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Should And Could Obama Be Impeached?

Should And Could Obama Be Impeached?
As in Clinton’s impeachment, Obama’s might be passed by the House but today’s Senate would never vote for Obama’s impeachment, as for - should he be impeached?  Well…read this, then you decide!

By de Andréa
February 11, 2013

When each of the three constitutional experts were asked whether any of the 12 charges studied might be considered more egregious than the Nixon-era Watergate scandal or Clinton’s perjury following his affair with intern Monica Lewinsky the answer was…  “No doubt the predator drone killings, the usurpation of the war powers act, and the secret interpretations of the PATRIOT Act,” said Bruce Fein, “those three, in my judgment, are vastly greater in their threat to the constitutional processes and structure than anything under Clinton or Nixon.”

Louis Fisher said, “Watergate was the last time anyone was held accountable.  Attorney General John Mitchell went to prison.  A lot of people went to prison.  We haven’t had any accountability since Watergate.  Lewinsky, we all know what happened with that.  Really, nothing happened.  I think it was a terrible mistake.  I think we could have held to some standards, and Congress didn’t.  We’ve talked about bombing Libya.  I think anybody who does that would fully deserve to get thrown out.”

Herbert Titus added, “They’re very different.  In many respects, the Watergate and Clinton impeachments were really very politically charged.  What you have with Obama is a problem in the sense that there isn’t any real concern about the constitutionality or the unconstitutionality of what he did in Libya.  This is what’s happened to Congress in the last 50 years.  Where are the statesmen?  Congress doesn’t have clean hands.  Without having their own house in order, how do they dare impeach the president for not having his house in order?  It’s an unconstitutional mess.
If the American people really wanted a constitutional government – if they were really committed to the kind of constitutional republic that is reflected in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States – things would change”

Did you read what Herbert Titus said?  “…things would change… if the American people really wanted the kind of constitutional republic that is reflected in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.”

I totally agree.  I do believe what the lazy American majority really want, is just to suck at the breast of the “Nanny State”.  And the reason is the education among that majority, has been replaced with indoctrination, brainwashing, and robotic programming directed by the unconstitutional U.S.  Department of Education/Indoctrination.  I.e. “The Dumbing Down of America” is now being played out in the new programmed philosophy of our governments whether they are local state or federal.  Most of our schools and colleges don’t even teach writing (cursive) anymore much less history, the U.S. Constitution is a document that is taught to be old fashion, out of date, etc.  Its no wonder no one pays any attention to it much less know what’s in it or what it’s for.  Those kids with the warped programmed minds are now grown, and they are now the very ones running the Congress and the state assemblies.  

Article II, Section 4, of the U.S. Constitution states, “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Although it is not a question yet being asked or debated in the communist alphabet soup media, it is a question being addressed by some members of Congress, by an increasing number of pundits, by activists on the left and the right – and for more than just one or two constitutional offenses.

This is how it works!
The U.S. House of Representatives has the power to commence impeachment proceedings.  If the House adopts an impeachment resolution, the U.S. Senate conducts a trial and determines whether to convict or acquit.  If an official is convicted, he or she is removed from the position and may be barred from holding office ever again.  Then the official may also face criminal prosecution.

In addition to the three constitutional violations mentioned earlier which are the predator drone killings and Obama’s private hit list, -the usurpation of the war powers act in the Libyan attacks, and -the secret interpretations of the PATRIOT ACT.  There are nine more, considered impeachable offences.

Operation Fast & Furious - ‘Recess ‘ appointments when Senate was in session          - Appointment of ‘czars’ without Senate approval - Suing Arizona for enforcing federal law - Illegal-alien amnesty by executive order - Refusal to prosecute the New Black Panthers - Refusal to defend Defense of Marriage Act      - Benghazi-gate  - and the Gun-control executive actions.  All twelve of these acts by the Fuehrer Barrack Hussein Obama, are clear violations of the U.S. Constitution and any one of these are an impeachable offence, and we haven’t even touched on the treasonous offences yet such as all the military leaks to the enemy that came right from the oval office.

Bruce Fein, Louis Fisher, and Herbert Titus are all constitutional expertsBruce Fein author of American Empire Before the Fall  is the legal scholar who is best known for having drafted articles of impeachment against former President Bill Clinton for perjury after he lied under oath about having sexual relations with an intern.      Herbert Titus, counsel to the law firm William J. Olson, previously taught constitutional law, common law and other subjects for 30 years at five different American Bar Association-approved law schools. From 1986 to 1993, he was the founding dean of the College of Law and Government at Regent University.  Constitutional expert Louis Fisher is a Scholar in Residence at the Constitution Project.  Previously he worked for four decades at the Library of Congress as senior specialist in separation of powers and specialist in constitutional law. During his service with CRS, he was research director of the House Iran-Contra Committee in 1987, writing major sections of the final report.

THE BOTTOM LINE: All 12 of these impeachable offences were studied by these three experts and rated as to their severity, and any one of them, are more than, or at least as severe as the charges against Nixon or Clinton.  So why isn’t Congress bringing Obama up on charges of impeachment times 12?  Because it would literally be the kettle calling the pot dirty.  The Congress is as criminal as Obama; don’t forget, it is their responsibility for the funding of all these illegal projects of the Fuehrer Obama and they are the one passing all these unconstitutional laws.  It would open up a can of worms that would put more than half of the House and Senate in jail.

Once the Government is this’ corrupt, to whom do you go to prosecute these sons of Satan?  I mean the Attorney General and his whole Department of justice is corrupt, under orders of the Obama the Department of Justice illegally ran guns to Mexico that were used to killed thousands including Americans in the Fast And Furious project, the guns are still there and still being use to kill innocent people in Mexico.  This is why my friend, that I hold little hope for the future of a Free America.  Once the die of corruption has been cast and put in place to this extent, it is near imposable to turn it around; one cannot just hit the UNDO button.

So…it’s up to you, should Obama be impeached?  If you say no then you have abandon the U.S. Constitution because there will never be a bigger reason to impeach any president ever again.

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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