Monday, March 06, 2006


by de Andrea
November 7, 2005

Yes, France is burning, who is next Germany maybe, or the Netherlands, both have a considerable Moslem population. The Moslems obviously believe that they have sufficiently infiltrated a large enough portion of France that at least they think that they can take over entire neighborhoods or districts just outside of Paris and in the south of France. If one has read some of my previous articles on Islam such as Hijacked or Radical Islam, one would remember that I predicted that exactly this was going to occur, and it will happen right here in America as well.

I do not have any special knowledge or gift of foretelling the future, no crystal balls or inside information; I have simply read the Koran, the Moslem instruction manual for taking over the world. I challenge every Christian, every Jew and every American, no matter what brand one might call themselves, to read the Koran, and at least become familiar as to how the Moslems are planning to take control of America in a future Jihad. At least one would see it coming. I can guarantee that this will be done a bit more surreptitiously than when the Moslems blatantly took over most of Europe in about AD 800 before the Crusades became necessary to drive them out approximately 300 years later.

The P.C. Myth that your warm fuzzy neighborhood Moslem just wants to be your friend and assimilate into your culture and society is false, their religion does not allow this. In reading the Koran one will discover that the agenda of Islam is to infiltrate not assimilate into our societies. When they believe they have sufficient numbers and power, they will take over our neighborhoods, towns, cities counties, states and eventually the entire country, just as they have attempted to do so everywhere in the world, since Mohammad walked on the face of this planet.

In the Netherlands and Germany, the same will follow the recent attacks in France. The second attempt at a European Jihad maybe underway. Meanwhile right under our P.C. noses the Nation of Islam is surreptitiously infiltrating our schools, our homes and our towns. It is not a matter of if Islam will attempt to take control and subjugate America under Islamic Law, but how much time will it take before they believe they are ready to turn our neighborhoods into burning automobiles and burning buildings.

The bottom line is that I can almost feel the question coming. How can we stop this from happening in America? First we need to recognize that our enemy is the Nation of Islam. No; that the Nation of Islam is the enemy of everyone who is not Moslem. During the second world war this country put Germans and Japanese in camps, because we were at war with Germany and Japan, somehow we were able to recognize that. What I do not understand is why we do not recognize that even though we are at war with Islam that the Moslems are somehow not our enemies. Now I am not suggesting that we round up all the Moslems and put them into camps, but we should close our borders, not allow any more Moslems into this country, deport all Moslems that are not citizens and keep a close eye on those who are. I know I will receive a lot of opposition from the P.C. crowd with this, so if you have a better Idea, please let me know.

de Andrea


Anonymous said...

As someone who is for racial profiling, as well as closing the borders, I must agree that steps have to be taken against the people we are at war with. Unfortunatly for the PC crowd, this pertains to muslims. However, I would stop short of rounding them all up and getting rid of them- as I rebutted on the gentle crickets blog to your entry, the problem is that "nation of immigrants" thing again. If you are that worried about Muslims taking over, than maybe you should think about moving somewhere else. They will never take over this country and they will never change the constitution. I, and many people like me, will never stand for zealots of any religion taking over. And why arent you worried about the Christian extremists taking over? Apparently you dont mind extremism, or even forcing that onto people as long as its your way right? I dont understand the right wing mentality at all. And by the way, some of the biggest perpetraters of PC culture are in fact Republicans. Just look at the tearful outcry from the "tough" rightys about evil swear words on TV, and evil music- all because they are too lazy to raise their kids and control what they watch. All of this works both ways, and quite frankly I am sick and tired of all religions creating problems for everyone else. Maybe they should all go somewhere and fight it out to see who "god" wants to win.

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