Thursday, November 30, 2006


By de Andréa

The Bible is about to replaced by the Quran in the Congressional swearing in ceremony. Will America willingly adopt the Quran as the new symbol of American values?

Keith Ellison, D-Minn., a Muslim and a recently elected Representative to the U.S. Congress, has not wasted any time in the attempt to convert America to Islam. He [Congressman Keith Ellison] has announced that he will only place his hand on the Quran while he takes his oath of office to the U.S. Congress.

In the interest of multiculturalism and political correctness, will the U.S. Government allow this blatant shift of American values, by moving this Country completely off of its over 200 year old foundation, just so that we will be loved by our warm fuzzy enemies, the Muslims. With a great amount of bloodshed and strife, this country has been built on the Judaic-Christian belief in God the Creator of all things, who Congressmen Keith Ellison’s own Nation of Islam has vowed to destroy?

I have to admit that this action completely blows my theory of surreptitious incrementalism regarding the infiltration of Islam’s agenda to destroy the very fabric of American liberty. Instead, it just cuts right to the chase of the Islamicization of this Country and the destruction of the very core of American Judaic-Christian values.

What America has chosen to symbolize its basic belief and trust, has been acceptable to take a Congressional oath on, for Jews, Secularists, Mormons, Scientologists, yes even Agnostics and Atheists, for over 200 years, but not for a Muslim. This because the agenda of a Muslim and the agenda of Congressmen Keith Ellison, Democrat Minnasota is to convert America to Islam, starting with the totally blatant and outrageous demand that the citizens of this Free and Liberated Nation of America should discard the Christian and Hebrew Bible, and now accept the Islamic Quran; this book of world conquest, our own enemies guide book to kill and destroy or convert America as well as the rest world to Islam, as the new symbol of Americas core values.

THE BOTTOM LINE: This is the most outrages, offensive abuse of America’s freedom that I have ever heard of. This should be a contumelious insult to every American Citizen.

de Andréa

Criminal Minds

November 29, 2006

By de Andréa

In spite of the fact that most of the Democrats that were elected to the Congress this fall were at least somewhat conservative, the far left wing politicians again have won control of this once Constitutional Republic. Some of these leftwing extremist Government officials are bigger perpetuators of crime than the criminals on our streets. The following are some of the biggest Criminal Minds in American history, hiding behind the cloak of an elected government representative: Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Patrick Leahy, John Conyers, Dick Durbin, Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Herb Kohl, and Charles Schumer, just to name a few.

These are just a few examples of the people in Government who have not only sworn to uphold and protect our inalienable Constitutional rights, but should be at least interested in ways to reduce crime in our society, but they nevertheless have been, while in office, doing everything possible to cultivate and perpetuate crime in our cities, and even in our homes.

Anyone with half a brain, (and I am sure that these afore mentioned people have at least half a brain,) is cognizant of the fact, that when a government outlaws guns, only outlaws will have guns because criminals do not respect or obey gun laws or any other law for that matter. So if these people are not brain dead, at least not totally, then could they possibly have a reading problem? If in fact they can read statistics as well as the rest of us, then the only remaining logical conclusion one can come to, is that they have the worst criminally warped minds in history, and are purposely creating and perpetuating gun crime in our Cities and States, through there legislation of un-Constitutional gun laws. The question always begging to be asked in the cases is why? Why would one want to disarm the citizens of a Nation? Simple answer, tyranny; as long as a government has nothing to fear from its citizens, there is tyranny. This is why these Liberal extremist gun banning legislators pass laws restricting and eventually banning guns, the obvious agenda is to create a police State.

Every time our legislators, State, Federal or local, pass yet another gun restricting law, three things are accomplished, one is, that all of America looses a little more of its Constitutional rights, the second is that more criminals are enabled an encouraged to commit violent crimes, and the third, we get closer to a Police-State. More and more violent criminals can confidently wield guns in the commission of a crime without fear of getting shot because law-abiding citizens are restricted by law and therefore are not likely to possess a gun. Eventually only police and criminals will have guns; this is definitive of a police State. Moreover, this is diametrically opposed to the purpose of the Second Amendment (…”being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms”,…) a police State, is not a free State. The extreme liberal agenda is the surreptitious and incremental destruction of liberty by passing more and more laws restricting guns, first by banning certain guns and then ultimately the banning of all guns, all in the name of fighting crime, an obvious masquerade for governmental power and tyranny.

One must understand that these anti-gun laws are specifically directed toward law abiding citizens, and not criminals, because by their very nature, criminals do not obey laws. No amount of denying guns to the law abiding is going to improve crime, it will only enable it, and in most cases innocent citizens such as school children, will be totally vulnerable to gun crime. This is why as anti-gun laws increase, gun crime eventually increases at nearly the same rate.

Crime statistics prove that when fewer guns are in the hands of law abiding citizens, more guns are in the hands of criminals. Putting it another way the more anti-gun laws there are, the more gun crime there is. Moreover these Government legislators with at least half a brain, know this as well as you and me, and still they continue, with purpose to pass these crime perpetuating laws.

In case one is not convinced of these statistics one only needs to go to the FBI crime Stats, the latest available Stats are through 2004. A prime example of this is the crime rate in our Nations Capital where since laws passed 1977 the District of Columbia has had a virtual gun-ban. So, are their no guns in D.C.? Of course there are guns, they are just not in the possession of law abiding citizens, and as a result the violent gun crime rate is among the highest in the Nation, and in the world, per capita in any city including Baghdad. The law abiding citizens of the inner city of D.C., are virtual prisoners in their own homes, gun crime exceeding Baghdad where most are killed by other means such as explosives. In D.C. approximately 80 percent of all murders are committed with a gun, this, in a city where there are no legal guns? This typifies the statement that “more gun laws, more crime”, as well as, “if one outlaws guns only outlaws will have guns” or as John Lott a leading statistician puts it “more guns less crime”. John Lott wrote a book by the same name, where he proves his statement. Ironically the mayor of D.C., who in the past has embraced the gun ban; two years ago was robbed at gun point in his own home, and has since softened his stand for the gun-ban. It is amazing how sometimes personal experience can be the best teacher.

According to the 2004 FBI crime data, guns were used in 61.1 percent of homicides in New York City, 75.2 percent in Chicago, 77.5 percent in Baltimore, and a whopping 79.6 percent in Washington D.C., all in direct relationship to the amount and extent of anti-gun laws these States and Cities have. By contrast the entire State of Vermont has the lowest gun crime in the nation, maybe in the world (per capita) at only 9.1 percent. Moreover, Vermont has no State gun laws whatsoever; if under Federal law, one can legally own a gun, then one can carry a loaded gun anywhere in the State of Vermont without any kind of permit whatsoever, with the exception of a Federal building, because of course Federal laws must still be enforced.

Despite these high murder rates in these so-called gun-free zones, the overall crime rate in the U.S. has been going down at approximately the same rate that the right to Carry Concealed Weapon CCW in the U.S., has been on the increase in our Cities and States. 40 of the 50 States now have Shall Issue CCW permits. (Shall Issue, means the State shall issue a CCW permit on demand to anyone that is at least 18 years old and passes all the requirements) Again more statistical proof that the more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens, the more the crime rates decrease.

Anywhere in the world where the restrictions of gun ownership is at its lowest, the crime rate is at its lowest as well, and by contrast where gun restrictions are at there highest, not only gun crime but all violent crime and home burglaries are also among the highest. Several years ago now, all in the name of lowering the violent gun crime rate, a number of countries have all but completely banned some or all guns. Among these countries are Canada where since their extreme gun restrictions the crime rate has gone up 35 percent, Australia’s virtual gun ban has caused an increase of 68 percent, and with the gun ban in the U.K. where people are afraid to leave their homes, especially after dark, have experience and increase of 87 percent in gun related crimes. One has nearly a 70 percent chance of getting mugged and or robbed on the streets of London if walking alone after dark. Moreover if one were to protect themselves with a weapon of any kind such as a ball-bat or a knife, one could find themselves arrested for battery or worse, and their [would be attacker] set free to mug and rob again the following evening.

Is it any wonder that the crime goes up in these cases? No, especially when the insanity of these government criminal minds is allowed to prevail. What is typical is that the innocent are prosecuted in this upside down world, while the criminal perpetrators go free. A friend once said to me, yes but there is more to it than that. (My answer); While I am sure that is true, the fact still remains, that if criminals go free, and the innocent are prosecuted, and our governments legislate more and more anti-gun laws, crime goes up no matter how much more there is to it.

A classic well known case of this happened in the UK. The following is a true story that occurred just outside London, shortly after their gun ban went into effect...

Shot guns are still allowed out in the country side of England but if one should use a gun to defend oneself even in a rural area one would not only go to jail, but could, with the aid of the British Government, be sued by the perpetrator of the crime. Just such an incident happened to a Mr. Tony Martin, an English farmer, living out in the country just outside London, and during the third in a series of early AM break-in’s and burglaries, with again no response or help from the police, Mr. Martin pointed his shotgun down the stairway inside his house at two armed men; and with a gun pointed at him, he fired his shot gun killing the first man and wounding the second. Mr. Tony Martin was sentenced to 20 years in a British prison and was sued, with the financial aid of the British Government, by the family of the dead criminal as well as his wounded accomplice, and to add insult to the wrongful imprisonment of Mr. Martin, the wounded burglar went scott free.

THE BOTTOM LINE: While similar cases have happened in the U.S., so-far none have been so blatantly outrages as what has happened to Martin. However if the insanity of these unprincipled anti-American Government officials with the worst Criminal Minds in the history of this country, are allowed to continue on this incremental path of crime and destruction of our Constitution; what happened to Mr. Tony Martin, will become common place in America as well as an increase in unopposed government power, and tyranny.

Vote Freedom First
Remember, the purpose of the second Amendment is to protect the security of a Free State. Please write or call your Federal and State Representatives, and ask them why they insist on promoting crime and tyranny by legislating anti-Constitutional gun laws???

de Andréa

Monday, November 27, 2006


The big lie

By de Andréa

America does not have an immigration problem, it has a security problem. The immigration issue is just a ruse to side step the real problem that the Federal Government does not want to address. If the U.S. Government would be forced to admit that they have been lying to the American people, they would be obligated by Constitutional Law to secure the borders of this sovereign Nation.

The requirement that the Federal Government protect this Nation from a foreign invasion is at the very core of this Constitutional Republic. But as long as they can continue to get away with calling it an immigration problem they avoid dealing with the real problem of securing our borders.

From the onset, this issue has been wrongfully addressed as ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. If one would just stop and think about the idea of identifying this problem as illegal immigration, one would already know that this is a lie. This because one cannot immigrate into this country illegally, immigration is a legal process, and is not therefore a problem. These are illegal alien perpetrators, not illegal immigrants. They have not immigrated, illegally, legally or any other way except an invassion of a foreign Nation.

There is nothing wrong with our immigration system, it has worked very well since the 1800’s when we processed thousands of immigrants every day through Ellis Island and other points of entry, and I might add, without a computer, creating papers when they didn’t exist and doing health exams right on the spot. The system has been in place for 200 years and to say it doesn’t work is just a lie to mask the real issue, and responsibility. The system works fine when the rules aren't ignored.

These are foreign aliens, invading this country, not illegal immigrants, and they are here illegally for whatever reason, and therefore fall under the constitutional identification of a foreign invader, we are at war, for crying out loud. The Federal Government is required by Constitutional law to protect this nation from any kind of foreign invasion

I cannot speak for anyone but myself in making this next statement, but if anyone; repeat, anyone pointed a gun at me and I was armed, they would be dead, as simple as that. Moreover, if someone fired at me and I was lucky enough not to be hit, I would find the threat and take it out.

I have said that because of the following, these are real intelligence summary reports obtained from the Department of Homeland Security, (or Insecurity, depending on how naive one is) of a few incursions by drug traffickers and the Mexican military along our southern border. [These have been obtained under the freedom of information act]

MEXICAN MILITARY ENCOUNTER (ARMED/THREATENING) RIO GRANDE VALLEY/BROWNSVILLE - "As the boat proceeded to go down river towards the scene, the [Border Patrol] Agent on board advised via radio that several Mexican soldiers were pointing their rifles in his direction. The Agent decided for his safety and the safety of the crew to turn back, but advised that the soldiers were still aiming at them." (2005)
MEXICAN MILITARY SIGHTING - TUCSON/DOUGLAS STATION - "The [Border Patrol] Agents were returning to their assigned area when they heard four distinct gunshots coming from Mexico. The gunshots were fired when the Agents were approximately 10 feet away." (2005)
MEXICAN MILITARY SIGHTING (ARMED) LAREDO/ZAPATA: "This boat, which appeared to be a Mexican Military boat, was providing security and escort for the two others that were later found to be transporting 2,716.53 pounds of Marijuana.” (2003)

Other reports describe shots fired from black Mexican military helicopters invading U.S. air space in the process of protecting drug smugglers or coyotes smuggling illegal aliens.

As long as one does not properly identify the problem, one will not properly identify the solution. By not demanding that the Government do its job, every American is allowing our Administration to get away with this lie and the avoidance of doing their sworn Constitutional duty of protecting the people of this Nation.

On the rare occasions when an American border petrol agent has returned fire, out of fear for his own life, he has been fired from his job, prosecuted and jailed not only for protecting his own life and that of other agents, but for doing his Constitutionally sworn duty of protecting this country from a foreign invasion.

It must take a very special kind of person to be a border guard. I have a difficult time understanding just why they don’t all walk away and get a job at Wall Mart, the pay would probably be better and besides the customers don’t usually shoot at you. Moreover one would likely not get fired, tried and jailed for doing ones job, it must have something to do with spree de corp. or patriotism or something.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The people of this great nation sure have a poor excuse for a government when private citizens have to go out on the borders and risk their lives as well as to be heckled and called derogatory names by the White House just to do the job that our Government is Constitution bound but refuses to do. There has been approximately 251 dangerous incursions by the Mexican Government and U.S. border Guards since 1996. If one would identify this situation properly one would have to call this an act of war by the Government of Mexico 251 times. I guess since the 911 attack by another foreign Nation who is also allowed to waltz into this country because of the lack of border protection by our Federal Government; the shock of being attacked by a foreign invader has seemed to have worn off. Does this mean America has become NUMB or DUMB?

If one’s country were one’s home
If one had a home security department in one’s own house, and the house had no doors or windows to keep the good, bad or the ugly out; the lie that one had a home security department or system would soon be evident and understood by the neighbors, friends, and criminals alike. Why does this fact not dawn on the citizens of America? Moreover, if it does, why doesn’t everyone write their congressional representatives and tell them that we know about the big lie??? BUILD A FENCE NOW!!!

de Andréa

Thursday, November 16, 2006


No racism here!
Someone is finally saying it. How many are actually paying attention to this? I am becoming very weary of being the brunt of this nonsence. There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, Native Americans, etc., then there are just plain Americans. But ironicly there does not seem to be any white or European Americans.

The so-called Minorities pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. They call me "White boy," "Cracker," "Honkey," "Whitey," "Caveman" and that's OK. But if I would call them, Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink ... They would call me a racist, so I of course will not do that.

They have the United Negro College Fund. The Martin Luther King Day. The Black History Month. United Arab Organization. The Cesar Chavez Day. They have Yom Hashanah, Mauled Al-Nabi and the NAACP, and they have BET, but if we had WET (White Entertainment Television) we would be racists.

If we had a White Pride Day, They would call us racists. If we had White History Month, we would be called racists. If we had any organization for only whites to "advance" OUR lives, we would be racists.

We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a Black Chamber of Commerce, and then we just have the plain Chamber of Commerce. I wonder who pays for that.If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships you know we'd be racists.

There are over 60 openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the US, yet if there was one "White college" THAT would be a racist college.In the Million Man March, They believed that they were marching for their race and rights. If we marched for our race and rights, you would call us racists.

They are proud to be black, brown, yellow, and orange, as they should be, and they are not afraid to announce it. But when we announce our white pride they call us racists.

They rob us, carjack us, and shoot at us. But, when a white police officer shoots a black gang member or beats up a Hispanic drug-dealer running from the law and posing a threat to society they call him a racist, or charge him with a hate crime.

I am proud as well, as I should be. But, they call me a racist. Why is it that only whites can be racists?

I am proud to be a white European American as well as a minority, and I am not a racist. Could it be that some of the people hollering the loudist about racism are the REAL racists?

de Andréa


Feinstein and Boxer the Exterminators

By de Andréa

While the NRA and other organizations are fighting to preserve American Constitutional rights, our so- called California Representatives, Senators Bunny Boxer and Di Fi Feinstein have been exercising their equal rights of fighting to destroy them. But that is old news; recently they have taken on a whole new agenda as well.

Now in addition to spreading their anti-American Propaganda all over this Nation, as well as authoring bills to destroy our second amendment rights they have shrewdly, as only they can do, slipped an amendment into the Military Construction Appropriations bill that will lead to the extermination of hundreds of healthy protected endangered animals.

Yes our global warming weed hugging animal rights advocates are actually exterminators in disguise. Moreover they have come out of the closet again, and are showing their true hypocritical colors.

In October of 06 President Bush signed the 2007 Defense Authorization Act, which included a provision saving hundreds of elk and mule deer on Santa Rosa Island off the coast of California from extermination; this because of a court order that was to begin in 2008, and the slaughter to be completed by 2011.

The elk and mule deer on Santa Rosa Island are unique and invaluable, as they are free from all the diseases that plague these same animals elsewhere. Moreover they are used as breading stock to be introduced into existing herds on the mainland that are failing from diseases such as Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) and others.

On November 14 the dynamic duo Senators Boxer and Feinstein attached an amendment to the Military Construction Appropriations bill that will overturn current law which protects these unique animals from extermination. NRA’s Chief Lobbyist Chris Cox is calling on Congress to stop Senators Boxer and Feinstein from killing hundreds of extraordinarily healthy animals.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Again the hypocrisy of the far left with their weed, insect, and animal rights agendas, that have many times take precedence over human rights, have become conspicuously obvious, especially in the political pandering of these two electorates.

de Andréa

Monday, November 06, 2006

Israel Must Strike Iran

By de Andréa

Yes, Israel must use a preemptive strike against Iran, in spite of their other enemies, Islamic France, and the Islamic U.N.

Iran is accelerating its uranium enrichment efforts and Israel may now have only a few months to destroy Tehran’s nuclear capabilities or risk an Iranian nuclear attack.

Just as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has dropped all of the veils about his intentions to achieve nuclear weapons, he has also made it perfectly clear that he intends to use these weapons to annihilate Israel. With Iran speeding up its program, Israel may have little time to launch a strike on its nuclear facilities to put a stop to this threat, and the manufacturing of atomic bombs.

Again thanks to the French, who seem to have already been totally taken over by the Nation of Islam, may attempt to restrict Israel’s ability to act.

To the north in Lebanon, French-commanded U.N. forces are turning a blind eye to the weapons being smuggled to Hezbollah terrorist forces from Syria. If that isn’t enough, The French Defense Minister has called Israeli Air Force flights over Lebanon ”extremely dangerous” and said that the French forces there would fire on the Israeli flights. The French led U.N. forces “are making it clear that they view the IDF [Israeli Defense Force], and not Hezbollah, as their enemy. If Israel were to attempt to take action against Hezbollah or Syria to prevent them from attacking in anticipation of an Israeli strike on Iran, there can be little doubt that the French/U.N. forces would defend the Islamic tyranny that has all but taken over the French Government.

To the south, Egypt is increasing its military presence along its border with Gaza, and is earnestly preparing its military for war against Israel. The Egyptian government has also been found to be in collusion with smugglers bringing increasingly sophisticated weapons to the Palestinian terrorists in Gaza.

One can only wonder where the Pakistanis lie in this showdown; I suppose one will have to wait for the curtain to go up on this world stage to truly recognize who all the players are and more importantly, which side they are on.

THE BOTTOM LINE: It is increasingly obvious that the real enemy here is not only Islam/Iran, but the U.N. as well. Add France to the Mix and Israel along with the rest of its Western Allies has an identifiable enemy including its allies. Long before 911 the French along with the U.N. had already sold their soul to Iraq and the nation of Islam and are now, when push comes to shove, showing their true colors.

de Andréa