Thursday, January 17, 2013

Herr Cuomo is an Idiot

Herr Cuomo is an Idiot

Well…he is not the only anti-American idiot control freak that is trying incrementally to BAN ALL GUNS in violation of U.S. Constitutional law, but he is one of the worst.  He and Mayor Bloomberg are trying to systematically destroy everything that Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani accomplished in reducing crime in NYC by increasing’ the amount of guns in the hands of law abiding citizens.

By de Andréa
January 16, 2013

I am writing this as a follow up to the article titled Achtung, Waffen Sind VerbotenIn that article I believe that I proved that Governor Cuomo was nothing but a programmed robot with no mind of his own.  But what I may have failed to point out was that he was also an idiot, I mean I really don’t think he has any normal brain function at all.  If Achdtung didn’t do it for you, well try this one…

As per usual, in spite of the new gun control laws, mass murderers will still have access to plenty of firepower under Cuomo’s new so-called assault-weapons ban.  The law makers are as usual total ignoramuses, especially when it comes to anything that has to do with guns and/or Constitutional law.  

But you see, the control of guns or even crime is not the issue here.  The ultimate goal for these programmed Nazi’s is government control of all law abiding citizens.  ‘Just exactly’ what the Framers were trying to prevent with the passage of the Second Amendment.  …“being necessary to the security of a Free State,”…

You really must take a look at this…  These two Benelli MR1 rifles are identical except for one thing, the stock design.  But according to Cuomo the one at the top is ‘illegal’ to own in the state of New York because the design of the pistol grip on the one at the top is longer, and sticks out, it’s dangerous…I guess, while the lower one is smaller and doesn’t protrude.  And because of that, the lower one is perfectly legal under the gun law signed by Gov. Cuomo this week.  I wonder if this dangerous pistol grip thing would have made a difference to the 20 dead children at Sandy Hook. Moreover, I wonder why he doesn’t outlaw those dangerous pistols grips on ‘pistols’, aaaugh, go figure…Idiots!

The law also bans magazines holding more than seven rounds, yet the new anti-American gun law has no provision limiting the number of magazines one can buy or possess.  One legislator actually suggested limiting magazines to one round.  This of course would eliminate the purpose of a magazine altogether because it would now be a single shot.  One had better be a crack shot at self-defense.  

So a Newtown- or Aurora-style mass-murderer (if he was a law abiding citizen) could simply bring dozens of legal-capacity magazines, which could be swapped out in just a little more than one second during a shooting spree.  A 30-round magazine is no more dangerous than two 15-round magazines, or more dangerous than three 10-round magazines, or more dangerous than six 5-round magazines, or in the case of one idiot, thirty- 1 round magazines…well… you get the idea, it’s a cinch that governor Cuomo of NY doesn’t.  It takes just a second or so to change a seven round magazine in a semiautomatic gun and then suddenly one would have 14 or more rounds at their deposal.  Well…you do the math!

Moreover, the ignorant NY state lawmaker thinks that the way one grips the weapon determines how dangerous it is.  I really doubt that Cuomo or Bloombat sorry ‘berg’, knows which end of the rifle to hold much less which end is the sharp end. 

But you see none of this computes with his ignorant robot program.  Remember people like Cuomo don’t have the advantage of actually thinking like some of us common folk do.  So we should really feel sorry for these brain-dead people…NAWT!  I don’t know…maybe these people are just smoking too many funny cigarettes. 

As I have so often said…Gun control is obviously not about the control of guns, it’s about the control of people!  You see this is what their brain-dead indoctrinated programming is actually leading them to do in the first place.  It’s Hitler’s Fourth Reich!

Are you anti-American, anti-Freedom, anti-Gun robot Nazis getting this???

Oh!  I didn’t mean you, I meant the other guys…  

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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