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The Antichrist Series - Preface:

The Antichrist Series


By de Andréa

May 9, 2011

Because of the misunderstandings about my hatred of the Islamic ideology, I thought it best to explain my feelings toward Muslims. For example I have been ignorantly called, among other things, a racist because of my stand against Islam. I have news for those that are so ready to play the race card in any politically incorrect application in characterizing nearly any group. Islam is not a race anymore that Nazism is a race. Islam ‘is’ an evil Deceptive and Destructive Ideological Theocracy.

And no! I do not hate Arabs, Curds, Persians, Pakistani’s, Egyptians, Syrians, Saudis, Turks, Bedouins, or Phoenicians. And no! I do not hate Muslims. What I do hate is the Islamic ideology. I hate the fact that this deceptive satanic oppression of Islam controls so many of Gods Creatures. And I hate the fact that so many Christians as well a Jews are deceived to the point of unknowingly enabling and facilitating this religion from Hell!
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A moderate Muslim

I also feel it necessary to preface this thesis to explain just what a Muslim is, and is not:
In the past I have stated that a Muslim cannot convert to Christianity and a Christian cannot convert to Islam. I was speaking as some have misunderstood in definitive and realistic as well as ideological terms in order to make a point and to define what a real Muslim is. With Gods miraculous power, of course anything is possible.

One has most certainly heard the term Moderate Muslim as opposed to a radical Muslim, a Muslim extremist or a Muslim Fundamentalist as opposed to… well maybe a warm fuzzy peaceful Muslim. In other words a Moderate Muslim is not seen as a dangerous terrorists or a Jihadist. If one would take the time to analyze just what one believes a Moderate Muslim really is, one might conclude that a Moderate Muslim isn’t really a Muslim at all, moreover, one might be right, but can you see how this so-called moderate good-guy perspective could be used as a deception?

Just as there is likely no such person as a warm fuzzy peaceful moderate Nazi, meaning that, either one is a Nazi or one is not. Just what would be the goal of a moderate Nazi? Would it be to conquer just part of the world? Would it be to kill part of all of the Jews in the world, or, maybe not actually kill them but just rough them up a little, or to be a partial supremacist? And would a moderate Nazi or a moderate Muslim be just a little oppressive? Seems ridicules doesn’t it? Let me put it yet another way, is there ‘really’ any such thing as a moderate Christian? As far as a moderate Christian is concerned, I believe God addressed that saying, if you are lukewarm I will spit you out. In other words you are nothing, or you don’t exist. Then why would we be deceived into believing that one could possibly be a moderate Muslim or anything but a radical fundamentalist terrorist that believes in the teaching of the Quran? It’s just part of the deception my friend.

A cultural Muslim

That being said, I will address the little used term Cultural Muslim. Does anyone actually believe that just because we are a part of the Judeao Christian West that we are all Christians or Jews? Of course not, but we are all, most of us anyway, part of the Judeao Christian Culture. Likewise Middle Eastern people who look like Muslims dress like Muslims and even think they are Muslims, who may not have ever read the Quran; they nevertheless may refer to themselves as Muslim. They may simply have grown up in a Muslim culture. So are these cultural Muslims - Moderate Muslims? No! We have already determined that there is no such thing as a moderate anything, one quite simply ‘is’… or ‘one is not’! There are no grey areas when it comes to core values or ideologies.

‘Now’ my earlier statement of a Muslim cannot be converted, takes on a new meaning. While I still believe that a real Muslim cannot be converted, not in the conventional since anyway, because just as a real Christian is filled with the Spirit of his God “Jehovah”, a real Muslim is also filled with the spirit of his god “Allah”. Jehovah God, the Creator of all things will not occupy the same space with a false god. This may be one of the reasons Jesus was so adamant in teaching His disciples to cast demonic spirits out of people, especially emphasizing the more difficult ones. One cannot hear, or more importantly, understand the gospel if one is controlled by Satan.

One can hopefully understand why I say a Muslim cannot be converted, at least in the conventional sense. One must first be exorcised of demonic spirits as is taught by Jesus in the New Testament. Whether a so-called Cultural Muslim (A Muslim in name only) can be converted is problematic, at least the necessity of separating demonic possession or satanic control from an individual is not then a prerequisite.

Don’t be deceived by the term “Moderate Muslim”. Think of it this way. Do all, who work for a trucking company, drive trucks? No! But all have the same goal as do the truckers, and that is to deliver the product. There are lumpers, (those who load and unload the trucks) there are dispatchers, there are warehousemen, administrators, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and a plethora of other people who work in support positions of the trucking industry and likely most have never set foot in a truck. By the same token the millions of so-called “Moderate Muslims” all have the same goal of world domination and may never blow anyone up or physically participate in violent Jihad. They will however in someway support the Islamic goal of world domination and supremacy, paving the way for the Islamic Mahdi (The Biblical Antichrist).

From ignorance to destruction

So yes, it is important to pray for Muslims and if the opportunity arises, tell them the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. Moreover if one is so inclined, to develop a Christian ministry to the Muslim people then be sure that you are directly led by God to take on that task. Because it is vitally important not to be ignorant of Islam. Ignorance leads to deception, deception leads to compromise and compromise leads to destruction.

Islam is a deception

One must understand that Islam is first and foremost a deception, and as I have so often said, the most deceived people about Islam are Muslims. Indoctrinated from birth by Muslim parents, Mullahs, Clerics and Imams, the Middle Eastern child is most certain to eventually grow into a full blown Islamic Jihadist better known as a Muslim Extremist. So if a child can be steered in the direction of truth and away from deception at a young age then conversion is very possible. But if the ideology of Islam has been programmed into young minds consistently to adulthood it becomes exceedingly more difficult to even speak reason to a Muslim, he has then become a robotically programmed “Cultural Muslim.” The fundamental Muslim extremist or terrorists as he is known, on the other hand is actually a real Muslim, a spiritual Muslim driven by an inner power of demonic spirits. You can rest assured that when push comes to shove and the violent Jihad goes down, all Muslims, cultural, so-called moderates, and Muslim extremists will join the fight against the Infidel.

Allah is Satan

In case you haven’t guessed by now, yes I believe that Allah, the god of Islam, is in fact Satan. Not figuratively as in all other false religions just used by Satan, but Allah is ‘actually Satan’.

You will find in this study that Islam is a paradoxical opposite of Christianity, kind of like being on the wrong twisted side of the same fence. And here we are 1401 years later…

Watch for the next in The Antichrist Series” Chapter One - Allah

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