Tuesday, August 29, 2006


That is the question???

By de Andréa

Traders such as Gloria Aldreds and other left wing America hating attorneys along with Federal Justices that want to thwart common sense, and aid and abet the enemy, instead of protecting Americans, should feel doubly ashamed of themselves - if they even have any such sense.

Come on America, wake up!!! Our country needs some horse-sense and the resolve to win this war. Moreover we need to be less concerned about hurting the feelings of our enemy, and more concerned about killing them before they kill us.

George W Patton once said: “The idea is, that the we make sure the enemy dies for his country rather the we dying for ours”

As the writer of the award winning story "Forrest Gump" so aptly put it, "Stupid is as stupid does."

The following events are terrorist attacks by the Nation the Islam from resent history. Do you remember?

1. In 1968 Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by a Muslim male between the ages of 17/ 40

2. In 1972 at the Munich Olympics, athletes were kidnapped and massacred by Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17/ 40

3. In 1979, the US embassy in Iran was taken over by Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17/ 40

4. During the 1980's a number of Americans were kidnapped in Lebanon by Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17/ 40

5. In 1983, the US Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up by: Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17/ 40

6. In 1985 the cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked and a 70 yr old American passenger was murdered and thrown overboard in his wheelchair by. Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17/ 40

7. In 1985 TWA flight 847 was hijacked at Athens, and a US Navy diver trying to rescue passengers was murdered by: Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17/ 40

8. In 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by: Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17/ 40

9. In 1993 the World Trade Center was bombed the first time by: Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17/ 40

10. In 1998, the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by: Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17/ 40

11. In 2000, a number of U.S. Sailors were killed when the USS Cole was attacked in Aden harbor Yemen by Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17 / 40

12. On 9/11/2001, 4 airliners were hijacked; 2 were used as missiles to takeout the World Trade Centers and of the remaining 2, one crashed into the US Pentagon and the other was diverted and crashed by the passengers. Thousandsof people were killed by: Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17/ 40

13. In 2002 the United States fought a war in Afghanistan against: Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17/ 40

14. In 2002 reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and Beheaded by: Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17/ 40

15. 2004,- Spain Railway bombings by Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17/ 40

16. 2005, London Railway bombings by Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17/ 40

17. 2006, Foiled plan to bomb U.S. airliners from London to The U.S. by Muslim males mostly between the ages of 17/ 40

18. 2006, a number of people were run down in Washington State by a Muslim male between the age of 17/ 40

19. Tuesday August 29 2006, 14 people were run down in the streets of San Francisco by a Muslim male between the age of 17/40

You may even think of a few more to add to this list, and there will be more, as long as the nation of Islam still exists.

THE BOTTOM LINE: It may be difficult for some deaf, dumb, and blind American Government officials to see a pattern here to justify profiling these monsters. But, to ensure that we Americans are politically correct, and never offend anyone, especially and particularly Islamic Maniacs intent on killing us, airport security screeners are not allowed to profile and pay particularly close attention to the people most likely to attack us.

Instead, they must conduct random searches of 80-yr-old women, little kids, airline pilots with proper identification, secret agents of the President's security detail, 85-yr old Congressmen with metal hips, and Medal of Honor winning and former Governor Joe Foss. However they must leave Muslim Males between the ages 17/ 40 alone because our Government fears the Religion of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS more than they fear our enemy the Nation of Islam who sends Muslim males to kill us that are between the ages of 17and 40 years old. One would think that our so-called Home Secuity Agency would get its priorities straight and descover who our enemy is, it's all very confusing to me.

de Andréa

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


By de Andréa

There have been almost as many theories of what the City of Babylon is in the Biblical story of the Revelation of John, as there are countries on this planet. In light of studies in the last couple of decades, I would like to suggest that this latter-day Babylon is in the Middle East. Some say that it may be America, while that could be a possibility, as well as a number of other countries or peoples; I believe that everything may be pointing toward the Nation of Islam.

If one has studied the Nation of Islam from its historical foundation and origin to the Islam of today. One would find that it has not changed its driven purpose or actions, since its beginning in 610 AD when the Angel of death appeared to Muhammad, deceptively selling himself as the angel Gabriel and gave him his plan for the control of all the earth and its people. It was death, slavery, or conversion to Satan’s Nation of Islam then and the agenda is precisely the same today. Just as God is the same yesterday today and forever, the fallen angel Satan is as well, except for one thing, the angel of death will eventually be defeated and lose all of his power.

As one reads Revelation 18, one cannot rationally deny that the identification of Babylon fits Islam like a custom pair of Italian goat skin shoes. The following are just a few of the highlights of Revelation Chapter 18, as it may show the identity of Islam as Babylon.

Right at the beginning in verse 2, it reads, “It has become a dwelling place of demons, a haunt for every foul spirit”. If there is any place on earth where the demons of Hell reside, it is in the Nation of Islam. In addition to what one discovers by researching the origins, agenda and actions of Islam, one only needs to witness a Muslim cutting the head off of an innocent human being in the name of Allah, his god Satan as it is written in the Koran, to know that Islam is demonic and has no conscience. One could not treat another human being in that way without being under the control of the kingdom of Hades.

Verse 5, “for her sins are heaped as high as the heavens, and God remembers her iniquities.” If this were a Christian Nation God would have forgiven her sins and remembered them no more. However because there is no forgiveness for the Children of Satan, as it says in verse 5 “God remembers her Iniquities”.

Verse 19,”Alas, alas where all who had ships at sea grew rich by her wealth! In one hour she has been laid waste.” Most of the rest of the world grew rich as well as dependent on Islam’s wealth of oil including America who took it in ships across the oceans.

Verse 23/d and 24, “and all nations were deceived by her sorcery.” Verse 24, “And in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints, and of all who have been slain on the earth.” The Satanic deception and sorcery of Islam is what is blinding the west to the ruthless, relentless agenda of Islam. Moreover, Islam has killed more innocent people in more places on the earth that any other nation on the planet.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The continuing research on the subject will reveal more and more support for this theory. If in fact Islam is the latter-day Babylon then according to the Revelation it will be completely destroyed and laid waste, no matter what we think our moral stand should be regarding the solution to these continued murderous Satanic attacks and threats on our lives, freedoms, and our way of life.
Moreover, out of the ashes of the destruction of the Middle East, Israel, Gods chosen, will arise to eventually be the teachers of Jehovah God.

de Andréa

Friday, August 11, 2006



By de Andréa

Airplanes airplanes, airplanes, eleven of them, U.S. airliners from London Heathrow airport, bound for U.S. destinations with bombs, bombs, bombs. Some say that it could have been worse than 911 if it had not been for our friends the Brits foiling the mission of the Pakistani terrorists to blow up American airliners as well as American cities and airports. But were they Pakistani terrorists? No, “againthey were British born terrorists, some were of Pakistani ancestry. More important to understand is, at least two involved were of British ancestry, yes, regular home grown white British Europeans. Satan’s evil plan has now spread to the base population.

In late 2005 the British were uncovering a plot to carry bomb making materials on board U.S. bound airliners from London’s Heathrow airport to U.S. airports and be blown up at, or, over U.S. cities on August 16th 2006. Thanks to British Intelligence on the 10th of August, it all came down to a mass arrest of over twenty British terrorists; and this attack on the U.S. was stopped cold. What I dont understand is why the New York-al Qaeda Times did not print this story back in 2005, maybe it is because this is a different terrorist group then the one they work for.

If one has read my previous two articles about winning the war, this thwarted attack on America just supports the concept of the necessity to destroy Islam totally. Like in Great Britain this evil ideology will spread like a cancer across all of America. If this is allowed to happen we will be in a perpetual state of defense until our total demise. One cannot even win a football game with only a defense team.

The misguided morality of Political Correctness is one of the philosophical self-righteous brainwashed ideologies that will stop the West from doing what needs to be done in order to preserve western civilization and the survival of our freedom. We must finely recognize who we are at war with, who our enemy is; and declare war on the Nation of Islam. Moreover, like President Truman, we must be prepared to do to Islam, what Truman was willing to do to Japan if the Japanese had not unconditionally surrendered. We need to aggressively bring this threat of continuous war to an end for the rest of time. If we are not willing to do what we need to do, in spite of the opinion of the rest of the world, our descendents will spend their future living in hell on earth under the Satanic rule of the Caliphate (the supreme theocratic dictator of the Nation of Islam).

THE BOTTOM LINE: Will someone in the U.S. Government eventually connect the dots or be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together to see enough of our future and have the guts to do the unthinkable, to save this country from the unthinkable; that is the ten dollar question. Will this wake-up call wake-up America??? Probably not!

Just a side note, this is why the Framers included the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights, “in order to maintain a Free State”. It may eventually come down to that, just like the Minutemen (Citizens Militia or as President Bush likes to call them, “vigilantes”) on our borders doing the job that our Government should be doing, building a fence and protecting this Nation from a foreign invasion.

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