Wednesday, July 25, 2012

U.S. Schools Should be Muslim Madrassas


U.S. Schools Should be Muslim Madrassas
“There are those that believe that Muslims are plotting to destroy this country …but I say …Allah will not allow you to stop us…” -Andre Carson U.S. Representative Democrat Muslim Indiana

By de Andréa
July 25, 2012

Andre Carson is calling for American schools to mirror the Islamic madrassa system.  This, needless to say, has brought him under media scrutiny, yet the expansion of his campaign war-chest continues unabated, a development helped by cash from individuals that include a high-ranking law-enforcement appointee of Barack Obama as well as powerful financial and industrial groups. You know what they say…follow the money!

Did you know that we have two Muslims in Congress?  One is Keith Ellison from Minnesota Ellison who was heard on tape at the headquarters of CAIR a terrorist cover group for Islam, in Fairfax VA., saying “he was just the first among many to come”.  I have always firmly said, do not allow a self-described Muslim to put his foot in your door.  Why?  Because Muslins, whether they are considered extreme or moderate are robotically programmed to do one thing…and that is to create the Ummah (the world Nation of Islam).  Well we not only allowed Muslims in our door we elected Muslim to govern us and make law!  What kind of Law do you think Muslims obey?  Yes Sharia!  And only Sharia… Islam will become mainstream, sooner than we think.

According to Federal Election Commission quarterly filings, U.S. Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., appears well-positioned, at least financially; to fend off Republican challenger Carlos May in November.  May, who is director of the Indianapolis Mayor’s Office for Latino Affairs, has about $62,000 in his campaign accounts.  Carson’s total receipts for the election are $778,000.

Kerry J. Forestal , whom Obama in 2010 had appointed U.S. Marshal for the Southern District of Indiana, incrementally helped the Carson campaign.  Indeed, aside from a $1,000 donation to the Keep Indiana Blue PAC in 2009, FEC records show that Forestal has not donated to any other federal election campaign but Carson’s.

Forestal on Feb. 4, 2008, for example, gave $1,000 to Andre Carson for Congress, helping him defeat Republican John Elrod one month later in a special election and making Carson one of the only two Muslims serving in Congress at the time.

Forestal on June 30, 2009 donated another $1,000; Carson won reelection the following year.  According to Carson’s current quarterly report, Forestal most recently cut a check for $1,000 on May 7.

“Kerry Forestal and two other high ranking sheriff department officials appear (in full uniform) in political ads for Andre Carson. Forestal is also hosting a fundraiser on St. Patrick’s Day with Carson and Frank Anderson as the featured guests.  Forestal is trying to make inroads in the black community as he runs for sheriff.

Other notable individuals who provided a financial boost to the 2008 Carson campaigns include Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel, who donated $2,000 in May, and then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who cut a $2,000 check that February.

The Council of American Islamic Relations an Islamic terrorist support group based in California is one of several non-industry groups that came forward to support Carson in 2008, giving him $5,000 in August.  The Arab American Muslim Leadership Council two months later provided him with another $2,000.

Other group donors for 2008 included the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education ($10,000, followed by $4,000 in 2010, and $1,000 in 2011), NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC ($6,000), and Moveon.Org PAC ($5,000).
Unions such as American Federation of State County & Municipal Employees People have been even more generous, giving Carson $28,000 over the past five years.  The American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education donated $27,500 during that time.
His powerful committee assignments – namely, as member of the House Committee on Financial Services – draw the bulk of contributions from his campaign donors.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars combined have come to Carson from financial and corporate special interests such as the General Dynamics Corporation PAC, General Electric Company PAC, Duke Energy Corporation PAC, Bank of America Corporation Federal PAC, and dozens of others.

Despite this financial comfort zone, Carson was hard pressed to respond to the controversy over his Islamic madrassa comments, subsequently was forced to issue a press release declaring that no “…particular faith should be the foundation of our public schools…”  Unless of course they are Islamic, (comment mine).

Nonetheless, he remains in the spotlight, as WorldNetDaily recently reported, for his connection to the Islamic Society of North America, which was listed by the Muslim Brotherhood as a “likeminded” organization that as Obama does shares its vision of “Changing America” into an Islamic nation.
What do you think Obama meant be saying “he would Fundamentally Change America???

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Have you ever wondered why Obama has no Christian friends and surrounds himself with Muslims and Communists?  It’s because his whole family is/was either Muslim and/or Communist.  That’s all he knows!  He, as all Muslims, has been robotically programmed to carry out the Muslim agenda, the creation of the Ummah (the world Nation of Islam).

We now have two Muslim Congressmen and a Muslim President; they have their foot in the door of our ‘Free Country’ supported by many Islamic terrorist organizations, as well as deceived secular corporations and Unions.  They have Sharia law in our courts (another foot in the door).  They have Muslim text books and curriculum in our schools (another foot in the door) now a congressman wants to turn our Public Schools into Muslim Madrassas.  Soon your kids will be Muslim Socialists, programmed to carry out the Muslim agenda of the World Nation of Islam, and so it goes!

I hope you have already purchased your prayer rug before the rush…

Please pray for America my friend.

de André         

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Big Mama Protects Us To Death

Big Mama Protects Us To Death

Do you feel protected from bad food, bad products, bad drugs, and bad people?  But what have you given up for all this wonderful protection?  Your life maybe!

By de Andréa
July 22, 2012  

We were protected from two Seattle men who were detained for a few hours by U.S. Customs when they tried to smuggle …CHOCOLATE, YES ‘CHOCOLATE’… into the United StatesThat’s right.  These menaces to society were trying to bring [gasp] Kinder Eggs into our PROTECTED country.  Everyone knows those particular treats have little choking hazards inside them: little choking hazards disguised as little toys!  How diabolical.  And the worst part is these confectionary terrorists were going to give these chocolates totheir own ‘kids’.

It’s a good thing the “Nanny State” is there to save us from ourselves.  Otherwise, who knows what terrible things we would do?  We might smoke something other than weed in San Francisco’s great outdoors.  (It’s okay.  It’s for my chronic hangnails.)  Or try to purchase more than sixteen ounces of soda in New York.

It’s amazing the extremes the civil government goes, to protect us.  I feel like I’m reading The Onion anytime I see an article on the TSA, (TSA agents make fun of deaf man , and eat his bag of candy in front of him while he cries yes, befuddled brainyou did just read that). 

I just got another speeding ticket recently.  I was driving the speed of traffic safely, of course.  I am without a doubt positive that the most dangerous thing  about the whole scenario was the cop speeding recklessly weaving in and out of traffic to catch up with me, and then my rapid deceleration onto the shoulder, and then my white-knuckle acceleration into the speeding traffic again.  So why did he pick me to pick on?  I don’t know, maybe it’s because I have a red pickum up truck.  The rather polite officer told me he was just doing his job… that there had been a lot of wrecks on that stretch.  Well…  I can only guess why.

But the real story here is not that government officials are too involved in our personal lives and choices (which they are), that their remedies are usually worse than the disease (which they are), or that we don’t seem to know what’s good for us (which we never have).  The real story is the fact that we as Americans just don’t want to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions, so the entity that has taken over in that capacity, the civil government, feels it has the right to take away our right to choose to protect ourselves.  You know: “Fun, fun, fun ’til her daddy takes the T-bird away” kind of stuff.  They gave us the car, now they want to tell us how to drive it.  (Well they didn’t actually give us the car… but they try an force us to drive electric toys.  We’re being treated more and more like nursery babies because we have allowed, and even asked, the civil government to take the responsibility for the bad things that happen to us (or that we bring on ourselves).

It’s difficult to live free.  It’s not secure.  In a free society, if you screw up, you have to pay for it.  If you do stupid things and hurt yourself and others, you have to bear the brunt of your stupid mistakes.  Most people in our country say they want to be free.  But they really don’t.  They don’t know how to be free.  They might shed a few tears when they have to get their diaper changed and the cold air hits their little bum-bums, but then they like their security blanket too. 

Our country is no longer well-peopled with the kind of noble souls who agree mutually to pledge life, property, and sacred honor to the cause of liberty.  And until we have those kind of citizens in large supply once again, ‘Big Mother’s’ gonna make sure to put rubber bumpers on the sharp corners of our ornamental rights.

So what is the point of all this?  We are so protected my friend that we have GUN FREE ZONES!  These are places that we can feel safe because the government said "guns are not allowed".  Planes, schools, malls, bars, courts, federal buildings, and theaters are all places that you cannot be injured or killed with a gun, why? Because these are GUN FREE ZONES!  This is because the government has taken the burden of responsibility for your safety away from you, and put it on the shoulders of crazies and criminals hoping they will be responsible and come on board with Big Mama and play the protection game.  This kind of protection can be deadly!  How’s that working out for you?

It’s time to get angry and be responsible… 

de Andréa 

Friday, July 20, 2012


The brain dead hate America Communist Liberals should be asking themselves - the movie theater was a “GUN FREE ZONE”, so how could this possibly have happened.

By de Andréa
July 20, 2012

In light of the up and coming Obama/UN international Gun Ban treaty possibly signed into law by the 27th of July, this, my friend is a taste of  what is to come.

There is, a brain disease that causes stupid.  It’s called “Mentally Challenged Liberalism”, those that are mentally impaired to the point that they just cannot think rationally, sensibly or possess any concept of reason or logic.  I can’t say if this disease is genetic or if it is contagious or is purposely spread, but what I do know, is it dose exists.

It was proven during the (9/11) attack that if there was someone on those planes with a gun, 911 would not have happened, not in the way it did anyway.  If one of the teachers in Columbine would have had a gun, that massacre would not have happened.  If one of the students at Georgia Tech University would have had a gun, that massacre would not have happened.  And if someone in the theater in Aurora would have had a gun this massacre of innocent human life would not have happened.  What do all these tragic incidents have in common?  They all happened in GUN FREE ZONES!

Logic would indicate that GUN FREE ZONES are a dangerous place to be.  But these Brain diseased people actually believe that by creating GUN FREE ZONES that we will be safe from the very tragic incidents they cause.

Why do you think these crazies go to GUN FREE ZONES to act out their insane fantasies or whatever their reason is.  Just a hint!  There are no guns there!  Its safe place for the crazies, they can complete their insane plan uninterrupted by some responsible person with a gun. In this case 71 innocent human lives were either wounded or killed, some of them were children.  I know if I were there with my .40 H & K this jerk wouldn’t have shot 71 people.

Moving on to more Insanity that seems to run in families, (maybe it is genetic), the media family is filled with insane people as well.  The shooting at the The Dark Knight Rises premier has started a liberal media feeding frenzy.  Piers Morgan, one of those diseased people, is calling for gun control, just exactly what we don’t want.  You see there’s this reasonable logic that says “CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY LAWS”  that’s what makes them criminals.  Aha, I don’t know if it’s even worth while trying to reason with these brain-dead people.  Some are calling on Obama and Romney to pull back on campaigning.  Fat Czar Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to know what Obama and Romney are going to do about the violence.  Bloomberg and other brain dead liberals haven’t said much about the 260 murders in Chicago so far this year where guns are banned, ah, another GUN FREE ZONE.

You might remember that after the shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the Left went into full insanity by claiming that it was Tea Party rhetoric that caused a lone gunman to shoot Giffords and others.

Once again the insane media has tried to make a Tea Party connection.  This time it was Good Morning America’s Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos.  George said to Brian, you’ve been investigating the background of the shooter Jim Holmes here.  You found something that might be significant.

Ross: “There’s a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado, page on the Colorado Tea Party site as well, talking about him joining the Tea Party last year.  Now, we don’t know if this is the same Jim Holmes.  But it’s Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado”.

Stephanolpoulos: “Okay, we’ll keep looking at that Brian, thanks very much”.

This kind of irresponsible garbage passes as journalism at ABC.  Even if this particular “Jim Holmes” is a member of the Tea Party, which he is not, it does not mean that the Tea Party itself had anything to do with the violence.  In fact, the history of the Tea Party is a history of respectful and peaceful political action.  Maybe Hollywood is responsible for the violence.  Hollywood is a big supporter of President Obama.  Two can play this game my friend. 

Check out the 1986 Frank Miller graphic novel Batman: The Dark Knight ReturnsBeltway Confidential  reports that “In the comic, a crazed, gun-toting loner walks into a movie theater and begins shooting it up, killing three in the process.”  So maybe it’s time to ban comic books.  Or create a COMIC BOOK FREE ZONE!  Yeah that’ll do it…

THE BOTTOM LINE: Of course, just maybe the people responsible for these acts of violence are the ones who commit the crimes.  Well… that is the kind of reason and logic that just goes right over the heads of these brain diseased Mentally Challenged Liberals isn’t it.  What I would like to see is a MENTAL CHALLENGED LIBERAL FREE ZONE. 

Well…maybe not, then that is where all the brain-dead liberals will concentrated…

de Andréa

The Day Freedom Ended

The Day Freedom Ended
This is extremely important
Barack Obama and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, both Muslims, with the agenda of destroying America the “Great Satan”, are about to disarm America.  Sounds bazaar, but it’s nevertheless very true.  Moreover it may happen as early as July 27, 2012, yes in one week. 

By de Andréa
July 20, 2012


Well… enjoy your freedom my friends while you still can, maybe for another week or so.

In Iran -- the folks call America “the Great Satan”, those are the folks who repeatedly threaten to wipe us off the face of the earth -- yes THAT IRAN, has been appointed by Kofi Annan to oversee negotiations on the UN Gun Ban.

Obama has never hidden his anti-gun agenda.  And Hillary has repeatedly indicated that she wants the UN Gun Ban.  And now with Iran in charge of negotiations, we should all be very, very afraid.

"...There is no nation on earth powerful enough to accomplish our overthrow.  ...  If our destruction, should it come at all, it will be from another quarter.  From the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness and negligence, I must confess that I do apprehend some danger.  I fear that they may place too implicit a confidence in their public servants, and fail properly to scrutinize their conduct; that in this way they may be made the dupes of designing men, and become the instruments of their own undoing.”  -- Daniel Webster, June 1, 1837   (Emphasis mine)

Reports indicate that Obama and Hillary intend to sign the UN Gun Ban as early as July 27.

Our ONLY hope of saving the Second Amendment and freedom in this country lies with the Senate.  And we must make our demand loud and clear -- Senators must overwhelmingly REJECT THE UNITED NATIONS GUN BAN.  And with a Communist majority in the Senate that might be problematic.

URGENT UPDATE: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are scheduled to sign the UN GUN BAN Treaty JULY 27 killing the 2nd Amendment and freedom in America.  

How can they do’ this?  Well how did Hitler’ do it?

The Supremacy Clause of our Constitution says that treaties are the "law of the land" and cannot be overwritten by acts of Congress or acts of the State Legislatures.  So if the Senate ratifies the UN Arms Trade Treaty that Obama and Hillary intend to sign July 27, the UN Gun Ban will, with one fell swoop VOID THE SECOND AMENDMENT and subsequently our freedom COMPLETELY…  This is the whole purpose of the treaty my friend!

The UN Arms Trade Treaty will set up an international agency that will control the availability of arms and ammunition around the world.  This new international body will have the authority to tell signing nations what guns they can and cannot sell or possess within their own borders.  In addition, the international body will have the authority to ban existing guns within countries.

In other words, when the UN decides they don't like your .45 your 30.06 or your .22, they can, and will, ban both the guns and the ammo!

Do you feel like giving the UN your personal protection weapon any time soon?  How about your hunting rifle or shotgun?  Out of my cold dead hands my friend…

So why am I waiting so long to tell you all this?  Well…I have been warning America about this for seven years the last article I wrote on this subject was October 18, 2011 called “What-cha-gonna-do-when-they-come-for-you” read it.

Gun Ban Advocates like Dictator Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton, keep insisting that the United Nation's Small Arms Treaty won't affect the average American - only bad guys with big scary assault weapons, remember Hitler did exactly the same thing.  This treaty has nothing to do with disarming cartels and criminal regimes; rather it is about disarming the citizens of the freest country in the world - America.

The United Nation's and their Globalist supporters hate guns in the hands of citizens because they can’t control them.  Do you want to be controlled’, or do you want to be free? 

Take a good look at the statue that graces the United Nations plaza – it’s a giant .38 revolver with the barrel tide in a knot.

The Canadian government just filed an emergency petition to exclude hunting rifles from the upcoming United Nations Arms Treaty, Mexico subsequently objected.  THE UNITED STATES REMAINED SILENT!

Americans have a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to keep & bear arms.  So why isn't our government the one working to stop this?  Because Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton want us totally and completely disarmed, leaving us helpless.

Will you wait until mandatory gun confiscation programs go into effect?
Or will you stand with me now and INSIST our Senate NEVER let this unconstitutional, Freedom killing, Agenda 21 enabling, UN Treaty ever so much as reach the Senate floor?

If we don't ACT NOW folks, we can not only kiss our hunting and personal protection rights goodbye, we can kiss our freedom goodbye…TOTALLY.

You see the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting rights, hunting rifles or even personal protection for that matter.  None of that is even mentioned in the constitution.  But it has everything to do with maintaining the security of a free state.  You don’t believe me?  Well then read the Second Amendment, for yourself…  A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  The rights of the people not only cannot be infringed but the right to keep and bear arms is necessary for the security of a ‘Free State’ my friend.

If you allow Obama and his Marxist Commies to take away your right to “Keep And Bear Arms” then you are enabling the Dictator to take away ALL YOUR FREEDOMS.  All in the name of controlling Crime…this is a crime!

I remember a NAZI that did the same thing.  He disarmed Germany in the name of controlling crime!  His name was Adolph Hitler. 

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been working for years to completely disarm Americans.  Back in 2009, Clinton announced the United States would reverse Bush administration opposition to international small arms control.  Now with a little help from her Marxist pal Barack Obama and the NWO United Nations, she is a week from success.

Hillary and friends claim the sole purpose of the UN Arms Trade Treaty is to stop terrorism and crime.  But the truth is, this abominable treaty would do nothing more than prevent Americans from defending themselves from crime and tyranny alike.  THE UN ARMS TRADE TREATY WILL CONFISCATE AND BAN ALL GUNS OWNED BY AMERICANS!

In a recent meeting, high level staffers from Senator Marco Rubio's office told ‘Unite In Action’ that the UN Gun Treaty is everything we feared and worse.  One Rubio staffer identified this treaty as the single most deadly threat to American freedom EVER.  The gun grab is real, and the fight to strip Americans of our guns and our freedom is happening right now!

Former US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, agrees; "[The UN] is trying to act as though this is really just a treaty about international arms trade between nation states, but there is no doubt that the real agenda here is domestic firearms control" said Bolton.

The UN Arms Trade Treaty Preparatory Committee is attempting to defend its stance by claiming the UN is, "Concerned by the misuse of weaponry around the world, civil society organizations have successfully mobilized governments and parliamentarians to call for the global regulation of the conventional arms trade."

And now, that same Third Preparatory Committee has figured out how to bend the US to the New World Order's Will.  In July, the group decided that a majority vote would NOT be required for the treaty to pass.  That means dissent will be stifled and this international gun-grabbing scheme will pass if we the American people do not act to protect our Second Amendment ‘Rights and Freedom’!

Throughout history tyranny has succeeded in crushing freedom only by disarming the citizens.

Will you silently relinquish your rights?  Because silence ‘now’ WILL result in the loss of YOUR freedom for you and your children!

H.R. 3594
Twenty-six more members of Congress have just signed on as co-sponsors to the Second Amendment Protection Act, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms announced today.

“This is good news,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan M. Gottlieb.  “With a vote looming on the proposed United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, this sends a clear message to the Obama administration that the president will face real trouble if he or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signs any document that threatens our constitutionally-protected individual right to keep and bear arms.”

Sponsored by Illinois Republican Congressman Joe Walsh, H.R. 3594 was written with help from CCRKBA staff, Gottlieb noted.  It now has 60 co-sponsors, and has been referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.  CORKBA has been urging members and supporters to contact Congress and demand action on this bill.

“The U.N. is scheduled to vote on the proposed treaty next week,” Gottlieb said.  “Right now they are pushing to include small arms and ammunition, and because the Devil is always in the details, when they finally hammer out a document that the Obama administration has already indicated it will sign, this could be extremely bad for American gun owners”.

”Fortunately, Congressman Walsh had the foresight to understand this,” he continued, “so he introduced this legislation to protect Second Amendment sovereignty. We want the United Nations gun grabbers, and the Obama administration to understand that they are treading in perilous waters if they adopt a treaty that even remotely threatens the firearms freedoms of our citizens”.

“We are coming down to the wire on this treaty,” Gottlieb stated.  “Our constitutional rights far outweigh the administration’s desire to push its ‘citizen-of-the-world’ philosophy down the throats of Americans.  We want to see action on the Second Amendment Protection Act, and with 26 new co-sponsors, we are one step closer to achieving that goal.”

With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations.  As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States. The Citizens Committee can be reached by phone at (425) 454-4911, on the Internet at or by email

THE BOTTOM LINE:  If you have ever needed a reason to contact your member of Congress and your Senators this might be a good time.  Your entire future may be hanging by this threat of tyranny; your entire Freedom is in jeopardy my friend.  

So if this is so important why hasn’t it been on the front page of the papers or the leading story on the six o’clock news?  Well risking the obvious!  Do you remember TASS?  It was the Soviet News Agency that printed what the government wanted - or didn’t print what the government didn’t want the people to know.  Why do you think Obama wants to control the internet?  This may be the end of the last great frontier…Pray my friend, and then act and then pray a lot.

Need I say more?

de Andréa  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Obama Birth Certificate Forgery

Obama Birth Certificate Forgery 

Sheriff Joe has finally finished his Investigation, and has proof that Obama’s long form birth certificate is a forgery…

By de Andréa
July 18, 2012

Today the long awaited press conference by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office took place at 5:30 pm EST.  Its goal was to bring forth the truth about Obama’s birth certificate and what they uncovered was new information that provides indisputable evidence that the long form birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama is in fact a forgery.

The Sheriff’s Office spokesman, Lisa Adams, opened the conference and said that they hope to take no more than 60 minutes to complete.  She also said that no questions would be answered in regards to anything unrelated to the press conference pertaining to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, such as the recent immigration ruling by the Supreme Court.  She also scolded the media for their lack of reporting and their scoffing at the investigation.  She then encouraged them to keep an open mind.

Sheriff Joe then took to the podium and took only a few moments to run down the history of the investigation and introduce Mike Zullo, the Cold Case Posse lead investigator.

Zullo presented more evidence that proves that the birth certificate presented to the people of America in 2011 is not an authentic document. Though the information in the prior press conference specifically dealt with the document itself and the many anomalies in it, in this conference Mr. Zullo provided evidence of a different nature.

The first bombshell he dropped was that he and his investigator located 95-year-old Ms. Verna K. L. Lee, who was the registrar that signed the birth certificates in Hawaii.  She informed him of a coding system that would indicate that the birth certificate provided by the White House has been altered.  This coding would have been done by hand and then rechecked by another.  This would also have kept the document from being out of sequence by date or time.

Thus when compared to the now famous birth certificate of Gretchen and Susan Nordike, it clearly shows that someone has altered what was on the document that the White House presented.  Mr. Zullo also pointed out that these would have been stamped in sequence of batches by whatever region they were in and since the Nordike Twins were born at Kapiolane and Barack Obama also claims that, then there should not be an out of sequence number.

One of the things that Ms. Lee informed reporter Jerome Corsi about during a phone conversation was the hand-written number 9 in the number 9 box where the race of the father is listed as African.  While much of the focus has been on the term African being used, Ms. Lee informed Mr. Corsi that the 9 indicates that the applicant for the birth certificate did not provide any information to put there.  If they had a number 1 would have been written in.  Therefore, the box should have been left blank, not filled in with African.
Furthermore, the conversation between Jerome Corsi and Ms. Lee was recorded Zullo confirmed.

Investigators also were troubled to find key information missing from the verification document Hawaii provided to Arizona’s secretary of state Ken Bennett in May.

When they spoke with Hawaii’s deputy attorney general, Jill T. Nagamine, she confirmed that the state has a birth document on file, but refused to identify the document that the White House put out as a copy of the same                document that the state has.

What is most telling in the last part is the history of Hawaii law.  No one had to witness a birth in order to obtain a birth certificate in Hawaii.  As has been reported, many Japanese people who were not citizens obtained birth records for their children.  All they had to be were residents, not citizens, to obtain the birth records for their children.

From 1955-1982 this was the case because birth registry could be obtained by an adult simply coming in and filling out the paperwork.  They provided unsworn testimony and there was no investigation to see if the testimony was truthful.  “It appears that in the case of Hawaii law, any person can obtain a birth certificate if any adult or their parents can prove that they resided in Hawaii for one year and paid taxes,” he said.  “There is no requirement to show that the child itself was actually born in Hawaii or on U.S. soil.”

It was at this point that Mike Zullo stated that this is a “national security issue.”

The national security concerns raised by the investigation are based on Hawaii Revised Statute 338.17.8.  which states:  “338-17.8 Certificates for children born out of state. Upon application of an adult or the legal parents of a minor child, the director of health shall issue a birth certificate for such adult or minor, provided that proof has been submitted to the director of health that the legal parents of such individual while living without the Territory or State of Hawaii had declared the Territory or State of Hawaii as their legal residence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth or adoption of such child.”

Because of this information all Hawaiian birth certificates Issued between 1955 and 1982 are suspect.  Zullo also believes this is in conflict with the Supreme Court’s ruling on SB1070, as does Sheriff Arpaio, since state and federal law cannot be in conflict, though he tried to keep the focus on the document itself.

Arpaio stands ready to provide the Congress with all the necessary documentation for a more thorough investigation and he called upon them to do just that.  Both Arpaio and Zullo also said that they are not stating that Barack Obama knows of the forgery.  They are simply stating that the document he provided is a proven forgery; it just awaits a court ruling.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Well folks this is the most confirmed damning evidence yet, that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery.  Moreover, I am not going to be as political as Sheriff Joe, I will say that Obama has committed a first degree felony of forgery of a government document and defrauding his office of President of the United States of America.

If Obama can accuse Romney of being a felon, Romney should accuse Obama of being a traitor, a felon and a fraud…

de Andréa 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Where Will Christian Ministry Go?

 Where Will Christian Ministry Go?

By de Andréa
July 17, 2012

Recently I wrote an article titled The Future of the Christian Church       where I talked about the demise of the Church for several reasons, one being Islam, the ignorance, the deception, and the enabling of it, another might be the disunity of the Church.  A question was asked by one of my readers.  Where will the Christian ministry go, or will it disappear too? 

Just because the Church, as we know it, may all but disappear it certainly doesn’t mean that Christianity will disappear as well.  The faith has been through 2000 years of trials and tribulations and it is still going strong.  Why?  Because it’s the truth…

So!  Where will’ it go?  Where it’s already going, some into the homes of people, some underground (it isn’t the first time) and still others are going into the highways and byways.   

Every Monday night, Uncle Charlie's bar in Cheyenne, Wyo., hosts "Bibles and Beer," a discussion that routinely pulls in people of all faiths — as well as an Atheist and a Muslim or two.

As many as 45 people have shown up, some toting Bibles.  Some might have a drink; others stick to water.  Some talk; others mostly listen.  There are only a few ground rules: Avoid debate and stick to the text to be discussed that week.

"There really is not a focus on drinking," insists Rodger McDaniel, a Presbyterian minister who organized the weekly gathering more than a year ago.  "But at the same time, it is a much more relaxed atmosphere than in a church basement.  If I put this on in my church, I don't think we would have more than five or six people."

Across the country, faith and religion is becoming bar talk.  The trend combines the traditional religious charge to go where the people are with the reality that a lot of them are in bars.  Organizers include those from mainline churches, those building churches and bar owners and brewers.  Some are trying to push the model nationally, taking an ageless yearning for meaning and purpose to places where people are looking for… well… meaning and purpose and often go to try to wash their worries away.

"It is good to bring the Word to wherever God is, and God is everywhere, and people are everywhere, too," says Joe Beene, owner of the Drunk Monkey Tavern in the Tulsa suburb of Glenpool.  Last year, Beene began live streaming Sunday morning services from Tulsa's Celebration Church into his bar.  "The people who come in here on Sunday mornings are people who want to hear the Word of God but won't go to church."

He got his idea, he says, from a San Jose minister who preaches in bars.  Beene says six to eight people regularly listen and accept his free Sunday brunch, and he is talking to other bar owners to see if they'll stream the broadcast.  "I see a lot of people that come in here (with) issues, and they are trying to solve those issues or kill the pain with alcohol, which certainly works short term but not so much long term," Beene says. "I feel they need to hear what I have been hearing in this church."

While this may be a new direction for protestants, the mixture of spirit and spirits is not entirely new however.  Catholics have sponsored "Theology on Tap" gatherings in bars for years.  "It is primarily an outreach to young Catholics and those interested in the faith, but others do attend," says Michael Donohue, director of communication for the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Va., which began "Theology on Tap" meetings aimed at young people in 2001.  Semi-regular gatherings attract 150-250 people to Pat “Troy's Ireland's Own” in nearby Alexandria and 100 to the “Blue & Gray Brewing Co.” in Fredericksburg, Va.

Last year in Raleigh, N.C., Cynthia and A.J. Viola began organizing "Beer and a Bible" at Tir Na Nog Irish Pub.  They got the idea from friends in New Mexico doing something similar.  About 15-25 people gather for Bible study on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month which coincides with "pint night."  "We have people who were born with a Bible in their hands and people who want nothing to do with church," A.J. Viola says.  Regular attendees include a so-called non-practicing Muslim (whatever that is) and a self-described atheist who comes to support his churchgoing wife.

The Violas are professional wedding photographers and ministers who have started their own church in Raleigh.  She is an ex-bartender, and he professes both to be "a big fan of the Bible and also a big fan of beer."
In Richmond, Ind., three separate church-related groups gather regularly at the “J&J Brewery” and “Big Dog Brewhaus”, co-owner Mike Miller says.  He says people are looking for places to have faith discussions in more relaxed social settings.

In Cheyenne, McDaniel's group began last year with Genesis and has just worked its way through Exodus.  He says he has been surprised and pleased that people of all faiths have become regular attendees, and that broad mixture has broadened discussions.

One regular Uncle Charlie's attendee is Ed Glaser, a retired telephone company employee and an Atheist.  He says he does not come for the beer but to understand how religion affects politics.

"This group of people, I think, are looking at trying to have understanding and have common ground," Glaser says.  "I think this group of people is very tolerant of different perspectives."

Mohamed Salih, a retired junior college dean and leader in the Southeast Wyoming Islamic Center, attends almost every week, and he often draws parallels between the Quran and the Bible.

McDaniel says he got questions in the beginning from people concerned about associating alcohol with the Bible.  His answer: "Jesus didn't change wine into water…

THE BOTTOM LINE:  While there may be a lot of eyebrow raising by the legalists regarding this approach to evangelism, although it is not totally unlike the ministry of Jesus Himself’ who ministered to tax-collectors (considered to be thieves not unlike today’s tax-collectors) as well as prostitutes and all manner of people considered at the time to be the scum of the earth.  And yes at a wedding celebration at Cana in Galilee Jesus did turn water into wine, His first miracle in John 2:1-11

The Bible does say in Ephesians 5:18 “And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit”; King James Version (Cambridge Ed.)  Is there really’ any place better than another to be filled with the Holy Spirit of the Lord God Jesus Christ?  

I don’t believe so!  God will meet us right where we are…

de Andréa 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Obama…a Life of Lies!

Obama…a Life of Lies!
On what occasion do you lie Mr. President…

By de Andréa
July 15, 2012

Against a backdrop of irresistible holiday warmth and good cheer, came the big question from Barbara Walters during her painfully fawning interview with Barack and Michelle Obama this past Dec. 23.

“Mr. President,” Walters inquired delicately, “on what occasion do you lie?”  ---  “Usually, the only time I lie,” responded Obama, “is very personal interactions with family members, [when] you say, ‘You look great,’ and they don’t. ‘Wonderful dress …’ Uh, not so much.”

Michelle chimed in: “Things where the truth would hurt other people.”  “Right,” echoed Obama, “the things where truth would hurt other people.  Not too many big things.  I said during the campaign that I’ll always tell you what I think, and I will, always tell you where I stand.  I’m not perfect, but you’ll know what I believe.”

There you have it, folks.  Welcome to The Matrix – where the elite media specializes in creating virtual reality scenes like this one, which are so pleasant and seem so real … except for one small problem, they bear no resemblance to reality.

For there, seated in the midst of this elegant, Norman Rockwellesque Christmas setting, was Barack Obama, the perpetually charming and discontented radical, taking a break from his relentless campaign to “fundamentally transform America,” code words that mean destroy the American way of free enterprise and a free people.  

Barack Obama, the man who lies as easily as he breaths – a serial deceiver regarding his birth, his childhood, his education, his influences and associations, his religion, his accomplishments, his policies, his true beliefs and his plans for America’s future.  Barack Obama, the man whose entire presidency has been a seamless fabric of deception and duplicity, tells ‘Barbara Walters’ and the American people that the only time he lies is to protect a family member from hurt feelings by occasionally offering reassurance that an unflattering dress is “wonderful.”  Wow.  And he seems to get away with it; what’s more, people believe this dribble.

This level of ongoing media dishonesty in covering Barack Obama is, of course, surreal.  But let’s focus our attention on the man who is, in all likelihood, the most perfectly dishonest person ever to walk the earth, well… at least to occupy the Oval Office.

After all, the correct answer to Walters’ question is obvious.  When does Obama lie?  Every single time he speaks.

Indeed, as another long-time ABC News personality, Pulitzer prize-winning columnist George Will, pointed out recently in the Washington Post: “Barack Obama’s intellectual sociopathy – his often breezy and sometimes loutish indifference to truth – should no longer startle.”

“Sociopathy” is a strong word, but it is used by many to describe Obama – not necessarily as a clinical psychiatric diagnosis, but just because the symptoms fit so darn well, as per this typical description: “Sociopaths are often well-liked because of their charm and high charisma, but they do not usually care about other people.  They think mainly of themselves and their objectives and often blame others for the things that they do.  They have a complete disregard for rules and lie constantly.  They seldom feel guilt or learn from punishments.”  Remind you of Obama…?  It should!  It should also remind you of a typical Muslim, if it doesn’t then you don’t know Islam.

A vital, creative power
One veteran psychiatrist I know suggested a slightly different diagnosis for Obama, but similar to “sociopathy” in many ways – namely, “malignant narcissistic personality disorder.  The modifier “malignant” signifies the version of “narcissistic personality disorder” that may cross over into criminality”, he explained.  I can certainly see that characteristic in Obama.

He even reviewed a list of some of the major symptoms of NPD, comparing them with Obama’s behavior as president.  Among the key markers: “A grandiose view of one’s achievements [everything with Obama is “historic].  And an utter inability to handle criticism [everyone criticizing Obama or his policies is attacked as extremist or racist, even condemning Fox News as “not a real news organization”] and a lack of genuine empathy.”  Obama gave a televised speech on the day of the Fort Hood terror attack in which a Muslim U.S. Army major shot 45 Americans, 13 fatally.  With the entire nation reeling’ in shock and yearning for strong, reassuring words from their commander in chief, Obama instead engaged in small talk and an inane “shout-out” for two full minutes before even mentioning that the worst terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11 had just occurred hours earlier.

To be sure, many mainstream analysts, including Pulitzer-winning columnist and former psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer, have repeatedly pointed to Obama’s extreme narcissism.  Regardless of the “diagnosis,” one thing is certain:  “We’re talking about a person who absolutely does not consider serial lying to be in any way immoral or problematic”.

Far from it, for a super-ambitious and vainglorious person such as Obama, lying is a vital and creative power.  Lies for example open doors that would otherwise remain shut.  Thus in a very real sense, for Obama, lies are magic words, the invocation of which represents the exercise of real power – power to impress voters, raise money, demonize critics, win elections, pass legislation and transform a nation.  Ordinary people don’t possess this power, as they are constrained from such brazen lying by their conscience and/or the fear of being caught.  But a highly narcissistic person like Obama feels he has the freedom – indeed, the mandate – to reshape America by creatively speaking into existence his preferred version of reality, without regard for any higher standard of truth. In other words, to lie.

Here’s how psychiatrist M. Scott Peck, M.D., explains it in his classic best-seller, “People of the Lie”:  “Malignant narcissism is characterized by an unsubmitted will.  All adults who are mentally healthy submit themselves one way or another to something higher than themselves, be it God, truth, love, or some other ideal.  They do what God wants them to do rather than what they would desire.  “Thy will, not mine, be done,” the God-submitted person says.  They believe in what is true rather than what they would like to be true.

“To a greater or lesser degree, all mentally healthy individuals submit themselves to the demands of their own conscience”.  Not so the evil, however.  In the conflict between their guilt and their will, it is the guilt that must go and the will that must win.  The reader will be struck by the extraordinary willfulness of evil people.  They are men and women of obviously strong will, determined to have their own way.  There is a remarkable power in the manner in which they attempt to control others.

As we will now see, Obama has been prepared to “control others” for a long time.

I serve as a blank screen
In his second autobiography “The Audacity of Hope,” Obama makes an audacious admission: “I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.”  While it’s amazing that anyone could openly brag about such a manipulative life-strategy, Obama has long cultivated his appealing yet ambiguous public persona in preparation for a career as a “Political Messiah”. 

For instance, he voted “present” no less than 129 times while serving as a member of the Illinois state Senate to avoid taking a position that might alienate one side or the other – including on bills he had supported and even sponsored!  Taking a position, you see, might have compromised the purity and universality of his self-perpetuated “blank screen,” which would one day serve to reflect the aspirations for “hope and change” of millions of Americans.

Appearing as “all things to all people” has been key to Obama’s meteoric rise, requiring constant deception.  As one blogger put it recently:  “He is Muslim, he is Christian, he is a capitalist, he is a socialist, he is black, he is white, he is a constitutional professor, he is an average collegian who smoked dope and did cocaine, he is a foreigner, he is American-born, he is EVERYMAN TO EVERYMAN.”

With America now in precipitous decline on his watch, many have tried to explain the enigma of Obama and his prodigious ability to lie so confidently, comfortably and continually.

Some cite Obama’s childhood, which was awful, and others cite his early influences, which were more awful.  A Berkeley, Calif., psychotherapist who writes under the pseudonym Robin of Berkeley weighs in this way:    “My gut tells me that Obama was seriously traumatized in childhood.  His mother disregarded his basic needs, dragged him all over the place, and ultimately abandoned him.”

Some cite Obama’s religious background, his muslim upbringing – his 20-year affiliation with his “spiritual mentor,” the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who is a Black Muslim who preaches raw hatred of America, capitalism and white people, and whose “black liberation theology gospel” amounted to Afro-centric Marxism dressed up with Bible verses. 

Some cite his background in “Chicago politics” – a euphemism for wall-to-wall corruption and criminality.  Indeed, the state of Illinois, where a staggering total of four recent governors – Otto Kerner, Dan Walker, George Ryan and Rod Blagojevich – have gone to prison for corruption, remains a political cesspool to this day, as confirmed by a recent study from the University of Illinois at Chicago’s political science department.  Obama is a product of this legendarily corrupt Chicago machine and played the game ruthlessly while rising in the ranks there”.

Some cite Obama’s education, the most important part of which, by his own admission, came via Saul Alinsky a well known Communist party leader.  During the 2008 campaign, Obama said of his years steeped in the Chicago Marxist’s revolutionary “community organizing” [code for Social Marxism] methods: “It was that education that was seared into my brain.  It was the best education I ever had, better than anything I got at Harvard Law School.”

In “Rules for Radicals,” Alinsky counsels wannabe revolutionaries that “they must be willing to ignore the dictates of their own conscience to advance the left’s social communist agenda.  In action, one does not always enjoy the luxury of a decision that is consistent both with one’s individual conscience and the good of mankind.  The choice must always be for the latter.  Action is for mass salvation and not for the individual’s personal salvation.  He who sacrifices the mass good for his personal conscience has a peculiar conception of “personal salvation”; he doesn’t care enough for people to be corrupted for them.”

That, my friends, is one of the most foul and twisted things I’ve ever read.  To believe it and act on it is to abandon your greatest gift, your moment-to-moment connection with the Living God – your conscience.  Maybe that’s why Alinsky dedicated “Rules for Radicals” to “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.”

THE BOTTOM LINE:  After sifting through all the psychoanalysis by all the academic psychobrains in the country, one blazing fact still remains.  Obama is a Muslim, and Muslims lie because their god Allah/Satan is the fundamental creator of all lies and deception.  Complicating this picture of psychobabble and suggesting even more questions, is the well-documented fact that during his youth in IndonesiaObama was raised and schooled as a Muslim.

In the final analysis, Obama lies because he is Muslim and that’s how he fulfills his Muslim program.  And fulfilling his robotic programming of world domination, no matter what the cost, is all he cares about, and it is all his brainwashed tunnel vision allows.

You might want to think seriously about this come November…

de Andréa