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The Future of the Christian Church

The Future of the Christian Church
Will Islam eventually replace the Christian Church in America?  It already is!  The “Enemy” has laid its foundation…

By de Andréa
July 14, 2012

As a follow-up to my last article titled “The liberal Episcopal Church” , I didn’t want you to think I was singling out Episcopalians to pick on.  On the contrary, the Christian Church at large is failing all over America for a plethora of reasons just as it did in Europe, and no matter what the reason, it can all be traced back to one person.

Disunity, disconnection, or as Paul the Apostle put it, quibbling over fine points of doctrine have all led to Denominationalism and disunity, a weakness in the “Church”.  Weakness in this case can be equated with ignorance, and or false doctrine, which leads to deception and the eventual failure of the Church.

So where does it - or where did it all begin…Well… if you really must know, it started sometime in about 4000 BC.  But for the purpose of this article it started when we let Islam infiltrate the Judeao Christian West.  Over the centuries it has had its up’s and down’s, today we are in top gear going down the wrong road, racing toward certain destruction, and trust me, I know something about racing with 12 years of sports racing under my belt.  And I know something about humanity and the agenda of Islam as well, with more than twenty years of research.  Why am I always the bearer of bad news?  Well it’s a dirty job - that someone must do my friend…

Academia has been infiltrated.  Churches have been infiltrated.  The first terrorist Muslim Brotherhood organization in the United States was the Muslim Student Association, started in the 1960’s.

If for some unknown reason you still don’t believe that the Christian Church has already been infiltrated by Satan’s so-called religion of peace then take a moment and look at what is going on in just one of our Christian Collages in the U.S.  Founded in 1861 Luther College is located in the small northeast town of Decorah, and is affiliated with the Lutheran Church, the ELCA.  A professor, teaching at Luther College, proclaimed that he believes Jesus was Muslim.  Don’t take my word for it…read the Article for yourself. 

You see - the Students at Christian Collages are the future of the Christian Church, and Christian collages all over America have either been completely taken over by Islam, such as Georgetown University in Washington D.C., or, they are well on their way to becoming Islamic Madrassas.   

Robert F. Shedinger, the professor at Luther College who wrote the book titled Was Jesus a Muslim?” said his research convinced him of Jesus alignment with Islam and so he must have been a Muslim. 

Never mind the fact that the professor doesn’t know his history, Biblical or otherwise, meaning that Jesus walked this earth 610 years ‘before’ Satan came to proclaim his gospel of death to his chosen prophet Muhammad.  He obviously knows even less about the “Theocracy of Islam”, in a nutshell Jesus taught Love --- Islam teaches Hate with a capital ‘H’ my friend.  Moreover this poor excuse for a teacher is brainwashing your kids, in a Christian College with this garbage.  

I used to say!  Whatever you do, don’t send your kids to public school.  Now I must include Christian schools as well.  Whatever you do to educate your kids, and I cannot stress this enough, debrief them every single day, don’t miss a day.  Whatever is recorded by the minds of children, if it goes unaddressed it is there permanently.  Find out just ‘exactly’ what they are being brainwashed with.

Will’ it take a generation or so for the Churches to begin to become Islamic?  No… it will not, and it is not.  The Churches have already begun, not only to accommodate, and blindly facilitate Islam, but they are beginning to merge with this satanic nightmare.  Its called Chrislam This has been going on already for years, starting in Africa, skipping across the pond to Europe and now in America.

But when the next couple of batches of students graduate from these corrupt Christian Collages, some of them will become missionaries, and still others, church Pastors.  Then, watch the downward spiral of the Church like a race car going down hill on Nitrous, there will be nothing to stop it.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  The bottom line?  Well… the bottom line my friend, is total destruction!  If this surreptitious ‘attack’ on our Christian fundamental relationship with God the creator and savior of this earth is going to be stopped, the war must begin now.  Not tomorrow, because as I’ was taught as a child, tomorrow never comes my friend, and so we must start today, yesterday, if it were possible. 

If one would look up Goggle Maps, and find a road…any road, the destination is irrelevant, and if one would travel down that road, one would blindly arrive at its destination wherever that was.  Today we are blindly traveling down a road, that we not only don’t seem to know where it leads, but we don’t even seem to care.  But one sure thing, if the Church continues to travel down this road to hell like a 650 horsepower Ford Fiesta with 660 foot pounds of torque, we will sooner than later blindly arrive at the END!

And oh!  Before I forget, earlier if you remember, I said no matter what the reason is that the Church is failing, it can all be traced back to one person.  So who is that dirty rat?  It’s the god of this world, and his name is Allah, AKA Satan the enemy of all mankind and of God the Creator.  And where does that road that the Church is on - lead?  Well I’ll give you a hint…It does not lead to Salvation and to the Kingdom of Heaven.

I hope you can figure that one out all by yourself…

de Andréa. 

P.S.  If you want a hint on - which is the right’ road, read John 3, 16.  WOW, just “click on this” for the road map to eternal Life, isn’t modern technology amazing…

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