Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mafia Government

Mafia Government

The Mafia is not much different from the way our current federal government works.  The Godfather saga was about an alternate form of government, the leaders are like the politicians who pretend to care for people but later exploit them. 

By de Andréa
February 28, 2013

‘Don’ Corleone in the movie “The Godfather” is a lot like today’s president.  He’s the man in charge.  He grants political favors.  He makes and enforces laws.  He even collects taxes.  The Mafia is run like a government, and the government is run like the mafia.  I find it difficult to tell the difference.

The government, as a mafia regime, will be confirmed to you if you visited the ‘Mob Museum’ in Las Vegas.  It tells the story of how crime bosses came to power in the United States.  By the way, they weren’t all Italians.  Jews like the Hyman Roth character in The Godfather Part II was based on the life of Meyer Lansky who said, “We’re bigger than US Steel.”  And Irish Road to Perdition were also involved, so they were just people.  Those who did business with the mob had to follow the mob’s rules.  As long as you did not get involved in the ‘services’ rendered by the mob, you were mostly free of the mob’s influence. 

But this is even worse when it comes to the people who have been elected to govern this nation.  Unlike the Mob we can’t escape their rule or tyranny.  There’s no rival mob gang to come to our defense.  We must defend ‘ourselves’ and now this government mob is bent on taking away our only means of defense.

When George W. Bush proposed a tax cut for all wage earners in 2003, Alan M. Webber, founding editor of Fast Company magazine, presented the classic plunder-to-satisfy-the-wants-of-the-people worldview.  “At the community level,” he wrote, “ordinary folks want jobs, they want benefits, and they want reassurance.  This is the time, not for tax cuts, but for Democrat-style spending programs: temporary job creation, targeted public works expenditures, extended unemployment benefits.”  These are the comments of someone who believes that government is really run by mob bosses.  Weber believes that confiscating money from wage earners, passing it through a huge bureaucracy, and then distributing a lesser amount of money to the helpless masses is better than allowing wage earners to keep their money, save it, spend it, and invest it and cause the economy to grow naturally.  This is mob politics in action.

Real jobs are created not by government but by the people, and fewer people remain dependent on the State when consumers make their own economic decisions.  But then, dependency isn’t created either.  All mobs need the people to be dependent on them and fearful of what they can do.

Webber believes that a complex and multifaceted economy is better managed by bureaucrats than the billions of economic decisions made every day by consumers.  The only ones who benefit by “public works expenditures” are the politicians who create the programs and those empowered to implement them.  The losers are the productive members of society who are plundered and those who become dependent on confiscated wealth given to them in the phony name of compassion.
It’s no different today.  There are drones in the skies, a hit-list of political undesirables, a bought-off complicit media, continued tribute (taxes) to the bosses, laws passed to drive out competition, subsidization of supporters of the regime, and support of mob boss unions.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  The Mob is alive and well in Washington D.C.  my friend. Some enterprising person should erect a ‘Government Mob Museum’ in our nation’s capital.  The only problem is that there probably isn’t a plot of ground big enough to house all the criminal acts of our government.  On second thought, just take a tour of DC.  You can see the mobsters in action when Congress is in session.

Think about this the next time you vote…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nazi Frau Feinstein

Nazi Frau Feinstein
Senator Frau Dianne Feinstein, who is part of the criminal Nazi Gestapo in Washington D.C.  is scheduling yet another Senate Gun-Control Hearing...  But this time around, she's not going to allow those Pesky Freedom Fighting Pro-American Constitutional People, like you, to spoil her Gestapo gun confiscation Party.

By de Andréa
February 27, 2013    

The Washington Times reported that Senator Feinstein was apparently "unhappy with the list of witnesses" who testified at the last hearing and says she plans to hold a new hearing with programmed robots as witnesses that are more inclined to back her gun confiscation bill. 

Why does this Nazi Senator need to hold another hearing...?  The answer is simple.  T
he Nazis believe they can win if they simply change the national dialogue by eliminating any and all of the voices of true Freedom loving Americans.  

Oh yes... she'll hold her new hearing alright... and she'll stifle any voice of opposition... she also knows her Nazi lackeys in the media will give her all the political mileage she needs to trample all over your God-given Constitutional rights and bring you in to lockstep with the Fuehrer.
  Plain and simple, Dianne Feinstein and the Obama Regime are trying to rig the debate on guns... so they can take away your freedom.  No, she’s not stupid, she’s malicious and she hates a Free America, Frau Feinstein wants the same thing the Fuehrer Obama wants and that is total control over people.  Total gun confiscation is just the road to that end.

Feinstein apparently didn't like the fact that the Senate allowed true Americans who actually believe that the Constitution matters, to testify at the last hearing.
  Moreover she's not about to repeat that mistake again.  The Washington Times went on to report: "The [new] hearing, first reported in Politico, will focus only on Mrs. Feinstein’s support for a ban on military-style semiautomatic rifles, commonly called assault weapons." 

So Frau Feinstein is going straight to the Fuehrer Obama’s playbook.  She's going to hold her own hearing and she is going to shut out all voices of reason and opposition and stack the panel with anti-American anti-Second Amendment Nazi cronies.

And when she is done, she's going to close the doors and decide that…guess what…the Second Amendment is bad, America is bad, and the political know-it-alls in Congress have a duty to ban as many guns as humanly possible.  So you just may lose your God given ability to maintain the security of a Free State as the Second Amendment clearly states.  She’s going to trample all over the Constitution because she HATES AMERICA and believes no one is going to stop her...
 but if you value your Freedom you can help to stop her now. 

Think I exaggerate...think it could never happen in America?  Well my friends lest you doubt Di Fi’s true intentions, remember what Frau Feinstein said on national TV:  “If I could have banned them all - 'Mr. and Mrs. America turn in your guns' - I would have!"

Make no mistake about it, Frau Feinstein is going to use every single Nazi trick in the so-called progressive liberal playbook to gut your God-given Second Amendment rights and mark my words, with it, will go ‘all’ of your rights and Freedoms.

Once the
 'Pesky Second Amendment' is out of the way, what's to stop Barack Obama and his Nazi cronies from putting all of your other Constitutional rights in the crosshairs [pun intended]?  Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING... 

Frau Feinstein has shown that she's willing to stack hearings with her brainwashed cronies; do you doubt that she's beyond cutting closed-door, back-room underground deals?
  Do you doubt that she will do absolutely everything to rip the Second Amendment out of the Constitution, and rip your ability to defend your freedom, right out of your hands? 

Do you doubt that you should not just sit idly by as Obama and Feinstein push to eradicate even more of your God-given rights?
  There's no gray area here my friend.  Feinstein's gun-grab IS unconstitutional and against the law and like her boss, Feinstein sees the Constitution as a museum exhibit, a relic of a by-gone age that needs to be destroyed.

Don't take my word for it.  Chuck Cooper is a 30-year veteran litigator in Washington DC.  he is named one of the top ten lawyers in the city, and concluded that "these provisions of [Dianne Feinstein’s new "Assault Weapons" bill"] would violate the Second Amendment by prohibiting the use of arms that are already in common use by ordinary Americans for self defense and other lawful purposes."  Yet, Dianne Feinstein and Barack Obama want to shove this illegal law down the American people's throats.  Never mind their oaths of office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.  They will do anything to make their desired gun ban a reality.  We'll take Cooper’s astute legal opinion a step further: Obama and Feinstein's proposed prelude to gun-confiscation – and the dirty tricks, they are willing to employ, to make it happen – is an abomination to everything that is a Free America. 

They must be stopped and
 it's up to patriotic Americans, like you, to stop them. 
Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every one of the 45 Republican Members of the United States Senate.  Demand That They Go On Record, Here And Now, And State Their Intent To Filibuster The Obama-Feinstein Gun-Grab.  Dianne Feinstein and every other elected politician in Washington has no right to take away your Constitutional rights, but that's not about to stop her from giving it a go. 

Our founders, who dealt first-hand with a tyrannical and corrupt English king, knew that government power and authority is derived from the consent of free people, and that laws are not things that are just imposed upon the people by self-anointed
 rulers, and it's up to patriotic Americans, like us, to stop Feinstein and Obama. 

We must call them out.  We must ensure that Frau Feinstein and her Nazi comrades are not successful in their attempt to silence the voices of freedom-loving American citizens.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  In case you don’t see the picture that appears when the dots are connected here, then I would appreciate it if you would read a letter written by a European American born and raised in Austria who lived first hand through the unfolding history that is now repeating itself right here in her adopted country.  She now lives in So Dakota and as she sees the nightmare of her own childhood in 1938 playing out before her eyes, she flashes back and realizes she has seen this terrifying movie before.  It is titled: “America truly is the Greatest Country in the World  By: Kitty Werthmann 

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Christians Beheaded in U.S.

Christians Beheaded in U.S.
In the wake of a plan to disarm American citizens in order to render them helpless, another one of my predictions becomes a reality.  Do you see a connection?  You will, but by the time you do it will be too late…

By de Andréa
February 23, 2013

Is there a connection between Gun Free Zones, Gun Control, Bans, Confiscation, and the chaos that is coming?  Open your eyes, of course there is.  Gun control is not about guns my friend; as Islam begins to assert its supremacy in America, gun bans are about making people helpless to fight against it.

Thought it couldn’t happen here in America?  Thought this could only happen in the Islamic countries in the Middle East?  I have seen this coming for more than ten years.  Why are honor killings of family members happening and tolerated here, why is the beheading of Christians happing here in America instead of being confined to Muslim countries.  Well… because this is’ a Muslim country my friend, America is no longer a Christian Nation it is a Muslim Nation, your Muslim president told you this four years ago and you reelected him.  Here we are ignorantly banning guns when we should be banning Muslims like Japan does.  The Japanese government read the Quran.  

Listen closely now…The mind set of a Muslim is that anywhere there is a Muslim it is a Muslim country and Islamic Sharia law prevails, everything else is irrelevant.  

Recently in New Jersey a Muslim man beheaded two Christians, burying their bodies, heads, and hands in separate graves near Philadelphia, bringing the reality of horror and persecution, and beheading of Christians once confined to Islamic nations now right here in your neighborhood.  What did these two Christians do to insult Islam?  Just the fact that they were Christian and not Muslim is’ an insult to Islam, that all they need.  Moreover the man who did it is a so-called “Moderate Muslim”…

According to New York’s WABC-TV, this Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood terrorist, was identified as Yusuf Ibrahim, 28. He was taken into custody shortly after the dismembered bodies were found in Pennsylvania.  The report said Ibrahim killed the victims, severed their heads and hands.  The report said the victims were from the Coptic Christian community in the area.  One of the victims had fled Egypt just a few years ago because of the threat of Islam there.  What he didn’t realize was that he traded one Muslim terrorist country for another.

As an example of just how ignorant America is about what Muslims are doing in this country the report said police could not indicate a motive, they only scratched their heads wondering if it could have had something to do with religion.  Yeah, ya think...  If Americans weren’t so ignorant and deceived they would know that when a Muslim does anything, it has to do with their so-called religion of peace.

The report said police described the suspect as “ruthless and calculating.”

Pamela Geller, pictured at right, who like me, blogs about the truth of Islam at Atlas Shrugs, said “it is obvious that this is a ritual killing, religious in nature.  The victims were Coptic Christians and the murderer was Muslim and we are painfully aware of the status and treatment of Coptic Christians under Muslim rule in Egypt,” she wrote.

The killing typifies this passage in the Quran: “When thy Lord was revealing to the angels, ‘I am with you; so confirm the believers.  I shall cast into the unbelievers’ hearts terror; so smite above the necks, and smite every finger of them!” – Quran 8:12.” 

The deceptive so-called “Peaceful Religion of Islam” simply cannot be protected under the First Amendment when their “religion” calls for the extermination of people of all other religions.  

This is a moderate peaceful act of terrorism
Of course, everyone who new Ibrahim is saying he was such a nice warm fuzzy “Moderate Muslim”.  An ex-roommate, Emma Abdelrehim, “is shocked, that her ex-roommate is charged with decapitating two men.  He was an awesome person, awesome with kids, and he would never harm anyone, not even an animal,” Abdelrehim said. “What I saw on TV and what I read I could not believe. That is not his character, and I don’t think he has done such a crime.”

Geller summarized the report: “More tolerance and respect from savages demanding tolerance, respect, and submission.”  She has waged a battle in New York, Washington and other cities to post a pro-Israel ad after numerous pro-Palestinian ads already have appeared.

So ... Was he a "moderate Muslim" who suddenly went Jihad?  No my friend he is a Muslim…period.  How many others are there in America?  Millions…

WorldNetDaily reported in September a jihadi writer who has praised the murderer of a Dutch filmmaker suggested beheading as a way of curbing criticism of Islam.  The report came from the Muhib Ru’yat al-Rahman, a senior writer of a leading jihadi forum called Shumoukh al-Islam, suggested that Muslims living in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and the U.S. kill Westerners who criticize Islam and display their decapitated heads along roads, according to the Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor, a unit of the Middle East Media Research Center.
WorldNetDaily confirmed a Sky News Arabia report of the crucifixion of Coptic Christian infidels in Egypt.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  For nearly eleven years I have been warning Americans about this very militant act of Islamic Jihad, it was inevitable, read your history, the stages of Islamic infiltration has been repeated over and over in History.  In my life time alone it has been successfully accomplished in several Nations.  The first country that I personally remember was Indonesia then Iran, Lebanon then Kenya, Sudan and Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and now Syria next is Jordan and Turkey.  And all Western European countries are in the process of becoming Islamic Nations and of course Canada and the U.S. are ignorantly deceived and enabling their own destruction.  

In the Book of Revelation, chapter twenty, the Apostle John sees a particular company of people.  John gives us a very brief synopsis of what he sees.  He is specifically describing the future end-time Christians:

”I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge.  And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony for Jesus and because of the word of God…”  Revelation 20:4

Is this Christian beheading the beginning of the end in America?  And are we bringing this inevitability on ourselves?  Are we willfully ignorant and deceived by our own twisted political philosophy and consequently enabling our own destruction?  

You need to independently think about this my friend…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Chanting USA, USA Is Racist

Chanting USA, USA Is Racist Ya All
A California High School Principal suspends students for chanting USA USA, and displaying the American flag.  Why?  Because he says, Hispanics might be offended.  Okay pay close attention Principal Glenn Lipman and all of you so-called offended Hispanics I am going to really offended you now, I am going to sing the National Anthem while waving an American flag…Oh-oh’ say can you see…

By de Andréa
February 18, 2013

In our world of political correctness, pretending not to want to offend anyone, and assuming that aliens might hate America and be offended by our country’s flag once again strikes at the heart of American patriotism with the tyranny of despotism.  First off I have a message for you robotic pundits, Muslims are not a race it’s a religion, and the USA is not a race it’s a country.

That being said…four male students at Adolfo Camarillo High School in Camarillo, California, just east of Oxnard; love to show their patriotism at school sporting events by wearing American flag bandanas and chanting ‘USA!  USA!’  At a recent basketball game, the four teens got the crowd chanting ‘USA! USA!’ with them Officials stepped in and stopped them and the four boys were subsequently suspended from school.

Why were they suspended…because the principal, Glenn Lipman, believed that the chants ‘might’ have been racially motivated?  Yep, chanting ‘USA!’ was racially motivated because a large part of the student body is Hispanic and they may have been offended by the chant.  Oh God please help me to try to under stand this…

 The suspension was soon lifted, but the incident is not over.  Lipman explained his actions, saying:  “We wanted to make sure their actions weren't racially motivated, and I told the kids I just want to be sensitive to the feelings of everybody.  If we’re doing it for patriotism, that’s fine.  But if we’re doing it for something else that’s racially motivated, I’m not going to allow that.”  Just how could our flag and the name of our country in any way be racists Mr. Lipman?  The only way I see that one could make this twisted connection is to assume all people that come to live in this country should hate it.  If that were true, as in the case of Muslims who have an agenda to change the entire world into Islam, but why would anyone else leave their own country behind and come to America if they hated it and were offended by it?  I think it takes a twisted racists mind to even make that assumption.

Oxnard Union School District Superintendent Gabe Soumakian said:  “…we need to pursue this further” and “work with teachers and students and the community about the concept of cultural proficiency.”

One of the four students responded to the racial charges against them, saying:  “We’ve done it always.  It’s something we do.  It’s the same group of friends.  We’re all very patriotic.”

Over 100 of their fellow students gathered around the school’s flagpole the next morning to show their support for the four suspended teens whose only crime is that they are patriotic and love this country.  Which seems to be offensive to Principal Lipman. 

THE BOTTOM LINE: If Hispanic or Muslim students are really offended by someone chanting ‘USA!  USA!’, then perhaps they should go back to their own country.  This is America, not Mexico, Pakistan or any other country, although California may soon be Hispanifornia or Islamifornia, but for now it is still America.  People in this country should be patriotic Americans no matter what country they come from.  If you don’t love it, leave it.  If you’re offended by our country, leave it.  If you don’t like our way of life our traditions or our flag, leave it and stop trying to turn it into the country you left behind.  If you love your own country that much, go back to it and leave us alone.   This includes Principle Lipman.

I am first born in this country both my parents were born in another country and when they came here they left their old country behind and became Americans.  Anyone that lives in this country should be an American, in the process of becoming an American or just visiting America.  Anyone else should go back to where they came from and stop complaining about the greatest country in the world that everyone wants to come to.  

I have a message for Principal Glenn Lipman… just maybe you are the only one that’s racist and hates America since it seems to be the only thing on your mind.     

Thanks for listing – de Andréa  

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

State Says: If a Boy Says He’s a Girl, Then He’s a girl

State Says: If a Boy Says He’s a Girl, Then He’s a girl
The official interpretation of state law released by Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester requires schools to permit boys to use girls’ locker rooms, bathrooms, and changing facilities if the boys insist they’re really girls.

By de Andréa
February 17, 2013

I just knew this was coming…
As I was researching this I was thinking back to when I was a young man in High School, I could just imagine all the boys in the school suddenly claiming that they were actually girls in a boy’s body.  Once in awhile one of us would express an interest in playing on the girl’s volleyball team, but then boys will be boys, that’s why they need parents.

Massachusetts State law says: boys are girls if they say they are…
“Some students may feel uncomfortable with a so-called transgender student using the same sex-segregated restroom, locker room or changing facility,” the official document admits, but then concludes, “this discomfort is not any reason to deny ‘access’ to the transgender student.”

Kris Mineau, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, however, says there’s something far more significant than “discomfort” at stake here.  “The School Commissioner’s first duty is to protect all students, from kindergarten to grade 12, not endanger them,” Mineau said in a statement.  “The overriding issue with this new policy is that opening girls’ bathrooms to boys is an invasion of privacy and a threat to all students’ safety.”  Yeah ya think.  That’s the trouble here; robot lawmakers are incapable of independent thought and moral discernment.

Furthermore, the policy document explains “that neither a doctor’s note nor hormone therapy nor even parental permission is needed for a student to switch sex: If a boy says he’s a girl, as far as the schools should be concerned, he’s a girlThe responsibility for determining a student’s gender identity rests with the student.” the statement reads. 

The document further warns that referring to transgendered students by their birth name or sex, if it doesn’t match their current, preferred name or sex, “should not be tolerated and can be grounds for student or faculty discipline.”

The document creates policy related to a law that went into effect in July of last year.  It is called “An Act Relative to Gender Identity,” which in turn amended G.L. c. 76, §5 “to establish that no person shall be excluded from or discriminated against in admission to a public school of any town, or in obtaining the advantages, privileges and courses of study of such public school on account of gender identity.”

According to the 11-page policy paper, that means that boys who identify themselves as girls should not only be addressed by the feminine pronoun and be listed as girls on official transcripts, but they should also be allowed access to girls’ facilities and be allowed to play on girls’ athletic and club teams.  Likewise for girls who insist they’re boys.

“If a male student tells his teacher he feels like a girl on the inside, the school has to treat him in every way as if he actually is a girl,” Beckwith explained, citing the policy paper.  “School personnel are forbidden from informing the parents of their child’s gender decisions, and students can even decide to be one gender at home and another at school.”  Kind’a makes a mockery of the absurd doesn’t it?

 “Each situation needs to be reviewed and addressed based on the particular circumstances of the student and the school facilities,” the education policy states.  “Yet in all cases, the principal should be clear with the student (and parent) that the student may access the restroom, locker room and changing facility that corresponds to the student’s preferred gender identity.”

The policy also gives the following example: “In one middle school, a male-to-female transgender sixth-grader socially transitioned after spring break.  For the rest of the school year, he/she used the nurse’s restroom and the other unisex restrooms at the school.  Beginning in seventh grade, he/she used the girls’ restroom.”

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education can be contacted through its website.

Read a WorldNetDaily reporof previous attempts by state lawmakers in other states who have attempted to open up shower and bathroom facilities to cross-dressers and “transgendered” individuals.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  This may be appalling to most of you, at least I hope it is, but it shouldn’t be a surprise.  Once the foot of the Devil is in your door he will make himself at home.  Once perversion such as Man/Boy love, Sodomy, same sex marriage, or any homosexual activity is considered normal, then it becomes normal and acceptable.  Then girls and boys having a high ole time in the school shower, as appalling as it is, shouldn’t surprise you at all.  You must accept the responsibility because you’…  Mr. or Ms. America… let the Devil’s foot in the door.  Now what are you going to do to get him out of your children’s school and your State?  

You really need to be a responsible parent it’s your job, make a big issue out of this, and pull your kids out of this cesspool of perversion before you lose your kids to the tyranny of this lawless criminal State!  Because if you don’t do something my friend, these Godless Nazis will program your children with every kind of twisted perverted philosophy that would even make the Devil himself shudder.

Your call…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Yorkers Ready To Shoot It Out With Herr Cuomo’s Gestapo

New Yorkers Ready To Shoot It Out With Herr Cuomo’s Gestapo
By now you might have gathered that I don’t like the Governor of New York very much, not so my friend, I just don’t like his Nazi Politics, what’s more the residents of Oswego, Madison, Herkimer and Ontario County’s don’t like it much either. 

By de Andréa  
February 16, 2013

Sandy Hook was just the Reichstag the America hating pundits were hoping for; it didn’t start a rash of anti-American anti-gun legislation it just created the emotional waterfall they were patiently waiting for.  They care nothing about the children of Sandy Hook; they care only about the power to control…not guns but the people!

Citizens and local authorities are waking up to the tyranny that is rearing its ugly head in the United States today.  On Thursday, the Oswego County Legislature in New York State approved a resolution against’ parts of Governor Cuomo’s new gun laws.  The measure passed by a unanimous vote (25-0)!

The measure says Herr Cuomo’s new so-called Safe Act has a severe impact on guns that are used for safe recreation and self defense.  It argues that state lawmakers didn’t have enough time to review it before it was passed.

A copy of the resolution will be on its way to both Barack Obama and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The resolution also encourages public hearings to be held by lawmakers and encourages the representatives of Oswego County to submit written opinions about Cuomo’s so-called SAFE ACT.

Oswego is not the first to do this.  Madison and Herkimer counties have already passed similar resolutions and Ontario is poised to follow.

“We were just standing up for our constituents,” Terry Wilbur, said Thursday a legislator from Hannibal who is only 21, making him one of the youngest ever elected representatives to Oswego County Legislature.  “There are parts that are good, but there are parts that are bad,” he said. “We’re pretty disgusted with some of this.”  While he still promotes background checks and mental health screenings for firearms purchases, he says the overall law will do more harm than good.  “The fact of the matter is all of this is going to hurt law-abiding citizens,” he said.  He was also concerned about the county being able to pay the labor to carry out the state’s law.  “This is just us in Oswego County saying … ‘This isn’t good for us at all,’” Wilbur said.

Oswego County Sheriff Reuel Todd said, “The Constitution itself was not written in three days; there is no reason overnight to trample it,” he said.  “As it is right now, the way that bill is written and passed; my guys could have seven bullets in their magazines to fight against a guy that was heavily armed with 50 in his.  The ordinary citizens of this country deserve the right to be able to protect themselves.  The criminals are not going to bring in nor register their guns.”

Resident Joel Graham pointed out that only a handful of the murders in the state were committed “with long guns or those being attacked and labeled as assault weapons.”  He wondered why there was such a rush to judgment to disarm law abiding citizens from those types of weapons.  “Look at the woman in Georgia when the guy invaded her house, going after her two kids.  She went running into her closet and she unloaded five rounds into him.  He still got up and walked away.  She gets one more (and he doesn’t get away),” he said.

Rick McDermott, a representative of many sportsman organizations throughout the state and county, said he supports the county’s efforts.  He told legislators, “The Constitution allows us the right to keep and bear arms for many more reasons than what was stated by the governor in his state of the State speech.  It is not about hunting.  It is not about target shooting.  It is about defending our rights and a free America.”

“The governor has violated the constitution of the state of New York,” McDermott said.  He also violated the U.S. Constitution.  McDermott also pointed out that at the time of the founding of the nation, there were three types of military.  Today we know two of them as the US military and the National Guard.  But there is a third.
“The third is the militia, it is the people.  The people need to be there to defend the state and themselves when all the rest of forces are gone.  The state is actually negligent in providing that service to us – but they are very negligent in that they are eliminating that with the current law,” he continued.  “This law was passed in the dark of night.”

My friends, there are millions of patriots that are standing up for liberty and the Constitution.  They will not have the law of the land trampled under foot by zealous, emotional politicians who would violate the highest law in the country criminally creating unlawful laws in order to just make themselves look good and place a false sense of security around the people they govern, while not providing a shred of real security.  They are moving in the direction of slavery, not liberty.  They are making the people vulnerable and dangerously dependent, not secure, or safe.

It’s good to see counties like Oswego and others standing up for the law and for liberty against the tyrants in this country.  Are you willing to stand with them?

These protests are not just happing in the great state of New York my friend, they are going on all across America; a national day of resistance is called for on February 23, 2013.  Click on The Day Of Resistance  check the list to find out where the nearest rally is in your State.  Sign up and be there.  If the location says, Time TBD, then just show up as early as you can in the morning at the scheduled location.  And don’t violate the law, not yet anyway.

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you don’t peacefully protest now you may be forced to protest with violence later.  And if you do neither, you will lose your freedom altogether.  See you at the rally on the 23rd.

Be there…

Thank you for listening – de Andréa

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Obama’s Perfect Storm

Obama’s Perfect Storm
Some right wingers think that Obama is ignorant about economics; I think some right wingers are just ignorant about Obama. 

By de Andréa
February 15, 2013

I think Obama is actually very shrewd; he has just been programmed with a different plan, and that plan is to break the back of the country.  Why would Obama want to destroy the American economy?  Listen closely now, and I will write this very slowly just in case you can’t read fast…  If one wants to build a new building where an existing building stands, doesn’t one first need to tear down the existing building?  So how does one create a social communist economy where a capitalistic free economy now stands?  Now you’re getting it…yes of course…first destroy the existing free economy. 

As a former business owner and capitalist myself, this tragic Obama-nation of the American economy is offensive to everything I believe in.  It should be offensive to everyone in America…but alas Americans have been ignorantly deceived.  Most think Bush is doing it; Bush will be doing it, whatever it is, from the grave, because it is easier to believe that it’s Bush’s fault than to look in the mirror and realize that the truth is…it’s ‘your own ignorant fault America’.

Most businesses in America, large, medium and small, are now or soon will be, operating on shoestring budgets.  As Obamacare began to kick in, hundreds of businesses began laying off employees to offset the increased costs they face under Obamacare.  Consequently, thousands of people have lost their jobs, thanks to Obama and his un-Affordable Health Care Act.  But that this was just part of the plan my friend.  This socialistic agenda of Obama’s was well known before he was elected King the first time.  Remember Joe The Plummer?  Joe pointed out to all Americans nation wide, that Obama’s “CHANGE” was the ‘Marxist Redistribution of Wealth’, Social Communism pure and simple, but few listened…and even wanted more Change, Change, and Change!

Thousands of other businesses, especially many small businesses have had to drop health benefits for their employees completely, as they can no longer afford the increasing cost of premiums.  The vast majority of these employees cannot afford to purchase their own health insurance because Obama’s Affordable Care Act has purposely driven prices beyond what is affordable and covers less.  Consequently, thousands of Americans are finding themselves uninsured or at least underinsured.  Before Obamacare we had approximately 9% without health care - now under Obama’s un-Affordable Health Care Plan we have more than 19% percent without health care and growing.  Good Plan Obama!

Then there are all of the tax increases that took effect this year that are also hitting business owners hard.  If a business owner makes $250,000 or more a year, they are facing combined tax increases of 8-12% above the 30 plus percent they are already paying.  So you have business owners paying more for employee health coverage and more in taxes when their revenue intake is decreasing.  This means this all comes off their already thin profit margin if they even have one by now.  For those of you that hate rich employers, let me ask you this: have you ever worked for a poor person, and how did that work out for you?

And now’ King Obama wants to add a third financial burden onto the already weakened shoulders of business owners.  He wants to increase the minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $9 per hour (the Marxists philosophy of a so-called guaranteed living wage).  If you’re an employee making minimum wage, this sounds great.  That means you will earn $70 more per week or $3,640 more per year for doing the same stupid job.  Did anyone ever hear of increasing your skills as a way of increasing your income; I guess that’s just not progressive thinking now is it?  But if raising the minimum wage to $9 is the way to save the economy then why not raise it to $29, I mean if a little works wouldn’t more work better?  I guess I shouldn’t give him anymore good ideas!

Obama claims raising the minimum wage will help eliminate poverty, but he knows it won’t, he knows it will do just as it has in the past.  He knows, it will cause more businesses operating with a very thin profit margin if any at all, to either cut more jobs, or close their doors.  Either alternative means more people losing their jobs and further destruction to the economy.  If they weren’t part of the poverty class already then they soon will be.  I hope you see that every move Obama makes is antipodal to what would be constructive to revive this free economy.

Have you ever heard the expression ‘three strikes and you’re out?’  Of course you have.  Well…if Obama gets his way with the minimum wage increase, many business owners will be getting their third strike.  First, increased costs for Obamacare, second, increased taxes, and third, increase wage costs.

All I can say is, be prepared to see more going out of business sales and signs followed by more empty buildings.  More empty buildings means less rent income for the landlords, so they have to take action to cut costs and more jobs are lost.  The more empty buildings, the less sales and service from other companies and they will also have to take action and reduce staff and so on and so on.  This is all designed to put more and more Americans on unemployment which at this point is nothing but government welfare government dependency and poverty, but then look at the bright side of Social Marxism, we will all be equally poor and helpless…is that what you want?  That’s what Obama wants my friend.

Remember the movie, “The Perfect Storm”, starring George Clooney?  Three different storms merged to form one huge storm that ended up claiming the crew of the fishing boat Andrea Gail.  Americas’ businesses are about to get hit by their own perfect storm, the combination of three significant cost increases.  Like the Andrea Gail, Obama knows that most businesses will not be able to weather this perfect financial storm.  They will flounder, fill up with costs that can’t be met, and sink out of sight, all due to the Marxists social economic policies of King Hussein Obama, Obama’s Perfect Storm.  Do you still believe he is ignorant, or shrewd?  

When this great but fragile capitalistic free economy finally fails, people will be begging for crumbs at the table of Obama money machine.  But not to fear my poor deceived friend, it will all be replaced with a Marxist Social Economy.  This is where the government gives you a guaranteed poverty wage of $9 per hour, prints more and more money against less and less gross national product, because the incentive to produce is gone, causing mass runaway inflation and million dollar postage stamps with Obama’s face on them.  But then ya-all knew all this from the beginning right…that’s why you voted for King Barrack Hussein Obama in the first dumb place, and you liked poverty so much ya-all voted for him again.  This is why I say ignorance leads to deception then to enablement and then the grand finally of destruction.  In’t that special!  Well if you haven’t got what you want yet…you will…ya-all be patient now hear!

THE BOTTOM LINE: If it’s not yet obvious to the majority of Americans that Obama’s plan from the beginning was to destroy the American free economy and replace it with his friend Karl’s economy, then I am so sorry, there is no hope for you.  I know there are some people that live in the U.S. that are Marxist Socialists but they are not Americans.  They can’t be, because to call yourself an American Socialist, would be an oxymoron.  The rest of you might be just plain lazymorons.  America means Freedom, and free enterprise is an integral part of Freedom and Independence my friend.  It is one of the things that made America great, as opposed to the rest of the socialist world.  

If I have offended any of you, then good, by exercising my First Amendment right to be truthfully offensive mean and nasty at least I have accomplished something positive!  You will’ get the ash heap you voted for America; And…I so hope you are ‘unhappy’ with it…because it’s just exactly what you deserve…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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New Yorker’s Say No To Gun Bans

New Yorker’s Say No To Gun Bans
t York Citizens Vow to Disobey Laws Violating 2nd Amendment
The battle of White Plains NY fought on October 28 1776 between Britain’s Sir William Howe and America’s General George Washington may just be fought all over again for the same reason.

Action alert
By de Andréa
February 15, 2013

Just a few months earlier right around midnight on April 18 1776 Paul Revere rode his horse all over the country side hollering at the top of his lungs that the “British were coming ‘to take everyone’s guns’”.  The Militia in those days that the Second Amendment refers to, was made up of  farmers, shopkeepers, and ordinary people like you and me.  The only thing that has changed since then is that we have traded the oppressive Monarchy of the British government for the oppressive Monarchy of our own government.

On January 17, 2013 I wrote an article titled: “Herr Cuomo ist ein Idiot”  I caught a lot of flack for being disrespectful to Herr Cuomo, I mean after all he is the Governor of New York State.  The problem is that Herr Cuomo thinks he is the Fuehrer of the Gestapo and he doesn’t have to obey the law.  While I do respect the Office of Governor I cannot respect anyone who is involved in the overthrow of the Free Republic of America and everything it stands for.  I cannot, nor will I respect any man that criminally and knowingly violates the highest and most respected law in the country, The Constitution of the United States of America.

So I stand along side the New Yorkers that say they are not going to take it anymore!

Watch a video of the recent New York protest, Click Here! They vow not to obey illegal unconstitutional laws, how about you my friend, will you stand up for what is right or will you just bow down to tyranny.  If you lose the means to defend your freedom you will lose your freedom!  Guns are necessary for the security of a Free State, the constitution says so, and it’s the law!   

“If you read the Federalist Papers, the founders of the Constitution very clearly expressed their reasoning on why the Second Amendment was important,” Myles McKeone told the New York Daily News.  “It was put in place to protect us from tyrannical government…  It was very clear that this was the teeth of the Constitution.”

“Our governor has seen fit to try and restrict the rights we get by our Constitution,” said Tracy Brundege. We’re just not going to stand for it anymore.”

Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers traveled to the state.  “This is the first place where they’ve had a law that’s actually passed in the wake of the shooting in Newtown, and so what happens here is going to happen all over the country if we don’t stop it,” he said.

These protests are not just happing in the great state of New York my friend, they are going on all across America; a national day of resistance is called for on February 23, 2013.  Click on The Day Of Resistance  check the list to find out where the nearest rally is in your State.  Sign up and be there.  If the location says, Time TBD, then just show up as early as you can in the morning at the scheduled location.  And don’t violate the law, not yet anyway.

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you don’t peacefully protest now you may be forced to protest with violence later.  And if you do neither, you will lose your freedom altogether.  See you at the rally on the 23rd.

Thank you for listening – de Andréa

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Obama’s West Point Brainwashing

Obama’s West Point Brainwashing
To prepare our West Point Cadets, for Obama’s future military missions, they are now being programmed to believe that American Patriots are the new domestic terrorists.  Didn’t you just know this was coming? 

By de Andréa
February 14, 2013 Happy Valentines Day ya-all!

As bazaar as this may be, this is totally sourced and identified Intel my friend, so don’t say I made it up.  What concerns me though, is why this tyranny of Obama doesn’t outrage you, as much as it does me???

In an earlier article titled “Obama’s New U.S. Military” published January 25, I stated the criteria for military service is the question now asked of all new recruits: If ordered, will you fire on U.S. citizens?”  This is now a prerequisite to join the U.S. Military, and it is also what our prestigious West Point Military Academy Cadets are being indoctrinated with.  Obama has all the bases covered, because he is also systematically firing, or losing them by attrition, all existing military officers who hold to the so-called archaic traditions of American Constitutionalism, Freedom, and Liberty.  Couple this with Federal Citizen Gun Bans; Martial Law- and total despotism cannot be far behind.

In an Influential study published by a despotic Israeli academic at America’s top military school seeks to brainwash future military leaders into believing those American citizens who advocate small government, individual sovereignty, freedom, and liberty are the real enemy, not the Islamic jihadist terrorists.

At West Point, where cadets have in the past been groomed into patriotic military officers, they are now being brainwashed and turned into Nazi robot murders.  A new 148 page report  just released on January 15, 2013 is urging military men and women to be on alert for “terrorists” in the form of American citizens who consider themselves Patriots or Constitutionalists, among other so-called subversive activities and beliefs.  If I use my historical imagination just a little, I can hear the British Military being told the same thing about these independent thinking freedom loving Americans back in 1769.  And you know where that led …

This study, released by the United States Military Academy’s Combating Terrorism Center, is titled “Challengers from the Sidelines: Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right Terrorists.”  Its author, Professor Arie Perliger, the Director of Terrorism Studies at the Combating Terrorism Center and Assistant Professor at the Department of Social Sciences at West Point, holds a membership in the CFR the Council on Foreign Relations (an anti-American subversive group) and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Considering his background, Perliger must be filled with paranoia because he warns that ‘growing legions’ of conservative-minded citizens across the U.S. pose a serious threat to our nation’s safety.  Yet, whom precisely does Perliger deem as being affiliated with what he labels the “violent far right?”  Answer…anyone who believes in the Constitutional Republic of America.  Actually I’m glad to know that he is afraid of me.  He should be very afraid, because if he attacks, I will fight him and his Zombie robots to the death for my freedom, the question is, will you join me?  

“If there must be war, let it be in my day, that my children may have peace” Thomas Payne.

In his own words, Perliger has placed a large bulls-eye on those who “…espouse strong convictions regarding the federal government, believing it to be corrupt and tyrannical, with a natural tendency to intrude on individuals’ civil and constitutional rights,” in other words, any patriotic American citizen who is actually awake, informed, and is independent thinking.  Well…I guess that sure includes me big-time.

Even more specifically, Perliger asserted that still other extremists fall into the categories of anti-federalists, subversives and terrorists, “fundamentalist Christians, survivalists, gun-rights advocates, libertarians, pro-lifers, and those who oppose high taxation.”  Note that Islamic Jihadist terrorists are not even mentioned. What I want to know is, how do they sleep at night with all that fear of us Patriotic American Freedom Fighters?

Not content with simply fingering these broad-reaching factions, Perliger zeroed in on another favorite Globalist target.  “Some groups are driven by a strong conviction that the American political system and its proxies were hijacked by external forces interested in promoting a New World Order.”  Oh yeah!  Now they’re getting close.

This stereotype characterization includes Constitutionalists, those wary of a growing police state, and political activists such as some tea partiers.  Thus, by using manipulative, emotionally-charged language intended to divide-and-conquer.  Perliger equates those interested in preserving their individual freedoms with skinheads, and neo-Nazis.  Or, even more condescendingly, he smears conservatives as being backward, archaic, and living in an era that has passed them by.  In contrast, Perliger applauds liberals as future-oriented and progressive in their views.  In other words Demagogs, tyrants, and Despots!  This is progress...sounds pretty backward and archaic to me.

Dr. Herbert W. Titus, a constitutional law professor and former dean of the Regent University School of Law, I included his opinion in a recent  article titled “Should And Could Obama Be Impeached”, says: “it’s an attempt to link conservative thought with violence.”

Titus said: “Professor Perliger has adopted the strategy of many left-wing members of the professoriate, concentrating on the behavior of a few in order to discredit many who hold similar views but who do not normally engage in any form of violence.  His theory is that of the iceberg, that which as seen may be small, but it hides what is a much larger threat just below the surface.  Obviously, the professor disagrees with those who favor small government, cutting back of federal government encroachments upon the powers of the state and to discredit this movement focusing on a few volatile individuals,” Titus said.

“Like so many in the Obama administration, Perliger does not want to engage in any dialogue on the issues, but just discredit an entire political movement with radically charged words, Perliger is not a serious scholar, but a propagandist for the Obama Regime” said Titus.

Perliger’s report is not an isolated case.  We’ve seen this type of demonizing of America ever since Obama took office in 2009 he wouldn’t even respect our flag.  The left wing Nazis are going in for the kill by using raw partisan political propaganda.  The author of this report wants people to look at those of us with traditional conservative values who support a limited constitutional government as dangerous and suspect.  He’s saying…this is somebody you don’t want to be.  Instead, Perliger favors those who always submit to collectivism government no matter what.  Even though this type of mindset is what doomed the former Soviet Union.

The military implications are really very dangerous, because the Perliger’s of this world want to breed a whole mew generation of officers that will not respect citizens rights, state sovereignty and the individual autonomy of self government.

Our military is being taught to view freedom-loving Americans as violent racist terrorists-in-waiting as part of the federal government’s ongoing jihad against common-sense fiscal conservatism and a constitutionally limited government.

If you remember in 2009 the Department of Homeland Security offered a course curriculum prepared by the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] that was meant to cast suspicions on returning combat veterans because they might harbor right-wing affiliations.  The SPLC is just another sleazy left-wing Nazi organization.

The hard left is far more violence prone that anyone on the right.  Groups like the Earth Liberation Front and animal rights advocates will sabotage train tracks, spike trees, and have threatened to destroy the Keystone Pipeline. But these left wing Nazis encourage this kind of behavior because it fits with their own agenda.

An unmitigated assault is being waged against the citizens of this country.  Every day the First Amendment is being shutdown, and now Obama is trying to kill the Second Amendment.  Why shouldn’t everyone be suspicious of what this aggressive un-American government is doing?  The left is waging an incredible assault on our Bill of Rights by undercutting and taking away the constitutional contract between the American people and the State.

Thought Police Use ‘Terrorism’ to Spy on ‘You’
The Mind-Control Thought Police’s infiltration of West Point is part of a much larger trend that has been going on for years. All couched in the guise of fighting terrorism, these efforts to spy on Americans and create citizen snitches have been coordinated by an extensive array of forces, including the
 Anti-Defamation League, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Department of Justice, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, various think tanks working in unison with universities, and powerful left-wing congressional members.

In 2010, DHS initiated a campaign known as  “If You See Something, Say Something.”  Officials called on sports fans, mass transit riders, Walmart shoppers—every American—via posters and other literature to be alert for “suspicious activities.”  This far-reaching program dovetailed with previous studies that sought to paint conservative Americans as terrorists.  These included the University of Maryland’s Hot Spots of Terrorism and Other Crimes and Profiles of Perpetrators of Terrorism,” and the RAND Corporation’s 2005 Trends in Terrorism.”  In 2007, the House of Representatives passed legislation entitled The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act.”  During the Bush presidency. Representative Jane Harman (D-Calif.), who sponsored the above bill, teamed with then DHS head Michael Chertoff to investigate 9-11 “conspiracy theorists” during their “war on terror.”

Considering the overt terror-related thread running through each of these campaigns, what would constitute allegedly suspicious behavior?  Well…using cash during transactions could be one example, as well as showing an enthusiasm for gold investments.  Stockpiling food for emergencies could also be deemed questionable behavior.  Finally, exhibiting any type of dissenting opinion against the Federal Reserve, Internet privacy, and centralized authority at the global level are, according to these studies, obvious red flags that should be reported.  Well…I guess I’m toast!

Pushing doublethink to its extreme, SPLC spokesman and publications director Mark Potok revealed his organization’s true colors in regard to their opponents. Listen to him say in a video “Sometimes the press will describe us as monitoring hate groups and so on.  I want to say plainly that our aim in life is to destroy these groups, to completely destroy them.”

THE BOTTOM LINE: This my American friend, is what Obam’s agenda is, moreover it has been since before he was even a Chicago State Senator.  In someways I feel sorry for him because he was robotically programmed from the time he was a child with a twisted mix of Islam, Nazism, and Communist philosophies.  He simply has no cognitive understanding of the fundamental and historical values that make up the foundation of this American Constitutional Republic.  The agenda of Islam Nazism and Communism are antipodal of the American philosophy of Freedom and Liberty

The real bottom line here is, that anyone who is not a far-left Nazi, Communist dependant, and instead is an independent Freedom loving American, touted as a terrorist to be feared and destroyed.  Until all that is left will be a bunch of dependant robot compliant slaves who will accept the crumbs from the table of the oppressive Nanny State.  

This belied misinformation vomited out by these twisted programmed robots is typical of the satanic philosophies of despotism.  This is what Freedom loving people who represent the same beliefs as the Fathers of our Constitution are up against.  It’s almost deja vu as in the 1700 the British tried the same approach.  The demons demonize their opposition.  So they make terrorist and subversive criminals out of Patriotic Constitutional law abiding citizens that don’t like to be controlled and oppressed. 

Arie Perliger seems to be in lockstep with the real terrorists in the U.S. read what the American Muslim has to say about who the real terrorists are in America.  You guessed it…Right Wing Conservatives. Far-right terrorists are ordinary Americans & patriots” Arie, you’re in shared company!

Arie, I have just one word for you: GET OF MY FREEDOM!  Oh, that’s four words…oh well I lied!

Thanks for listing – de Andréa watching your six…

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