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Evidence Allah is Antichrist

Evidence Allah is Antichrist

Bible and Middle Eastern scholars are noting a similarity between the Arabic name for Allah and the Greek letters naming the Beast in the Revelation of John. 

In The End, knowledge will increase!  If you are at all interested in this subject, this is a must read!

By de Andréa
February 12, 2013

The Islamic Mahdi will not be the Antichrist, because the Mahdi is Islam, Islam will be the Antichrist because Islam is Allah; Allah is the Antichrist, because Allah is Satan.  Did you follow all that?  You will!

Former PLO Terrorist turned Christian and Arabic-language researcher Walid Shoebat interestingly was born in Bethlehem Israel, but not in the manger.

Walid affirms that there is evidence that the name Allah in Arabic is what the apostle John saw in his vision of the Antichrist’s name in the book of Revelation.  I have film.

Shoebat, coauthor of “God’s War on Terror,” explains: that because John didn’t know Arabic, he transcribed the name of the Beast as best he could into Greek letters.  The Arabic name for Allah and its accompanying symbols not only resembles the ancient Greek script for 666, but is exactly the Arabic letters for the name Allah.

On October 14 2012, I published an article titled “The Mahdi The Anti Christ” I did an extensive study on this subject, if you are interested, I can recommend two more books “The Islamic Antichrist”  and “Mideast Beast” by Joel Richardson.\

“It seems that more Bible prophecy students are coming to grips with what we stated years ago in ‘God’s War on Terror,’” Shoebat said.  “Skeptics argue that the three Greek letters are Greek and not Arabic, yet none deny that these three Greek letters also read in Arabic.  I find that interesting.  In other words, we have been telling the truth.  Some die-hard skeptics will ignore the very symbols given by John, and people will always try to poke holes into any theory,” said Shoebat, “but the evidence is overwhelming.”

Shoebat said the key to the theory connecting the name of Allah to the Beast is understanding the significance of names.

He quotes from Revelation 13:7: “And that no man might buy or sell, save that he had the mark, or the name of the Beast, or the number of the name.”
“Indeed, we have three flavors: mark, name and number,” said Shoebat “Yet most focus and argue over the mark while they ignore the name.”

In the Bible, he explained, a name in not so much a name as it is a title or creed.
“For example, Jesus was called Emmanuel, ‘God with us.’  While His name is not literally Emmanuel, its meaning is,” Shoebat said.  “He is God with us.  Similarly, the name of the Beast is his title and creed and not a literal name.”

Shoebat said the most compelling case for the similarity between the Greek name for the Beast and the name for Allah is how Muslims wear’ the name of Allah.
“Any Christian skeptic who would like to argue that the Islamic creed, the name, the title and the declaration of faith is not blasphemous, please step forth,” said Shoebat.  “Yet is it not what many Muslims put on their forehead?  Or are we still to believe the mark of the Beast is to be a computer chip?”

The creed or declaration of Islamic faith incidentally is: “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger” This is the meaning of the mark which is his name.  This is what would identify with the Antichrist.

Please watch two short videos explaining this theory by Armageddon News:  The Islamic Mark of the Beast part 1  and  Part 2  I think you will find it very interesting, especially when combined with the Information and research found in the three books mentioned earlier in this article.  Also try a video teaching of Revelation by Walid Shoebat, from a Middle Eastern point of view, at The Southern California Christian Prophecy Conference.  It is well worth viewing, it is approximately 2 hours.  Why Western minds have trouble with Eastern history.  - What Biblical words mean, they are Middle Eastern words with a Middle Eastern meaning.  - Jesus was Middle Eastern not Western! - The subject of the Antichrist from a Middle Eastern perspective. 

Most theologians believe the Bible teaches in Ezekiel 28 that Satan is the king of Tyre and the antichrist is the prince of TyreTyre is in today’s Lebanon not Rome.

The popular theory regarding who and where the antichrist will come from is found in  Daniel 9:26 which refers to the antichrist as the ruler of the people (the people of the prince) that will come, he will be of the lineage of the race that destroyed Jerusalem.  According to Tim Lahaye author and theologian, “historically this was the Roman Empire; therefore the Antichrist will be Roman” in his book   (Revelation Unveiled - by Tim LaHaye)

In my Article titled “The Mahdi The Antichrist”, I write:  The antichrist will indeed arise out of the historic Roman Empire based on Daniel 9, but based on Daniel 9 it is the Eastern Roman Empire.  The scripture says the ‘antichrist’ will come from the lineage of the 'people' of the Prince (the Prince in this case being the Roman Empire), not the lineage of the prince.  In the article I not only show that the antichrist will not be European but he will not be from the Roman Empire of Europe.  He will be Assyrian.  (Middle Eastern)  The people of the Prince -the Roman soldiers that destroyed the temple in Daniel 9 were from the Roman Empire alright, but they weren’t Europeans, they were soldiers from a previously conquered people from the Assyrian Empire.  “The ‘People’ of’ the Prince”

History shows that the Roman Empire became much too large to be governed effectively as a single unit, so it was divided into an Eastern and Western Roman Empire.  The Eastern half of the Roman Empire became the Byzantine Empire, which was eventually conquered by the Ottoman Empire centered in Turkey which lasted until 1924 and in 1928 became today’s World Nation of the Muslim Brotherhood started in Egypt, the same people from the original Assyrian Empire.  “The People of the Prince” Today in Turkey there is a movement to restore the original Ottoman Empire so that the 12th last and final Caliphate will be resurrected to usher in the Mahdi, the Muslim Messiah.  (The Caliphate is best explained as a representative of Muhammad as the Pope is a reprehensive of Peter.)

Lahaye, and most other Bible scholars are quick to suggest that the antichrist will come out of Europe or the European Union, based on this one passage in Daniel.  This is what happens when one ignorantly’ takes one part of God’s complex truth and causes misinterpretations by disregarding another part.  One will see that further study reveals this is likely the case.  Remember the entire Bible history and earth’s beginnings took place in the Middle East, why wouldn’t it then follow that it would also end - in the Middle East.

Moreover in my twenty two year study of Islam I am constantly reminded that it is not Rome and/or the Catholic Church that is anti-Christ.  It is instead the most anti-Christ religion in the world, and that is the so-called religion of the Nation of Islam, because my friend, Islam is Allah, and Allah is Satan and Satan is anti-Christ.

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