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New Yorker’s Say No To Gun Bans

New Yorker’s Say No To Gun Bans
t York Citizens Vow to Disobey Laws Violating 2nd Amendment
The battle of White Plains NY fought on October 28 1776 between Britain’s Sir William Howe and America’s General George Washington may just be fought all over again for the same reason.

Action alert
By de Andréa
February 15, 2013

Just a few months earlier right around midnight on April 18 1776 Paul Revere rode his horse all over the country side hollering at the top of his lungs that the “British were coming ‘to take everyone’s guns’”.  The Militia in those days that the Second Amendment refers to, was made up of  farmers, shopkeepers, and ordinary people like you and me.  The only thing that has changed since then is that we have traded the oppressive Monarchy of the British government for the oppressive Monarchy of our own government.

On January 17, 2013 I wrote an article titled: “Herr Cuomo ist ein Idiot”  I caught a lot of flack for being disrespectful to Herr Cuomo, I mean after all he is the Governor of New York State.  The problem is that Herr Cuomo thinks he is the Fuehrer of the Gestapo and he doesn’t have to obey the law.  While I do respect the Office of Governor I cannot respect anyone who is involved in the overthrow of the Free Republic of America and everything it stands for.  I cannot, nor will I respect any man that criminally and knowingly violates the highest and most respected law in the country, The Constitution of the United States of America.

So I stand along side the New Yorkers that say they are not going to take it anymore!

Watch a video of the recent New York protest, Click Here! They vow not to obey illegal unconstitutional laws, how about you my friend, will you stand up for what is right or will you just bow down to tyranny.  If you lose the means to defend your freedom you will lose your freedom!  Guns are necessary for the security of a Free State, the constitution says so, and it’s the law!   

“If you read the Federalist Papers, the founders of the Constitution very clearly expressed their reasoning on why the Second Amendment was important,” Myles McKeone told the New York Daily News.  “It was put in place to protect us from tyrannical government…  It was very clear that this was the teeth of the Constitution.”

“Our governor has seen fit to try and restrict the rights we get by our Constitution,” said Tracy Brundege. We’re just not going to stand for it anymore.”

Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers traveled to the state.  “This is the first place where they’ve had a law that’s actually passed in the wake of the shooting in Newtown, and so what happens here is going to happen all over the country if we don’t stop it,” he said.

These protests are not just happing in the great state of New York my friend, they are going on all across America; a national day of resistance is called for on February 23, 2013.  Click on The Day Of Resistance  check the list to find out where the nearest rally is in your State.  Sign up and be there.  If the location says, Time TBD, then just show up as early as you can in the morning at the scheduled location.  And don’t violate the law, not yet anyway.

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you don’t peacefully protest now you may be forced to protest with violence later.  And if you do neither, you will lose your freedom altogether.  See you at the rally on the 23rd.

Thank you for listening – de Andréa

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