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No Guns In Chicago?

No Guns In Chicago?
No… just gun violence
There is a gun ban in the city of Chicago my friend, so how come the murder rate per-capita in Chicago is the highest in the country?  Well that’s easy, because there is a gun ban in the city of Chicago.

By de Andréa
February 5, 2013

First it was Washington DC with its nearly 30 year gun ban making it the most dangerous place on earth next to the Middle East.  But now it is Chicago that is at the top of the list.  DC by the way has now lost its place as first on the list of the most dangerous, because the U.S. Supreme Court has overturned DC’s illegal unconstitutional gun ban in Heller vs. Washington D.C.  and so now with a little less gun restrictions they have a little less violent crime.  So poor DC has disappointedly slipped to number two…

Now’ of course, we have the children of Sandy Hook murdered in Connecticut, why?  …Because Connecticut is a state with some of the strictest anti-gun laws in the country, so there could not be anyone at that GUN FREE school to defend them, and the brain-dead lawmakers said this’’’ same thing after the Columbine High School shooting – “this means that we need more and stricter anti-gun laws…”  And of course more GUN FREE ZONES!  Those are places where only criminals have guns, I don’t know, maybe it’s because they can’t read those stupid paper signs…

Then a young girl is shot and killed with a gun in Chicago, a city where this can’t possibly happen because lawmakers have what… they have banned guns in the city of Chicago, and it is still blamed on the Second Amendment!  Well…we must consider that most lawmakers, both in Chicago and in Washington DC suffer from brain disabilities.  They have been programmed to vomit out their insane rhetoric of “If a hundred gun laws don’t work, of course then a hundred one or three will”…they want you to believe that some time, we’ll reach that magic number of gun laws in their GUN FREE UTOPIA and there will be NO MORE GUN VIOLENCE!  Oh happy days…when the truth is, that sometime we will reach the magic number of illegal and unconstitutional gun laws which will render law abiding American citizens totally helpless and oppressed by despotism.  Moreover we will still have criminal gun violence, only worse because now marauding criminals and tyrant politicians will rule the streets.  This is of course being result that they are looking for.

USNews (NBC) reported
“A 15-year-old girl who performed at President Obama’s inauguration, was shot dead Tuesday while hanging out with friends after school in bullet-ridden Chicago. [How can this be…this must be a lie…guns are banned in Chicago] Hadiya Pendleton — described by family as a ‘walking angel’ — was standing under a canopy in Vivian Gordon Harsh Park when a gunman ran down an alley, opened fire and fled in a white car, police said.  Pendleton was shot in the back but managed to run about a block before she collapsed, officer Laura Kubiak said.  She died at the hospital.”
Naturally, the story gave the mother the last word and it was framed toward gun control.  Reportedly she broke down in tears and said, “Something does need to change.  Where are the guns coming from?  I don’t own a gun.  My daughter was not violent.  I never would have thought she would die like this.”

While I can totally sympathize with the distraught and misled mother, parents should never’ outlive their kids.  I wish she and her family had lived somewhere safer, which means in most of the rest of the US, where guns are not banned to law abiding citizens and it is not just criminals that possess them.  Meaning somewhere, any ware - where the constitutionally legal possessing and carrying of firearms is protected, rather than violated.

Excuse’a me please…something’a, she’s’a not to pretty good!  Just how can someone be killed with a gun where guns don’t exist?  Or do they still exist in spite of the ban?  And who has them?  Looks like only criminals have them, because law abiding citizens don’t kill little girls.  Does that mean that gun bans don’t really work?  Naw!Say it isn’t so’…

Before I go any further, let me talk about some FBI statistical facts that are available to anyone, even the brain deficient politicians.  The State of Vermont has absolutely no gun restrictions.  In other words anyone that can legally own a gun under federal law, can carry a loaded gun openly or concealed down the middle of a Vermont street without any permits.  Unheard of in any other state, yes, except for the states of Arizona and Alaska, and you can thank Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin for that one.  And are you ready for the result of this madness…sit down now, get a breath and hold on to something solid, all three of these wild gun ridden states have the lowest violent crime rate in the country.  And that’s not all my friend, by contrast the city’s and states with the most gun restrictions like Chicago,  has…you guessed it, the highest crime rates in the country.  The question is, do the politicians and the communist media know this?  Of course they do.  But they lie about it, avoid it like the plague, and hush it up so ‘you’ don’t know the truth.  If you did, the truth of their agenda of disarming America for the purpose of total control, tyranny and oppression would be exposed.  The fact that gun laws, restrictions, and bans do not stop crime, especially the violent crime of murder is irrelevant because that is not the purpose of gun control laws.  The purpose of gun control is not about guns at all, it’s about people … As a matter of fact the Second Amendment is even about guns…it’s about the security of FREEDOM my friend!

The US ABC news article included footage of the mentally deficient Senator Dick Durbin of Chicago self-righteously and shamelessly posturing on the young girl’s corpse.  He said, and I quote…  “She attended the university prep school in Chicago.  She was an honors student and a majorette, and she marched in the president’s inaugural parade last week here in Chicago.  It was the highlight of her young 15-year-old life.  Yesterday, in a rainstorm after school, she raced to a shelter.  A gunman came in and shot her dead.  Just a matter of days after the happiest day of her life, she’s gone.  We are awash in guns here, said the Senator.  The confiscation of guns per capita in Chicago is six times the number in New York City.  We have guns everywhere.  And some believe the solution to this is ‘more guns’.  I disagree.”  Well of course you disagree’ Senator, you’re stuck on stupid.  

Did you read what the mentally incapacitated Senator Durbin just said; well just in case you didn’t catch the last part I’ll repeat it: “We are awash in guns.  The confiscation of guns per capita in Chicago is six times the number in New York City.  We have guns everywhere”.  Now I would really like to know Senator, just how is it that Chicago is as you say; AWASH IN GUNS???”  Guns are virtually BANNED IN CHICAGO SENATOR!  What is the matter don’t your GUN BAN LAWS WORK SO GOOD???  Moreover, you are saying that the “confiscation of guns in Chicago is six time greater than the number of guns confiscated in New York City”, and you still say “you have guns every ware.”  If gun restriction and confiscation is the answer Senator Durbin, then why isn’t Chicago the safest city on the earth instead of the most dangerous?  Well…  Just maybe Senator, Gun Bans aren’t the solution, just maybe they are the problem.  Did you ever think of that Senator???  No of course you didn’t, likely because you are incapable of thinking for yourself.  That’s the trouble with programmed robots…

It is exactly the opposite.  As the article notes,
“Pendleton’s murder was one of three shooting deaths in the city on Tuesday.  More than 60 people have been shot dead in Chicago in the month of January.  There were 506 homicides in the city last year, a 16 percent increase even as other large cities, like New York and Dallas, saw murders rates drop.”  All in a city that has no guns…astounding!

Obviously, liberal-run Chicago, the recent home of the Fuhrer Barack Hussein Obama and now currently under the dictatorship of Rahm Emanuel, is a violent criminal filthy cesspool septic tank of a sewer that obviously endangers the lives of its own best and brightest.  And the communist political/media machine is shamelessly telling us that this is the NRA’s fault, and the fault of our American Constitution and the Second Amendment as well as the law abiding gun owners of which there can be none left in Chicago, right…because after all…lest you forget, guns are banned and against the law…in Chicago.

The Chicago Tribune reports“Hadiya’s slaying also came up in an interview with Obama --- the president was asked whether the example of Chicago’s high crime rate, with strict gun control laws, gave credence to the National Rifle Association’s position that more’ gun laws don’t necessary mean less’ gun violence.”  The president’s response.  “Well, the problem is that a huge proportion of those guns come in from outside Chicago,” Obama said, “it was true that creating a ‘bunch of pockets of gun laws’ without a unified, integrated system of background checks makes it harder for a single community to protect itself from gun violence.”  EXCUSE ME’???  Did you catch all that tap-dance routine of double speak, what did he say?  What difference does it make where the guns come from…If the problem is really guns mien Fuehrer, then why isn’t there more gun crime where there are more guns, where guns are legally manufactured, legally possessed, and legally carried?  How does Rahm Emanuel’s failure to enforce laws against the criminals in this city become an argument against the Second Amendment and law abiding citizens?  It doesn’t…, not a realistic, fair and rational argument anyway.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Think about all these liberal communist politicians.  They all know that Chicago is a toilet of criminality and corruption, a model city and example of the lawless tyranny that allows for a murderous underworld culture of gun violence that most often causes casualties among disarmed law abiding citizens and/or innocent helpless children like Hadiya Pendleton.  Do they care?  No!  Do they want to hold hearings?  No!  Do they encourage citizens to exercise their right to defend themselves?  NO!  Do they ask why the police are not doing their job?  NO!  They just use it to slime the NRA the Constitution and the legal rights of law abiding citizens.  They use their own obvious failures, and this predictable and avoidable collateral damage that it brings down on innocent people, to self-righteously condemn gun-owners all over the country who have never hurt anyone with their guns, and won’t, unless their life and/or liberty is threatened with these ever increasing threatening gun laws.  These same journalists who refuse’ to give national coverage to stories of how gun-owners save lives, theirs and others, are the very ones who are happy to publicize this murderous hypocrisy and treat it as a sane and rational argument for yet more failed attempts at stopping gun violence by more illegal and useless gun legislation.

In the Bible, Satan is exposed as the ‘Great Accuser’, among other things.  It is no stretch to see the self-righteous, hypocritical Political/Media Combined with corrupt politicians as the sons of Satan.  They want to disarm Americans, not to control violence but to control people, and they are all obviously doing it by a campaign of false accusation and lies.  

Once again, thanks for listening – de Andréa

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