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New Yorkers Ready To Shoot It Out With Herr Cuomo’s Gestapo

New Yorkers Ready To Shoot It Out With Herr Cuomo’s Gestapo
By now you might have gathered that I don’t like the Governor of New York very much, not so my friend, I just don’t like his Nazi Politics, what’s more the residents of Oswego, Madison, Herkimer and Ontario County’s don’t like it much either. 

By de Andréa  
February 16, 2013

Sandy Hook was just the Reichstag the America hating pundits were hoping for; it didn’t start a rash of anti-American anti-gun legislation it just created the emotional waterfall they were patiently waiting for.  They care nothing about the children of Sandy Hook; they care only about the power to control…not guns but the people!

Citizens and local authorities are waking up to the tyranny that is rearing its ugly head in the United States today.  On Thursday, the Oswego County Legislature in New York State approved a resolution against’ parts of Governor Cuomo’s new gun laws.  The measure passed by a unanimous vote (25-0)!

The measure says Herr Cuomo’s new so-called Safe Act has a severe impact on guns that are used for safe recreation and self defense.  It argues that state lawmakers didn’t have enough time to review it before it was passed.

A copy of the resolution will be on its way to both Barack Obama and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The resolution also encourages public hearings to be held by lawmakers and encourages the representatives of Oswego County to submit written opinions about Cuomo’s so-called SAFE ACT.

Oswego is not the first to do this.  Madison and Herkimer counties have already passed similar resolutions and Ontario is poised to follow.

“We were just standing up for our constituents,” Terry Wilbur, said Thursday a legislator from Hannibal who is only 21, making him one of the youngest ever elected representatives to Oswego County Legislature.  “There are parts that are good, but there are parts that are bad,” he said. “We’re pretty disgusted with some of this.”  While he still promotes background checks and mental health screenings for firearms purchases, he says the overall law will do more harm than good.  “The fact of the matter is all of this is going to hurt law-abiding citizens,” he said.  He was also concerned about the county being able to pay the labor to carry out the state’s law.  “This is just us in Oswego County saying … ‘This isn’t good for us at all,’” Wilbur said.

Oswego County Sheriff Reuel Todd said, “The Constitution itself was not written in three days; there is no reason overnight to trample it,” he said.  “As it is right now, the way that bill is written and passed; my guys could have seven bullets in their magazines to fight against a guy that was heavily armed with 50 in his.  The ordinary citizens of this country deserve the right to be able to protect themselves.  The criminals are not going to bring in nor register their guns.”

Resident Joel Graham pointed out that only a handful of the murders in the state were committed “with long guns or those being attacked and labeled as assault weapons.”  He wondered why there was such a rush to judgment to disarm law abiding citizens from those types of weapons.  “Look at the woman in Georgia when the guy invaded her house, going after her two kids.  She went running into her closet and she unloaded five rounds into him.  He still got up and walked away.  She gets one more (and he doesn’t get away),” he said.

Rick McDermott, a representative of many sportsman organizations throughout the state and county, said he supports the county’s efforts.  He told legislators, “The Constitution allows us the right to keep and bear arms for many more reasons than what was stated by the governor in his state of the State speech.  It is not about hunting.  It is not about target shooting.  It is about defending our rights and a free America.”

“The governor has violated the constitution of the state of New York,” McDermott said.  He also violated the U.S. Constitution.  McDermott also pointed out that at the time of the founding of the nation, there were three types of military.  Today we know two of them as the US military and the National Guard.  But there is a third.
“The third is the militia, it is the people.  The people need to be there to defend the state and themselves when all the rest of forces are gone.  The state is actually negligent in providing that service to us – but they are very negligent in that they are eliminating that with the current law,” he continued.  “This law was passed in the dark of night.”

My friends, there are millions of patriots that are standing up for liberty and the Constitution.  They will not have the law of the land trampled under foot by zealous, emotional politicians who would violate the highest law in the country criminally creating unlawful laws in order to just make themselves look good and place a false sense of security around the people they govern, while not providing a shred of real security.  They are moving in the direction of slavery, not liberty.  They are making the people vulnerable and dangerously dependent, not secure, or safe.

It’s good to see counties like Oswego and others standing up for the law and for liberty against the tyrants in this country.  Are you willing to stand with them?

These protests are not just happing in the great state of New York my friend, they are going on all across America; a national day of resistance is called for on February 23, 2013.  Click on The Day Of Resistance  check the list to find out where the nearest rally is in your State.  Sign up and be there.  If the location says, Time TBD, then just show up as early as you can in the morning at the scheduled location.  And don’t violate the law, not yet anyway.

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you don’t peacefully protest now you may be forced to protest with violence later.  And if you do neither, you will lose your freedom altogether.  See you at the rally on the 23rd.

Be there…

Thank you for listening – de Andréa

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