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Investigate The Clinton's And Your Dead

Investigate The Clinton's And Your Dead


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for
 Posted September 21, 2017

A 34 year old Journalist who was working for the Wall Street Journal and investigating Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation was found dead – in his NY Manhattan apartment on July 20. Still No Autopsy Report, this just smells like the death of Justice Scalia.  Is this just another murder cover-up by the Clinton DeepState Mafia? 

Wall Street Journal editorial writer Joseph Rago was found dead on July 20 as of yet, there is no records of an autopsy report. Under normal circumstances, this might not be an issue.  Police have said they do not suspect foul play and that when they found him with "no obvious signs of trauma and emergency responders declared him dead at the scene."

“It is with a heavy heart that we confirm the death of Joseph Rago, a splendid journalist and beloved friend,” said Paul Gigot, the editor of the Journal’s editorial page, in a statement. “Joe and his family are in our thoughts and prayers, and we will be celebrating his work in Saturday’s paper.”

Joseph Rago, a Wall Street Journal Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial writer reportedly in good health and known for well-reported pieces and policy influence, mysteriously dead at 34

So, there were no obvious signs of trauma, but yet, there was also no determined cause of death.  Thus, the reason for the request of an autopsy.

Though Rago's last editorial criticized Republicans' failure to repeal Obamacare, he was also reportedly investigating Hillary Clinton's involvement in the purchase of Russian drug company Veropharm by Abbott Labs in 2014, when sanctions against Russia over the Ukranian crisis would have prevented such sales.

The Goldwater reports:

According to those in his Wall Street Journal Office, Rago had reached out to the Russia Consulate General’s Office in New York City who then requested an interview on July 20th with consular officials regarding an upcoming article he was preparing on Hillary Clinton and her ties to Russia.

However, Rago didn't manage to make it to the meeting and was later discovered deceased in his apartment with the cause of death being strangely called “unknown causes” just hours prior to the Russian Consular General meeting occurring.

The goal of the meeting would have been investigating Hillary Clinton’s links to the 2014 sale of Veropharm, which is one of Russia’s largest medical companies, to the American pharmaceutical titan Abbott Laboratories.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Clinton topped the field of candidates who received donations from the drug industry.

Clinton accepted $164,315 in the first six months of the campaign from drug companies, far more than the rest of the 2016 field, according to an analysis by Stat News.

This is crucial when you consider her connections to Abbott Laboratories.  The Company then was cleared by the Russian government to purchase Veropharm for $650 million.

According to the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation:

The Russian government’s foreign investment commission has cleared US company Abbot purchase of Russia’s major pharmaceutical producer Veropharm for $650 million, Director of the Federal Antimonopoly Service Igor Artemyev said Tuesday.

“The first deal, which has been cleared by the commission today, is large US company Abbot buying Veropharm that produces many important medicines for the treatment of oncological diseases, acute leukemia and others,” Artemyev said.

He also said the sum of the deal comprises the cost of Veropharm and its affiliates, while $250 million more will be allocated for the construction of new production sites increasing the production’s localization.

On June 24, Abbott said that it will acquire Veropharm from its largest shareholder Roman Avdeyev for $13.6-17 billion rubles. The purchase price will depend on the stake which Avdeyev’s holding Garden Hills, which currently owns about 81% in Veropharm, can consolidate at the moment when the contract is signed.

Abbot also agreed to repay Veropharm’s debts of 4.7 billion rubles, or $136 million.

Again, The Goldwater reports on the deal and what smells in it:

Why is that concerning you ask? That's a whopping 9 months after Sanctions were imposed upon Russia by the United States.

Unironically however Sanctions on Russia could have been waived, by the State Department that is. Hillary Clinton's State Department.

The behind the scenes acquiring of Veropharm had been masterminded by individuals who sought to find loopholes around the Obama regime’s then-sanctions against Russia.

That was done subvertly through a United States umbrella company called Kew Garden Hills, LLC, which was registered in both Delaware and conveniently enough in Hillary Clinton’s home State of New York.

By acquiring approximately 98% of the Veropharm shares, that shell company, Kew Garden Hills, llc, gained near complete control. Oddly enough soon after it was in control, Kew Garden Hills was then bought by Abbott Laboratories. Pure coincidence, goyim.

I don't believe in coincidences though. So let's follow what Rago had been investigating at the time of his death a bit further.

The fake shell company, Kew Garden Hills, LLC, has no official Chief Operating Officer, no Board of Directors, and failed to even list any corporate information on the S&P Global Market Intelligence database.

Now, the question is, was Joseph Rago getting to close on this investigation?  It certainly wouldn't be a surprise for investigators into Clinton's criminal activities to be found dead.  Just during the campaign season of 2016, several people that surrounded Mrs. Clinton were found dead, some in what appear to be ridiculous ways.  A similar sudden mysterious death with no autopsy, was Supreme Court Judge Antione Scalia.  Vince Foster etc. 33 murders or mysterious deaths in all connected to the Clintons, it reads like a mafia hit list.

It was so bad that former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone said, "If someone finds me dead, blame Hillary."

THE BOTTOM LINE: This brings me to the point where I would genuinely like to know the results of Mr. Rago's autopsy.

It normally takes anywhere from 24 hours to a couple of weeks to do an autopsy and then obtain a toxicology report.

I have searched for it extensively and so have many others.  If it is out there, and you run across it, please feel free to send it to me at 

I can’t help but wonder what Mr. Rago uncovered in his search for the truth.  I can only guess that it would have put the Clintons and their crime family foundation away for a very long time.

Thanks for listening my friend. Now go do the right thing, pray and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa
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Right On Donald

Right On Donald


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for

Posted September 21, 2017   

Some may have never heard a president speak like Trump did at the UN, because we haven’t heard a president speak like that since Ronald Reagan.  To some the truth is refreshing to others it is embarrassing. To Israel’s Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu it was downright shocking.

The Constitution Reports:

President Trump’s recent speeches before the United Nations have divided the commentariat. The left sees his commentary as a sign of the apocalypse, the right sees it as an affirmation that we are returning to greatness. It’s hard to know which side is being the most dishonest with their responses, or which side will be proven correct.
Netanyahu had a definitive gut reaction to Trump’s commentary before the U.N. and it was one of “shock and awe.”
The Israeli Prime Minister took to Twitter many times over the course of the last few days to praise the President and to extoll the special relationship between our two nations.”

Click Here to read the rest of this article

THE BOTTOM LINE: I don’t think I have ever heard a president speak with that much total contempt for political correctness and corruptness. Much less speak the blatant raw truth - not in my life time. If I were one of the thousands of criminals and corrupt Communist politicians and/or bureaucrats in the Federal Government I would be getting my passport and making reservations on the next raft to Cuba. 

Drain The Swamp Donald! Hooah!

Thanks for listening my friend. Now go do the right thing, pray and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa  
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The Painful Reminder of History

The Painful Reminder of History


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for

Posted September 20, 2017   

When I was in High School I discovered after getting into trouble and sent to the principal’s office,  that I embarrassed my history teacher by interrupting his lecture and asking him, “Why did this happen.” He didn’t know the answer.  Somehow even then I thought, - ‘why’ something happened in history was somehow very important even more than –who- when – what or where which was crammed down our throats. The truth of that experience is that I’ didn’t learn from that particular part of recent history, because I did it again, and was again sent to the principal’s office.  But if one examines that example one will discover that I got into trouble again, because I didn’t know ‘why’ it happened in the first place, why I was sent to the principal’s office… proving my point. 

Today, angry people are violently and ignorantly tearing down historical monuments and statues because they say “they are painful reminders of the past.”  I can only say that they are as ignorant as my teacher was about the purpose of history.

How long will it be before the America haters will remove the Monument at right of Americas
Forefathers at Plymouth Mass.

Statues and memorials are supposed to remind us of history. And all the more, if they are painful.  The Vietnam memorial painfully reminds us of history, with the names of all the veterans that died, a grim reminder of a useless war. Arlington Cemetery painfully reminds us of the history of all wars.  Painful accounts of history in our history books are there to remind us that if that part of history did not bring about a positive result, then maybe we should learn from it and not repeat it.  

Erasing history doesn’t make the problem go away, only the reminder of it.  Which is not only counterproductive, but I can guarantee that we will do it again.   Sir Winston Churchill once said that:  “The further back one looks, the further forward one can see.” And Edmund Burke said:  “Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.”

But what if we tear down all the reminders and burn or rewrite all the history books.  What problem will that solve? None! It will only recreate the problem farther on down the road.

But that isn’t even the worst of it. Once the eraser is being used to get rid of painful history, it also erases the constructive parts of history such as self-government, freedom, rights, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  We have already lost most of our Constitutional rights because of ignorance. Your grand kids will know nothing at all about what America was and was meant to be.  Because history will be gone or rewritten.

And therein lies the reason my friend, the ‘why’ of history is being systematically destroyed.  The answer that I was after already when I was in High School. Why is this happening?

It took me the best part of my life to discover the answer.  And the answer, wouldn’t you know, lies in history itself.

Historical negationism or denialism is an illegitimate distortion of the historical record.

“Those who control the present can rewrite the past.” ― Anne Fortier
“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ― George Orwell

If you read a history book written in the United States from the early 1950s, on the origins of the Cold War, you’d get a definitive answer on which country was to blame, backed up with extensive evidence to justify its points. The book would say it was the fault of Soviet Russia, under the leadership of Stalin, and it would refer to Stalin’s takeover of eastern Europe, his refusal to grant its governments the democracy he had promised them, and his desire to spread communism to all corners of the globe. His belligerence at the 1945 Potsdam Conference, his execution of anyone who stood in his way, and his deceit over Berlin would all be stated effusively. Historians who viewed the Cold War in this way have become known as ‘literal thinkers’.
But if you picked up a US history book from the late 1960s early 70s, the chances are, you’d get a very different view. You’d read of America’s desire to take over economic control of Europe and tie the countries there to the dollar. You’d read about Truman’s aggressiveness at the Potsdam Conference, his use of the atomic bomb (was the second one actually necessary, or was it just a warning to the Soviets?), the setting up of NATO; in short, you’d be told that responsibility for the Cold War was Washington’s, and that Stalin merely acted defensively, after having lost around 25 million people as a result of the Second World War. This way of approaching the Cold War was termed as ‘Revisionist’ defended as the other point of view, which of course is a politically correct word for Negationist.
In the former USSR, censorship, rewriting of history and eliminating undesirable people became part of Soviets' effort to ensure that the correct ideological and political spin was put on their history. Deviation from official propaganda was punished by confinement in labor camps and execution.
Today the efforts to rewrite history continue in the U.S., albeit the punishment is not as draconian as that in the Soviet Union, not yet anyway. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu had a Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee monument removed. Former Memphis Mayor A C Wharton wanted the statue of Confederate Lt. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, as well as the graves of Forrest and his wife, removed from the city park. In Richmond, Virginia, there have been calls for the removal of the Monument Avenue statues of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Gens. Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and J.E.B. Stuart. It's not only Confederate statues that have come under attack. The destruction of Mt. Rushmore, and the Jefferson memorial and the Washington monument. These history rewriters have enjoyed total success in getting the Confederate flag removed from state capitol grounds and other public places.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The Constitution is an historical document of law which is meant to govern the laws in our country.  Without even physically rewriting it the courts have managed to negate it and the incremental mutation of the Constitution has already rendered it all but useless.
As soon as one alters history, or erases it completely, every bit of knowledge that came before that time is gone.  This is not progress my friend this is regression and is a part of future oppression. 
And now to answer the question as to ‘why’ this process is being orchestrated and by whom. As I said, one only need to look at history itself, and the best example is still the USSR, in order to change the country from a semi-capitalist state to a purely socialist state the next generation must not have any knowledge of the past, as if life begins ‘here’.

If you happened to have been a high level Soviet official several lifetimes ago, you may or may not still be in their history books. It was common practice to erase people who had fallen out of favor with the Politburo. In addition to being taken out and publicly shot, the censors would erase your image and edit your name out of text. Peaking during the Stalin era, untold thousands of people disappeared from history in his purges. Out of millions killed by his regime, only a few thousand made it into their history books to later be erased. This would have been the fate of Steve Bannon and Gen. Flynn had they been Soviet citizens.

History, painful or not, must remain as a reminder of where we came from so we can either build on the noble and virtuous aspects of our past or avoid the negative characteristics of the road from our history to the present.

Is the reason why this rewriting of history has been, and is so prevalent in the U.S. today because ‘we the people’ are falling into the same ignorant trap as the Soviets?

If this is allowed to continue for any reason we will not only lose our history but we will lose our self-government, freedom, rights, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. So when we tear down the statues of history painful or not. We are also tearing down the future for our children.  

Ignorantly touted as removing painful reminders, the destruction of history is actually the corrupt Federal Shadow government Deep States attempt at the destruction of the origins of the Representative Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.

Thanks for listening my friend. Now go do the right thing, pray and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa
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The U.S. Is Becoming Islamic - One Neighborhood, City, and State At A Time

 “Yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God a service” (John 16:2).

The U.S. Is Becoming Islamic - One Neighborhood, City, and State At A Time


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for
‘THE BOTTOM LINE’                                                  

Posted September 12, 2017   

Warning: If you value your freedom your culture and your country, then this is a must read my friend. And you might want to consider saving this article to a file for further study and reference. There is a lot to learn here. And you and your kids depend on your ability to read this road map that leads to your future. Every day that goes by, this becomes more apparent.  

Brooklyn New York has been taken over by the Islamic State, Listen to what the people of Brooklyn are subjected to 5 times per day in their new Islamic home.

There is an old Pakistani proverb that says: “Don’t let your camel put his nose into your tent, unless you want your camel to sleep with you.” In Urdo it looks like this: اپنی اونٹ کو اپنی خیمہ میں اپنے خیمہ میں ڈال دو، جب تک کہ آپ کی اونٹ آپکے ساتھ نہیں جاۓ
Note: Pakistan was part of India until it became a Muslim State in 1947. Indonesia formally the Dutch East Indies and primarily Christian, became an independent Islamic Nation State in 1945, today it is the largest Muslim country in the world.  Lebanon was a French colony until 1947 and primarily a Christian Democracy until the 1960s and 70s when it became overwhelmed by the Hezbollah terrorist group that was exiled from Jordan, today Lebanon is controlled by Muslim terrorists.   And the United States of America benevolently invited all kinds of Muslims into their country, and was a free and sovereign nation until 2036 when it became an Islamic state.  Well…it will, if it, like Lebanon, and Indonesia, and every other Islamic country did, and continues down the same road. Look at the road map and read their books.
This is nothing more than Islamic Jihad my friend, incremental supremacism beginning its cultural imperialistic ideology in one city at a time until they are trading camel dung on Wall Street instead of stock shares.
This video was posted on YouTube in December 2014 by Lisa Concepcion. It's not new news, but something that if it’s not addressed by the ignorant city officials soon, will spread to Manhattan and then to the entire State of New York just as is happening in the state of Michigan. And if you listen to any of the following videos on that link, don’t think you can learn about Islam from a Muslim, they will never tell you the truth, it’s called Taqiyyah my friend, it’s deception.
The hazan or azan begins at O’dark thirty every morning, I remember waking up to it in the Middle East, one expects’ this in the Middle East, but not in Mayberry or even Brooklyn America.
Brooklyn was once a predominantly Jewish-Italian neighborhood borough in New York City, but has now become little Islam.  Most of the Jews are in concentration camps and the Italians have fled to Sicily…  Really?   No’ not really, not yet anyway.
Though this video came out in 2014, reports of the loud amplified calls by the mosques have been complained about for years but have been treated as religious rights.  Well I’ve got news for the ignorant bureaucrats of New York.  Religious rights do not give one the right to disturb the peace and tranquility of a neighborhood city or a nation. And it certainly doesn’t give the right of a so-called religion to commit violence, subjugation and murder in the neighborhoods city’s or the nation of America. But that is exactly where this road historically leads. We have allowed the camel to put his nose in our tent.
A little before 6:00 a.m. and at 12:30 p.m. and again at 3, and 5:30 and 7:15 p.m., the loud speaker broadcasts the azan for all the world to hear. The Muslim call to prayer that the Jihadists consider essential, but that some neighbors, who have complained for years, say are just too loud. These residents renewed their complaints at a recent meeting of the Dahill Neighborhood Association attended by the police captain in charge of the 66th Precinct, Peter DeBlasio. The meeting was reported in Flatbush Life, a local newspaper.

The NYT went on to report:
Early one afternoon last week, Mohamed Elshenawy, an imam at the mosque, stood at a microphone on the building’s second floor and, in a sonorous voice, intoned Arabic words over the loudspeaker that exceed the decibel limits of the human ear, and translates, in part, to: “Allah is the greatest. ... There is no god except Allah. ... Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. ... Come to prayer. ... Come to salvation...etc.”

Police Officer Martin Speechley, a department spokesman, said that at this point the police can do little besides mediate.
 “It’s religious, so you’re walking on rough ground here,” Speechley said. “We do all we can, but if there’s no law being broken, we’re fairly powerless to make somebody comply with what somebody else wants.”
Religious or not, and what about noise pollution, that is something that is a nuisance to the entire community, not a right of belief.

Still, that was 2007. Is it still going on today?
Yep. The camel is gradually taking over the tent.
In 2016, Todia Toussaint reported:
Masjid-Al-Aman is a mosque that sits near the border of Queens and Brooklyn in East New York, and offers prayers five times a day. But some residents say the mosque’s azan, or call to prayer, is a nuisance—neighbors have filed 156 noise complaints against Masjid-Al-Aman.

“They have to have some consideration for us—it’s noisy. Too, too noisy,” one neighbor gripes, adding that she can’t get used to the azan “because you have no idea when it’s going to happen.”

Not true, says one of the mosque’s congregants: “Calling to prayer for a Muslim, five times a day, is a no-brainer. It’s an absolute necessity.”

I guess that’s because Muslims have never learned to tell time.  Either that or they know that the bloody yelling won’t quit until they are all on their prayer rugs on the floor in their gender assigned place in the mosque.
So far, nothing has been done to stop this ear splitting madness. Maybe that’s why New Yorkers yell so much instead of talk, they’re all going deaf.
This is the camel’s nose in the tent my friend.  Step by step just as in Indonesia, Lebanon and every other Islamic state that exists in the world today. They all started with the camel’s nose. Within the next few steps comes the encroachment of Islamic Sharia law subjugating the neighborhood, the city, and then the state and it will not stop until the camel is in your bed.
Today Hamtramck and Dearborn Michigan are Muslim controlled cities, Detroit is next and there is a Muslim Jihadist running for governor of the state. Michigan is well on its way to becoming the first American Muslim state.  Illinois is voting on whether or not to accept Sharia Law, Minnesota has adopted Sharia compliant Banking, and our public schools are becoming Islamic madrassas. Our kids are learning the five pillars of Islam and Sharia Law, but the U.S. Constitution and the Bible are forbidden.  Our Christian churches are becoming interfaith Chrislamic mosques.  
Because we have allowed the camel in our tent, we are now eating the camels Halal food, listening to the camels music, our children are learning the camels ideology in their schools, and we have to clean up after the camel tirades, and put up with the camels rules and adopt the camels culture. We are incrementally becoming camels my friend. 

As the title of this article states: The U.S. Is Becoming Islamic - One Neighborhood, City and State At A Time.  If you are not convinced that I know what I am talking about my friend, then click on this hyperlink and read all the articles and check out all the links to more proof and evidence of what I am saying than would be necessary to cinvict in a court of law. (and I have more, stacks more) It would convict the ideology of Islam of sedition and treason by the intention and agenda of overthrowing the U.S. Government, and the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and the replacement with their barbaric Sharia law.  


THE BOTTOM LINE: For 1400 years, this scenario has been repeated in every country that is now an Islamic state. The plan is written in their books.


MYTH: This is a religion as protected under the First Amendment, that’s a lie.  It is a seditious political Ideology not unlike Nazism, and it is surreptitiously taking over our tents, our home, our lives, and our country.


You have a right to choose. Buy a Prayer Rug or… READ THEIR BOOKS, the real truth about Barbaric Islam is in there. If you don’t make that choice now, the Muslims will give you three choices later…One to convert to Islam, two, to become a slave of Islam and pay the Jizya tax for the privilege, and three, to be executed by beheading or being burned alive.


"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14:

Thanks for listening my friend. Now go do the right thing, pray and fight for truth and freedom. 

- de Andréa
Please pass on this article to everyone on your email list.  It may be the only chance for your friends to hear the truth.
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Tell The Truth – ‘Get Fired’

"All governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed."
-I. F. Stone


Tell The Truth – ‘Get Fired’


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for


Posted September 18, 2017   

Why we will never win the war against terrorism…Why?  Because we lie to each other, the media lies to us, the government lies to us, we lie to ourselves, we believe the lies, and worst of all - when someone comes along and tells the truth, we berate him, call him names, ridicule him, shut him up, and shout him down, call him a bigot, tar and feather him, and send him out of town on a rail. The result…we have no foggy idea who or what this enemy is.
Is our Federal government so corrupt and brainwashed by its own politically correct propaganda that it believes its own lies and is drinking its own poison Kool Aid?Terrorism is not the enemy, in this case it’s a pronoun, it is taking the place of a noun. And the noun is Islam.
According to our own military war collage manual, if we don’t understand who the enemy is, we will lose the war. Example after WWII we lost the two subsequent major wars.  The First North Korean War, and if we don’t wake up soon we are about to lose the second, and the Vietnam War.  In all three wars the enemy is and was the Chinese Communists, not the Vietnamese or the North Koreans.
Today, this so-called “war on terror,” the enemy is actually the evil ideology of Islam, terror is just the symptom.  But we are ignorantly fighting terrorists while Islam is winning.  The U.S. has been fighting the wrong enemy now for 233 years, the longest war in American history.  No you read that right 233 years.   Moreover. The world has actually been fighting the war against terror for more than 1400 years and it is still losing it.
Read about how your Income Tax goes to fund ISIS through Muslim so-called charities. 
In 1784 before the United States was even officially the United States, the confederate congress or confederation of states had appointed Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin as peace commissioners to negotiate treaties of amity and commerce with the Barbary Islamic States in North Africa. The commissioners quickly learned that the Europeans made so-called peace with the Muslim powers through treaties that involved annual payments of a tribute (called the Jizya in Arabic) but was politely or ignorantly called annuities by the west. The merchant vessels of any country without such a treaty were at the mercy of the state-sponsored maritime marauders politically correct known as the corsairs, the truth is they were jihadist pirates, and even with the treaty the Muslims continued to attack our ships.  
Shortly after Thomas Jefferson’s inauguration in 1801 the U.S. attacked the Muslim jihadi pirates at Tripoli.  We went to war with terrorism and after more than 230 years we are still at war with terrorism, in the meantime Islam is wining because the enemy isn’t terrorism my friend, the enemy is Islam, and its barbaric ideology from hell.  Oh well  it took the Crusaders 300 years of being ignorantly subjugated by the Muslims in Europe before they realized who the enemy really was, we have 70 years to go, maybe we still have a chance.
To make my point that this blind insanity still continues today, here is a real life example:
Tell the truth – get fired.
Recently a top official named Rich Higgins, who was formerly with the Pentagon, was fired from the National Security Council (NSC) for a memo he wrote warning about the dangers of so-called radical Islam, (actually Islam ‘itself is’ radical there is no other kind), and its alliance with the radical left, which are the hate America Communists. Tell the truth – get fired!
Part of his lengthy memo stated:
“Globalists and Islamists recognize that for their visions to succeed, America, both as an ideal and as a national and political identity, must be destroyed…Islamists ally with cultural Marxists…[but] Islamists will co-opt the movement in its entirety…
“Because the left is aligned with Islamist organizations at local, national, and international levels, recognition should be given to the fact that they seamlessly interoperate through coordinated synchronized interactive narratives…
“These attack narratives are pervasive, full spectrum, and institutionalized at all levels. They operate in social media, television, the 24-hour news cycle in all media and are entrenched at the upper levels of the bureaucracies.”
The Atlantic reported Higgins also “pushed for declassification of documents having to do with radical Islam and Iran,” citing a source close to the White House.
One such document, called the “Presidential Study Directive,” allegedly warned in 2010 about the upcoming Arab Spring and detailed the Obama Administration’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood (the revived Ottoman Empire), CAIR, Hamas and other Islamist organizations.  Proving just how blindly corrupt Washington is’ about the truth.
Lamenting the lack of education given to government officials about Islam, Higgins previously wrote, “National Security officials are prohibited from developing a factual understanding of Islamic threat doctrines, preferring instead to depend upon 5th column Muslim Brotherhood cultural advisors.”
Higgins’ firing is consistent with the beliefs espoused by General H.R. McMaster,  who unfortunately replaced Trump’s original appointee, General Mike Flynn, as head of the NSC because the Communists demonized him for telling the truth.
McMaster on the other hand believes the “Islamic State is not Islamic,” going so far as to describe jihadists as “really irreligious organizations.” As did former president Obama, who understandably opposed the use of any language that connected Islam to terrorism of any kind because he himself as a Muslim absolutely must promote Jihad.
McMaster also ignorantly rejects the notion that terrorist jihadists are motivated by religious ideology. The truth is that the ideology of Islam is the only motivation.  Another example of this ignorance is that every time there is a Muslim terrorist attack, the police are at a standstill wondering just what could be the motive for this heinous crime. Islam and Jihad are inseparable.   Instead, Mc Master lies and says they are motivated by “fear,” a “sense of honor” and their “interests,” which he describes as the roots of human conflict for thousands of years. But he has no idea what those roots are.  He believes U.S. policy must be based on “understanding those human dimensions,” but unfortunately this is at the expense of understanding the truth and the ideology and agenda of Islam
McMaster’s influence and the resulting deception can be seen in recent speeches by the president, vice president and secretary of defense on the anniversary of 9/11. In a reversal from his campaign rhetoric, none of those addresses mentioned the real Islam.
Yet, in his acceptance speech at the Republican convention, Trump mentioned the Islamic basis of the jihadist threat four times. Similarly, during the campaign itself, Trump regularly attacked Hillary Clinton for declining to use the term “radical Islam.”  Has Trump caught the Washington disease of brain death?
THE BOTTOM LINE: The Identification of Islam by Rich Higgins as radical is a step in the right direction, but even using the term “radical Islam,” instead of just plain Islam suggests that there is another kind of Islam other than radical.  The truth is, that at the very foundation of Islam is Jihad, (the subjugation of the world/Ummah under Sharia). 
The fact that the majority of the electorate as well as the bureaucracy in Washington has been educated about Islam by the ignorant media is problematic, and is tantamount to the blind leading the blind.  It would be a good bet that none of these self-appointed so-called experts in the field of Islamic studies running this so-called war on terrorism have ever seen a Quran much less turned the pages of one, or the Hadith or the Sunnah. These books are the enemy’s play books and real Muslims follow them ‘religiously’.
An example of that is our Muslim president Barrack Hussein Obama’s so-called 10 year treaty with Iran, it’s straight out of the Hadith my friend. And if there were anyone in Washington that had actually read the Hadith they would have spotted this effort and obligation of Obammah as a Muslim to help Iran become a nuclear power. It is a repeat of Muhammad’s treaty with the Meccan’s after the first war ended in a stalemate. Muhammad made a treaty with the Meccan’s promising not to attack Mecca for 10 years, but he immediately prepared for war and attacked Mecca two years later. And Mecca became an Islamic city State. So much for the treaty.     Obama knew that no matter what kind of a treaty he made with Iran they would continue their nuclear program as planned.
Muslims do exactly what their so-called prophet Muhammad did.
Well… it’s all part of the Fabian Communist Deep State and its useful idiots my friend.

"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie-- deliberate, contrived and dishonest-- but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought."
-John F. Kennedy

Thanks for listening. Now go do the right thing, pray and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa
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