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More’ People Shot in GUN FREE ZONE

More’ People Shot in GUN FREE ZONE

Florida State shooting victim had a “Concealed Carry Permit” but was NOT allowed to carry in the GUN FREE ZONE.  Where only Criminals can carry guns. 

By de Andréa
December 7,  2014

Question:  How can someone possibly get shot in a Safe Zone…?  A so-called GUN FREE ZONE where there are supposedly no guns.  It’s a false security my friend, and it’s nothing but a lie designed to be a magnet for crazies for the deceptive purpose of demonizing guns.   In reality GUN FREE ZONES are KILL ZONES!  As the sign says, they are in fact “target rich environments.”
The evidence is blatantly clear, constitutional gun ownership saves lives and GUN FREE ZONES end them. 
When is the U.S. Attorney General going to do his job and indict the law makers of gun bans and GUN FREE ZONES as co-conspirators in the mass murder of our kids?
This by the way, is something our Constitutional Framers knew 250 years ago.  This is what happens when we no longer teach the truth of history in our government controlled indoctrinational institutions (public schools). 

This, my friend, is not something you are likely to hear or read about from your Communist Tyrant supporting alphabet soup News Media Net Works.  If you what to be lied to, then stop reading now. But if you want to hear the blatant uncensored truth then by all means please continue….

You might think this a bit strong, if you do, then it only shows just how well brainwashing works, and how far from the truth you have come.  Remember I only print the truth no matter whose toes I step on.
The latest example comes to us from the shooting at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.
A few of weeks ago a gunman entered the library at FSU and shot three students before being gunned down by police himself. And guess what?  The FSU campus is a “GUN FREE ZONE” where law abiding gun owners are stripped of their Constitutional right to bear arms and defend themselves and “the security of a free state”.   Where is the FREE STATE? This is a POLICE STATE
Of course, while law-abiding citizens leave their guns at home… criminals by their very nature of being criminals, see no reason to obey the “GUN FREE ZONE” signs and carry their firearms wherever they want. Which is EXACTLY what happens in all GUM FREE ZONES and what just happened at FSU.
Here is the point of this whole article:
Nathan Scott, who was one of the defenseless victims shot in the so-called GUN FREE ZONE of FSU, is a concealed carry permit holder, as well as a concealed carry activist who is highly trained and has the necessary skills to carry his firearm and defend himself and others. However, since he was on FSU’s campus, he was not allowed to defend himself. Also on scene was a US Army veteran with more than enough training to help combat the threat, but of course he too had been disarmed by the GUN FREE ZONE signs.
See what happens folks? GUN FREE ZONE signs only take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, not criminals looking to commit first degree murder of your kids.
“The events of the last week in Tallahassee make plainly clear that it is unacceptable for responsible students who have gone to training, had extensive background checks, had their fingerprints taken, are of legal age, and are licensed by the state to be prevented from carrying their self-defense weapons on campus,” reads a release from Students for Concealed Carry at FSU, of which Scott is a member.
“The way the laws are now, violent criminals know that they have a window where they can act with impunity before police arrive on scene,” Erek Culbreath told Wednesday. “This window varies, but as we have seen across the nation, in a student packed setting like a library the results can be unimaginably devastating. I am tired of seeing fellow students get shot at and having to flee for their lives when they know that if this shooting happened across the street off campus they would have the ability to have a fighting chance. Everyone deserves that chance, students are no exception.”
THE BOTTOM LINE: When will the legislators stop MURDERING our defenseless kids in these false GUN FREE ZONES? Well they won’t. You’ have to do it.  Write the Dean of your kids collage or Principal of the school and let them know you want your kids protected. And if they refuse then you will pull your kids out of their institutions of MURDER until they get rid of GUN FREE ZONES.  When was the last time you heard of a mass shooting spree in a Utah school?  Never you say? That my friend is because Utah schools are not GUN FREE ZONES!  Teachers carry guns there…
Did you know that every major shooting of the last 20 years has happened in GUN FREE ZONES – schools, malls, movie theaters, etc.?  These shooters are ALWAYS cowards, they choose “soft” targets where the likelihood of meeting any opposition is not likely.  Because after all these are GUN FREE ZONES aren’t they?
How can there be guns in a GUN FREE ZONE?  Because your brain dead tyrannical legislators didn’t consider the Criminal factor.  Dha!
It’s in your own best interests to stop this unconstitutional legislative madness and let our trained law abiding gun owners carry their firearms wherever they go.
Wherever they go!
Did you know that this was the whole reason for the Second Amendment?  No! It isn’t for Hunting!
Read it, it’s “For security” my friend.  Wake up!
Just what’, I would like to know… is GUN FREE’ about a GUN FREE ZONE?
It is inevitable that there will eventually be a shooting in your kid’s school, unless of course you live in Utah where teachers are armed.  It’s as if they put up signs that say Beware - This Is A Gun Zone!   
Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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