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By de Andréa

Airplanes airplanes, airplanes, eleven of them, U.S. airliners from London Heathrow airport, bound for U.S. destinations with bombs, bombs, bombs. Some say that it could have been worse than 911 if it had not been for our friends the Brits foiling the mission of the Pakistani terrorists to blow up American airliners as well as American cities and airports. But were they Pakistani terrorists? No, “againthey were British born terrorists, some were of Pakistani ancestry. More important to understand is, at least two involved were of British ancestry, yes, regular home grown white British Europeans. Satan’s evil plan has now spread to the base population.

In late 2005 the British were uncovering a plot to carry bomb making materials on board U.S. bound airliners from London’s Heathrow airport to U.S. airports and be blown up at, or, over U.S. cities on August 16th 2006. Thanks to British Intelligence on the 10th of August, it all came down to a mass arrest of over twenty British terrorists; and this attack on the U.S. was stopped cold. What I dont understand is why the New York-al Qaeda Times did not print this story back in 2005, maybe it is because this is a different terrorist group then the one they work for.

If one has read my previous two articles about winning the war, this thwarted attack on America just supports the concept of the necessity to destroy Islam totally. Like in Great Britain this evil ideology will spread like a cancer across all of America. If this is allowed to happen we will be in a perpetual state of defense until our total demise. One cannot even win a football game with only a defense team.

The misguided morality of Political Correctness is one of the philosophical self-righteous brainwashed ideologies that will stop the West from doing what needs to be done in order to preserve western civilization and the survival of our freedom. We must finely recognize who we are at war with, who our enemy is; and declare war on the Nation of Islam. Moreover, like President Truman, we must be prepared to do to Islam, what Truman was willing to do to Japan if the Japanese had not unconditionally surrendered. We need to aggressively bring this threat of continuous war to an end for the rest of time. If we are not willing to do what we need to do, in spite of the opinion of the rest of the world, our descendents will spend their future living in hell on earth under the Satanic rule of the Caliphate (the supreme theocratic dictator of the Nation of Islam).

THE BOTTOM LINE: Will someone in the U.S. Government eventually connect the dots or be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together to see enough of our future and have the guts to do the unthinkable, to save this country from the unthinkable; that is the ten dollar question. Will this wake-up call wake-up America??? Probably not!

Just a side note, this is why the Framers included the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights, “in order to maintain a Free State”. It may eventually come down to that, just like the Minutemen (Citizens Militia or as President Bush likes to call them, “vigilantes”) on our borders doing the job that our Government should be doing, building a fence and protecting this Nation from a foreign invasion.

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