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Ban Geert Wilders from US

 In a time of universal deceit, the truth is a revolutionary act”George Orwell
Ban Geert Wilders from U.S.
Say two U.S. Muslim Jihadists Congressman.

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist
Published April 0, 2015

So you doubt my assertion that the ideology of Islamic Jihad has stealthily infiltrated the American
government? Well here’s proof my friend.

Dutch government representative Geert Wilders, pictured at right, who has become famous the world over for his strong stand against Islam, is scheduled to speak on Capitol Hill this month at the request of Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX).

However, there is a couple of American Islamic congressmen Jihadists who aren't happy about it, and have petitioned the Obama administration to ban Wilder from the US because of his anti-Jihadist position. 

Foreign Policy obtained a letter from Democrat, Islamic congressmen Keith "I'll take my oath on the Koran" Ellison (MN) and Andre "Let's model US public schools after Islamic madrassas and the Koran" Carson (IN).  "We write to raise our deep concern regarding the visit of Mr. Geert Wilders, a Dutch lawmaker known for perpetuating Islamaphobia," the two stealth jihad congressmen wrote. "Mr. Wilders is scheduled to have a series of meetings in Washington next week. We respectfully request that the U.S. government deny Mr. Wilders entry due to his participation in inciting anti-Muslim aggression and violence."

Seriously? It takes Mr. Geert Wilders to incite anti-Muslim aggression and violence? Can these two Muslims jihadists point to any instances of this or could we all simply point to the actions of professed Islamists for anti-Islamic sentiments? I think the latter is much more a picture of reality.

The two congressmen appeal to the International Religious Freedom Act as a "precedent" for Mr. Wilders' ban.  What about Mr. Wilders’ freedom?  This typifies the one way thought processes of the Muslim ideology.  It’s the Muslim way or no way.   

They then went on to claim that Norwegian Anders Breivik, who murdered 77 people in Oslo, was inspired by Wilders' speech. Of course, I don't hear them pointing to any Islamists who have uttered words that have upended entire countries and been the catalyst for thousands of deaths of Christians, non-Muslims and Muslims at the hands of those who follow the teachings of the non-prophet Muhammad. Have you heard them speak on that? Nope. They engage in taqiyyah, just like your Muslim Jihadist president Barack Hussein Obama and claim that those people aren't really following Islam. They are, but nevertheless, I don't see them restricting the coming and going of members of the Muslim Brotherhood and their sympathizers, either in the country or the people's own White House.

"Mr. Wilders' policy agenda is centered on the principle that Christian culture is superior to other cultures," the two continue. "He justifies his desire to ban the Quran and Islam from the Netherlands with depraved comments like, 'Islam is not a religion, it's an ideology, the ideology of a retarded culture.'" 

Well, Mr. Carson and Mr. Ellison, Christian culture is superior to all other cultures, especially that of Islam. Why do you think America, in its founding (prior to the 18th century) was so great and prosperous? It was because both its culture and its government were clearly Christian. Just look at the Mayflower Compact and understand why America has been great. It's because America served the True and Living God, which she has since abandoned.

The hypocrisy then flows from the pen of these two Hate-America congressmen. "In the U.S., freedom of speech is a bedrock principle that distinguishes free societies from ones living under oppressive regimes. Freedom of speech, however, is not absolute. It is limited by the legal and moral understanding that speech that causes the incitement of violence or prejudicial action against protected groups is wrong."

Does anyone else not think that Christian groups are to be protected from the nonsense that Carson and Ellison are spewing with the blather in this letter? We've already seen a federal attorney threaten prosecution and imprisonment for telling the truth about Islam on social media. Furthermore, these men took an oath to uphold the First Amendment to the Constitution, which allows for absolutely no laws to be written by Congress (that's them) regarding speech. So, for them to be talking about free speech and then banning someone from the US based on their views of Islam is at best hypocritical and at worst seditious.

These two Islamic Jihadists claim that Wilders being allowed into the US will "embolden him to engage in further incitement of violence and discrimination against Muslims." However, it seems to me that Mr. Wilders, at least when it comes to this issue, is a much-needed voice in our society.

Then we have this little nugget by the two congressional Islamists:
"Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are sweeping through Europe. Mr. Wilders is among the hateful leaders responsible for perpetuating prejudice. Allowing him to enter the United States will cause harm to our nation that values religious freedom and respects pluralism."

I confess that I have absolutely no respect for pluralism. After all, as a Christian, the Bible commands us to have no other gods before the true God. However, Wilders is not the man responsible for anti-Semitism. Islam is doing quite a good job and you can hear it from their own mouths across the globe. They hate those that call themselves Jews and they hate Christians too.

As for the claim of Islamophobia, Carson and Ellison would do well to listen to Ned May of the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA), who said that the claim of "Islamophobia" is "a violation of logic." He then points to the many Muslims, who are afraid of the Islamists who actually believe what the Koran teaches and then act on that teaching to murder the infidels and hypocritical Muslims.

As for Wilders, he told De Telegraaf, "In my speeches, I'll tell the American colleagues of the dangers of Islamization."

Wilders was formally charged in 2010 and 2011 with inciting hatred and discrimination in the Netherlands and is currently facing hate speech charges. And why? It's simply because he boldly told the truth about Islam.

Wilders is one among many representatives worldwide who will honestly point out the dangers of Islam. Others include Australian Mal Brough, France's Marine Le Pen and Switzerland's Oskar Freysinger. Frankly, I prefer the likes of these three people to those of the ideology of Carson or Ellison.

I can’t help wonder just what Obama is going to do…I know what he would want to do, he will have to ban Wilders without drawing attention to the fact that he himself is a Muslim hate America Jihadists.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  The three Stages of Islam, if you didn’t watch the video above about the three stages of Islam I strongly advise that you do so. You will discover why I say there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim and the worst source of the truth of Islam is a Muslim, because most Muslims are themselves deceived about Islam.  It is not just a few who have hijacked a religion, it is a few who know what Islam is all about.

Whether you are a Muslim a Buddhist a Jew or a Christian, if you are serious about learning the truth and what Islam is really all about I’d suggest that you go to Answering Muslims.  Read everything you find, get an education, otherwise you will remain willfully ignorant, you will remain willfully deceived, and you will do nothing but enable your own destruction.    

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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The Obama Connection Part Three

 In a time of universal deceit, the truth is a revolutionary act”George Orwell

The Obama Connection
Part Three, The Vampire Economy:

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist
for ‘THE BOTTOM LINE’:    
Published April 28, 2015 

The Obama Connection Part I – Under Obama: U.S. Captured by the Muslim Brotherhood, presented a picture of a conspiracy that is manipulating the American government. Part II – In Plain Sight: A National Security "Smoking Gun" named several people in the Obama administration who have documented associations to Muslim Brotherhood front groups and the State of Qatar.

This article Part III "The Vampire Economy" and Economic Repression will explore the deliberate strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama to cripple the middle class and to steer the American economy, as well as identify, to the extent possible, their role in many of the Obama scandals.

What do Common Core, "comprehensive" immigration reform, and IRS targeting of conservative groups have in common? They are just a few examples of Muslim Brotherhood-connected policy initiatives that are clandestinely affecting the lives of Americans every day. Under Obama, many new domestic policies, as well as many scandals, can be traced back to, in varying degrees, to the Muslim Brotherhood.

To understand why America no longer feels like America – why it seems that the government has its favorites (Muslims) and while others are targeted and even persecuted (Christians) – it is important to understand two strong influences of the Muslim Brotherhood. The first is historical: the Nazi Party of Hitler's Germany. The second is more contemporary: the strategy developed by Al Qaeda's strategic mastermind, Abu Musab al-Suri.

In case you are wondering how the Islamic influence is slipping into our public schools, read this:
Standardizing of machines, tools and automobile parts are likely a good idea, but people, especially children are not machines.  And in reference to education the standardization of “Common Core”, or one size fits all education, can only be used as a tool to indoctrinate, brainwash or program the population for a standardization of robotic expression, rather than human independent critical thinking.  Common Core has been responsible for the rewriting of History.  If one wants to effect a dramatic change in the future, then just change History!  Moreover Common Core is not just the standardization of education in America as it is sold, it is run and funded, by the Muslim Brotherhood from Qatar… “The Qatar Foundation International, or QFI, in 2011 partnered with the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education to facilitate matchmaking between classrooms in the U.S. and international schools through project called the “Connect All Schools” project.” Read more about it later on in this article.

"The Vampire Economy" and Economic Repression
In 1939, German economist Guenter Reimann published a study of the German economy under Hitler. The Vampire Economy described a corrupt, backwards economy that was not based on any economic logic, much less profit seeking, but instead on the politics of the Fuehrer (i.e., Leader), Adolf Hitler.

Like Communism, Nazism was a form of socialism. (The term Nazi is a contraction of the German word Nationalsozialismus”, or National Socialism.) Unlike Soviet Communism, which, at least theoretically, depended on shared ownership of capital to direct the economy, in Nazi Germany the shops, farms, and factories remained, nominally, in private hands, one could call it Fascism. Yet the outcome was basically the same in both Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany: total control over the economy by the Leader and the Party or government.

In Germany, the pseudo-legal rationale used by the Nazis was regulation, which was subject to change on a whim. If you stepped outside the regulations, you were punished with fines, political persecution, imprisonment, and possibly shipped off to a concentration camp --- Sound familiar? It does to me, although I wasn’t arrested and shipped to Siberia, my industry became so heavily regulated beginning in the 70’s right here in America, it drove some business owners to the brink of insanity, and despite winning all litigation battles because I proved the regulations were actually counterproductive, I had to eventually walk away from my’ business in order to keep my sanity, nearly giving it away.  One must tow-the-line, or pay the price.

Yet pervasive corruption in the Third Reich ensured the rules applied differently to those in favor, and to those who opposed the Nazis. Specifically, in such an economy, there are party members in good standing, and there were dissidents. Party members can break rules with impunity, while dissidents face public character blacklisting’s and/or assassinations.

This calls to mind Obamacare's implementation. Certain companies, approximately 1,200 in fact, received waivers from the law. Other businesses were forced to provide health coverage for abortions against the will and conscience of the business owners (though the Supreme Court later overruled this regulation). A similar comparison can be made for the fines and prosecutions unequally levied on banks for violating a myriad of complex and overlapping costly and irrelevant regulations.

Abu Musab Al-Suri's Plan to Cripple the American Economy, ‘follow the money’:  Although most Americans know the name Osama bin Laden, very few know the name Abu Musab al-Suri. While bin Laden provided the charisma and wealth to found Al Qaeda, al-Suri, one of his top lieutenants, provided valuable strategic advice to the fledgling jihadi network. A member of the Muslim Brotherhood from the time he was a student, al-Suri rose to become a member of the Brotherhood's military command in 1982.

Al-Suri was a calculating thinker, who recognized that to bring down America (and the West in general) would require something different than mass murders. He urged the targeting of high value targets, such as infrastructure, which would force the United States to incur significant economic costs. As an example of this strategy in practice, Al-Suri was the architect of the 2004 Madrid train bombings. There is a good case to be made that the World Trade Center was long in Al Qaeda's sights precisely because it was a bastion of capitalism, an important hub of New York City's communications network, and the home of many prominent companies.

Of course, there's little sense in physically targeting an economy which has already been knuckled-down under onerous, impossible to keep-up-with regulations illegally issued by Obama's bureaucracies. Various sectors of the American economy have already been effectively taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood Obama machine, including: healthcare, banking, energy, agriculture (think EPA, FDA and CDC), and transportation. recently, the Obama administration, without the consent of Congress or the people, illegally seized untold new powers to regulate the internet, under the guise of neutrality and fairness.

Meanwhile, as the government unapologetically intrudes into every aspect of life and business, a case could be made that the middle class is being systematically bankrupted. Financial columnist Charles Ortel has shown that the economy is fundamentally as weak as it has been in more than a generation. Following the collapse in 2008, the government pumped in trillions of dollars to supposedly stabilize and jumpstart the economy (recall the misnamed "Stimulus"). But as of January 2015, despite phony stats, there were fewer core jobs in the private sector economy than ten years earlier. Compounding this economic morass is the national debt: in roughly the same period (2005-2014), debt has increased $16.5 trillion, to $58 trillion. A debt that cannot fiscally ever be paid off, the economy simply cannot produce enough moneys. Finally, information from 2012 and 2013 (the most recent data available), shows pre-tax incomes decreasing for high, middle, and low income earning households.

   Abu Musab al-Suri had a terrorist superstar with Osama bin Laden. However, when it comes to economically knee-capping the American economy, Barack Hussein Obama has proved far more effective than the cave rat, Sheikh bin Laden. Obama had Osama killed so he could take his place!

U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Doha, Qatar – Bipartisan Influence by Muslim Brotherhood:  What would be powerful enough to exert this influence over the American economy? What entity could be that pervasive as to reach into big business across the nation?

In February 2010, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce established their first legal Chamber in Doha, Qatar called AmChamQatar, the reader should be reminded that Qatar is a prolific financier of terror and at the same time, it is an ally of the U.S.  Qatar is also home to the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, now an Interpol fugitive. The Chamber represents American business and also has an explicitly political and diplomatic mission. In the words of the Chamber's Executive Vice President and COO, David Chavern, AmCham Qatar is "another concrete example of the corrupt U.S. Engagement with the Muslim world."

Among the companies and organizations which have been infiltrated and corrupted and are premier sponsors of terror financing through AmChamQatar and Sharia compliant Finance are ExxonMobil, The Boeing Corporation, Carnegie Mellon Qatar, Northwestern University in Qatar, and Fluor. Moreover, the following companies have significant involvement with the State of Qatar: Lockheed Martin, Bloomberg, Bank of America, Miramax, among many more.

Note: As I was writing this series, a number of article sources became unusable because the information was removed from the internet.  If you find any of these sill in these manuscripts, I apologize. But I like you, have less and less control over what the FCC does. Eventually there will be no useable information on the internet.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, with its close ties to Qatar, is by far the largest lobbying spender in Washington ($136.3 million in 2012). Business is a bipartisan pursuit, which means that money from Qatar – which is arguably today's most prolific financial sponsor of Islamic terror – carries great weight in both Republican and Democrat circles.

Indeed, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is on the record last year as saying, "I'm going to embrace being a Chamber of Commerce Republican." He was part of a bipartisan Senate delegation to Qatar this January which also included Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Bob Corker (R-TN), John Barrasso (R-WY), Angus King (I-ME) and Tim Kaine (D-VA).  Are they all ignorant and willfully deceived? I’ll let you decide…

The Brotherhood's Connections to Policies and Scandals of the Obama Administration

In June 2012, The Daily Caller reported that the CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, had attended hundreds of meetings with Obama.  CAIR, as you will recall, is a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist front organization very closely tied to Hamas.

Why so many meetings? What incredible portfolio of business does CAIR have to discuss with the American government? What follows is a snapshot of various policies and scandals that are linked, often directly, to Muslim Brotherhood individuals, organizations, and their goal of the World Nation of Islam

Militarization of the Department of Homeland Security: While running for President, Obama stated several times that America needed a civilian national security force that matched the might of the U.S. military. Candidate Obama stated in 2008, "We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded." American Thinker stated: He plans to double the Peace Corps budget by 2011, and expand AmeriCorps, USA Freedom Corps, VISTA, YouthBuild Program, and the Senior Corps.  Plus, he proposes to form a Classroom Corps, Health Corps, Clean Energy Corps, Veterans Corps, Homeland Security Corps, Global Energy Corps, and a Green Jobs Corps.  Here a corps - there a corps - everywhere a corps corps.  If you have ever read European history circa the Hitler regime you will see the connection.

The Muslim Brotherhood runs the DHS by proxy:
The call for a militarized federal police force. Given that DHS has been advised by such people as Mohammed Elibiary, Arif Alikhan, Eboo Patel, and Mohamed Magid, who each have documented ties with terrorism and the Muslim Brotherhood, the DHS has been weaponized as a force against the American people by the Islamists?

Read Operation Jade Helm 1 5 Obama’s Martial law…

Domestic Spying and Wiretapping: While journalists at AP and Fox News have been subjects of wiretapping ordered by Eric Holder's misnamed Department of Justice, the NSA's dragnet on regular Americans has been revealed to be broader than virtually anyone suspected. The DOJ actually illegally hacked the computers at FOX News, and then obtained an illegal search warrant.

Obama Purges Military Soldiers with moral scruples. (Those that will not kill American citizen if ordered to) Over the past several years, the U.S. military has been purged of hundreds of high ranking officers. Many of these dedicated military officers were dismissed based on trivial offenses.  Occurring simultaneously is a purge of Christianity, indeed even Bibles, from the U.S. military.

Obama’s war on cops, promoting anti-Police Protests: In conjunction with the militarization of DHS, state and local law enforcement have been targets of the Obama administration and Eric Holder's Department of Justice. This anti-police agenda culminated last summer with riots in Ferguson, Missouri and violent protests New York City. Among the most prominent groups involved in these protests was ANSWER, a pro-Palestinian group that had on its original  steering committee the Muslim Students Association.

The Obama Connection: Finally, the NYC cop killer Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley stated on his own Facebook page that he was previously an employee of the (Muslim Brotherhood) Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). At the time of the killing, the president of ISNA was Mohamed Magid, an advisor to Obama, DHS, and the National Security Council.

Why Obama wants illegal Immigration and Amnesty: Revealed in a recent editorial, "Between 2010 and 2013, the Obama administration imported almost 300,000 new immigrant Jihadists from Muslim nations under the guise of refugees — more immigrants than the U.S. let in from Central America and Mexico combined over that period." Given the paucity of background and security checks, as well as the high incidence of terrorism from such countries, it is any surprise that the FBI now admits (Watch the video) that ISIS is active in all 50 states?  So what you see on the news happening in Northern Syria, Iraq and North Africa will soon be happening right in your own neighborhoods my friend. Just as in the Middle East, it is just a matter of time, I hope you are ready. 

The infiltrated Muslim Brotherhood dictates immigration policy:
The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), another Muslim Brotherhood front organization operating in the United States, conveniently issued a policy paper in September 2013 calling for "comprehensive immigration reform."

Moreover, in January the Obama appointed Fatima Noor, a practicing Muslim woman in a Hijab, to the position of "Special Assistant in the Office of the Director for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in the Department of Homeland Security." Other than her religion, her credentials are very thin.

It is hardly an exaggeration to state that Obama is taking gradual steps to eliminating the very concept of American citizenship. In fact, a recent White House conference, listen to it,  made it explicit that these new immigrants are not supposed to assimilate into American society, but instead establish their own ethnic communities within the United States. Does this remind anyone of Gaza, or the no-go zones in Europe? As I said, my friend, it is just a matter of time.

Common Core: Even classroom education, or in this case indoctrination, has not escaped the tentacles of the Muslim Brotherhood. Read a recent release titled: Parents Don’t Have The Right To Choose The Enducation For Their Children.  The connection between Common Core and the international terror group is controlled once again, by Qatar. The Connect All Schools initiative is a program to promote "One World Education." It is aligned with, and dictates Common Core State Standards, and is funded by the Qatar Foundation International (QFI). The director of QFI's Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics, is Tariq Ramadan, grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder, Hassan al-Banna.

According to WorldNetDailey, in 2011 QFI "partnered with the U.S. Department of State and the unconstitutional U.S. Department of Education to facilitate matchmaking between classrooms in the U.S. and international schools through … the "Connect All Schools" project.  QFI explains on its own website that the initiative was founded in response to Obama's infamous 2009 Cairo speech, during which Obama had the Muslim Brotherhood seated in the front row.

Common Core curriculum includes Islamic Jihad Indoctrination. Participation of the Qatar Foundation International puts in proper context the ever more prevalent cases of Sharia (i.e. Islamic law) incursions into American schools, such as: girls forced to cover up like devout Muslims on school sponsored trips to mosques; Islamic vocabulary lessons in high school; the teaching of Islamic culture is not part of Common Core say Officials;  And yet Common Core document tell a different story teaching the five pillers of Islam, (oh please click on these links and read this), the five pillars of Islam and "A call to jihad;" and Qatar investing $50 million to teach Arabic in schools.

And that is just the beginning my friend.  If I were a parent of a child in an American public school I would pull my children out, homeschool them and picket, protest, or whatever it would take to bring attention to the intentions of this administration to Brain-Wash our kids with the demonic ideology of our enemy.  

Finally, any expose of Common Core would not be complete without mentioning the involvement of another one of Obama's mentors, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Ayers received $49.2 million from Vartan Gregorian, a board member of Qatar Foundation who is also part of Obama's White House Fellowships Commission. Gregorian is an integral part of Connect All Schools, an Islamic conspiracy to control the minds of all children worldwide.

IRS Targeting of Conservative and Pro-Israel Groups: The targeting of Obama's political enemies is reminiscent of the politicized bureaucracies of all tyrannies, from Nazism to Communism and everything in between. Among the persecuted by the Mafia Boss Lois Lerner were: hundreds of conservative groups, Constitutional groups, groups that criticized Obama, 5 pro-Israel groups, and an 83 year old Nazi concentration camp survivor, who will not survive Obama.

As usual, the anti-Semitic pattern of targeting conservatives, Israel, and Jews in general is the trend of the Obama administration supported by the Muslim Brotherhood. The IRS targeting nearly mirrors DHS's profiling of "right wing sovereign citizens and Christian groups" as the primary terrorist threat facing the country, which was CAIR approved.

As it states under my banner at the top “Ignorance – Deception – Enablement – Destruction. That is the process to suppressing political enemies, the IRS has actually enabled the Muslim Brotherhood through Obama's half-brother, Malik.  In 2011, the IRS granted a 501(c)(3) statuses to two groups connected to Barack Obama's Muslim Jihadist half-brother, Malik Obama: the Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF), and Mama Sarah Obama Foundation (MSOF).

Obama’s Muslim Jihadist good ole boys…This would not be of particular concern, but for the fact that Malik Obama has documented associations with the Muslim Brotherhood, wanted terrorists, and terrorist organizations. These include Sudan's Muslim Brotherhood leader Omar al-Bashir, the organizers of the infamous 2010 Gaza Flotilla, and Hamas. In fact, contravening all standard practices, the IRS granted the tax exempt status to BHOF retroactively, after it was learned that Malik was falsely and criminally representing his organization as a charity (which it was not). A full report on these activities was produced by the Shoebat Foundation, (Shoebat is an EX - Terrorist Muslim, who converted to Christianity) and can be read here. (Please read)

The George Soros Connection:
In more than one of these instances, the fingerprints of billionaire investor (and breaker of nations and currencies) George Soros can be found. Soros operates a vast network of various "leftist social Communist" front organizations. In reality, these organizations are anything but liberal, they are downright communist. They regularly attack capitalism, Israel, and fund the subversion of American society. It is not the intention here to dissect Soros's network and political machinations, but to place him in context in the above scandals.

Combating "Islamophobia": Soros has "donated" $10,117,186 to the Center for American Progress since 2000. One of the major initiatives of CAP is to combat so-called "sharia hysteria" by the "religious right, thereby promoting Islam."

Promoting Ferguson unrest: Soros's Open Society Institute donated $33 million in one year to various activist groups in Ferguson who were active in the protests and subsequent destruction in the city.

Immigration: Prominent Muslim American immigration lawyer Rabia Chaudry is employed by another Soros-controlled group, the New America Foundation. Previously Chaudry was Media Relations Director of CAIR-CT.

Soros and Common Core: A project of the Soros-funded Center for American Progress (CAP), Common Core was conceived under the direction of John Podesta, while he was President of CAP. Podesta is currently Counselor to Obama, and also a Visiting Professor at Georgetown University Law Center. (Note: Georgetown has a campus of their School of Foreign Service in Doha, Qatar. All campus costs are fully covered by a grant of the Qatar Foundation, which also funds aspects of Common Core.) Georgetown University started as a Private Catholic University, but because of accepting funds from Terrorists Organizations it is now an Islamic College.

Net Neutrality Regulation: According to Washington Examiner, Soros funded "net neutrality" groups to the tune of $196 million. Net neutrality was adopted last week by a committee vote of the FCC, and is widely expected to be used to regulate content on the internet and television. Moreover, it will’ be surreptitiously used as a propaganda tool to promote the Ideology of Islam’s world domination.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Tyranny, by any other name is still tyranny, and has but one recipe. It starts with a base of fear, it's spiced with terror, and served up with sides of persecution and intimidation. The poorer and more desperate the people become, the more readily they'll meld into the pottage of political domination by their government.

The infiltration of Islam, the enemy of western civilization, has become so infested, (that’s ‘infested’ like a disease or insects) in our government both local state and federal.  The once great nation of America, with its Freedom, human rights, and liberty, unless we can totally change direction in the coming general election, America can only be saved by violent civil war against the rapidly growing oppressive tyranny of elitism an Islam. Whether the elitists are using the ideology of Nazism, Communism or Islamism, like I said Tyranny by any other name is still tyranny.  

Taken alone, none of these events would be of much concern in a country of 300+ million people. Even the general feeling of depression and oppression by government could be overlooked as a result of global economic conditions, many which are out of the control of even the President of the United States.

But viewed together through the lens of the Muslim Brotherhood's plan to dominate America and bring her down from within, dismissing them as coincidence would be to ignore a carefully constructed plan. Whether attacks on cops, downright treasonous immigration policies, the criminal persecution of American citizens by the IRS, or the Islamic takeover of school curricula, there is a rhythm to all of these scandals that jives seamlessly with the song of the Muslim Brotherhood. Moreover one can no longer deny the OBAMA CONNECTION!

Evidence above suggests a bipartisan elitist infection, a betrayal of the American people by the crony establishment in both parties. What will it take before the pundits, politicians, and regular Americans start to demand answers and accountability from the people in their own government who are each day plotting their demise, and will only be content when the American people are destitute and totally subservient? 

I fear it will take a war…

End of Part Three      

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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