans as possible, like auto Chop Shops, humans are worth more dead than alive.


ISIS cashes in on human organ trafficking.  Syrian source says pipeline has facilitated 18,000 cases.  Times $5000.00 per organ oh, that’s millions and millions my friend.

While the Muslim Jihadist Caliphate army of so-called ISIS is making millions of dollars a day through its oil sales, (I can’t help but wonder why we don’t follow the money on that one, oh yeah, it might lead to the Obama Regime) it also is profiting from trafficking in human organs, according to a number of reports that have raised the issue in recent months.
Even while the reports concede firm figures are practically impossible to corroborate, the Iranian news source Al-Alam said the chief of forensic pathology at Damascus University told the Syrian al-Watan that there have been more than 18,000 organ trafficking cases in the northern part of Syrian in recent years.
The report from Hossain Noufel said many of the victims are children.
“Syrian people … are now dealing with organ traffickers who are slicing off their own share from the unfortunate Syrian families,” the report said.
And according to BioEdge, which monitors bioethics developments around the world, a physician from Mosul told the publication Al-Monitor that large-scale organ-harvesting is taking place in local hospitals and that ISIS “was reaping significant profits from the scheme.”
The BioEdge report said the doctor, Siruwan Al-Mosuli, reported physicians were being hired to perform rapid organ removal operations from “recently deceased jihadis or captives.”
They are then “swiftly” moved to local or foreign buyers, the report said.
The BioEdge report said the doctor reported ISIS even has a specialized force that deals with organ trafficking.
Al-Monitor reported ISIS funding includes revenue from “oil and human trafficking mafias.”
“According to sources in Mosul, the money supplied internally is allocated to local and foreign fighters, to encourage them to join up and continue fighting. IS took control of Mosul in June and then expanded in August to control large swaths of the country,” the report said.
“Residents of Mosul say that the sale of oil extracted from wells controlled by the organization in both Iraq and Syria has provided a sustained source of funding. The organization also opened trade canals through Kurdish [territories in] Iraq and Turkey, with the help of Kurdish, Turkish and Iranian traders.”
It said other income is from “protection fees” as well as even more nefarious schemes, such as organ trafficking.
     The report said: “The third funding source was exposed by otolaryngologist Siruwan al-Mosuli. He said that lately he noticed unusual movement within medical facilities in Mosul. Arab and foreign surgeons were hired, but prohibited from mixing with local doctors. Information then leaked about organ selling. Surgeries take place within a hospital and organs are quickly transported through networks specialized in trafficking human organs. Mosuli said that the organs come from fallen fighters who were quickly transported to the hospital, injured people who were abandoned or individuals who were kidnapped.”
Al-Monitor continued: “He said that organ sales yield large profits. A specialized mafia is engaged in these operations, in addition to medical institutions working in other countries. Without coordination among these parties, such a trade cannot be sustained, he said. According to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), the organization sells bodies and organs of injured people they arrest.”
At Al-Alam, Noufel said traffickers find easy pickings because refugee camps are not supervised by the United Nations.
He said the cases extended not just, to human organ trafficking, but also to live human trafficking, with tens of thousands of cases reported over the last 36 months and “schools and hospitals have been a common target for the militant groups.”
THE BOTTOM LINE:  As I asked earlier “I wonder just who is buying all this million dollar a day oil that supports the enemy of the Free World.”  One would think that following the money or in this case the oil would lead to one of the biggest supporters of ISIS.  And also just where are all these contraband body parts going?  Murdering people seems to be a profitable business if you can sell them for parts, a kin to auto chop shops. (Pun intended)

Because these sources of funding of the enemy are not being questioned or investigated, I also can’t help but wonder if the trail doesn’t lead, in a roundabout way, right straight to the White House…  Man, this is elementary Military Intelligence and CIA Intel stuff.  The pentagon must be smoking too many funny cigarettes. In any case it is sure that no one there is steering the ship.

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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Our Communist Media Interested Only In Inciting Riots

Our Communist Media Interested Only In Inciting Riots

What you’re not being told about Ferguson…is the truth!

By de Andréa
December 20, 2014

The mainstream media wants nothing less than to divide America over the Ferguson and New York Issue.
The liberal Communist un-American bosses of the Mainstream Media, including Obama’s so-called department of Justice are trying as hard as they can to provoke racial division in the US. And the Ferguson shooting of an unarmed criminal who attacked a police officer serves as a great catalyst for this manufactured division.
The truth is there are no race riots in Ferguson…the riots are just incited by a few criminals, and supported and encouraged by the Mainstream Media.
Strictly Personal:
I have often said that one would be better off to cancel their subscription to the Communist controlled Alphabet Soup newspaper and read THE BOTTOM LINE instead.  And it’s FREE! I am not even a news reporter, I am an Opinion Editorial Writer and I am more fair and balanced and less biased than any of the commie Newspapers.  I guess it is because I just print the truth…the only use I have for the Mainstream news is to find out what lies they are telling so I can contradict them with the truth!  
If the media actually wanted to do their job of reporting the ‘whole’ unbiased truth, they would focus not just on how Americans with guns are helping to protect several local businesses in Ferguson from criminals, (which they would never do). But they would also focus on how European Americans in Ferguson are standing up for African Americans, and vice versa. (Americans helping Americans)   But then that would be the truth, something unheard of in the Communist alphabet soup news these days.  
One example of the most encouraging stories is how a group of four black men are standing guard over a gas station owned by a white man.   Yes WITH GUNS, oh my!
You see, Missouri is one of the true American Constitutional states that allows for the open carry of fire arms. And what Mom’s Demand Against can’t argue against is that the display of weapons is not only a valid right, it is a demonstrably effective tactic to deter violence.  Did you hear what I said? TO DETER VIOLANCE my friend.  In other words it is not a GUN FREE ZONE!
The Review Journala Los Vegas on line news blog, wrote of the courageous men who are helping to keep law and order in Ferguson:
[Concerning the men guarding the gas station] One, a six feet, eight-inch tall man named Derrick Jordan – “Stretch,” as friends call him – whisked an AR-15, (a s-called  assault rifle) out from a pickup truck parked near the entrance.
Jordan, 37, was one of four black Ferguson residents who spent Tuesday night planted in front of the store, pistols tucked into their waistbands, waiting to ward off looters or catch shoplifters.
Indecently Jordan and the others guarding the gas station are all black. The station’s owner is white.

“We would have been burned to the ground many times over if it weren’t for them,” said gas station owner Doug Merello, whose father first bought it in 1984.
Merello said he feels deep ties to Ferguson, and if the loyalty of some of his regular customers is any indication, the feeling is mutual.
At times, Jordan and his friends were joined on Tuesday night by other men from the neighborhood, also armed. None of the men was getting paid to be there. “He’s a nice dude, he’s helped us a lot,” said a 29 year old who identified himself as R.J. He said he, like the other volunteers, had lived a short distance away from the store for most of his life.
The truth is the men have managed to use their weapons in several instances to chase away criminals focused on robbing, looting and burning.
THE BOTTOM LINE: While second amendment supporters are aware that this is the purpose of firearms, “…for the security of a free State”, it’s particularly disheartening to see that not only is the story of the effective use of arms being ignored.  They’re purposefully and willfully keeping an inspiring story of positive race relations under wraps.  It’s a pretty big indication that there is not only a wide and active conspiracy by the government controlled Communist Media to downplay positive firearms use and positive race relations.  But an intent to disarm Americans and at the same time incite race riots. 
These kinds of actions will ruin the republic.  Don’t be surprised if the divide continues to widen all across the country, thanks to the Drive bye Biased Media.
Are you prepared for riots in your streets? Is your family?
Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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Cuba: Is Obama Communist Friendly?

Cuba:  Is Obama Communist Friendly? 
Obama exceeds his authority again. Has Obama ever cared about the rule of law?

By de Andréa
December 19, 2014

Obama is either the worst negotiator we have ever had as president, or’ Obama is Communist friendly, ‘you decide’

While Cuba’s release of a Jewish American hostage Alan Gross is to be welcomed, (Gross has vegetated in a Cuban jail for five years for the so-called crime of bringing computers to Jews) but exchanging three hardened Cuban spies for him and abolishing the nearly 60 year embargo, establishes a wrong moral and legal equivalency. Worse, it extends the American recognition of ‘Cuba’s Communist Dictatorial Regime’, it harms U.S. national interests and fails any advance of freedom in Cuba.

Obamas “Fact Sheet” on Cuba makes it clear that the U.S. received nothing in exchange for its many and substantial concessions to Havana’s Communist Regime. In essence, after five years of “negotiations,” the White House ended up where Raul Castro started: Gross would be exchanged for three Cuban spies whose activities led to the death of an American in the 1990s
The announcement that “the president has instructed the secretary of state to immediately initiate discussions with Cuba on the re-establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba,” also gives in to a longstanding Castro demand. Cubans will not gain freedom of expression, of association, of thought or of anything else as a result.

Yes, Obama is either the worst negotiator we have ever had as president, or’ Obama is Communist friendly, ‘you decide’.  After half a century, we received absolutely nothing in exchange for our many and substantial concessions to Havana’s Communist regime.

Moreover, Obamas explanation that he was acting because “U.S. policy towards Cuba has isolated the United States from regional and international partners,” shows degrees of irresponsibility that should put fear into Israel and other allies for which American support brings condemnation of the U.S. at the United Nations and other international relations.

Obama obviously has decided to act on his own because he faced little opposition from Congress when he overreached his authority and acted on his own by giving amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants. Congress needs to act now, or Obama simply will move on to the many other items on his bucket list.

Congress must make it abundantly clear to Obama that he does not have the authority to lift the embargo on Cuba on his own. Doing so violated U.S. law, for starters the Helms-Burton Act, and then yet another unconstitutional end run around the Congress.

The Senate should also make it clear they will not allow the appointment of an ambassador to Cuba to proceed, until there have been changes on the island and look into the possibility of using policy riders in the upcoming Department of Homeland Security appropriations debate in February and the fiscal year 2016 appropriations process to deny the president funds for setting up relations
THE BOTTOM LINE: The only conclusion that can be drawn from Obamas Illegal unconstitutional actions, especially in his second term, is that he is turning the presidency into a dictatorship with the blessing of Congress and the American people.  I say that because, except for a little posturing and grumbling, he receives almost no opposition in his continuous violation of U.S. Constitutional law.  Moreover this amounts to unconditional surrender to the Communist Tyranny of Cuba.

One can only wonder what a Republican Congress will do…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Wahhabism of ISIS Expands

The Wahhabism of ISIS Expands
True Qur’anic Islam is expanding in the Middle East, soon it will be in control, and then it won’t be long before it reaches the West.  Bring your Bibles for example, into American supported Saudi Arabia and lose your head.

By de Andréa
December 18, 2014

A prisoner gets publicly executed in ‘
Chop-Chop Square’ in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
You won’t hear about this - in the government controlled American Communist, Muslim, Nazi, News Media. Yes, did you know that even Fox News is partially owned by Saudi Arabia, the American supported enemy of America? The U.S. government has been so infiltrated by Islam that I wouldn’t be a bit surprised at a cue called by the ISIS Caliphate of Islamic Jihad any day now.
Reports of a new decree imposing the death penalty on anyone, including tourists, caught possessing or bringing Bibles into the unholy land of Ishmael has many Christian ministries and support groups concerned.
NOTE: Please bear in mind as you read this article that Saudi Arabia is the enemy of the West.  It is a by the book Quran Wahhabist Islamic sect no different than ISIS.  And we Americans support them 100% through the purchase of oil and our foreign aid of billions of dollars’ worth of military aid.  Again we support our enemy, it will be our undoing.
The lie that we are fighting against ISIS in Syria and Iraq is a sham. The U.S. created ISIS by supporting the so-called rebels against Assad in Syria. If one supports any Islamic fighters for any reason, one supports ‘World Islamic Jihad’.
Just a reminder, if you don’t want to hear the truth, or if you want to be lied to and remain ignorantly deceived then please get all your news from the American mainstream news media, and not here. Because I only print the truth my friend.
Contrary to what you might have heard in the American Press, Saudi Arabia is not our friend, proving once again that one cannot buy friends.  Practicing any religion other than Islam has long been illegal in the desert Islamic kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and that includes rules against foreigners bringing in any type of religious material that does not conform to the royal family’s strict Wahhabi brand of Sunni Islam (ISIS). Foreign nationals living in Saudi Arabia are often detained for purely religious reasons, sometimes resulting in deportation, incarceration or even execution.
But now’ officially applying capital punishment, which in Saudi Arabia means death by beheading, to Christians possessing Bibles is signaling a new level of barbaric ISIS style persecution even for the Saudis. As I said, “ISIS is expanding”.
Several Christian missionaries said they were seeking to confirm a recent report by the Virginia-based Heart Cry Missionary Society that a new death penalty law has been adopted citing an “official statement” written in Arabic on a Coptic Christian website called “Copts Today”.
The law extends to the importing of all illegal drugs and “all publications that have a prejudice to any other religious beliefs other than Islam.”
No response from Saudi embassy
Three requests have been made via phone and email to Saudi Arabia’s U.S. Embassy press officer in Washington asking for confirmation or denial of the report. A woman at the Saudi Embassy who identified herself only by her first name, Cecelia, said she made sure all three emails were received by press officer Nail al-Jubeir. He has not responded.  “Sometimes they don’t want to say anything to the media,” Cecelia said.
Saudi sources at the United Nations also refused to confirm or deny the report.  Of course they did!
According to the 2005 International Religious Freedom Report, cited on the U.S. State Department’s website, Saudi Arabia has one of the worst records in the world on religious liberty. But has been kept hush, hush by the American Media because the Saudi regime, is considered an important ally of the United States, which is annually showered with billions of dollars’ worth of military aid by the U.S., but allows no churches to function as independent Christian entities on its soil. The kingdom also persecutes foreign workers living in the country who are not of the Islamic faith. Up to 1 million Christians, many of them from the Philippines, Ethiopia and Egypt, live in Saudi Arabia as guest workers.
The report said: “Customs officials routinely open mail and shipments to search for contraband, including printed material deemed incompatible with the Wahhabi Salafi tradition of Islam, Shi’a religious materials, and non-Muslim materials, such as Bibles and religious videotapes.” Such materials have been subject to confiscation, although the rules appear to be applied arbitrarily.
[ISIS type] “Sunni Islamic religious education is mandatory in public schools at all levels. Regardless of which Islamic sect their families adhere to, all public school children receive religious instruction that conforms to the Salafi tradition of Islam. Private religious schools are not permitted for non-Muslims, or for Muslims adhering to non-Salafi traditions of Islam.”
Raids on churches
Raids on underground churches are now a continuous threat in Saudi Arabia, and only some of the raids get leaked to the Western religious press.  None to the American press…
As recently as September, Saudi officials detained 30 Christians for worshiping in an underground house church, reported BosNewsLifeThe same news agency reported that 53 Ethiopian Christians, mostly women, were detained in 2013 after attending a worship service in a private home.  And in August 2012, the Saudi kingdom deported 35 Ethiopian Christians after they had been jailed for nearly nine months for holding a private prayer vigil, BosNewsLife reported.

World Watch List, published by Open Doors Ministry, ranks Saudi Arabia as the world’s sixth most repressive country for Christians in its 2014 report. The only countries listed as more hostile to Christianity are Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia and North Korea. Syria and Iraq surpassed Saudi Arabia on the list this year because of the rise of the Islamic State, also called ISIS. Of the world’s 14 most repressive nations, 13 of them are Islamic regimes or have major territories controlled by Muslim rebels. North Korea is the lone exception with its communist dictatorship.  Egypt with its continuous slaughter of Coptic Christians and burning of churches didn’t even make the list.  This should show you just how barbaric Saudi Arabia is…and America supports them!
“The open practice of any religion other than Islam is forbidden here, and conversion to another faith is punishable by death,” says the Open Doors in its description of Saudi Arabia. “Most Christians are ex-pats from Asia or Africa. Muslim-background believers run the risk of honor killing if their faith is discovered. Yet a small but growing number of cultural Muslims are coming to Christ and sharing their faith on the internet and satellite TV.”
In 2012, the grand mufti of Saudi Arabia, the nation’s highest official of religious law, declared that all churches across the Middle East should be destroyed. The Society of the Revival of Islamic Heritage asked Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah to clarify his controversial statement and he reportedly replied that it is “necessary to destroy all the churches of the region.”

The Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah seeks destruction of Christian churches in Middle East.
He cited the prophet Muhammad, who said the Arabian Peninsula is to exist under only one religion.
President Obama met with Saudi King Abdullah on March 28 at the king’s desert camp 35 miles northeast of Riyadh. Following that meeting, Obama took heat from human rights activists for not bringing up the persecution of Christians and other minorities during his talks with the Saudi leader, despite a letter from members of Congress urging him to do so.  Which is confusing to me because it is well known that Barack Hussein Obama and his entire family has been Muslim since the Moors.  
Joel Richardson, author of The Islamic Antichristand a documentary filmmaker who has recently spent a lot of time in the Middle East filming End Times Eyewitness,” said it would not be surprising if such a decree were enacted in the Saudi Kingdom, which has a history of brutal treatment of religious dissidents.
Joel Richardson is a Bible teacher, author and documentary filmmaker.
“This is evidence of the fact that the Saudi government is afraid of the impact of Christianity,” Richardson said. “If Muslims were truly confident that their religion was true, they wouldn’t be afraid of people reading the Bible.”
(Indecently I encourage you not only to read the entire Quran, but the Hadith of Muhammad as well. Find out who your enemy is.)
Besides being staunch enemies of Christianity in all its forms, Richardson said members of the Saudi royal family are among the most hypocritical Muslim leaders in the Middle East.
Saudi Prince al-Waleed bin Talal, a wealthy jet-setter who owns a significant part of the Fox News Network among many other Western companies, came to the United States about five years ago, and with a visit to the BUSH RANCH, brought a message that “more tolerance of Islam was needed in the U.S”.   More tolerance indeed, very telling that Islam is a one way street straight to Hell.
“He lectured us that we need to be more tolerant of Islam,” Richardson said. “We always get these lectures by Muslim leaders, yet here we are in the heart of Islam, in Mecca and Medina, and they’re making it illegal simply to bring a Bible into the country. Again, the hypocrisy of the Muslim world is on full display, and people need to know this.”
“They always welcome our overtures, but they never reciprocate,” Richardson said.
No quid pro quo on interfaith prayer
I reported last month that the Washington National Cathedral hosted its first-ever Muslim-led so-called interfaith prayer service, a gesture that many American Christians are still waiting to see reciprocated.  As you can see in the video, a Christian was denied in the so-called interfaith prayer.  As I said: ’’Islam is a one way street straight to Hell”.
WorldNetDaily contacted the imam, Ebrahim Rasool, who led the Nov. 14 jummah service at the National Cathedral and asked him if he would work to reciprocate with a Christian-led prayer service in a mosque. Rasool did not respond to the repeated phone calls and emails.  Of course not. Again as I said: “Islam is a one way street…”
Saudi Arabia has beheaded more people than ISIS over the last two years, most of them for so-called criminal offenses, in what is known as “chop-chop square,” a public space in Riyadh, pictured at the beginning of this article.  A minor theft charge can result in the amputation of one’s hand, according to Saudi Arabia’s strict adherence to Shariah law. A 2013 article in London’s DailyExpress reported that a man was scheduled to have his spinal cord severed for paralyzing a friend when he was 14 years old.
“If they’re going to execute people now for possessing Bibles, then there you have the fulfillment of Revelation 6:9,” Richardson said.
THE BOTTOM LINE: As you can see this article is fully documented.  But you will not find any mention of it in the controlled so-called free press of the Alphabet soup Network News.  That’s because they are all owned by left wing anti-American Nazis, or as I said previously in some cases by Islam the enemy of the free world.
The reason we will never win this war against the atrocities of Islamic Jihad either in the Middle East or on our own soil, is because we ignorantly support them.  Just as if we would have supported Nazism during the Second World War we would have obviously lost the war, and all of Europe if not the U.S. would be under Nazi rule today,
Important News
Coming up shortly in the UN, is a vote to allow the so-called Palestinians to occupy half of Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel, as well as Bethlehem, Samaria and many other Jewish and Christian historical sights belonging to Israel.  This would divide the historical State of Israel in pieces to be taken over by a people that have no history whatsoever in the area known as the State of Israel.  There is no historical people known as Palestinians.  The historical truth is, when the Roman Empire destroyed Jerusalem in 70AD and Masada in 73AD the Romans arbitrarily renamed the State of Israel - Palestine. There never was, and there is not, a people with the historical heritage of Palestinian. It is just another Islamic lie that the West has ignorantly bought into.  We should not recognize a Palestinian State.

The fall of Masada is still vivid in my mind as I remember looking down from its ruins, at the Roman ramp built up from the desert floor to capture it in 0073.  No…I was there in November of 2013, I’m not that old.
The single vote of the U.S. in the UN treaty between the illegitimate non-existent Palestinians and the Israelis will determine whether or not the State of Israel will continue to exist.  What do you think your Muslim President will do in regards to that vote?  The Bible teaches that a people who come against Israel will be cursed.    
This just might be important my friend.
Are you just going to sit by and let this happen?
Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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