Thursday, March 23, 2006


By de Andréa

March 23, 2006

If one feels more secure these days flying the friendly skies, one might want to take a closer look at our new Federal Airport security or insecurity system.

According to NBC, Federal agents recently tested the security at 21 U.S. airports by carrying BOMB METEIRLS on board commercial aircraft. Not a single would be suicide bomber was detected.

Even when investigators deliberately triggered extra screening of bags, no one stopped these materials” The Government Accountability Office, a watchdog of the congress, conducted this test.

The Federal Transportation Security Administration had no comment on the report, except to say that detecting explosive materials at checkpoints was the agency’s top priority.

I sure feel safer knowing that Uncle Sam is watching my back, how about you?

de Andréa

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


March 21, 2006
By de Andréa

Osama Bin Ladin may have been hiding in Iran all this time, which actually makes more since than hiding in Pakistan. Americans are not as welcome in Iran as in Pakistan. Moreover, Osama would find a plethora of terrorist friends to hide him in Iran, as well as answering the question of why we haven’t found him yet.

Congressman Curt Weldon, who broke the Abel Danger story; the fiasco of our many government departments inability, or lack of desire to communicate, leading to the sleepy surprise attack of 911, said that he has information from a secret source inside Iran, that Osama is dead. Except for the romantic idea of conquering the lion, I hope that he is right.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006



March 19, 2006

By de Andréa

This past month in Kabul Afghanistan Abdul Rahman has been on trial for his life. One might think he must have committed murder or some other heinous crime, but no, Abdul Rahman’s crime is for converting from Islam to Christianity.

Even in this newly formed so-called Afghan democracy, converting to Christianity is a crime punishable by death, further proof, that when push comes to shove, Islamic law will prevail.

When are we going to learn that Islam can never be a secular democracy? In fact Islam cannot be anything but an theocracy under Islamic law.

Should we fight fire with fire and put all Muslims on trial for their lives for just being Muslims? I guess that wouldn't be the Christian thing to do, that's a Muslim thing.

So far President Bush has turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to this perversion of democracy.

de Andréa

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Follow up to THE ART OF WAR

de Andréa

March 17, 2006

According to the A.P. we are actually picking up where we left off at the beginning of the Iraqi war; that is to win this war before we continue with the attempt of democratizing a people, driven by Satanic Religious belief of world domination.

Yesterday with the code name of Operation Swarmer, U.S. and newly trained Iraqi troops targeted an area northeast of Samarra; a known area controlled by Iraqi terrorists.

With more of these shock and awe sorties planned, just maybe, we will win this war in Iraq. It is amazing what we can do if we just continue doing it until it is done.

de Andréa

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Monday, March 06, 2006


By de Andréa

If one has read The Art of War by Sun Tzu, one would have learned among many other valuable lessons, that to enter into war is a last resort. Additionally, only if one has a reasonable chance of winning and then only with overwhelming devastation, (“Shock and Awe”) never losing sight of the purpose until success of conquest is guaranteed.

Does President Bush really know who our enemy is, and has he lost sight of the purpose of this war? Or perhaps I do not know the purpose of this war. Originally I understood it to be; a violation of W.M.D.'s, then it was bomb them before they bomb us. Now, it seems to have evolved from a preemptive defense against the Children of Satan, into a misconceived ideology that these Children of Lucifer can be re-created into the Children of God. Moreover, forcing democracy on a people controlled by the Angel of Death who for over a thousand years has had the agenda of Global Autocracy is a gross mistake in ideological ignorance of this enemies predetermined agenda.

We began this war with overwhelming odds and devastation, once we reached a certain point we seemed to have lost momentum and purpose. Like changing boats in mid stream, it can have undesirable, if not down right disastrous results. We are now subjected to the sanguination of time. We have lost sight of our purpose of origin, and in my opinion, the fortitude and the stomach to win this war.

Left to their own choices the Muslims will voluntarily elect an Islamic dictator to carry on this agenda of world domination. Recent examples are the Palestinian election of the terrorist organization of Hamas not to mention the so-called extremist elections in Egypt, Pakistan, and Iran. The Iraqi constitution was approved by U.S. authorities and elections were limited to U.S. approved candidates. In order for democracy to work in Iraq, the Muslims would have to choose between their religion; and a secular democracy. A Theocracy like Islam and a western type free democracy are just not compatible.

THE BOTTOM LINE: We need to get back on the track of winning this war and put the politicking aside. At least until we bomb this enemy back into the Stone Age where they apparently want to drag the rest of us. Or, we need to get out and let them kill themselves (which they will) before we bleed to death by playing by their rules, instead of the rules of war.

de Andréa


Assault weapons ban

by de Andréa
December 27, 2005

Diane! Where is all the blood? In the days prior to the renewal of the Federal assault weapons ban, Senator Diane Feinstein said “if the Congress does not renew the assault weapons ban there will be blood in the streets.” In fact, since the defeat of the Federal assault weapons ban the violent crime in the U.S. has gone down, and no blood in the streets. Moreover, according to the October 2005 FBI annual crime report, in the past 30 years while gun ownership has gone up in the U.S. at the rate of 4 million guns a month across the nation, violent crime has gone down an average of 38 percent.

What is an assault weapon anyway? It must be a weapon that is used to commit an assault. But then, couldn’t one assault someone with a rock? If so, a rock must be an assault weapon. On the other hand, couldn’t one assault someone with almost anything? If that were true then the assault weapons ban really banned almost anything. If that were true, I am sure glad that the assault weapons ban was defeated. I know this is silly, but it shows how silly the assault weapons ban really was.

However If one would restrict the word weapons, to guns and nothing else, one would think that it would make some kind of sense, but it becomes just as silly. What kind of a gun is an assault gun? Can’t one assault someone with any kind of a gun? Or, can only certain kinds of guns be used to commit an assault? This is very confusing. The gun that Diane carries in her purse must not be of the assault type, because I am sure Diane would not want to ban her own gun, just everybody else’s gun.

What if one were to narrow the field only to military guns? Nope, just as confusing. In the military, every type of gun has been used at one time or another, well maybe not a paint ball gun, or a water gun. However, my circa 1903 Springfield hunting rifle is a modified WW I Infantrymen’s rifle. Is that an assault weapon? It was; at least in the year 1903 it was. It is interesting though, that it has never been specifically identified as an assault weapon. Then again, nothing has been specifically identified as an assault weapon.

One can easily see how confusing this assault weapon business can be. What a dilemma!

The Bottom Line: can only be, to turn to the Constitution where all the rules of a Free State are located. Now why didn’t we think of that before? Because then it would not have been as much fun. The Second Amendment reads as follows. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” Well that clears it up for me. Assault weapons, or not, the Constitution says it is our right, to keep it and bear it. Now if only Diane Could read, I do believe she would stop wasting so much valuable time and money, and create a lot less confusion in the Congress. Maybe we should give her a job looking for the BLOOD IN THE STREETS. Now that should keep her busy for a long while.

de Andréa


by de Andrea
November 7, 2005

Yes, France is burning, who is next Germany maybe, or the Netherlands, both have a considerable Moslem population. The Moslems obviously believe that they have sufficiently infiltrated a large enough portion of France that at least they think that they can take over entire neighborhoods or districts just outside of Paris and in the south of France. If one has read some of my previous articles on Islam such as Hijacked or Radical Islam, one would remember that I predicted that exactly this was going to occur, and it will happen right here in America as well.

I do not have any special knowledge or gift of foretelling the future, no crystal balls or inside information; I have simply read the Koran, the Moslem instruction manual for taking over the world. I challenge every Christian, every Jew and every American, no matter what brand one might call themselves, to read the Koran, and at least become familiar as to how the Moslems are planning to take control of America in a future Jihad. At least one would see it coming. I can guarantee that this will be done a bit more surreptitiously than when the Moslems blatantly took over most of Europe in about AD 800 before the Crusades became necessary to drive them out approximately 300 years later.

The P.C. Myth that your warm fuzzy neighborhood Moslem just wants to be your friend and assimilate into your culture and society is false, their religion does not allow this. In reading the Koran one will discover that the agenda of Islam is to infiltrate not assimilate into our societies. When they believe they have sufficient numbers and power, they will take over our neighborhoods, towns, cities counties, states and eventually the entire country, just as they have attempted to do so everywhere in the world, since Mohammad walked on the face of this planet.

In the Netherlands and Germany, the same will follow the recent attacks in France. The second attempt at a European Jihad maybe underway. Meanwhile right under our P.C. noses the Nation of Islam is surreptitiously infiltrating our schools, our homes and our towns. It is not a matter of if Islam will attempt to take control and subjugate America under Islamic Law, but how much time will it take before they believe they are ready to turn our neighborhoods into burning automobiles and burning buildings.

The bottom line is that I can almost feel the question coming. How can we stop this from happening in America? First we need to recognize that our enemy is the Nation of Islam. No; that the Nation of Islam is the enemy of everyone who is not Moslem. During the second world war this country put Germans and Japanese in camps, because we were at war with Germany and Japan, somehow we were able to recognize that. What I do not understand is why we do not recognize that even though we are at war with Islam that the Moslems are somehow not our enemies. Now I am not suggesting that we round up all the Moslems and put them into camps, but we should close our borders, not allow any more Moslems into this country, deport all Moslems that are not citizens and keep a close eye on those who are. I know I will receive a lot of opposition from the P.C. crowd with this, so if you have a better Idea, please let me know.

de Andrea