Monday, March 06, 2006


By de Andréa

If one has read The Art of War by Sun Tzu, one would have learned among many other valuable lessons, that to enter into war is a last resort. Additionally, only if one has a reasonable chance of winning and then only with overwhelming devastation, (“Shock and Awe”) never losing sight of the purpose until success of conquest is guaranteed.

Does President Bush really know who our enemy is, and has he lost sight of the purpose of this war? Or perhaps I do not know the purpose of this war. Originally I understood it to be; a violation of W.M.D.'s, then it was bomb them before they bomb us. Now, it seems to have evolved from a preemptive defense against the Children of Satan, into a misconceived ideology that these Children of Lucifer can be re-created into the Children of God. Moreover, forcing democracy on a people controlled by the Angel of Death who for over a thousand years has had the agenda of Global Autocracy is a gross mistake in ideological ignorance of this enemies predetermined agenda.

We began this war with overwhelming odds and devastation, once we reached a certain point we seemed to have lost momentum and purpose. Like changing boats in mid stream, it can have undesirable, if not down right disastrous results. We are now subjected to the sanguination of time. We have lost sight of our purpose of origin, and in my opinion, the fortitude and the stomach to win this war.

Left to their own choices the Muslims will voluntarily elect an Islamic dictator to carry on this agenda of world domination. Recent examples are the Palestinian election of the terrorist organization of Hamas not to mention the so-called extremist elections in Egypt, Pakistan, and Iran. The Iraqi constitution was approved by U.S. authorities and elections were limited to U.S. approved candidates. In order for democracy to work in Iraq, the Muslims would have to choose between their religion; and a secular democracy. A Theocracy like Islam and a western type free democracy are just not compatible.

THE BOTTOM LINE: We need to get back on the track of winning this war and put the politicking aside. At least until we bomb this enemy back into the Stone Age where they apparently want to drag the rest of us. Or, we need to get out and let them kill themselves (which they will) before we bleed to death by playing by their rules, instead of the rules of war.

de Andréa


John Sobieski said...

I think what has caused a great deal of confusion is 'war on terror'. What does that mean? Mugabe terrorizes his citizens? Venezuela is ruled by a terrorist dictator? But they do not directly threaten us. While saying 'war against Islam' is just too PC for politicians, why not 'war against jihad.'

I think Bush is advised by Muslim apologists who intentionally dismiss a 'global jihad of conquest' as ridiculous and not something the overwhelming majority of Muslims want. This is of course a lie. That's all the Koran and the Hadiths are. The refusal of our leaders to find those scholars who will tell them the truth is unforgivable. They simply are not that hard to find. Hell, Robert Spencer is a great scholar of Islam and runs a major website but has never had an invitation to the State Dept or the Defense Dept afaik. That is how deep the denial and stupidity of our government has become. While Bush knew very little about Islam just after 9/11, now, thanks to Muslim apologists and dhimmi apologists (like Esposito and Forte), they know a lot more, but it's ALL WRONG. If it wasn't tragic, I would laugh. I still snicker though.

alaskan with guns said...

Well the first part of the confusion could be that you cannot have a war on an emotion such as terror. You can however have a war against terrorism, and to that point I do not for the life of me know why (besides his own personal reasons) Bush invaded Iraq. The only thing I can think of is it was the easiest insertion into the region, as Saddam and the Sunnis were in the minority in Iraq. To me the real problem has been Iran, Saudia Arabia, and Pakistan all along. I just cannot buy that there werent other ways to keep a man who lacked control of his own country at bay. But then again we were key in his rise to power in the first place, beacause we didnt like those Iran guys back in the early 80's. And even as the Iranian funded Mujadeen destroyed US barracks in beruit, and other such attacks, we have still not made them the priority they should be. But there again, we could have probably avoided some of that backlash if we didnt install the Shah in Iran many years ago that led to the powerful extremist ayatollah khommeini taking power due largely to anti-US sentement. Read the history and it will show clear judgement errors on our nations part for well over 50 years in that region. These mistakes have been made across party lines and have a least added to a already disturbing culture of extremism. And before anyone rushes to call me a hater- that is really not the case. I am commited to fighting this evil to ensure our safety, but it is a wasted effort if our elected officials are paticipating in clandestine activity that may possibly fix a short term problem, but more often create a bigger long term one. Any questions?

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