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The Antichrist Series Chapter Two – World Domination

The Antichrist Series

Chapter Two – World Domination
By de Andréa

"2 The beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. The dragon [Satan] gave the beast [the antichrist] his power and his throne and great authority. 4 Men worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast and asked, "Who is like the beast? Who can make war against him?” 5 The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise his authority for forty-two months. 6 He opened his mouth to blaspheme God, and to slander his name and his dwelling place and those who live in heaven. 7 He was given power to make war against the saints and to conquer them. And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language, and nation."

Bible Revelation 13: 2, 4-7 NIV

The Goal of the Biblical Antichrist

Satan’s goal has always been to cause the inhabitants of the earth to worship him rather than God. But because of his failures in the past to achieve this goal, Satan designed a very specific plan to raise up his own worship movement that would cover the face of the earth. Those who believe the Bible know this to be true. Through the antichrist and the false prophet the Bible says that Satan will come very close to achieving his goal just prior to Jesus return.

This worship movement will involve every people language and nation. The Bible teaches that at this time whoever is not a worshiper of the one true God will eventually be deceived into following Satan, the Spiritual power behind the deceptive religious movement, a powerful empire with a powerful military, unequaled by any nation. The prophet Daniel describes this empire as a force “terrifying and frightening that will devour the whole earth”.

"7 After that, in my vision
at night I looked, and there before me was a fourth beast--terrifying and frightening and very powerful. It had large iron teeth; it crushed and devoured its victims and trampled underfoot whatever was left. It was different from all the former beasts, and it had ten horns. 23 "He gave me this explanation: 'The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom that will appear on earth. It will be different from all the other kingdoms and will devour the whole earth, trampling it down and crushing it."

Bible Daniel 7:7,23 NIV

The Bible paints a clear picture of Satan’s final attempt at world domination before Jesus casts him into the lake of fire for all of eternity.

The Bible has clearly forewarned us of Satan’s coming empire, the goal of which is nothing less than total world domination. The demands of this empire will be complete and total submission and worship of its leader the Antichrist. Moreover, whoever does not submit to this brutal religious system will become its target.

Islam’s goal of world domination

Islam, as in all religions, views itself as the only true religion worthy to be practiced. But Islam unlike any other religion has world domination as its main goal, and quite literally to eradicate all other religions. Until the day that everyone on the earth says, “None has the right to be worshiped other than Allah,” Islam will fight against all those and all nations who do not bow to Allah. The Quran teaches that ‘all’ Muslims must strive for global domination at all times and not just wait for the resurrected 12th Caliphate or the Grand Mahdi to accomplish this for them. This personal struggle of every Muslim toward world domination is not elective it is a command for all that call themselves Muslims. This struggle is called Jihad and it is an absolute ‘obligatory’ component of Islam. Kind of blows up the theory of Moderate Islam doesn’t it. Just as a side bar: did you know that Hitler’s Mein Kampf also means “My Struggle”? (Personal struggle) No, it’s not a coincidence.

Jihad is the conduit to world domination

Despite what you may have been told about the meaning of Jihad, it is the struggle of world conquest and the implementation of Sharia (Islamic law) to oppress and dominate the entire world nations and people. The deception is that Jihad is merely about overcoming adversity or it is just a struggle against oneself. While this inner personal struggle has bases in that it is a struggle against one personal inner weakness, the central meaning is to wage war against the unbelieving world until Islam reigns supreme. Islam, as Nazism, is a supremacist ideology.

The Quran teaches five applications or meanings of Jihad. First - Jihad comes from the root Arabic word Jhd. The closest English translation is to struggle or strive.

1. al-nafs (striving against ones inner self)
2. al-Shaitan (striving against Satan)
3. al-kaffaar (striving against unbelievers)
4. al-munafiqeen (striving against the hypocrites)
5. al-faasiqeen (striving against corrupt Muslims)

Note that all are to strive against something or someone, all negative rather than positive. The combination of all these obligations of Jihad is to dominate. World domination is the foundation or the root of “The Islamic Jihad”.

The first definitive meaning of Jihad al-nafs (striving against ones inner self) is the struggle against ones own humanity or one own weakness. It is important to understand just what is meant by human weakness. In the first chapter I stated that Islam is a Paradoxical Opposite of Biblical Philosophy. The Bible teaches about the love of God and not in just one or two places, it is interwoven throughout the entire scriptures. Fundamental love of oneself and of mankind is a natural phenomenon that Islam struggles against, out of which emerges benevolence, fairness, charity, etcetera. All of these God given aspects of love are viewed by Islam as human weakness that one must continually struggle against.

The second al-Shaitan (striving against Satan) is the irony of Islam. Earlier I stated that the most deceived people about Islam are Muslims, that combined with the fact that Islam is a paradoxical opposite of Biblical truth is a blatant exposure of Islamic deception. While Allah, the god of Islam is the angelic being Satan, Islam is blindly deceived into perceiving the rest of world as satanic with Judaism and Christianity at the top of the list.

The third, al-kaffaar (striving against unbelievers) is self explanatory, except for one thing. One should understand that infidel and kaffaar have much the same meaning except the kaffaar has many other underlying definitions such as pig, dog, filth, and several other expletives that could be considered inflammatory as they say.

The fourth and the fifth, al-munafiqeen (striving against the hypocrites) and al-faasiqeen (striving against corrupt Muslims) are close in relation to Muslims themselves, ironically condemning the cultural Muslims as corrupt hypocrites. Many of these seemingly warm fuzzy moderate Muslims are nevertheless involved in the first phases of Stealth Jihad and or the “Infiltration Period” now beginning to overwhelm the West including America. For the details of the five Phases of Jihad Click here.

"Fight those from among the people of the book, [Christians and Jews] who believe not in Allah, nor the Last Day[s]…"

Quran Sura 9:29

"O ye who believe Fight those of the disbelievers who are near you, and let them find harshness in you, and know that Allah is with those that keep their duty unto Him."

Quran Sura 9:123

Islam believes in a self fulfilling prophecy

One should now begin to see the parallels between the Biblical and the Islamic eschatology regarding the fundamental philosophies about the end of the age. One of the interesting differences between the Judeo Christian theology and Islamic theology regarding the last day[s] is that Christians and Jews believe everything will occur in God’s time, but Muslims believe that they themselves, by advancing their goal of World Domination, can ‘BRING IT ON’.

Watch for the next in “The Antichrist Series” Chapter Two part two -The Conclusion of world Domination

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The Seventh Day?

Why do Christians worship on Sunday? What is the history of what happened to the Sabbath?

By de Andréa

During my study of the Biblical Antichrist the origins of Christianity and the subsequent religion of Islam, I stumbled across some interesting questions.

One of the things that Allah used to deceive Mohammad into becoming the prophet of Islam was the corruption of the Jewish and Christian religion. While I knew that even the bible alludes to this corruption of the early church, and that the corruption of Christianity continued right up through the reformation. What I didn’t realize is just how much of that corruption may have continued right on through to today.

If one would look closely at the changes that took place in the Christian church after the reformation one would see just about as many similarities as changes.

Just how much corruption snuck through the reformation unnoticed? Some similarities are quite obvious in certain Protestant denominations, such as orthodox Lutheran for example, the service is difficult to tell in some ways from a Catholic Mass.

But how much non-Biblical, or even pagan practices, slipped through the filter of the new reformed Christian theology?

Likely more than we realize…

Have you ever wondered why one of the Ten Commandments seems to be null and void – notably the one calling on believers to observe the Sabbath as the lord’s day of rest, the seventh day? Not the sixth or the third or the first --- but the seventh day. Maybe I am being too legalistic, I don’t’ want to be put in the bondage of legalism, but then one could say that about any of Gods commandments.

This switch of worship days from the seventh to the first day of the week is not mentioned in the Bible – and the historical fact is that most Christians continued observing the Sabbath on the seventh day for hundreds of years after Jesus rose from the dead.

Some say that the command of the Sabbath was a covenant only with the Jews and was no longer relevant after Christ.

Bear in mind Christianity was never supposed to be a separate religion from Judaism. The Jews were supposed to be Messianic as Christians are today. It was because the Jews gave in to the deception of Satan that Christianity was born.

The classic, scholarly work of the late Samuele Bacchiocchi in "From Sabbath to Sunday", helped to shed some light on this question as well as the general question of Christian corruption.

His studies gave him a unique access to Roman Catholic historical archives that shed much light on the historical transition from Sabbath to Sunday.

The Church of the capital of the empire, whose authority was already felt far and wide in the second century, appears to be the most likely birthplace of Sunday observance.

In one of his last interviews before his death, Bacchiocchi said, "Anti-Judaism caused the abandonment of the Sabbath, and pagan sun worship influenced the adoption of Sunday."

He says evidence of anti-Judaism is found in the writings of Christian leaders such as Ignatius, Barnabus and Justin in the second century. He notes these three "witnessed and participated in the process of separation from Judaism which led the majority of the Christians to abandon the Sabbath and adopt Sunday as the new day of worship."

Bacchiocchi also explains the influence of pagan Sun worship provides a "plausible explanation for the Christian choice of Sunday" over the day of Saturn or Saturday. Its effect wasn't just limitedto Sunday. It apparently led to the placement of Jesus' birth in late December as well.

"The adoption of the 25th of December for the celebration of Christmas is perhaps the most explicit example of sun worship's influence on the Christian liturgical calendar," Bacchiocchi writes. "It is a known fact that the pagan feast of the Dies Natalis Solis Invicti – the birthday of the Invincible Sun, was held on that date."

One of the Roman names for this "Invincible Sun" god in the days of the apostles was Mithra. There are striking similarities between the ancient worship of Mithra and today's Sunday worship of Christianity, leading some to think early Christians adopted Sunday worship from heathen customs.

Is this maybe part of the great separation in the days of eschatology, the separation of the church and the drawing together of true believers and the return to Gods Commands?

There is quite a library on these largely misunderstood spiritual issues. It's a great subject for an in-depth Bible study that you probably won't get in your adult Sunday school class or in a Sunday-worship service or even in a midweek service.

Award-winning actor Hal Holbrook hosts a television documentary that traces the history of the Sabbath through the ages and around the world. This interesting and thoroughly documented series features interviews with over 50 experts. To see a trailer of this DVD video Click Here.

Some of us just take everything as it comes, from wherever source it comes, and then some of us are downright deceived. How do we know what the truth really is unless we prayerfully search for it? Have we angered God for mixing up the days? I don’t think so, but it does give one pause about taking things for granted. We might be better off challenging what we have come to believe to be the truth. If it is correct it will hold up under any scrutiny of church history.

One way we can know the truth, is that it ‘will’ definitely set us free…

de Andréa

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The Antichrist Series Chapter One - Allah

The Antichrist Series

Chapter One - Allah

By de Andréa

“Blow the trumpet in Zion; sound the alarm on my holy hill. Let all who live in the land tremble, for the day of the LORD is coming. It is close at hand—a day of darkness and gloom, a day of clouds and blackness. Like dawn leading across the mountains a large and mighty army comes, such as never was in ancient times nor ever will be in ages to come.”

Joel 2:1-2 NIV

The signs seam to appear on the front pages almost daily and yet few are even making a connection between what is presently happening and what is to come.

I wonder how different things would be if the American administration had even a somewhat ‘cloudy’ crystal ball to see into the future of world events. What would we be doing different for example with regard to our policy in the Middle East? Ah! But we do have a crystal ball; it’s called Biblical Prophecy, and the Bible is full of it. Twenty five percent of the Christian Bible is devoted to Eschatology (the study of end time’s prophecy) “…a day of darkness and gloom, a day of clouds and blackness.” Said Joel, even though this is a glimpse of what is to come, does it mean that all of us will experience the worst of the tribulation; does the entire west for example fall to the oppression of the antichrist? Isn’t this warning of prophecy designed to cause us to prepare, make good choices not just as individuals but as a country? I don’t believe we have to become a totally oppressed people if we heed the prophecies of God. Don’t you think God showed us these prophecies so that we could prepare and avoid at least some of the worst of the tribulation? I believe that is part of God’s gift of prophecy and the freewill to choose. I have a question for you: When did Noah build his boat? Answer: Before the flood. Why? Because God told him to. Noah still had the choice of freewill, but he chose to prepare as God strongly suggested. God has given us a plethora of eschatological prophecies and yet we remain confused, ignorant, or as in some rare and extreme cases in a state of panic. No the earth is not going to end this month.

Sadly even among the Christian church there are few who seem to be able to discern what the prophecies mean. My hope is in this thesis I will be able to address some of the misconceptions, myths and misunderstandings of this prophetic reality.

A little about my background regarding this subject --- First I am not a college educated Christian or Islamic theologian. (That might be a good thing) I have however been a Christian Fundamentalist for more that fifty years, with a solid background in Biblical teaching. I have occasionally been like others have, down the wrong road and learned from my experience. As for Islam, I have more than twenty years of Islamic studies behind me. I pray that this study will open eyes and contribute to the understanding of those who haven’t a clue of who or what Islam is, as well as those who already are both watchful and discerning of Biblical prophecy.

An abundance of ignorance

There is plenty of ignorance to go around, Ignorance of both Christian and Islamic prophecy. As I have previously stated, I want it understood in no uncertain terms that I believe Allah, the god of Islam, is the angelic being created by God whose name was originally Lucifer the angel of light. Moreover at the time of the deception of Eve approximately 6000 years ago he was known as Satan the angel of darkness and throughout history has been known by several names such as Beelzebub, the Devil, the Demon from Hell, and several other terms of endearment. But have you ever thought of Satan as the god of this Earth? Or his new name Allah the god of Islam? Probably not.

I will briefly address the statement that Satan or Allah is god of this Earth as well as the god of Islam. One must stand in a certain place to see this unfold. In the interest of time I am going to assume one already knows the origin of Satan. After the creation of this earth, Lucifer the angel of light whose name was then Satan the angel of darkness, proceeded to take God’s creation away from Him, first by deceiving Eve and Adam, then by the continual deception of humanity right up until the Great Flood. Remember Noah and his family? That was approximately 2000 years after Adam and Eve and God the creator of everything was God of Noah and his family, but Satan on the other hand was god of all the rest of mankind. While I will not pretend to know exactly how many people were on the earth at the time of the great flood, I do think it would be safe to say a few million, more importantly, none of them knew who Jehovah God the real Creator was, except the family of Noah. Satan was god to all the rest; hence God destroyed his creation and all of Satan’s followers with a violent flood.

Satan was out of a job

Satan had to start all over again after the flood; all of his followers had perished. By the time of Christ, again plus or minis two thousand years later, Satan had again gathered a considerable following, including the deception of the majority of the Jews. After the birth of Christ, Satan tried but failed to have Him killed, using King Herod as an instrument of death because he/Satan knew that Jesus would be the salvation of man. When a few thousand of the Jews called Messianic Jews chose to believe that Jesus Christ was in fact their long awaited Messiah he/Satan tried to have ‘them’ killed. Christianity was born because of the deception of the Jews, and for 600 years Satan did everything he could to have all the Christians exterminated. Nazism in the 1930’s and 40’s was later used by Satan in the failed attempt to exterminate the rest of the J ews. But in the year 610 AD Satan knew he had to counter Christianity and Judaism with a religion of his very own, and with Satan’s hand pick prophet Mohammad, Islam was born out of Hell, and Satan’s name now became Allah the angel of Death. If you have any doubts about this, I suggest that you buy a Quran and a Hadith and discover for yourself that Islamic theocracy is a paradoxical opposite of the Christianity. There is nothing more opposed to God than Allah and there is nothing more Anti-Christ than Islam.

If Christians are ignorant of Biblical eschatology then just think how much more ignorant they are about Islamic eschatology. A few Christians are aware that in Islam as in Christianity there is an expectation that in the last days Jesus will return from heaven. While this may excite some Christians who see this as an opportunity to build bridges, this is truly meant to deceive, remember the content of the Quran originated with Satan. Unless one regularly communicates with Muslims or has an in-depth knowledge of Islam one most certainly would be deceived by this.

This study is designed to compare Christian eschatology with Islamic eschatology and then overlay the findings on current events. Only you can decide if this interpretation of prophecy is a current and future reality.

But beyond an academic and theological study, this thesis will hopefully be a wake up call to many who will realize that the future of the Christian Church as well as the entire world and the future of Islam are spiritually and divinely interwoven by the foreknowledge of God.

The primary goal of Satan ‘is’ and always has been to be god of this earth, and to achieve that goal, he will raise up two men, the Antichrist and the False Prophet, as his primary instruments to deceive the inhabitants of the earth. How do you suppose Satan is planning to use the nearly two billion Muslims in the world in this deception? Will Islam the world’s largest monotheistic religion also undergo persecution along with Christians and Jews as they resist the Antichrist together? Or will Islam the religion that deceptively prides itself in resisting any form of idolatry, simply submit to a demonic false religious leader without putting up a fight? For a long time I wondered about this Issue, but as my knowledge of Islamic theology and theocracy became clear the answers to this and other questions became obvious. Remember the Bible says we shall ‘have’ the mind of Christ.

This short thesis is an attempt to share with you what I have learned about Islam regarding this subject over the past twenty or so years. I will try to establish what I believe is the primary vehicle Satan will use to fulfill the prophecies of the Bible about the future of the antichrist that will overwhelm the entire world prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Watch for the next in “The Antichrist Series” Chapter two - World Domination

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Islam, Obama, and the Establishment Clause,

I have film.

By de Andréa
May 13, 2011

If for some obscure reason there are still a few ignorant Americans left that still haven’t been informed that the United States of America, a once Free Constitutional Representative Republic, has been taken over by the Cue de taunt of Islam in a stealth Jihad, making America, as Obama has said “…the largest Islamic State in the world,” then this is for those few that haven’t yet received, or have misplaced the memo.

Last fall, after NPR fired Juan Williams for his free speech remarks on The O’Reilly Factor about Muslims, I sent out an email describing this as an example of the imposition of Sharia law in America.

My point was this:

Sharia law prohibits any criticism or “defamation” of Islam or Mohammed. When a government-funded entity like NPR punishes one of its contributors for a perceived slight against Islam, this is the enforcement of that provision of Sharia law.

Recently, an insightful video was posted by a Christian Pastor in Dearborn Michigan on YouTube that points out that the Muslim regime of Barrack Hussein Obama’s treatment of the Koran, compared to its treatment of the Bible, has in effect established Islam as the official religion of America. The Muslim Obama Regime condemns the burning of the “Holy” Quran while ordering our troops in Afghanistan to burn, (I can only assume the 'unholy')Christian Bible along with the garbage.

It’s a fascinating analysis that is well-worth your time to watch, you can view it here.

THE BOTTOM LINE: As you watch it, hopefully you’ll understand why I say the threat of Islam to America is not confined to terrorism. If we defeat terrorism but lose our freedoms to oppersive Sharia law, we still lose my friend.

To watch a ‘satire’ on Islamophobia produced at the Christian church in Dearborn Click Here

de Andréa

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The Antichrist Series - Preface:

The Antichrist Series


By de Andréa

May 9, 2011

Because of the misunderstandings about my hatred of the Islamic ideology, I thought it best to explain my feelings toward Muslims. For example I have been ignorantly called, among other things, a racist because of my stand against Islam. I have news for those that are so ready to play the race card in any politically incorrect application in characterizing nearly any group. Islam is not a race anymore that Nazism is a race. Islam ‘is’ an evil Deceptive and Destructive Ideological Theocracy.

And no! I do not hate Arabs, Curds, Persians, Pakistani’s, Egyptians, Syrians, Saudis, Turks, Bedouins, or Phoenicians. And no! I do not hate Muslims. What I do hate is the Islamic ideology. I hate the fact that this deceptive satanic oppression of Islam controls so many of Gods Creatures. And I hate the fact that so many Christians as well a Jews are deceived to the point of unknowingly enabling and facilitating this religion from Hell!
To read more on the subject of deception in the Christian Church read this, and this.

A moderate Muslim

I also feel it necessary to preface this thesis to explain just what a Muslim is, and is not:
In the past I have stated that a Muslim cannot convert to Christianity and a Christian cannot convert to Islam. I was speaking as some have misunderstood in definitive and realistic as well as ideological terms in order to make a point and to define what a real Muslim is. With Gods miraculous power, of course anything is possible.

One has most certainly heard the term Moderate Muslim as opposed to a radical Muslim, a Muslim extremist or a Muslim Fundamentalist as opposed to… well maybe a warm fuzzy peaceful Muslim. In other words a Moderate Muslim is not seen as a dangerous terrorists or a Jihadist. If one would take the time to analyze just what one believes a Moderate Muslim really is, one might conclude that a Moderate Muslim isn’t really a Muslim at all, moreover, one might be right, but can you see how this so-called moderate good-guy perspective could be used as a deception?

Just as there is likely no such person as a warm fuzzy peaceful moderate Nazi, meaning that, either one is a Nazi or one is not. Just what would be the goal of a moderate Nazi? Would it be to conquer just part of the world? Would it be to kill part of all of the Jews in the world, or, maybe not actually kill them but just rough them up a little, or to be a partial supremacist? And would a moderate Nazi or a moderate Muslim be just a little oppressive? Seems ridicules doesn’t it? Let me put it yet another way, is there ‘really’ any such thing as a moderate Christian? As far as a moderate Christian is concerned, I believe God addressed that saying, if you are lukewarm I will spit you out. In other words you are nothing, or you don’t exist. Then why would we be deceived into believing that one could possibly be a moderate Muslim or anything but a radical fundamentalist terrorist that believes in the teaching of the Quran? It’s just part of the deception my friend.

A cultural Muslim

That being said, I will address the little used term Cultural Muslim. Does anyone actually believe that just because we are a part of the Judeao Christian West that we are all Christians or Jews? Of course not, but we are all, most of us anyway, part of the Judeao Christian Culture. Likewise Middle Eastern people who look like Muslims dress like Muslims and even think they are Muslims, who may not have ever read the Quran; they nevertheless may refer to themselves as Muslim. They may simply have grown up in a Muslim culture. So are these cultural Muslims - Moderate Muslims? No! We have already determined that there is no such thing as a moderate anything, one quite simply ‘is’… or ‘one is not’! There are no grey areas when it comes to core values or ideologies.

‘Now’ my earlier statement of a Muslim cannot be converted, takes on a new meaning. While I still believe that a real Muslim cannot be converted, not in the conventional since anyway, because just as a real Christian is filled with the Spirit of his God “Jehovah”, a real Muslim is also filled with the spirit of his god “Allah”. Jehovah God, the Creator of all things will not occupy the same space with a false god. This may be one of the reasons Jesus was so adamant in teaching His disciples to cast demonic spirits out of people, especially emphasizing the more difficult ones. One cannot hear, or more importantly, understand the gospel if one is controlled by Satan.

One can hopefully understand why I say a Muslim cannot be converted, at least in the conventional sense. One must first be exorcised of demonic spirits as is taught by Jesus in the New Testament. Whether a so-called Cultural Muslim (A Muslim in name only) can be converted is problematic, at least the necessity of separating demonic possession or satanic control from an individual is not then a prerequisite.

Don’t be deceived by the term “Moderate Muslim”. Think of it this way. Do all, who work for a trucking company, drive trucks? No! But all have the same goal as do the truckers, and that is to deliver the product. There are lumpers, (those who load and unload the trucks) there are dispatchers, there are warehousemen, administrators, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and a plethora of other people who work in support positions of the trucking industry and likely most have never set foot in a truck. By the same token the millions of so-called “Moderate Muslims” all have the same goal of world domination and may never blow anyone up or physically participate in violent Jihad. They will however in someway support the Islamic goal of world domination and supremacy, paving the way for the Islamic Mahdi (The Biblical Antichrist).

From ignorance to destruction

So yes, it is important to pray for Muslims and if the opportunity arises, tell them the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. Moreover if one is so inclined, to develop a Christian ministry to the Muslim people then be sure that you are directly led by God to take on that task. Because it is vitally important not to be ignorant of Islam. Ignorance leads to deception, deception leads to compromise and compromise leads to destruction.

Islam is a deception

One must understand that Islam is first and foremost a deception, and as I have so often said, the most deceived people about Islam are Muslims. Indoctrinated from birth by Muslim parents, Mullahs, Clerics and Imams, the Middle Eastern child is most certain to eventually grow into a full blown Islamic Jihadist better known as a Muslim Extremist. So if a child can be steered in the direction of truth and away from deception at a young age then conversion is very possible. But if the ideology of Islam has been programmed into young minds consistently to adulthood it becomes exceedingly more difficult to even speak reason to a Muslim, he has then become a robotically programmed “Cultural Muslim.” The fundamental Muslim extremist or terrorists as he is known, on the other hand is actually a real Muslim, a spiritual Muslim driven by an inner power of demonic spirits. You can rest assured that when push comes to shove and the violent Jihad goes down, all Muslims, cultural, so-called moderates, and Muslim extremists will join the fight against the Infidel.

Allah is Satan

In case you haven’t guessed by now, yes I believe that Allah, the god of Islam, is in fact Satan. Not figuratively as in all other false religions just used by Satan, but Allah is ‘actually Satan’.

You will find in this study that Islam is a paradoxical opposite of Christianity, kind of like being on the wrong twisted side of the same fence. And here we are 1401 years later…

Watch for the next in The Antichrist Series” Chapter One - Allah

Monday, May 02, 2011

The Antichrist Series - Introduction:

The Antichrist Series
By de Andréa

April 2, 2011

Sometime ago I promised you a teaching on the “‘Whole’ Word of God as it applies to Islam”. Where will the biblical Antichrist come from, when, and who will it be. Will it come out of the Nations of Islam, or as many Christian theologians have taught in the past, out of the European Union as the revived Roman Empire.

Even though some will shy away, and/or, are afraid to look at this, prophesies for the end of this age, in both the Old and New Testaments are clearly an important part of the Christian and the Jewish scriptures. But out of fear or ignorance, it seems to be generally missing from the Christian church, or described and treated as irrelevant and unimportant or at least a low priority.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a Christian, this is still an important lesson to learn. Your life and the lives of your children may depend on it. You will clearly see what and how the current events of wars, rumors of wars, accelerated natural catastrophes, diseases, pestilence, and most relevant today, the positioning of power in the U.S. and the Middle East was prophesied beginning more than three thousand years ago.

Since this is the first in a numbered series of articles on this subject, all with the Title “The Antichrist Series” as well as an appropriate chapter number and title, you might want to create a file folder and/or print them out as they are published, and share them with family and friends.

A note of warning

As with any Biblical teaching, I strongly suggest that you test this teaching by looking up the appropriate scripture. All Biblical teaching must be tested by the word of God, then you decide weather or not this is a true an important teaching and application for today.

The ignorance of the Whole Word of God
Over the centuries the Christian Church has been fractured by the ignorance of not accepting the ‘Whole’ Word of God. First it was the corruption of the Catholic Church, which was the result of misinterpretations and the denial of certain parts of Biblical truth, and in some cases the overt fabrications by the early Christian Church. Then after the Reformation we saw the division of the Protestant Church because of truth splitting, or the outright disregarding and the degradation of certain truths, and/or parts of truths that seemed contradictory.

Even to focus, as many denominations do, on just one truth or just one part of Gods Word at the expense of the rest, (this is indecently what lead to the division in the first place) causes an imbalance in the Christian experience leading to ignorance and deception, which in these current and uncertain times becomes more an more important to understand.

Because of the ignorance of biblical teaching and deceptive theology, and to rectify an imbalance and lack of teaching of End time’s prophecy I am introducing this mostly avoided subject of the Antichrist. To ignorantly turn a blind eye to this part of Gods word is to ignore a significantly important part of Biblical truth. Up to 25% of the Old and New Testament is devoted in some way to the return of Jesus Christ the Messiah. My stern argument in support of the inclusion of this part of God Words in the life of a Christian ‘is’; ‘if this were not important, God wouldn’t have devoted so much time and effort to advising us about the events leading up to His return’. I thoroughly believe that He fully intended us to be watchful and prepared, and one cannot be properly prepared of one is ignorant of the truth.

Identifying true Biblical Eschatology

In the past, theologians have mistakenly looked for Biblical support for current events by attempting to prove that we were approaching the end of this age by taking future projections of current events, politics, philosophy, and sociology and trying to connect them to Biblical prophecy. This has historically proven to be a dead end and has led to confusion and false predictions as in the “putting the proverbial cart before the horse”.

So what I am going to attempt is, a Biblical study of End Times Prophecy and then make the observation of current events to see if in fact the pieces of the Biblical puzzle will fit --- thereby putting the truth before the application, or the horse in front of the cart if you will. I suggest you do the same as we move through this study.

As the title suggests I will focus on that part of scripture surrounding the events relating to the Biblical Antichrist. Where he comes from, who he is, etc, this would include of course the false prophet and those countries that will ultimately attack Israel before the return of Jesus Christ Himself. This will hopefully dispel some of the theological myths that have proven to do nothing but confuse and cause distrust in Biblical interpretation. Although one cannot refrain from this completely, I believe the less interpretation the less chance of error.

Embracing Biblical Eschatology:

Eschatology or the study of End-times Prophecy may be on your back burner, or it may even be on the backburner of your church. Or, it may not even be on your stove. If this is the case, you might want to consider what the Bible has to say about the ‘End of This Age”. In Matthew 24, as Jesus describes the last days, in verses 32- 34, He says that the fig tree "budding" will be the sign that this generation will not pass away until these things take place, meaning His return. Most theologians agree that the fig tree represents Israel, with this in mind; it clearly states that when the Jews return to their country from the four corners of the earth, not a generation shall pass before the return of Jesus Christ. Supporting scripture that the ‘fig tree represents Israel is Hosea 9:10, and Jeremiah 24:1-10, and Luke 13:6-9 all describe Israel with the metaphor of a "fig tree".

If you can remember your history this far back, the Jews began to return to Israel in 1929 and are continuing to return to this day. In 1948, Israel was established as a State and Jews are continuing to pour into the land of their father’s everyday. Moreover they are truly returning from parts of the earth that one would not expect. On September 2, 2007 for example, I p published an article titled Lost Tribe Of Isrial about a tribe of nearly 7000 people in the north east of India where the religion of Buddhism began, they look like a cross between Chinese and Indian. Speaking Hebrew and keeping all the early traditions of Judaism, they didn’t even know that they were from a lost tribe and descendants of the captive Jews from the Old Persian Empire now mostly Iran. They have now all immigrated to Israel. But we must not stop there, in the early 1970’s another part of a lost tribe was discovered in Ethiopia (the Biblical land of Cush) all keeping the traditions of Judaism. An even larger group of black African Jews with an cemetery dating back hundreds of years displaying the Star of David, Jewish scrolls of the Torah and wearing Jewish traditional garb. There are still more than 12,000 of them in Ethiopia trying to get to Israel. This is truly the Biblical prophecy of Isaiah, coming to fruition.

Some people think there are more pertinent and more relevant issues to attend to than studying Eschatology. They think we should be about the work of ministering to the immediate needs of the people around us, rather than staring out at the clouds or out into a distant and uncertain future. But what if the reality of the present, were the beginning of the times leading up to Jesus return. What if we were in the END TIMES RIGHT NOW, wouldn’t it be relevant, wouldn’t it be meeting the immediate needs of the people in preparing them for Jesus return? I think one would have to agree that at least it might be worth taking a closer look.

What started me on this look to the future is the response I received from an article that I published on February 2, 2011 titled “Islam The Biblical Antichrist” You might want to read it.

Watch for next in “The Antichrist Series” The Preface…