Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gun crime 60 percent higher than official figures

It has been revealed that the true level of gun crime in the country is far higher than the Government admits in official statistics

By de Andréa

A figure published by the Home Office massively understates the scale of the problem.

Before you anti-Second Amendment, anti-American anti-gun nuts say--- see I told you so… Let me clear up a very important fact; this article is about the United Kingdom of Great Britain where there has been a gun ban since the early 1990’s. That’s right you read it correctly, The U.K. is nearly a total gun-ban nation. The gun crime in the United States on the other hand since the rise of Concealed Carry permits in the 1990’s, has been declining.

Data provided to The Sunday Telegraph by nearly every police force in England and Wales, under freedom of information laws, show that the number of firearms incidents dealt with by officers annually is more than 60 per cent higher than figures stated by the Home Office. It would appear that the same kind of statistical; fraud committed by the anti-gun group ‘The Brady Bunch’ here in America is also running rampant in the Home Office of the UK.

Last year at least 5,600 firearms offences were excluded from the official figures. It means that, whereas the Home Office said there were only 9,800 offences in 2007/8, the real total was over 15,400. The latest quarterly figures, just released, will again exclude a significant number of incidents. All this, is to support and promote the false philosophy that less guns, less crime, when the opposite is actually true. The truth is, there wasn’t even less crime per capita before the gun was invented in the 1500’s.

The explanation for the gulf is that the Government figures only include cases where guns are fired, used to "pistol whip" victims, or brandished as a threat and many of those are eliminated because of technicalities. This in a country that has no guns…um’ interesting! Sounds a little our College campuses in the U.S. where there is no gun-crime because they are gun-free zones. Oh yea!

Thousands of offences including gun-smuggling and illegal possession of a firearm - which normally carries a minimum five-year jail sentence - are omitted from the Home Office's headline count, raising questions about the reliability of Government crime data.

Dominic Grieve, the shadow home secretary, said: "These alarming new figures not only highlight the appalling state of gun crime in the U.K., but also remind us just how poor the Government's statistics actually are. "Crime statistics must also be compiled and published independent of the Home Office, and crime mapping rolled out so that people can have confidence in what they are being told about the state of crime in this country."

Chris Huhne, the Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman, said the figures revealed the extent to which gun crime is a "scar on society. It is shocking that the Home Office is in denial about the extent of gun crime by refusing to include offences where a gun is present but not brandished," he said.

"This is another strong reason why the Home Office should not be in charge of collecting its own statistics, which should be put directly under the responsibility of the Office for National Statistics.” By contrast, it is the FBI in the U.S. that is responsible for the national Crime statistics as well as the U.S. Bureau of Statistics which shows violent crime as well as gun crimes on the decline even though the population of illegal alien criminals has increased

"Gun crime must be treated with the same seriousness and concern as knife crime which is also on the rise. Both are a scar on our society.” In all, there were at least 5,612 offences excluded from the Home Office's official gun crime total last year, according to figures supplied by police forces.

The Sunday Telegraph also recently revealed that knife crime figures were at least two-thirds higher than official figures.

Police statistics also showed forces in England and Wales are on course to a record 38,000 serious knife crimes this year, or more than 100 a day, compared with last year's official total of 22,151 offences, a figure announced by the Home Office in July in its first annual count of knife crimes. Moreover there are also serious restrictions on the possession of knives in Merry Old England. In other words one could certainly not engage in a Sword fight in the streets of London without drawing attention of the Bobbies in the neighborhood.

It’s not like the ole ‘diys’ is it now???

Blimy, a bloke can’t ave any fun at-all now can ‘e’…

THE BOTTOM LINE: ---if you want more crime, ban more guns…

de Andréa

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama Is Encouraging and Enabling Terrorism

Is Obama soft on terrorism, or is he purposely making it easier???
Either way, we loose…

By de Andréa

According to a report in Politico, Former Vice President Dick Cheney is blasting the new administration of Barack Obama, arguing that its policies in dealing with terrorism and international foes are naïve and dangerous, making it all the more likely that terrorist will succeed in their next attempt at killing Americans.

Moreover “by closing ‘The Guantanamo detention camp for terrorists’,” Cheney said, “Obama inadvertently will aid enemies eager to make another attack on the United States — perhaps even using biological or nuclear materials — is very likely in the next few years”

“Whether or not they can pull it off depends on whether or not we keep policies in place that have allowed us to defeat all further attempts, since 9/11, to launch mass-casualty attacks against the United States.” Cheney said.

In a wide-ranging interview with Politico, Cheney emphasized the usefulness of the interrogations at Gitmo while lambasting the policies emerging from the new administration.

“When we get people who are more concerned about reading the rights to an al-Qaida terrorist than they are with protecting the United States against people who are absolutely committed to do anything they can to kill Americans--- then I worry,” Cheney said.

Concentrating on the merits of Gitmo, Cheney described it as a first-class operation, noting that one of the painful lessons learned was the penchant for those detainees who were released to return to their terrorist roots.

He noted that 61 of the inmates who we were forced to release from Guantanamo by congressional whining during the Bush administration had “gone back into the business of being terrorists.” He also characterized the remaining 200 or so remaining detainees as “hard core” cases that were even more likely to be repeat offenders.

“The United States needs to be not so much loved as it needs to be respected. Sometimes, that requires us to take actions that generate controversy. I’m not at all sure that that’s what the Obama administration believes,” he said.

Cheney defended the hard-line tactics of the Bush administration as responsible for the safety and survival of the country after 9/11.

“If it hadn’t been for what we did — with respect to the terrorist surveillance program, or enhanced interrogation techniques for high-value detainees, the Patriot Act, and so forth — then we would have been attacked again,” he said. “Those policies we put in place, in my opinion, were absolutely crucial to getting us through the last seven-plus years without a major-casualty attack on the U.S.”

Protecting the country’s security is “a tough, mean, dirty, nasty business,” he said. “These are evil people. And we’re not going to win this fight by turning the other cheek.”

THE BOTTOM LINE: Knowing what I know about Al-Barrack Hussein Obammah, I am not at all sure that this possible reincarnated Twelfth Caliphate of Islam that is masquerading as our president, is, or is not, doing as much as he can get away with in enabling the murdering terrorists of Islam to advance their agenda of world domination.

This of course would be perceived by most, as being an insane idea. But as I said, “knowing Obama as I do” it would be insane not to leave that door of possibility wide open.

I will concede to the idea that he may be doing this because he is even more deceived by Islam than the average American because of his Muslim childhood. And that he may be making these naive policy decisions, because he is even blinder and more deceived than his predecessors, but regardless of his motivations, if he continues down this road, the bottom line is still the same.

We loose…

de Andréa

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Obama Cover-up

Obama’s attorneys file a motion demanding birth, passport and college records be withheld from public

No, this is not going away…
By de Andréa

In one of my last articles I hinted at the idea that their may be a conspiracy involved in the cover up of Obama’s ineligibility. While I can’t prove a conspiracy, of any size anyway, there is nevertheless now proof of a cover-up. If one could say that Obama is conspiring with his lawyers, then there is also a conspiracy.

A high-powered team of Los Angeles attorneys representing President Obama in his effort to keep his birth certificate, college records and passport documents concealed from the public has suggested there should be "monetary sanctions" against a lawyer whose clients have brought a complaint alleging Obama doesn't qualify for the Oval Office under the Constitution's demand for a "natural born" citizen in that post.

See legal photo Documents

The suggestion came in an exchange of e-mails and documents in a case brought by former presidential candidate Alan Keyes who has accused Obama of being an illegal alien and a communist. The case originally sought to have the state's electors ordered to withhold their votes for Obama until his eligibility was established. Since Obama's inauguration, it has been amended to seek a future requirement for a vetting process, in addition to the still-sought unveiling of his records.

In the case, handled largely by Gary Kreep of the U.S. Justice Foundation, records were subpoenaed documenting Obama's attendance at Occidental College.

The lawyer for the college, Stuart W. Rudnick of Musick, Peeler & Garrett, urgently contacted Fredric D. Woocher of Strumwasser & Woocher.

"This firm is counsel to Occidental College. The College is in receipt of the enclosed subpoena that seeks certain information concerning President-Elect Barack Obama," he wrote via fax. "Inasmuch as the subpoena appears to be valid on its face, the College will have no alternative but to comply with the subpoena absent a court order instructing otherwise."

Within hours, Woocher contacted Kreep regarding the issue, telling him, "It will likely not surprise you to hear that President-elect Obama opposes the production of the requested records. In order to avoid the needless expense of our bringing and litigating a Motion to Quash the subpoena, I am writing to ask whether you would be willing to agree voluntarily to cancel or withdraw the subpoena."

Woocher warned, "Please be advised, in particular, that in the event we are forced to file a motion to quash and we prevail in that motion, we will seek the full measure of monetary sanctions provided for in the Code of Civil Procedures."

Kreep, out of town for a business trip, did not respond immediately, and the motion eventually was filed. It states that the records, which could reveal on what name Obama attended classes at Occidental and whether he attended on scholarship money intended for foreign students, "are of no relevance to this moot litigation."

The motion also claims the petitioners failed to serve the subpoena properly.

"The subpoena directed to Occidental College should therefore be quashed. Alternatively, this court should issue an order directing that the deposition of the custodian of records of Occidental College not take place," the firm working on Obama's behalf stated.

"The central issue in this lawsuit … is whether any Respondent had a legal duty to demand proof of natural born citizenship from Democratic Party's nominee," the motion said. "None of the documents sought by petitioners could possibly assist in answering this question."

THE BOTTOM LINE: This is obviously not going away, at least not any time soon, and so the fight continues…As I said previously there may not be proof yet of a conspiracy, but there is evidence for sure of an organized cover-up. Should evidence of a conspiracy surface, Obama Inc. could be tried under the RICO Statute. Which means they pull out all the stops and this entire objection to Obama’s records being made public goes away? And all the red tape goes away; as a matter of fact Obama may just go away…

That may be too good to be true…

de Andréa

Monday, February 16, 2009

Obama is Supporting His Muslim Brothers

A little more than two weeks ago President Obama issued an eyes only, hush/hush, presidential memorandum that has profound ramifications for our national security.

By de Andrea

Under the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1962, President Obama authorized $20.3 million of your money to aid Palestinian terrorist refugees in the Gaza Strip, which includes aid to the Muslim terrorist government of Palestine. This is the enemy of the U.S. and Israel as well as the rest of the free world my friend. If President Roosevelt would have provided taxpayer funds as aid to the Nazis in 1943 he would have been impeached and tried for treason. I guess now, if it will lead to the destruction of America and the free world, it’s okay.

Moreover, it was one of his first orders of business after his coronation--- I’m so sorry, I meant to say. his inauguration. (Yea right) And just how is this going to help stimulate our economy again?

Given that Arab countries in the Middle East don’t want the Palestinians settling in their countries, Obama’s action begs an obvious question: Where will these Palestinian “refugees” migrate to? Since tens of thousands of Muslim refugees have gained expedited entry into the U.S. over the past few years under our refugee acts, we have to assume that at least some of these Palestinians terrorists will end up migrating…here???

Who are these people?
Let’s not forget that the so-called warm fuzzy peaceful freedom loving Palestinians elected the terrorist organization Hamas to govern them. Observers of the culture of the Gaza Strip describe it as a culture of hate and a breeding ground for terrorism. You may recall the video in one of my last articles showing Palestinian children being trained to be terrorists and to be used as human shields.

The article below written by Judi McLeod & Michael Travis asks the question, “What security measures are in place to keep Hamas terrorists from gaining free access into the U.S.?” Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on, Drudge Report,, and Glenn Beck. Michael Travis is an Intelligence analyst who has written for defence journals in the U.K., Europe, and Israel. He is currently a senior analyst for a U.S. based corporation.

More importantly, what security measures could possibly be sufficient to ensure that every Palestinian “refugee” who immigrates to the U.S. is not a Hamas terrorist, or at least a Hamas sympathizer? There is none…so get ready for a warm fuzzy Muslim Palestinian terrorist to move into that foreclosed home next door to you. This must be part of Obama’s plan for fixing the housing crisis.

Obama opening floodgates by inviting Hamas to “migrate” to the U.S.A.?

To Read the original article in the Canada Free Press
By Judi McLeod & Michael Travis
Thursday, February 5, 2009 click on this:

“$20.3 Million to aid refugees

On his first official day in the White House, President Barack Obama was on the horn to President Mahmoud Abbas.

“The spokesman for President Abbas revealed that Mr. Obama had told the Palestinian leader that their conversation was his first with a foreign statesman since taking office.” (TimesOnLine, Jan. 22, 2009).

Some thought that first call to the leader of the Palestinian authority was for spite. Others for statesman like reasons, still others for appeasement.

Given that a clip from Al-Jazeera televised Hamas-controlled Palestinians “burning up the phone bank from Gaza” to rally support for his presidential campaign, perhaps the telephone call was made out of gratitude.

Seven days later on January 27, President Obama signed Presidential Determination No. 2009-15, which allocates $20.3 million for Palestinian migration and refugee assistance.

Today a memo sent by President Obama to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seems to invite Hamas to “migrate” into the United States of America.

The presidential determination covers the “Unexpected Urgent Refugee and Migration Needs Related to Gaza.”

“By the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, including section 2(c)(1) of the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1962 (the “Act”), as amended (22 U.S.C. 2601), I hereby determine, pursuant to section 2 (c) (1) of the Act, that it is important to the national interest to furnish assistance under the Act in an amount not to exceed $20.3 million from the United States Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance Fund for the purpose of meeting unexpected and urgent refugee and migration needs, including by contributions to international, governmental, and nongovernmental organizations and payment of administrative expenses of Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration of the Department of State, related to humanitarian needs of Palestinian refugees and conflict victims in Gaza. (Italics CFP’s).

“You are authorized and directed to publish this memorandum in the Federal Register,” President Obama instructs the new Secretary of State.

Two days before Obama’s inauguration, Israel began pulling its troops out of Gaza.

One week after his inauguration, President Obama designated $20.3 million to the Palestinians in Gaza.

What security measures are in place to keep Hamas terrorists from gaining free access into the U.S.?

“Is President Obama opening the floodgates and inviting Hamas to “migrate” to the U.S.A.?“

THE BOTTOM LINE: Soon after Al-Barrack Hussein Obammah announced his candidacy for President, I began researching his background. The more I dug, the more I uncovered his Muslim/Communist or “Mummunest” background and upbringing. No, a Muslim and a Communist in this case are not contradictory. A Muslim is totalitarian and so is a Communist, a Muslim is a Socialists and so is a Communist, A Muslim is a supremacist and so is a Communist. A Muslim believes the end justifies the means and so does a Communist. Moreover a Muslim is a murderer and so is a Communist.

The Bible says: …train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is an adult he will not depart from it…Paraphrased. It seams that the Bible is correct.

A late breaking response from the State Department… supposedly clears up the controversy of whether or not President Obama’s presidential memorandum authorizing $20.3 million in funds to help Palestinians under the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1962 will result in some of these Palestinians terrorists ending up “migrating” to the United States. There have been some postings on the web besides mine that are maintaining that Obama’s action will lead to a mass immigration of Palestinians into the U.S. One posting I know of, asserts that this is in error because the fund in question is for “migrating” not “immigrating.” Here’s an excerpt from that post:

“Just to be sure, I talked to an official at the State Department. He said the fund in question, known as ERMA (the U.S. Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance fund), is run out of the White House. That is, the president has discretion to use it for what he determines are emergencies. It is for providing funds for people in place — that is, where they are in need in other countries, not here. He pointed out that “migration” is not the same as “immigration.” It means people moving around, that’s all.”

Based on what I can ascertain, it does appear that what the official at the State Department is saying is correct about the intent of the program, and that is that that no Palestinians will end up “migrating” to the U.S. as a result. Given the history of the State Departments support of Hamas both in Gaza and in this country, you’ll understand if I am a bit skeptical of an explanation that comes from a State Department official. While I hope what the State Department official says proves to be true, only time will tell if in fact any Palestinians are somehow able to use this program as a springboard to immigrate to the United States.

The burr that sticks in my saddle is the convenient definition of “migration…it means people moving around, that’s all.” Do they really expect us to believe that the ‘Palestinian Terrorists’ are just going to be going around in circles out there in the sand or something, and the U.S. government it going to be paying them to do it to the tune of 20.3 million of your hard earned money. ‘Yea Right’

What do you think???

de Andréa

Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Suit on Obama’s Eligibility

Despite the obvious conspiracy to ignore the fact that Al-Barrack Hussein Obammah is not an American, the socialist party continues to get away with the cover-up

de Andréa

If you think that I am just being a conspiracy nut, then why the cover up if there is nothing to hide? In any kind of ‘White-Collar Crime’ or ‘Political Crime’ it is usually the cover-up that gives them away.

For the first time in the history of the United States of the American Republic there has not been an official Congressional inquiry into the eligibility of a presidential candidate as is required by the law of the U.S. Constitution.

McCain is checked out but not Obama
The latest lawsuit, one of more than two dozen individual lawsuits in the Obama eligibility issue, contends that Congress failed to qualify the Democrat candidate for the Oval Office. Does this sound at least just a little bit bias maybe? This is especially suspicious in light of the fact that Congress did check to see if Mc Cain, the Republican candidates birth in the American possession of the ’The Canal Zone’ in Panama at the time, qualified him as a natural born citizen. The congress was unanimously satisfied that because his parents were both American citizens in the military and stationed in Panama that candidate Mc Cain was in fact eligible as natural-born.

But no such required congressional investigation was made regarding Obama.
The latest lawsuit accuses Congress of failing to investigate President Obama's birthplace and Natural-born eligibility before approving the Electoral College vote giving him the presidency has been amended to include additional claims of rights violations, including unequal treatment, because Congress did such an investigation into the GOP candidate Sen. John McCain.
This is especially interesting, because in Mc Cain’s case, there was no suspicion whatsoever that Mc Cain might not be eligible, it was just the required Constitutional formality. But in Obama’s case there was a plethora of suspicion and yet no formality of the required investigation into the allegations that he might not be eligible. Go figure, Conspiracy maybe? Naw…

That word comes from Mario Apuzzo, the lawyer handling the new case on which WorldNetDaily previously has reported. The case of Kerchner vs Obama

The new case was brought by Apuzzo on behalf of Charles F. Kerchner Jr., Lowell T. Patterson, Darrell James Lenormand and Donald H. Nelson Jr. It names as defendants Barack Hussein Obama II, the U.S., Congress, the Senate, the House of Representatives, and former Vice President Dick Cheney along with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Congress last year raised the issue of whether McCain was a "natural born" citizen, a requirement set out in the U.S. Constitution for the office of president, because of his birth in Panama.

Where's the proof Barack Obama was born in the U.S. or that he fulfills the "natural-born American" clause in the Constitution? If you still want to see it, join more than 235,000 others and sign up now!

According to a report in the Washington Post, the Senate unanimously declared McCain to be a "natural born" citizen, meeting the demand of Article 2 of the Constitution, which states, "no person except a natural born citizen … shall be eligible to the office of president."

However, even though his clients wrote to Congress requesting a similar review of Obama's birthplace, they were refused.

"The question is: Why do you do it for McCain, but not Obama," Conspiracy anyone? Apuzzo said. More specifically, those who doubted McCain's eligibility had an opportunity for a review but not those who doubt Obama. This violates a liberty right for his clients, because as members of a republic, they have a Constitutional right to know that their president is legitimate.

"What I'm arguing is that Congress and President Obama have violated my clients' due process under Article 5 [of the U.S. Constitution]," Apuzzo said.

Congress holds a responsibility to make certain Obama is qualified for the post. And the public outcry, evidenced by the dozens of lawsuits over the issue, should have prompted due diligence on the part of members of Congress.

Obama, meanwhile, has consistently refused to hand over sufficient documents to verify his "natural born" status”, Apuzzo said. "We're not a monarchy; the People have a right to know."

He said his case in U.S. District Court in New Jersey is at the point where the court notices about the case are being distributed. And the fact that Obama already has been inaugurated changes nothing in his case. "Before that, everything really was premature," he said. "He has a right to run for office. But when you get down to the nitty gritty, he still has to qualify for the position. Even though you ran, and everybody loves you, you still have got to qualify under the Constitution," Apuzzo said.

Further, the lawsuit explains, “not only are there legitimate questions about Obama's birth, and therefore eligibility, he might not be a legal U.S. citizen, even today. So there exists a possibility that Obama could be an illegal alien," the lawsuit said. "Obama has yet to adequately prove that he was born in the United States. [Further], Obama has publicly conceded that his father was born in Kenya and a British subject/citizen at the time of Obama's birth which precluded Obama from gaining any U.S. citizenship from his father." And therefore at best Obama has dual citizenship which is not allowed according to the Constitution.

The lawsuits over Obama's eligibility, in various ways, have alleged Obama does not meet the "natural born citizen" clause of the U.S. Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, which reads, "No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President."

Some of the legal challenges have alleged Obama was not born in Hawaii, as he insists, but in Kenya. Obama's American mother, the suits contend, was too young at the time of his birth to confer American citizenship to her son under the law at the time.

Other challenges have focused on Obama's citizenship through his father, a Kenyan subject to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom at the time of his birth, thus making him a dual citizen. The cases contend the framers of the Constitution excluded dual citizens from qualifying as natural born.

Several details of Obama's past have added twists to the question of his eligibility and citizenship, including his family's move to Indonesia when he was a child an the requirement of Indonesian citizenship in order to attend school there, as well as on what nation's passport did he travel to Pakistan in the '80s, as well as reports from Obama's own family that he was born in Kenya.

The biggest reason to investigate further is the fact that Obama has refused the constitutional requirement to allow public release of a signed "vault" copy of his original birth certificate.

Several of the legal cases – including those brought by Orly Taitz, Cort Wrotnowski, Leo Donofrio and Philip Berg, already have been discussed in conference at the U.S. Supreme Court, which has failed to have a hearing on any of the merits involved, so even our Supreme Court maybe involved in this cover-up. Hard to believe huh?

Taitz, in fact, is requesting information from the Supreme Court about a meeting eight of its justices held with Obama, a defendant in her case, before the justices reviewed the issues of the case in a private conference. Again, I say Conspiracy anyone???

"I know that Mr. Obama is not a constitutionally qualified natural born citizen and is ineligible to assume the office of president of the United States," Berg said in a statement on his website. "Obama knows he is not 'natural born' as he knows where he was born and he knows he was adopted in Indonesia; Obama is an attorney, Harvard Law grad who taught Constitutional law; Obama knows his candidacy is the largest 'hoax' attempted on the citizens of the United States in over 200 years; Obama places our Constitution in a 'crisis' situation; and Obama is in a situation where he can be blackmailed by leaders around the world who know Obama is not qualified," Berg's statement continued.

Obama's campaign team called the cases “garbage”. But then the entire Obama socialist administration obviously believes the ‘U.S. Constitution’, Capitalism, Freedom, and the ‘Bill of Rights’ are garbage.

: Is this the way the ‘Free State of America’ comes to its end?

As hard to believe as this is, these are the facts, and of course some speculation and questions, which Obama could put to rest if he where just a tiny bit more transparent. If Obama is, as Apuzzo says, “an illegal alien” and is trying to destroy the U.S. Capitalist economy which is undeniably apparent, he had better do it surreptitiously and ASAP, as well as create a point of no return scenario, before the people ask for an impeachment or his four year contract runs out.

If Obama is successful in creating the Socialist Republic of America that is at the end of the road he is on, and the majority of the people have been successfully programmed and indoctrinated as to the benefits of communal living and socialism, then yes, that will be the end of America as we and our ancestors have known it.

If the courts allow it to be proven that Obama is a fraud and a liar regarding his citizenship, which I believe him to be, and therefore ineligible to be president, then the conspiracy will be out of the bag and Socialist Democrat party will be toast. Biden will take over and finish out Al-Barack’s term and we will elect a conservative president in 2012

Hopefully who ever that is, will be able to select the undo button and all will be well in the land…

de Andréa

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Response from CAIR

Since my last two articles about CAIR and the decision of the FBI to move CAIR off of their most favored list to the terrorist list where they belong, as well a Sue Myrick’s letter to congress stating the obvious about CAIR’s ties to Terrorism. They--- meaning CAIR, has responded in their usual fashion.

By de Andréa

Is at least part of our government and country beginning to wake up as the Christian Crusaders did after 300 years of the Muslim infiltration in Western Europe?

In the past week while evidence has surfaced that the FBI was cutting off its primary contacts with CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations), after CAIR refused to address FBI questions about CAIR’s relationship to the American Hamas terrorist organization, five members of Congress sent a letter to other members of Congress titled “Beware of CAIR,” citing the evidence that the FBI had severed ties with CAIR.

CAIR has responded in its predictable fashion – attack the messengers. The commentary below, from the website of SANE (Society of Americans for National Existence), includes a link to the response letter that CAIR sent to Congresswoman Sue Myrick, co-chair of the House Anti-Terrorism Caucus. One line in CAIR’s letter is especially telling: “If enduring these baseless attacks from you is part of God’s price for freedom, we embrace them.”

Playing the victim, or in this case, the martyr, is a common tactic among Islamists. In CAIR’s world, any critique, or criticism of it, no matter how reasoned or documented, it is anti-Muslim bigotry. For CAIR to claim that allegations against it are “baseless” is, well… baseless. Why would the FBI finally make the decision it did to sever ties with CAIR if there was no basis for doing so? Why would the Justice Department list CAIR as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial if there was no basis for doing so? Why would an FBI agent, testifying under oath during that trial, label CAIR as a front organization for Islamist extremism if there was no basis for saying so?

The answer… they wouldn’t.

When Representative Sue Myrick learned that the FBI had severed its connections with and ties to CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, based in Washington, D.C., she understood the significance of this event. On the one hand, the US Attorneys prosecuting the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (the largest Muslim charity in the US post-9/11), CAIR Texas officials and others for materially supporting terrorism in the Middle East And the U.S. had taken the unprecedented step to publicly identify CAIR, ISNA, and other such groups as unindicted co-conspirators in the HLF criminal trial. On the other hand, members of the FBI would use CAIR as a sounding board for the "Muslim community" notwithstanding the lack of any evidence that CAIR represents anyone much less a "Muslim community" known largely for its lack of community organization.

For the fallout from the FBI decision to cut ties with CAIR and Rep. Myrick's letter to her colleagues warning them of CAIR's nefarious beginnings, middles, and ends. Read the reports:

Investors Business Daily FBI declares CAIR no longer cared for

Fox News FBI Cuts Ties With CAIR Following Terror Financing Trial

Fox News It’s getting hotter yet in the CAIR kitchen . . .

As a result, Rep. Myrick, who is deeply involved in counterterrorism issues in Congress, wrote a letter outlining this new awareness by the FBI to her congressional colleagues. Almost precisely on cue, CAIR went on the offensive in an abject display of desperation. CAIR’s Scare Letter to Rep Sue Myrick

In the midst of their explanation that they are just a "civil rights organization" defending the downtrodden and oppressed among Muslims in America, they launch into a personal attack on Rep. Myrick.

What CAIR has done here they have done before and will continue to do in the future. David Yerushalmi, Rep. Myrick, Robert Spencer, Stephen Coughlin, Dr. Andy Bostom, Frank Gaffney, de Andréa, Brigitte Gabriel, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Tawfiq Hamid, and many others, have taken on the difficult but critically important task to identify precisely the Enemy Common Threat Doctrine which animates the worldwide jihad against unbelievers and the West. This doctrine is of course Shariah Islamic law. This doctrine commands the faithful to engage in the conversion, subjugation or murder of those who resist Shariah's call for submission to a worldwide hegemony called an Ummah led by the resurrected 12th Caliphate.

CAIR's approach to public discourse on this subject, however, is to take writings out of context and to conceal the careful and thoughtful analysis of Shariah and to distort that body of work into a caricature of simple anti-Muslim bigotry.

We have responded to this ad hominem approach in broad strokes, read The Truth and nothing but the Truth from Mapping Sharia, and another SANE article here but for those interested, the more telling response to CAIR is to simply quote two of the most authoritative and "mainstream" Shariah authorities in the world. The first is the Dow Jones Shariah Financial advisor The Grand Mufti Taqi Usmani, article from SANE, who has written a book on how a "good" Muslim ought to behave while living among the infidels in the West. In that book, published in 1999 in English and available on, Usmani wrote:

I am in receipt of your esteemed letter. Whatever you have written about Jehad can be summarized as this “If a non-Muslim state allows for preaching Islam in its country, Jehad against it does not remain lawful.” If this is what you mean, my humble self does not agree with it. Obstruction in the way of preaching Islam does not mean only a legal obstacle, but greater power or domination of a non-Muslim state against Muslims is by itself a great obstacle in the propagation of Islam. There are no legal restrictions in most of the countries today on preaching Islam, but since their grandeur and authority is established in the world, it has led to developing a universal feeling which forms a greater obstacle than the greatest legal binding in the way of free propagation of Islam.

For this reason the most important purpose of Jehad is to break this grandeur so that the resulting psychological subordination should come to an end and the way of accepting the Truth become smooth. As long as this grandeur and domination persists the hearts of people will remain subdued and will not be fully inclined to accept the religion of Truth. Hence Jehad will continue. The Qur'an said in Sura Tauba:

Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

Here, killing is to continue until the unbelievers pay Jizyah [subjugation tax on non-Muslims] after they are humbled or overpowered. If the purpose of killing was only to acquire permission and freedom of preaching Islam, it would have been said “until they allow for preaching Islam.” But the obligation of Jizyah and along with it the mention of their subordination is a clear proof that the purpose is to smash their grandeur, so that the veils of their domination should be raised and people get a free chance to think over the blessings of Islam.
Imam Razi has written the following commentary on this verse:

The purpose of “Jizyah” is not to let the unbelievers stay in their contumacy against Islam but sparing their lives to give them a chance for a time during which they may hopefully get convinced of the truth of Islam and embrace it. So when an unbeliever is given time wherein he would be observing the respect and honour of Islam, and hearing the arguments of its validity, and also observing the baselesness of disbelief, these things would convince him to turn towards Islam. This, in fact, is the real purpose of legalizing Jizyah.

According to CAIR and it's national leadership, the most important and authoritative Shariah authority for them and their Muslim Brotherhood associates is Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Mr. Qaradawi is well known for his fatwa ordering the Mujahideen of Afghanistan and Iraq to murder American combat soldiers and civilian contractors. He has also issued a fatwa authorizing the suicide-murder of any Jew in Israel--man, woman, or child. He is quoted from Al-Jazeera TV. as follows:

Oh Allah, take your enemies, the enemies of Islam. Oh Allah, take the Jews, the treacherous aggressors. Oh Allah, take this profligate, cunning, arrogant band of people. Oh Allah, they have spread much tyranny and corruption in the land. Pour Your wrath upon them, oh our God. Lie in wait for them. Oh Allah, You annihilated the people of Thamoud at the hand of a tyrant, and You annihilated the people of 'And with a fierce, icy gale. Oh Allah, You annihilated the people Thamoud at the hand of a tyrant, You annihilated the people of 'Aad with a fierce, icy gale, and You destroyed the Pharaoh and his soldiers — oh Allah; take this oppressive, tyrannical band of people. Oh Allah, take this oppressive, Jewish, Zionist band of people. Oh Allah, do not spare a single one of them. Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them, down to the very last one.

If CAIR were interested in a real discussion of these matters, as they suggest in their letter to Rep. Myrick, they have lacked neither opportunities nor platforms. Instead, they engage in the rankest form of ad hominem and issue statements denouncing "terrorism" and the murder of "innocents" and the need for "justice" in the world. But anyone who has spent any time studying this Sharia propaganda understands it for what it is. All of the Sharia authorities, including OBL (who is not himself a Sharia authority), issue the same pronouncements because, per Sharia, jihad is not "terror"; the "killing of infidels" is not the "murder of innocents"; and "justice" is only achieved, as Mufti Usmani and Sheikh Qaradawi tell us ever so clearly, when ‘Shariah-Islam’ rules the world and CAIR and its minions can shed their western disguises and apply Shariah's rule of law without apology or ruse and dominate all others who continue to resist Shariah-Islam, then all of Islam will have achieved Allah’s will.

THE BOTTOM LINE: From at least the time of the (9/11) attack on the U.S. by the Nation of Islam I have known, talked about, and written about, the fact that the Council on American Islamic Relations, ( CAIR ) and every other Muslim organization for that matter is a terrorists organization.

In case one might wonder just wonder how someone like me could know this and the FBI, CIA, NSA, and most of the rest of the nation could not know this… I will tell you.

My first clue was…and if our so-called representatives would just read the enemies hand book, they would know this as well, and that is, that CAIR, first a foremost, represented themselves, or I should say misrepresented themselves, as a Charity, and received non-profit states. That was the first of many clues because I had done something that our government leaders for the most part still haven’t done, and that is to read the handbook. And unless you are also going to read and study the satanic Quran and the Hadith the handbooks of the agenda of Islam, then you will have to trust me when I say there is no Charity In Islam…Period…

It is not rocket science as they say, it really isn’t. Come to think of it, one doesn’t even need to study the Quran to know this, because it is a matter of recorded well documented history. As I keep saying there is nothing new under the sun. What happens today is just a repeat of history and if we follow the same road that they did in history, guess what??? We repeat the mistakes of history and make those mistakes, our future, and I become a prophet just because I know history.

My friend Islam has been doing the same thing for 1400 years. They were somewhat derailed for awhile after the devastation of the Crusades in an about the year 1200 but since the infusion of trillions of western oil dollars into the Nation Islam they have put their train of terror right back on the same historical track of world domination that they were on 800 years ago.

You must understand, this is not as Islam and those that are deceived, would have you believe. And that is that Islam is a peaceful religion hijacked by a few radicals. It is in fact the agenda of the Quran that Islam is to surreptitiously and incrementally take over the entire world to create the world Nation of Islam. (The Ummah) To bring all people under the oppression of Shariah law, by forcibly converting, killing or making slaves of all non Muslims. Moreover unless you are already a Muslim, then this means you. Come to think of it, even if you are a Muslim, because all--- will be in bondage to Islmic Sharia law.

Every Muslim organization, group, gathering, and Mosque, and every Muslim for that matter is your enemy. Yes, even the so-called moderate warm fuzzy ones. Did you ever know or hear of a moderate Nazi, a m-o-d-e-r-a-t-e criminal or a moderate Communist? What would that be, a warm fuzzy Nazi or criminal? What kind of a Nazi would that be? One is what he is, or he is not…

I will give you time to think about that…

In other words one is either a Muslim or one is not. There are no moderate middle of the road, warm fuzzy, benevolent, charitable Muslims, anymore that there are moderate Nazis or criminals. Anything other than that is deception, supported by wishful thinking. Moreover, if you think a Muslim is truly sitting on the fence, guess on which side of the fence he will jump when push comes to shove and the militant violent part of the Jihad goes down in your neighborhood? Your one time neighborhood friendly warm fuzzy fence sitting Muslim will kill you. Or, he will be killed.

Think about that for awhile.

Let me know what you come up with…

de Andréa

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

CAIR: has been a U.S. Government supported Terrorist Group

This is a result of the deception by the “Muslim Cultural Jihad” or the Islamic infiltration into the culture and the government of America.

By de Andréa

The source material for the following is obtained from the National Association of Chiefs of Police

CAIR, the Council for American Islamic Relations has been trying in vain to stop a counter- terrorism program in Sarasota Florida, aimed at providing first responders with information on subjects such as building safety, suicide terrorism, technologies against terrorism and more.

This is part of CAIR's program to stop Security Solutions International (SSI) -- an organization that has trained more than 500 Federal, State and Local agencies since 2004.

SSI officials said that CAIR attempted to stop a training program for cops and security personnel in Seattle last Memorial Day. Fortunately, they failed.

"As Americans, we can not allow the civil liberties of our great country to be exploited by groups that are intent on creating a fundamentalist Islamic regime here in the USA", says Sol Bradman, CEO of Security Solutions International. Coming from as far as Australia to attend what is being called the most innovative terrorism prevention conference in the USA SSI is the organizer of the Sarasota Sheriffs 3rd Annual Gulf Coast Terrorism conference that was held in Sarasota from the 15th to the 19th of September 2008 for the benefit of Homeland Security professionals.

"This is not about incitement against Muslims, as CAIR wants us to believe. Our mission is to protect all Americans against terrorism but also against the abuse of our laws.” This is Law-fare against US First Responders and therefore against the USA by the pseudo legal wing of the Global Jihad in America," says Bradman. "The modus operandi is simple; use the freedoms and loopholes of the most liberal nation on earth to help finance and direct the world's most violent international terrorism cells," he added.

Daniel Pipes, the Harvard Professor, publisher, and head of the Middle East Forum, has consistently pointed out that CAIR is riddled with extremists and has been closely linked to organizations that have been convicted or individuals convicted of terrorism. The group, that claims to represent US Muslims but is cited by many Investigatory agencies as being a thinly veiled cover group and supporter for U.S. terrorist groups such as Hamas. Moreover, they continue to mount campaigns to get training and other valuable help to US First Responders stopped, canceled, de-legitimized and several jurisdictions have folded attempts to hold counter terror training.

The Florida representative of CAIR has been sending everyone in Sarasota pleas to stop the program under the argument that it represents an attempt to stereotype all Muslims as Terrorists, now there’s a novel idea. SSI is well known for fair and balanced training at a highly professional level, they say that they actively discourage racial and ethnic profiling because this is bad counter terrorism practice. Oh really, maybe this is part of the problem. I wonder who determined that a Muslim is an ethnic race. That s’ like saying an American is a race or a Catholic is a race. This is what happens when we have a bunch of indoctrinated but uneducated idiots running the country.

Not only was CAIR Florida actively touting the innocence of convicted Terrorist, Sami Al-Arian but CAIR Florida also claimed that two students at South Florida University in Tampa were carrying 4th of July firecrackers in the trunk of their car but later the two admitted to carrying explosives for the purposes of committing terrorist acts. Tampa has often suffered from the effects of Islamic terrorism.

To counter this, SSI is offering a special day: "Allah in America". Speakers such as Andrew Whitehead, the founder of Anti-Cair who like yours truly has had several threats on his life by members of CAIR, will attend and speak as a result of his ceaseless dedication in fighting radical extremism in the US, channeled through the Anti-CAIR organization including frequent posts based on investigative reporting that exemplify the very essence of Islamic radicalism, including repeated attempts to threaten our constitutional freedoms.

SSI's program, the Threat of Radical Jihadist to the World, prepared by a Muslim counter terror law enforcement officer from California will also be presented with an emphasis on CAIR and other extremist groups that operate under the guise of civil rights.

So-called anti-terrorist organizations, aligned with Islamic extremism, blatantly abuse the laws, freedoms, and loopholes of the most liberal nation on earth to help finance and direct the world's most violent international terrorism cells.

THE BOTTOM LINE: What is always interesting about these reports is how far agencies like the so-called Homeland Security are really willing to go or not go, to win this war against “Islamic Cultural Jihad” in America. Now--- you know how unwilling I am to state the obvious…But…truly, I just can’t help it sometimes. I have a sure-fire solution to winning this war against Islam here at home. It is really nothing new, as a matter of fact it is the only solution, and it is an old solution that we used effectively in WW ll against the Nazis. (a spin-off of the Muslim ideology with the same agenda) We simply close all the mosques, and boot all the Muslims out of the country. Can’t be done you say? Sure it can. Moreover if any “Multicultural Politically Correct Liberal Socialist” anti American says anything about it, we simply arrest them and try them for treason. After all we would have done that with people who harbored and cooperated with Nazis during WWII.

So why do we put up with it now, with people who harbor and cooperate with Muslims during a time of war with the murdering terrorists from the Nation of Islam???

Because our government is deceived, that’s why. However, they may ever so slowly be waking up, watch for tomorrows article titled ‘CAIR EXPOSED’

de Andréa

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Obama Reveals Himself

In case you don’t know what the significance of Obama’s Muslim up bringing is and how it will effect America and the entire West, then this is for you.

By de Andréa

In an interview with a Saudi TV channel last Tuesday, President Barack Obama seemed rather confused, expressing a desire to a return to a thirty year old illusionary past in the Muslim world that was in fact plagued by turmoil.

Amir Taheri, a leading Muslim expert, who has written for more than two dozen publications around the world, in a New York Post column this week, headlined “Pathetic Message,” he said Obama “looked to the past rather than the future” when Obama told an Al-Arabiya TV interviewer that he desired a return to “the same respect and partnership that America had with the Muslim world as recently as 20 or 30 years ago.”

Other publications by the Iranian-born Persian Amir Taheri include: “Holy Terror: Inside the World of Islamic Terrorism,”

Pathetic indeed:
What Amir Taheri fails to realize however, is that this is what we should expect from one who has been brought up and trained in the Islamic ideology, as Barrack Hussein Obammah has. In Proverbs it says …”train up a child in the way you want him to go and when he becomes a man, he will not depart from it”. (Paraphrased)

Respect and partnership:
Obama wants America to be “respectful” and “partner” with its enemy the Nation of Islam.

Pretty reveling I’d say:
Thirty years ago, American diplomats were being held hostage in Iran, Soviet troops were seeking to annex Afghanistan, Saddam Hussein was preparing to invade Iran, Saudi Arabia was under siege by Muslim militants, and Syrian troops were invading Lebanon.

Other features of this wonderful "golden age’” were the seizure of power by the mullahs in Tehran, the so-called ‘Civil War in Lebanon’ which was really the infiltration and takeover of the ‘Democratic Free Nation’ by the Islamic terrorist group Hisbala, the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, the coming to power of communists in the Horn of Africa, the military coup in Turkey, the first Islamist terror attacks in Algeria, unprecedented waves of repression in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and the imposition of military rule in Pakistan.

Twenty years ago saw the U.S. arming the terrorist group the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and Iraq, gassing thousands of Kurds and preparing to invade Kuwait, Iranian mullahs arming Hezbollah units in Lebanon, Turkey launching all-out attacks on Kurdish secessionists, and the Libyan terror network killing American soldiers in Europe and blowing up U.S. jets. This is what President Obama wants to return to, the return of the Islamic Jihad of all nations that was resurrected approximately thirty years ago.

Meanwhile Obama offered only “trite” remarks said Taheri, regarding the Israeli-Palestinian issue, and did not offer any support to democratic forces facing crucial elections in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, the Palestinian territories, Egypt and Algeria. Nor was there any support for reformers in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Obama, who seems be to trying to portray himself as a “bridge” between the U.S. and the Muslim world, is casting himself in a role of confusion and dreaming of a return to an illusionary past, Obama appeared to be unsure of his own identity and confused about the role that America should play in global politics. Just the sort of confusion one could expect from someone who was indoctrinated as a child to believe in the supremacy and extreme ideology of Islam but now faces the leadership of its enemy.

God be with us…

de Andréa

Monday, February 02, 2009

When Islam Becomes Your Government

The U.S. has three Muslims in its Congress as well as a Muslim President, How long do you think it will take before America looks just like Europe---‘Controlled by Terrorists’. Read the story…

By de Andréa

In the last article titled Sharia Law Trumps Free Speech, if you haven’t read it please read it first--- in it, is the story about Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders who dared to criticize Islam, so, a Dutch court ruled that Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders has committed criminal “hate speech” due to his public criticisms of Islam, and will be prosecuted under ‘Sharia Law’, Yes Islmic barbaric Sharia law. Not Dutch law, but Islamic law. This is in Europe my friend.

A Member of the U.S. Congress announces she is inviting Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders to come to Washington to meet with members of Congress and discuss his documentary film “Fitna.” When U.S. Congressman Abdullah hears about this, he threatens the Members of the entire Congress that, unless Mr. Wilders’ visit is cancelled, he will mobilize 10,000 Muslims to forcibly prevent the visit from taking place. As a result, the visit is cancelled and Congressman Abdullah praises Allah for delivering a victory over America to the Muslim community.

Of course, this didn’t happen in the United States, not yet anyway, but it did happen in British Parliament. And it was British Parliament Member, Lord Ahmed that threatened Parliament into Submission.

Read the commentary below, roll the clock back even five years, and ask yourself how many Brits do you think would have believed this could happen in Great Britain today? What was unthinkable in Great Britain thirty years ago is a reality today. This is what I have been talking about when I say we are in a war of “cultural jihad” with Islam. Twenty years ago who would have believed that today Harvard would create “women only” gym hours to meet the demands of Islamic Sharia Law. Or a state legislature that would allow an imam to open its session with a prayer that calls on an “Islamic Jihad” over America.

Or the Fairfax County (Virginia) police department dropping an anti-terrorism training program after complaints from Muslim police officers – one of whom was engaging in the various types of subversion the training program was intended to prevent. Yes this is already happening in America, right in your front yard. For the British Parliament to abandon its right of free speech by knuckling under to the intimidation tactics by Lord Ahmed will only invite more – and bolder – tactics. To think that we in America are following the path that Great Britain and the Netherlands has trod and not end up dealing with the same intimidation tactics is the worst form of wishful thinking and deception my friend.

Read the article….
Lord Ahmed threatens Parliament into submission

To read the original Article on Cranmer’s blog in England click on the URL

Lord Ahmed a Muslim member of parliament pictured at right is a repugnant individual. Not only in appearance, but in association, character and morality. And to hear that he has threatened jihad on the House of Lords if their lordships should fail to meet his demands only serves to intensify Cranmer’s loathing of the man.

It appears that a member of the House of Lords had invited the Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, to a private meeting in the Palace of Westminster. She had intended to invite her colleagues in the Lords to a private viewing of his ‘documentary’ Fitna, followed by discussion and debate in true parliamentary fashion. This is, after all, a liberal democracy, and their lordships enjoy the rights of freedom of expression and freedom of association, not to mention certain parliamentary privileges for the protection of their function in the legislature.

But no sooner had the unsuspecting baroness sent out her invitations, Lord Ahmed raised hell. It is reported that he ‘threatened to mobilise 10,000 Muslims to prevent Mr Wilders from entering the House and threatened to take the colleague who was organising the event to court’.

And so Fitna has been cancelled: it shall not now be screened in the House of Lords on 29th January.

The Pakistani Press is jubilant, and Lord Ahmed is praising Allah for delivering ‘a victory for the Muslim community’.

It is a sorry state of affairs indeed that a parliament whose liberties have been forged through centuries of religious intolerance should succumb to the threats of one intolerant Muslim. Lord Ahmed is manifesting a notion of Divine Right, and one suspects it is precisely the sort of defence of Islam that Prince Charles shall make when he is sworn ‘Defender of Faith’. The blasphemy laws are being re-forged to protect one god, one faith and one prophet; they no longer defend YHWH, Christianity, Jesus Christ or the Church of England. Lord Ahmed is not functioning as a Labour peer; he is the self-appointed khalifa of all things Islamic. He is not concerned to protect freedom of expression or freedom of speech, but to stifle debate and ensure that Parliament submits to the Dar Al-Islam.

It is for moments such as these that one might hope the Lords Spiritual might enter the fray and defend the right of the noble baroness to extend an invitation to a democratically-elected Dutch MP. Their silence is deafening. They no longer believe anything strongly for fear of causing offence; they no longer defend anything for fear of being abolished.

If Lord Ahmed had threatened Cranmer with ‘10,000 Muslims to prevent Mr Wilders from entering the House’, His Grace would have assured his Lordship of 100,000 people of all faiths and none to prevent the Muslims from preventing Mr Wilders from entering the House. There are occasions when turning the other cheek is sheer folly.


When I say that Europe is lost to Islam, this is what I mean, moreover, it will not stop with this, it will keep going until Sharia Law completely replaces Parliamentary Law and every law and every right in every country on earth.

If you have been reading my articles lately, you would have read about the Fort Lauderdale riots or demonstrations on December 30, 2008 click here to 'Watch the Video’ the title of the article is Nuke Israel in case you missed it. And then you can see down the road to how the future of these Islamic demonstrations will escalate in the U.S. by watching a video of the same kind of demonstration, this time in London just a few days later on January 2nd 2009 click on ' Watch the Video’ . Watch how the police have given in to the terrorists Muslims and run away, block after block. Again, when I say Europe is lost this is what I mean. If we do nothing, we will soon see this in America, and by that time, England will have graduated to blood in the streets.

If one would just keep a close eye on what is going on in London one will soon see the same happening in Miami, N Y, Chicago, L A, or in your neighborhood.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

de Andréa