Wednesday, August 23, 2006


By de Andréa

There have been almost as many theories of what the City of Babylon is in the Biblical story of the Revelation of John, as there are countries on this planet. In light of studies in the last couple of decades, I would like to suggest that this latter-day Babylon is in the Middle East. Some say that it may be America, while that could be a possibility, as well as a number of other countries or peoples; I believe that everything may be pointing toward the Nation of Islam.

If one has studied the Nation of Islam from its historical foundation and origin to the Islam of today. One would find that it has not changed its driven purpose or actions, since its beginning in 610 AD when the Angel of death appeared to Muhammad, deceptively selling himself as the angel Gabriel and gave him his plan for the control of all the earth and its people. It was death, slavery, or conversion to Satan’s Nation of Islam then and the agenda is precisely the same today. Just as God is the same yesterday today and forever, the fallen angel Satan is as well, except for one thing, the angel of death will eventually be defeated and lose all of his power.

As one reads Revelation 18, one cannot rationally deny that the identification of Babylon fits Islam like a custom pair of Italian goat skin shoes. The following are just a few of the highlights of Revelation Chapter 18, as it may show the identity of Islam as Babylon.

Right at the beginning in verse 2, it reads, “It has become a dwelling place of demons, a haunt for every foul spirit”. If there is any place on earth where the demons of Hell reside, it is in the Nation of Islam. In addition to what one discovers by researching the origins, agenda and actions of Islam, one only needs to witness a Muslim cutting the head off of an innocent human being in the name of Allah, his god Satan as it is written in the Koran, to know that Islam is demonic and has no conscience. One could not treat another human being in that way without being under the control of the kingdom of Hades.

Verse 5, “for her sins are heaped as high as the heavens, and God remembers her iniquities.” If this were a Christian Nation God would have forgiven her sins and remembered them no more. However because there is no forgiveness for the Children of Satan, as it says in verse 5 “God remembers her Iniquities”.

Verse 19,”Alas, alas where all who had ships at sea grew rich by her wealth! In one hour she has been laid waste.” Most of the rest of the world grew rich as well as dependent on Islam’s wealth of oil including America who took it in ships across the oceans.

Verse 23/d and 24, “and all nations were deceived by her sorcery.” Verse 24, “And in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints, and of all who have been slain on the earth.” The Satanic deception and sorcery of Islam is what is blinding the west to the ruthless, relentless agenda of Islam. Moreover, Islam has killed more innocent people in more places on the earth that any other nation on the planet.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The continuing research on the subject will reveal more and more support for this theory. If in fact Islam is the latter-day Babylon then according to the Revelation it will be completely destroyed and laid waste, no matter what we think our moral stand should be regarding the solution to these continued murderous Satanic attacks and threats on our lives, freedoms, and our way of life.
Moreover, out of the ashes of the destruction of the Middle East, Israel, Gods chosen, will arise to eventually be the teachers of Jehovah God.

de Andréa

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