Thursday, December 15, 2011

In Defense of Capitalism

Corporatism or Cronyism Isn’t Capitalism

By de Andréa

As “Occupy Wall Street” and anti-capitalism protests gain popularity as the culprit in the ensuing financial collapse and unemployment issue, it is ignorance of just what capitalism is, and more importunately is not, that fuels the ongoing protest. Ignorance is why the bad guys don’t get caught.

Corporatism and its resulting Cronyism are an invention of the Federal Government for the purpose of taxing profits, for the redistribution of wealth and securing dependency of the masses. Corporations, although used in the capitalistic infrastructure, was a tax on the evil profits, the cash-cow invented by the government to finance the growth of big government and the social dependency of the common people.

The truth is - that capitalism is the greatest socio-economic system in human history, because it’s so ‘moral’ and so ‘productive’ - the two features so essential to human survival. It’s moral because it enshrines and fosters rationality and self-interest, the two key virtues we all must consciously adopt and practice if we’re to pursue and attain life and love, health and wealth, adventure and inspiration. It produces not only material-economic abundance but it produces both the aesthetic and sometimes not so moral values seen in the arts and entertainment.

But what is capitalism, exactly? How do we know it when we see it or have it -- or when we haven’t, or don’t?

These aren’t easily-answered questions. Even though everyone has benefited from capitalism, for more than a century it has had more critics than champions. The ‘controlling elitist critics’ have given biased or a bigoted portrayal of what they project is a demonic system. These critics despise capitalism’s Biblical root ethic (self-interest and responsibility) as “evil”, then blithely spin the truth, and report the system harms human beings or sabotages societal peace and prosperity. Anti-capitalist prejudice has been perpetuated for decades by elitist parents, teachers, and preachers alike. They claim that to benefit yourself (egoism) is bad, but to hypocritically benefit and serve others, especially if it is forced at our own expense or sacrifice (altruism, or “other-ism”) is good – that it’s better to give than receive, to be our “brother’s keeper,” to serve or suffer rather than profit or enjoy. If these are such good virtues, and they are, then why must they be perpetuated and mandated, forced or controlled by government?

In truth, capitalism, “the free society”, means people trade value-for-value to mutually beneficial gain. And thereby one can attain the wealth to voluntarily give to others and be ones brother’s keeper as God blesses us. While the socialistic philosophy is that the government is at the center of wealth and ‘it’ is the god that supplies all of our needs.

Historically, capitalism is only about 250 years old – a mere flick of the clock hand relative to mankind’s total time on earth so far (roughly 6000 years, and less than 4000 years in the Americas). Capitalism arose during the Renaissance (1500s-1600s) and the Enlightenment period (1700s), which entailed a re-birth of reason, self-confidence, culture, and commerce – in short, the pursuit of one’s own personal happiness. This was in sharp contrast to what had preceded it for a millennium of superstition, ignorance, oppression, torture, and economic poverty, imposed by church and state alike, amid religious Medievalism and the Dark Ages.

Capitalism has been co-extant with the Scientific Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, and the Political Revolution, the last of which was realized in the U.S. Constitution (1787), which soon also abolished the archaic belief of slavery, a carryover from the oppression of government controlled socialism.

The question of “what is capitalism,” exactly – and likewise, regarding its main rivals, what is “statism,” “socialism,” “social democracy,” “Communism,” “Fascism,” or “Corporatism” – shouldn’t be a matter of mere semantics. These are real political systems affecting real people, whether for good or ill. Political systems are free, un-free and oppressive, or mixed. We cannot legitimately make up terms or equivocate (i.e., switch meanings from one argument to the next, to evade or twist the logic) about these political systems.

We do need however to look down the road we have now embarked on, to see just where it leads. Our once free capitalistic economy has now become a mix of mandated socialism and a not so true free enterprise system that made this country great for everyone, even those that chose not to participate. And as we mistakenly blame Capitalism for our woes, we will shed our freedom and prosperity for oppressive Social Communism where everyone is supposedly equal, equally oppressed, and dependently poor.

Capitalism has been blamed for the Great depression of the thirties and the Recession of 2007-2009 and for the financial crisis and bailouts of 2008, but it is not “capitalism” but the mixed economy of Statism, Corporatism, and ‘elitist Cronyism’ that caused the failure.

We’ve had corporatism in the U.S. for roughly the past century disguised as capitalism, and it’s getting worse over time; it’s also the system we’ve seen in Europe since at least the time of Germany’s Otto von Bismarck, who launched the womb-to-tomb welfare state in the 1870s. In the interim, of course, Europe also imposed communism, socialism, and fascism. The result, we know, was mass murder, world war, and the continent-wide destruction of wealth.

Capitalism’s greatest intellectual champion, Ayn Rand (1905-1982), once defined it as “a social system based on the recognition of freedom, individual rights, including property rights, in which all property is privately owned.” This recognition of genuine rights (not “rights” to force others to get us what we wish) is all-crucial and it has a distinctive moral foundation, according to Rand: “The recognition of individual rights entails the banishment of physical force from human relationships: fundamentally, rights can only be violated by means of force. In a capitalist society, no man or group may initiate the use of physical force against others. The only function of the government, in such a society, is the task of protecting man’s rights, i.e., the task of protecting him from physical force. The government acts as the agent of man’s right of self-defense, and may use force only in retaliation and only against those who initiate its use; thus the government is the means of placing the retaliatory use of force under objective control. The moral justification of capitalism does not lie in the altruist claim that it represents the best way to achieve “the common good.” It is true that capitalism does—if that catch-phrase has any meaning—but this is merely a secondary consequence. The moral justification of capitalism lies in the fact that it is the only system consonant with man’s rational nature, that it protects man’s survival qua man, and that its ruling principle is justice.”

Elaborating, Rand explained in Capitalism The Unknown Ideal (1966) that historically, politically, economically, and morally, capitalism was the superior socio-economic system, yet also how, for decades, its achievements and virtues had been hidden and buried deliberately by those wannabe power hungry dictators in an avalanche of prejudice, distortion, and falsehood. Rand argued that capitalism is’ a moral ideal, but unlike most Idealistic theories and philosophies it was made real, and to the greatest extent, in America in the 19th century, especially during the Gilded Age (1865-1890). Thus she called the U.S. “the greatest, the noblest and, in its original founding principles, the only moral country in the history of the world.”

Most people today can’t even fathom (let alone endorse or advocate) a government that’s strictly limited to protecting each person’s right to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. They assume a government must be controlled by some pressure group or another, in a “zero-sum game” of unavoidable exploitation – that “power” is ubiquitous and ineradicable, while the only question is who wields the big stick and who wins and who loses.

According to French economist and philosopher Fredrick Bastiat “The only purpose of law and government in a free sociality is to protect the rights of its people.”

They say “timocracy” is rule by the military for the sole benefit of the military, that “plutocracy” is rule by the rich for the sole sake of the rich, that “socialism” is rule by labor for the sake only of labor, that “capitalism” is rule by capitalists (or Wall Street bankers) for the singular benefit of capitalists, and that “democracy” is rule by people (i.e., the majority) at the expense of the minority. While this may be true to one extent or the other, notice, by this bizarre approach – with its hidden premise that there can be no harmony of interests among people – that no space is permitted for a political system of liberty, justice and equality (for all) before the law. Why not? Call such a system what you will (semantics aren’t the issue), yet ask: why isn’t this one of the possible systems to choose from? Why is it not an option? Indeed, given what we know from history and human nature, why isn’t it the only system worth adopting? Because capitalism means that there is no-one at the helm, no-one in control but God, that’s why. And today’s political “thinkers” can only imagine a system controlled by a government that is in turn controlled by one distinct group or another, which then by force, systematically oppresses its rivals.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Capitalism is a direct result of freedom. The freedom to pursue the direction of ones own life, whether good or bad, wealth or wanton, happiness or loss. Moreover, the destruction of capitalism will directly result in the destruction of freedom, and the destruction of independence. As the opposite of independence is dependence, the opposite of the freedom of capitalism is the oppression of socialism.

Think about it the next time you vote for a government entitlement or handout.

A free lunch is few and far between and only leaves a bad taste in your mouth…

de Andréa

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christians Protest Against - Christians Protesting Against Islam

This, my friend is how Islam will destroy the West. Ignorance leads to deception, to enablement, and to cultural destruction.

By de Andréa

Source: From an article found in the Detroit Free Press
“Christians streamed into Ford Field on Friday for a 24-hour prayer event led by a controversial group as about 150 protesters demonstrated outside,”
read the opening lines in an article titled “Prayer Event In Downtown Detroit Prompts Protests”

My first thought was…‘The protest must be from local Muslims’, since Detroit, as many Michigan cities, is fast becoming predominantly Muslim. It shouldn’t have been a surprise to me because I know most Christians haven’t a clue to whom or what Islam really is, but nevertheless it was the ignorant Christians of Islmic Detroit who were protesting the informed Christians from the State of Kansas who came to Detroit to protest Islamic takeover of Detroit. ‘I hope that made some sense’.

Chanting, “Stop the ‘hate and spread the ‘love,” said the protesters “the prayer rally inside the stadium promotes division and hatred”. Led by what the Detroit Free press called “a controversial preacher Lou Engle of Kansas”, It Said “the event was organized and promoted by a group that often criticizes Muslims, gays, Catholics, Jews and African Americans. Members have used militaristic language against a variety of people, especially Muslims in metro Detroit.”

Just for the record, there were African Americans in attendance at the Prayer vigil from Kansas. I don’t know if there were any gays Catholics, Jews, or Muslims in attendance but I kind-a doubt it because, it was after all a Christian Prayer Rally, now wasn’t it?

“Their message is not one of inclusion, it’s of hate,” said Jennifer Teed of Detroit, a so-called Christian protester who opposed Engle’s prayer event. “I don’t see how that’s religious at all.” Teed held a sign in English and Arabic that read, “All are people” and “Standing on the Side of Love.”

Well it may not be “RELIGIOUS” Jen…but again just for the record: There is no love in Islam. Love is not taught in the Quran. The Quran is the book from Hell. It was written by a man called Muhammad and inspired by a god called Satan who now calls himself Allah. So “ALL” are not ‘people standing on the Side of Love.’

I find it interesting that inclusion is prohibited by Scripture - we are not to be yoked with unbelievers and we ‘are’ to live as a separate people. “Inclusion” is a feel good multi-cultural politically correct trap set by Satan.

Yes we are to love our enemies but that doesn’t mean we should join them, support, or include them in our circle of friends or in our churches as some so-called Christian churches have already done. This is Christianity out of whack, we have gone beyond enabling and have now become the defenders’ of Hell, against Gods people. Read a previous article titled Chrislam, How Does This Happen and watch the interview of Lauren Green of Fox News titled Churches Open Doors to Muslim Worship pay particular attention to the spokesperson of the church saying, while defending the sharing of their Christian Church FACILITIES with Muslims, that …well we are not FACILITATING Islam! I so’ hope you get the point and made the connection…obviously the spokes person didn’t.

The article went on to say: “Engle and the organizers of the prayer event, known as The Call, have repeatedly targeted local Muslims, saying they are under demonic control. They have tried to include local clergy, but over the past week, a growing number of ministers have denounced Engle.” Guess what my dear ignorantly deceived city of Detroit; Muslims “are' under demonic control” And if you don’t wake up soon, you will be too!

Outside Ford Field, the protesters featured Baptist, Catholic, and Methodist pastors who criticized Engle. (I can just see him putting out his chest in a pharisaical fashion saying) “I’m about the separation of faith and hate,” said the Rev. Ed Rowe of Central United Methodist Church in Detroit. “You can’t hate and be righteous,” [like me] said Germany Bennett, pastor of True Oracles of God, a Detroit church. “Hatred is a sin, and 'we' believe in love.”

Oh! Contraire my ignorantly deceived self righteous pastors, God said to love what is good and hate what is evil. While there may be a fine line between loving the person who is a Muslim and hating Islam --- as a Christian one must fight against the evils of Satan and Islam is directly from Hell my ignorant friend. As Christians are said to be children of God, by the same token, self-proclaimed Muslims are children of Satan. We need to find the balance of God’s teachings in our spirit. And until we recognize this, we will not effectively minister to the Muslim community and so we will lose this battle.

The Rev. Charles Williams of Historic Solomon Baptist Church in Detroit said, “Engle is promoting an extremist agenda that is anti-Detroit and anti-minority. God did not call us to hate,” Williams said.

Well… Why not just call them racists too while your at it pastor??? Extremists are they! Is it extreme to hate oppression? Is it extreme to hate the murder of anyone that is not a Muslim? It is extreme to hate bondage, slavery, and extortion pastor. Is it extreme to hate the mutilation and murder of women? All this and more wonderful horrifying laws are taught in the Quran and the Hadith pastors, you might want to find out just who and what Islam is before you yoke yourself with it and support it instead of protesting those who have. Didn’t Jesus say “take the plank out of you own eye so that you may see the speck in your brothers eye”?

Cheryl Voglesong of Royal Oak held up a sign that read: “Take Thy Fear mongering back to Kansas. We don’t want it. I’m a Christian, and we’ve lived peacefully with Muslims for 100 years in Detroit,” she said. “Lou Engle and these guys are coming here to attack them, that’s crazy.”

You might want to read resent history about the country of Lebanon Ms. Voglesong. Lebanon was a Christian Democracy much like America until just a few short years ago. Not for just a hundred years, but for more than a thousand years the Lebanese lived ignorantly with the Warm Fuzzy Muslims, in their neighborhoods, in their businesses, in their schools, in their government and today instead of Lebanon being a Christian Free Democracy it is a tyrannically oppressed Islmic State, ruled by Hisbala Muslim terrorists.

This is because the Christians of Lebanon were just like the Christians of Detroit. Ignorant, Deceived, Enabling and as a result they were Destroyed. Those are the four steps to the destruction of a Christian culture and it has been repeated over and over and over again throughout the past 1401 years all over the world. The Christians from Kansas might be extremists, but the Christians in Detroit are ignorant, deceived, enabling and it is destroying Detroit and the State of Michigan. The state of Michigan now has a larger population of Muslims than the entire country of Afghanistan. And Islam completely controls some cities that once sported a Christian church on every corner. Today the church bells are silent and if we don’t start being “Extreme” soon Christians will be silenced as well.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Just down the road of time and because of the blind Christian benevolence, all of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Americas as well as the rest of the world will be ruled by our Warm Fuzzy Muslim neighborhood friends that we have been living with for hundreds of years.

Pastors…Where do you think the antichrist is coming from? Just a hint, it will not be from Iceland. The Bible says he will come from the countries surrounding Israel. Today for the first time in history all countries surrounding Israel are Islamic States, controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood… (The revived Ottoman Empire)

Think long and hard about it… And then you might want to pray that God will revive you!

de Andréa

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Muslims Take Over Yet Another Christian College

Muslims are getting smarter as they move their stealth Jihad of infiltration through the Western cultures of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Americas. Oh yes! And for those of you that live in Rio Linda… right here at home too. Ugh!

By de Andréa

Muslims are getting smarter. They have learned some lessons in the past 1401 years, not only from experience, but from history- would that we could do just a little of that.

Catholic World News reports that Muslims attending Catholic University of America in Washington DC are using our nation’s anti-discrimination laws against the University: “Muslim students have lodged a another complaint against the Catholic University of America, this time claiming that they are the victims of illegal discrimination because the school does not set aside space for Islamic prayer.” Aw shucks…did anyone tell them that “Catholic University” was a…well…a Catholic University --- and not a Confucius, or Buddhist, or an Islamic University? I guess that would have been too confusing.

A little history

Historical Communist leaders, especially Antonio Gramsci (1891–1937) broke from the violent revolutionary methods of the early Marxists. Today’s smarter Muslims would rather wait to blow up stuff. Like the Gramsci Communists before them, they are working to take over our culture first, from the inside by using our laws against us. No shot needs to be fired. No building needs to be blown up. At least not yet anyway! They are going after the foundational institutions: schools, media, politics, and the courts. This was Gramsci’s contribution to the “Cultural Revolution”. While Gramsci remained a committed Communist, he was a new-breed of Communist. To change the culture, of a country from the inside Gramsci argued, “would require a ‘long march through the institutions’ — the arts, cinema, theater, schools, colleges, seminaries, newspapers, magazines, and the new electronic medium [of the time], radio.”

The complaint to the human-rights commission of the District of Columbia is backed by John Banzhaf, a law professor at neighboring George Washington University, another private Christian University taken over by Islam. Banzhaf has already filed a complaint against Catholic University, alleging sex discrimination, in response to the school’s decision to abolish coed dorms.

So why would Muslims want to attend a Catholic University in the first place? Like everything else, to take it over of course. You don’t believe me? Folks this is why Muslims are here, or did you think is was our food, our fashion in clothes our camels or our breed of horses or maybe our freedom of speech that they love so much???

Why in our own history did humanists attend Christian colleges like Harvard and Yale? To take them over. Oh yes! Harvard and Yale both were also once Christian colleges. The early mottos of Harvard for example were -“Truth for Christ and the Church” and “For the Glory of Christ.” When a student entered Harvard, he would have been introduced to the school’s foundational principles… “Let every Student be plainly instructed, and earnestly pressed to consider well, the main end of his life and studies is, to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life (John 17:3) and therefore to lay Christ in the bottom, as the only foundation of all sound knowledge and Learning. And seeing the Lord only giveth wisdom, let every one seriously set himself by prayer in secret to seek it of him (Prov. 2:3).”

Why would an unbeliever go to Harvard? Certainly to get a good education, but also just as the Muslims do now, they wanted to incrementally transform the college. Today, Harvard is a bastion of secularism, promoting among other things, Humanism, and social communism.

We first saw these new tactics when a group of Muslim students at Christian Trinity University in Texas wanted the words “in the year of Our Lord” removed from their diplomas. “A diploma is a very personal item, and people want to proudly display it in their offices and homes.” Said Sidra Qureshi, a Muslim, and president of “Trinity Diversity Connection”, (code name for transforming a culture to the oppression of Islam…) “By having the phrase ‘In the Year of Our Lord,’ it is directly referencing Jesus Christ, and not everyone believes in Jesus Christ.” Of course what she is really saying is that everyone on the planet is ruled by the Islamic law of Sharia. So it should say…”In the year of our god Satan” Excuse me “Allah”. Well… same thing!

The debate started in 2009 when Isaac Medina, a Muslim convert from Guadalajara, Mexico, noticed the wording when he saw pre-made diploma frames in the Trinity bookstore. Muslims have been attacking Christianity since the inception of their religion. They’ve spotted a weakness in our system, the attempt to be diverse and benevolent at any cost, even if it costs us the one thing that made this nation great — its Christian foundation. Muslims totally understand this; most Christians’ haven’t a clue. The Muslim demand for diversity is a wedge to get their foot in your door, open it wide enough for others to follow behind, then once in’, they will pool their collective energies and force Christians and the Kaffaar (non Muslims) into the slavery of oppressive tyranny.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Sound familiar? It should, stealth Islamic Jihadists are repeating this same proven strategy over and over again, not only in our schools but in all fascists of our community and Western Culture, such as government, airports, the work place even in Christian churches.

But this is the way - the dhimmah (Christian or Kaffaar slaves) are expected to behave. And like the good dhimmah that we are, we ignorantly bow in servitude to Islam, enabling Islam in the demise of our Judeao Christian culture our Constitution and our freedom.

Keep up the good work America! Soon we will all build our tents to face Mecca. Wear a Hijaab, ride our green non polluting camels to work, and gladly pay the Jizya to give us just one more day of life as slaves of Sharia. Sounds like a plan…

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together???


de Andréa

Muslims Can’t Pray To A Catholic Cross

Several years ago the historic university accepted funds from a Saudi prince. Now Saudi Arabia owns George Washington ‘U’

By de Andrea

George Washington University President John Garvey pictured standing in front of one of the many campus crosses that used to adorn the university (Photo by Rafael Crisostomo)

“Crosses in every room at Washington D.C.’s Catholic University of America are a Sharia violation that prevent Muslim students from praying”, reads the opening remarks of an article on Beliefnet News about a suit by a Muslim organization.

I… am nearly speechless. No! Not because Muslim students say the crosses prevent them from praying, that is totally understandable. What I am nearly speechless about is that this is even an Issue, much less a surprise. I mean really do they teach anything at our colleges anymore that is true, informative, in touch with reality or useful.

Come on! This is Muslim 101, crosses and church bells are strictly forbidden in a Muslim school, or anywhere in Islam. Any Muslim child knows that! But…you say, this is a Catholic University! This is a Christian nation!

Oh contraire my pathetically ignorant deceived enabling blind self destructive dhimmahic slave. There are Muslims here in America--- that makes this an Islamic State. There are Muslims in George Washington University and in the Catholic University of America that makes them Muslim colleges. And the icing on the Islmic camel dung heap is that Islam donated Funds to G.W.U. and they were foolishly and ignorantly (that’s much to kind) stupidly accepted.

My friend! Don’t you know according to Sharia Law the whole world is the Nation of Islam and anywhere Muslims are present Sharia is enforced, Period. There is nothing to negotiate. Muslims do not compromise, Muslims do not assimilate, and at best you are the subordinate dhimmah slaves who pay a Jizya tribute for the privilege of living. If you violate Sharia in any way you are marked for death, Period. No plea, no trial by jury, no expectation of the presumption of innocence no nothing… This is the religion from hell folks, just when… Christians especially--- are we going to get off of our lazy brain dead bum’s and educate ourselves about the very simple fundamentals of this satanic enemy? Their god Satan AKA’ Allah just can’t stand to be anywhere near “THE CROSS”. This should be no surprise, its elementary…

NOW do you understated why they say that they CANNOT pray in the presence of the Cross that Jesus Christ died on to pay for the sins of the world yes He died even for Muslims the children of HELL! Maybe we should tell them that!

If this was something the college did not want to deal with, then why did they accept Satan’s money and invite Satan’s kids into their school. As I said at the beginning, I am nearly speechless.
Do you really think Muslims come to a Catholic college because they want to become good little Catholics and say the rosary or do penance? Or maybe it’s because the Catholics have good toaster strudel. Come on… wake up my deceived friends they came to change the school into an Islmic Madrassa; they came to this country to change it into an Islamic state.

The problem here - is not that the Muslims can’t pray in the presence of the Cross, although that may be their problem, it certainly isn’t ours. The very profound problem here is, that by the time we, the Judeao Christian West begin to understand the simplest fundamental facts about Islam we the “People of the Book” will be the slaves of the Dhimmah Pack. Folks read the Quran, read the Hadith, it’s even in the Bible that the antichrist will come from the Middle East. Read your history books, no, not the new ones, the Muslims that have infiltrated the Dept of Education have rewritten them, get an old one, pre 1960’s, and you will see the repeat of Islamic history over and over again. They do not change, and they do not stop. They did not come here for our babouches (sandals) or our kufi, and they are not here for our Big Mac’s or our dune buggies. The same historical ignorant deception is taking place right here before our very eyes that has been repeated in every Islamic country in the world. And we ignorantly make the same mistake and enable, and support them to our own demise.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I will not apologize for being so truthful and direct. The time is long’ past for diplomacy. We just must understand that we have either to convert all Muslims to our Western Culture today, or deport them tomorrow. This, my friend is the foundation of the Christian Crusades more that a thousand years ago. They waited to long and a 200 year bloody war was the result. If we don’t act now Islam’s Hizb ut-Tahrir حزب التحرير will bury us in the satanic oppression of Islamic tyranny. (Look it up!) “Insanity, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. - Albert Einstein. It shouldn’t take an Albert Einstein to figure this out, after all, I did!

de Andréa

Thursday, November 10, 2011

American Jihad

Just because one cannot see the unholy war of Islam against America, it doesn’t mean that it is not here. What it means is… one is deaf, dumb, blind, and ignorantly deceived. And because of our ignorance and deception, we are enabling our own demise and losing this destructive war…

By de Andréa

Currently nearly 3 million Muslims legally reside within the borders of the United States and an estimated 300 thousand more illegal Muslims have poured through our open unprotected borders with the blessings of our Muslim president. Although they live in every state in the U.S. the majority of them live and very nearly control the state of Michigan. They block streets in NYC and in Washington DC to pray to their god Allah. They live their lives according to Islamic Sharia law, the Immoral, and supremacist code of the Islamic Ideology.

But when Muslims bring legal disputes into U.S. courts, for some unknown reason a legal dilemma often arises, pitting Islamic Sharia law against individual rights guaranteed by American law, and the U.S. Constitution.

Increasingly, U.S. courts have yielded to Sharia. In effect, our own judicial system is failing to adhere to the very laws that govern this country. Sharia advocates are overturning our long-held legal traditions to follow the precepts laid down by an ideology much like Nazism, and whose laws are at odds with our U.S. legal and cultural history.

American law is built on the foundation of Judeo-Christian values and traditions. These have always operated under the precept, "Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's.” This foundational premise under the secular governing structure created the historic distinction between religious leadership and secular authority in the United States. This unique marriage of Judeao/Christian values at the foundation of our legal culture is now being threatened, by a culture of evil brutality that leaves no room for any law but Sharia, and has infiltrated, encroached and invaded the American legal system from our law schools to our courts.

There are now more than 50 cases, which received limited or no media coverage, that illustrate failure by the courts to maintain the integrity of local, state and federal laws.
For just a few examples, see the recent report from the Center for Security Policy, "Sharia Law and American State Courts: An Assessment of State Appellate Court Cases".

Our legal system must insure that constitutional guarantees are not influenced by any outside legal systems, including religious or foreign laws, such as Sharia, which are hostile to our legal traditions. Although some states have past legislation that prohibits any foreign law from influencing law in state courts, Sharia is still running rampant in the rest of the country as well as in our Federal Courts.

Sharia Law

Sharia is Satan’s law, and where there are Muslims, it stands above all laws. This immutable Islamic legal doctrine derived from the Koran and other Islamic texts from Hell. Its interpretations, and rulings, mandates gender apartheid, religious discrimination, Muslim supremacy, cruel punishments and torture, and the denial of free speech and religion, among other things. Requirements are detailed for every aspect of life, from the correct use of the toilet to food to the subjection and enslavement of non-Muslims to proper wife-beating techniques.

Islamic doctrine recognizes men as superior to women in all matters and thus promotes the unequal treatment of women. Under Sharia, the list of inequalities include, a woman's testimony is valued at half that of a man's, she may be convicted of sexual misconduct if she is raped unless she produces four male witnesses. She receives half the inheritance of male offspring, her husband may freely divorce her without providing for her welfare, she may be raped with impunity, and she may be beaten or killed as her husband sees fit. All these abuses, which violate U.S. laws for equal treatment of the sexes, are perfectly acceptable under Sharia law.

Sharia law requires the segregation of Muslims from non-Muslims, assigns a subservient status to non-Muslims called the dhimmah, forbids certain religious activities and observances and mandates death for Muslims who leave the faith -- all of which violate religious freedom, equal treatment under the law, and other guarantees of the U.S. constitution.

Jewish Law and Christian Canon Law

Many who defend rulings that follow Islamic doctrine or Sharia make spurious comparisons to Jewish law and Catholic or Christian Canon law. These comparisons are disingenuous because the distinctions couldn't be more striking between Sharia law and the laws of Jews and Christians. The fact is that Jesus Christ came to set man free from the law, and not to be in bondage to it.

Islamic law or Sharia is supremacist and oppressive. The Koran commands Muslims to change secular laws to conform to Sharia and/or to impose Sharia worldwide. In Muslim countries, the mosque is both the state and the court. Disobeying Sharia will be punished by flogging or death. By contrast, Jewish (Halacha) and Christian Canon laws are never imposed even for Jews and Christians, respectively. Under Jewish law and Canon law, any two parties in a dispute can choose to seek and follow a decision rendered by a religious court, but they are always free to pursue secular redress. In fact, Jews and Christians are required to follow secular law and are under no obligation whatsoever to abide by Jewish or Catholic Church doctrine. The dictum in Jewish law of "Dina d'malchuta dina" translates to "the law of the land is law" and recognizes non-Jewish laws and non-Jewish legal jurisdiction as binding on Jewish citizens. Jewish law does not operate under a supremacist power structure like Islamic doctrine. It is unenforceable, and it is not a replacement for constitutional law.

In contradiction to Church doctrine, for example Catholic men and women can freely initiate divorces without fear of punishment. A Catholic woman can even have an abortion, although abortion is condemned by the Catholic Church. Catholics can be excommunicated from the church, but this doesn't affect their individual liberties or impose criminal punishments or penalties.

Unlike Islamic Sharia, Jewish law and Canon law have no provisions for taking lives, criminal penalties, or monetary compensation for non-money damages. No doctrinal basis exists to create a worldwide Jewish or Catholic government like an Islamic caliphate, nor is there a religious mandate for martyrdom similar to a jihad to fulfill Judaic or Catholic devotion. If a Christian woman engaged in an extramarital affair, she would not be sentenced to death by stoning as she would be under Islamic doctrine. If her father or brother murdered her for her impropriety, they would be incarcerated for life or receive the death penalty by the appropriate authorities...and certainly not be praised for maintaining family honor, as is the case with Sharia. Catholics Christians and Jews are free to change their religions without the threat of punishment of death as it is under the supreme and barbaric law of Sharia.

While Sharia is immutable, Jewish and Canon law has evolved over time to embrace new interpretations. Jewish law allows the latitude for judicial discretion, and innovations are frequently proposed and instituted. Christian Canon has also changed with varying circumstances and has a rich historic basis of evolution, beginning with the First Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Clearly, Sharia is at odds with everything enshrined in our Constitution to honor and preserve individual liberties and freedom. Sharia stands in opposition to equal protection under the law for both of the sexes, all religions, all races, and all ethnicities. Ultimately Sharia replaces the constitution with the objective of submitting to Allah/Satan’s law, which denies freedom, equality, tolerance, and justice. Unfortunately, the United States is now on a slippery slope to allow Sharia to quarter in our American courtrooms. To permit this insidious divergence from U.S. and state law threatens the basic principles and liberties that Americans hold dear. In essence, Sharia law is antithetical to the American concepts of freedom and equality that are given to all human beings by the God of creation that is documented in our Declaration of Independent [Americans].

The purpose of Sharia is to totally control every aspect of mankind world wide. Any independent thinking human being, Atheist, Agnostic, Buddhist, Shinto, Confucianist, Hindu, Christian, or Jew, who would read Sharia law, would identify it with something from the depths of Hell itself. It is the most immoral, evil, barbaric and deceptive ideology on the planet. And it is a bigger threat to the ‘Free Judeao-Christian West’ than all the WMD the world can produce.

While we fight for the defense of the Middle East in Afghanistan and Iraq, we are losing a much larger nearly silent battle right here in our own country. Soon our military our government, and our culture will be irrelevant if this war against Sharia isn’t fought in our towns, cities, and in our state and congressional legislatures. If left up to the courts we as Americans will be at best reduced to slaves of Islamic Sharia, or at worst be reduced to human targets for the pleasure of Allah, the satanic god of Islam.

You still have a choice to fight!

Or not…

de Andréa

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


So…Just what is a eugenic? The dictionary defines it as “The Science for the improvement of hereditary qualities.” The U.S. Supreme Court said it was necessary for a “…society to prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind.” Individuals were labeled 'degenerate’, ‘feeble-minded’ based on dirty clothing, or unkempt appearances, then they were sterilized.

By de Andréa

This is an example of a government program run amuck. This story not only exposes just how perverted government programs can get, but how governments skew and pervert the words that identify them, making them deceptively reasonable, throwing all moral values and humanity to the four winds.

Performing ‘any’ surgical procedure without the patient's consent in itself, should raise serious legal questions. But the U.S. Supreme Court, the Judicial branch of the Federal government that is charged with (would you believe) upholding the U.S. Constitution, illegally upheld forced sterilization in the 1927 case of Buck vs. Bell, which challenged Virginia's "race betterment" law.

Where perversion leads
The Nazi program of "race hygiene", under which some 2 million Germans were sterilized, came out of that very ruling the U.S. Supreme Court made upholding the eugenic serialization laws in the 1927.

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, noted for his free-speech decisions, wrote a callous brain-dead opinion that approved the sterilization of Carrie Buck, a 17-year-old girl who was labeled as feeble-minded. Carrie Buck was not mentally retarded or abnormal in any way but was sterilized because she had a child out of wedlock, and was considered "morally delinquent.” Well she may have been delinquent, but is that a good reason to cause entire nations to become morally corrupt?

Holmes wrote that "instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for a crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind."

Encouraged by this ruling, sterilization advocates took their campaign abroad. The leading American eugenicist, Harry Laughlin, who never met Buck but testified at her court hearing that she was a "low-grade moron," helped to draft Hitler’s Nazi regime's "race hygiene" law, under which some 2 million Germans were sterilized.

It's time for California to make amends for one of the most horrific and shameful episodes in the state's history. Between 1909 and 1979, more than 20,000 people in California were robbed of their reproductive abilities through a state program of forced sterilization. Under the misleading guise of "race betterment," doctors at California's state hospitals sterilized those who were considered "unfit to propagate." I personally remember a sister-in-law of mine who had Downs Syndrome, and was serialized under the program. I remember at the time the family said it seemed like a good idea.

The origins of California's forced-sterilization program lie in the misnamed eugenics movement of the early 20th century. The term fundamentally means, "Good breeding", and stemmed from efforts to improve plant and livestock breeds. But those who believed that "degenerates" (anyone who was not quite as equal as they were, and the "feeble-minded" (one should take a closer look at just who was feeble minded here) should be prevented from having child[ren], the elite politicians launched campaigns for state laws to force the sterilization of people with such deficiencies.

In 1907, Indiana became the first state to pass a forced-sterilization law, and California followed suit in 1909. Thirty states ultimately enacted such laws, and some 64,000 people -- most of them poor, young women -- were subjected to the surgeon's knife without their consent.

In California, most involuntary sterilizations were performed on patients in state mental hospitals. More than half were diagnosed as manic- depressive or schizophrenic, when in truth most were simply "burdens" on state institutions.

In 1921, the director of the California Agnew State Hospital urged the sterilization of a female patient because she was "depressed" and "further pregnancies would be a hindrance for her remaining stable.” The state director of hospitals in the early 1920s, Dr. Frederick Hatch, sent dozens of "eugenics field workers" into poor neighborhoods, looking for sterilization candidates. One historian wrote of this program: "Individuals were labeled 'degenerate' or 'feeble-minded' based on dirty clothing or an unkempt appearance. Children were labeled 'imbecile' based on a glance from across the room."

California's longtime attorney general, U.S. Webb, urged sterilization for "inebriates, prostitutes, tramps, and habitual paupers found in our county poor-asylums.” The eugenics movement gradually lost influence, through scientific debunking of claims that "moral delinquency" was inherited and through revulsion at its Nazi connections. But the last forced-sterilization law was not repealed until 1979. In recent years, advocates for the mentally and physically disabled have begun redress campaigns for the victims of these laws.

During the last year, four governors have responded with apologies on their states' behalf. Last May, Virginia's governor, Mark Warner, expressed his "sincere apology" to the 8,000 victims of his states law and said, "the eugenics movement was a shameful effort in which state government never should have been involved." In December, then-Gov. John Kitzhaber of Oregon acknowledged the "great wrong" done in the name of eugenics to 2,600 "vulnerable, helpless citizens" of his state. The same month, Gov. Mike Easley of North Carolina said, "I deeply apologize to the victims and their families for this past injustice, and for the pain and suffering they had to endure over the years." Then-Gov. Jim Hodges of South Carolina issued the most recent state apology, on Jan. 8.

California sterilized more of its residents than these four states combined -- close to a third of the national total.

THE BOTTOM LINE: So what does one say about this early form of contraception? What, if any moral lesson could we gleen from this perverted Government program? Just how many brain-dead, warped minded, do-gooder programs are now in effect in our society with no attention paid to the long term effects of some of these perverted agendas?

Should we take a long look at abortion for example? The results being the murder of more than 50 million innocent Americans, and the resulting demise of yet another social program called Social Security because we are short 50 million workers to support the program. And then there are same sex marriage laws that will end reproduction altogether. How about the enforcement of Sharia law in U.S. courts… will we have the stoning of women in the street because they went to the supermarket without wearing their Hijaab, or because they were raped, or drove a car?

It seems that we will always find more ways to shoot ourselves in the foot than existed in the previous millennium.

Could it be that we don’t learn from history or maybe we don’t even know or care about our history? Maybe we just want to sweep it under the carpet like this ugly little part of history was.

Sweeping history under the carpet or outright covering it up doesn’t make it go away. It will always resurface years later as just another tragic, ignorant, stupid Government program.

And people become more and more caulis and blind until they lose their ability to see down the road…

de Andréa

Monday, October 31, 2011

How To Acquire A Socialist State

So just how does one acquire a Social Communist State? Well like anything else a criminal does -he just steals it…

By de Andréa
October 30, 2011

But of course just stealing it would be too obvious, so the more sophisticated way of stealing would be to steal the money and buy it. And if it fails then…Oh well!

Most of you have at least heard about the Chevy Volt, or Obama’s so-called green car, well…partially green anyway, which costs $41,000 and GM has sold just fewer than 4,000 of these E-gas cars this year. But what you probably didn’t know is that it actually costs $41,000 to make the car. Oh no! It didn’t cost GM $41,000- it cost YOU $41,000…each, in taxpayer money from the so-called bail-out just to produce this useless machine. And then if you want one for your very own, it will cost you yet another $41,000 again of your own hard earned money to put one in your garage. Yeah, and that’s not all, the car uses both gas and electricity, which means that it likely pollutes the environment more than a normal car. Pollution involved in making the special E-batter + pollution from gasoline + pollution from coal-powered electricity = more pollution than just a gasoline powered car alone. But that is only the beginning my friend...

GM is now planning to ramp up production of this failed vehicle, by increasing production to a rip roaring 60,000 vehicles next year, astounding.

This isn't the extent of GM/Obama’s new "green" initiative, far from it. Last year GM filed for and received more "green" energy patents than any other organization in the world. They also spent $3 million of your tax money to install solar panels at a Volt manufacturing plant. This will save them a grand total of $15,000 a year in electricity expenses. Now I have never been very good at math, but lets see…….a….and carry the one….Okay, in order to recoup the cost of the green solor installation through savings, it will take GM approximately 200 years to pay for it. And all to manufacture a car that will produce no profit whatsoever. So how is GM going to survive not making any profit? Well…you see…that’s the catch, GM is, and has been for the past three years or so, a not for profit green corporation owned by Uncle Barrack. Kind of like any other Communist country, the Government dictator owns the business, so it doesn’t have to make a profit. You the slave subjects will make up the difference.

Obama is also planning a hybrid car for the Cadillac line. I'm sure it will be just as successful and cost-effective as the Volt.

You see American taxpayers gave GM about $26 billion dollars, yes that’s billion with a ‘b’, for their bailout. Obama still own 500 million shares of their stock, valued at about $25. At this price “we the people” stand to lose only a mere $15 billion. But why pay back the taxpayers who helped keep you in business when you can waste it installing green solar panels? So glad we were able to help out.

And another "green" energy project circles the drain
Remember the "green" energy business which received $1.2 billion worth of your tax money? Well surprise, surprise; it's also in trouble.

SunPower Oh yes! The California solar power company that was going to build a new facility is now $820 million in debt, $20 million more than the company is worth. It was granted the $1.2 billion of ‘your money’ after it announced it would build a new plant in Mexico to create a hundred new jobs in there in Mexico’ (I know you are glad about that) to build the solar panels for the project. As Human Events points out, if SunPower were a bank with this much debt, the feds would shut it down. But because it's one of President Obama's pet projects, and because a Democrat Congressman and his lobbyist son have an interest/money in the company, it receives ‘YOUR’ money to stay afloat. Just a slight conflict of interest there, but who’s looking?

Oh! But that’s not all. Your tax dollars are about to be wasted again on more "green" jobs! Remember how President Obama took $535 million from you and gave it to Solyndra, which then promptly failed spectacularly? Remember how he also took more millions from you and gave them to SpectraWatt and Evergreen Solar, which also immediately failed? Except for the CEO’s of course, they all walked away with Cayman bank accounts, also filled to overflowing with more of your money.

But Wait! He wants to do it again.

This time the Department of Energy wants to hand out yet another $6.5 BILLION to more "green" energy companies. Yes, just like Solyndra. The administration projects that this money will create a grand total of 283 (non-productive) jobs. That's will cost you 23 million of your dollars PER JOB. Hey, forget the job just give them the money!

One such loan/handout is in the amount of $1.2 billion for a project in California. Another loan will go to a company already worth billions. Why are you and I giving them money when they clearly can afford to waste it themselves?

That's because the "green" jobs movement is not about jobs at all. You see! In order for there to be a job there has to be something produced and the Government produces…that’s right… NOTHING. It's instead about looking and sounding politically correct and lining the pockets of Obama’s FAT CAT donors.

Since Spain’ went bankrupt subsidizing "green" jobs, one company, Iberdrola, has decided… guess what? To move to the U.S. and set up shop here. Why? Because we are printing lots of money and we are green and stupid. These companies just want the socialist government handouts. Spain has already proven that the "green" jobs movement is a complete waste. And President Obama understands that, PERFECTLY. You see he wants to totally break the Capitalist economy, run it into the ground, bankrupt it, and then… he will finish buying his SOCIALIST STATE, with the money he stole from YOU!

"The true engine of economic growth will always be companies likeSolyndra" - President Obama.... This guy is dangerous...

”Solyndra is exactly what the Recovery Act is all about"- Vice President Joe Biden...This disease must be contagious...

President Obama wasted billions of YOUR taxpayer dollars on politically motivated handouts to now bankrupt companies.

If alternative energy were a viable business, start up companies with venture capitalist money would be scrambling to be the first one with the new green widget, especially in America. But President Obama has declared "green" jobs the jobs of the future. Well, guess what? This isn’t the future, this is now, and now we need real jobs, jobs that produce a profitable product but Obama refuses to back down from his belief that these are the only jobs worth creating. Drilling for our own oil alone for example, would make America energy independent in less than 7 years and put America back to work producing a profitable product.

The Department of Energy is spending another, $1.2 BILLION, for a massive new solar panel project in California. This hand out is more than double those three previous failed projects combined.

The FBI raided Solyndra, believing that the company misled the government in order to receive free money. Oh! Oh! Ya think? How many more Solyndras are out there?

The loan/handout to Solyndra was put on a fast-track approval process. One of Solyndras largest investors was a huge donor to President Obama. How many of the other solar loans have been given to President Obama's donors? Payback time…

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) repeatedly warned the administration that the Solyndra loan was too risky. And yet the Obama regime went ahead anyway because risk just isn’t a factor. Just where is Congress in all this?

PricewaterhouseCoopers said there was "substantial doubt about Solyndra's viability”. Yet our dictator gave them your money anyway. This bad loan was supposed to create over 1,000 new non-productive jobs in a new facility, but according to employees at Solyndra, "everyone knew that the plant wouldn't work." The business model for Solyndra was a belief that they could make a product for $6 and sell it for $3. You see, anything works in a Social Communist economy, because it is at best a loser.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) said: “the Obama Administration didn't do their due diligence in researching Solyndra before the loan went out”. Oh contraire my little green friend, he knew exactly what he was doing. ”He clearly didn't properly research Evergreen Solar or SpectraWatt either said the GAO”. Are they deceived or what?

President Obama has hinged his entire Presidency on the viability of "green" jobs. It's all he proposes; it's why he wants to raise your taxes so he can support this drain hole. This my friend, is how one acquires a Communist Socialist State. He believes that the only jobs in the future are Socialist "green" jobs all supported by YOU!

But that is what Obama’s jobs plan is all about.

Thanks to President Obama's "green" jobs loans/handout, one job has been created for every $5.5 million spent. Now he has a plan to tax you and your family, actual job creators, and the wealthy even more, to pay for ‘what’? More "green" handouts. Government jobs are not jobs they produce nothing, they instead, are just a drain on the economy. To DEMAND that Congress do their job and pull the plug on all "green" jobs handouts, CLICK HERE If green was a real savings for anything or anyone or actually was profitable the private sector would be all over it like ‘green’ on broccoli.

THE BOTTOM LINE: In all of this social economics, the truth has been totally lost. The real solution here is… FIRE THE GOVERNMENT! I think it is pretty’ obvious that politicians are totally inept at business and economics. There is something to be learned from the philosophy of the “Private Sector”. The blatant clue here is, the word “PRIVATE”. The very best the government could do for our economy would be to do - absolutely nothing, and make a big issue out of it as well. Then the chips will fall where they will and the American entrepreneurs will pickup the pieces of this disaster and fill the holes made by this ‘Marxist Socialist Communist Community Organizing Dictatorship’.

As it is, the “Private Sector” is afraid to do anything, for fear Obama will just fowl it up again, and he will, I think that has been obvious.

OBAMA! Get out of our pockets, get out of our economy, and take your fake birth certificate and stolen social security number and get out of our country! And take your Communist and your Muslim Crony Czars with you…

de Andréa

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Do Christians Have Free Speech?

According to the IRS, Christians have no first Amendment right of free speech.

By de Andréa

The gag order of Christians is conveniently enforced through the nonprofit status of their Churches. The result is a de-facto law that says: when one becomes a Christian, one gives up, or looses ones right of free political speech. And of course any speech and every speech can’ and is’ politicized and therefore can be forbidden.

This is for those of you that have no idea of how or why free speech even became an issue important enough to warrant at least part of a constitutional amendment. Well… funny you should ask, because it was the right of ‘political speech’ that originally fueled the constitutional fire of free speech, the very right that is denied in the organized Christian Church. Seems like an oxymoron doesn’t it, since a right’ cannot be denied or it isn’t a right at all. Kind of like the second amendment where it says it cannot be infringed, but it is infringed all over the place by every government from local to federal. I really do wonder at times if any of us really have any rights at all anymore!

I am going to let you in on this dirty little secret that no one wants to talk about. And that is, that in midst of it all, the Church has sold its birthright of free speech in America for not for-profit tax free status. This sort of payola actually applies to all 501 (c) (3) nonprofits; but their tax free status comes at a high price.

Now just in case one might ask, isn’t fair to suspend the right of free speech of a large organization that might influence an election in some way. Well my friend, that just doesn’t hold water. What about large corporations for profit, they are not held to that rule! In fact they pay for the candidate’s election. You see the only real difference here is that the nonprofits receive graft or bribery in the form of not having to pay taxes. So in turn they are expected to keep quiet. As I said when one becomes a Christian one looses ones right of free speech, which is a high price to pay for a tax exemption.

That being said:
One religious group is charging the Internal Revenue Service with using a legal loophole to first, tax nonprofits' free speech, then, run away and hide with impunity when challenged in court. This is not the first time this has happened; apparently this is the modus operandi for the IRS, and like a thief in the night they extort churches, and if churches should stand up and fight, they quickly give the blood money back then RUN AND HIDE!

The nonprofit “Catholic Answers” organization got a taste of this tactic firsthand in 2008, when its president, Karl Keating, posted a discussion on the organization's website arguing that, according to church theology, Catholic Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., should not be allowed to receive communion in the Catholic Church because of his support for abortion. Obviously this is a moral and a theological position not a political one, which proves my point that the IRS politicizes everything and anything they want to. So in effect the IRS not only dictates ones personal theology or philosophy but denies ones constitutional rights in the process. This is a direct violation of not only First Amendment free speech but the freedom of religion, as well as the free exercise clauses. But of course here’s the catch…the churches have agreed to this forfeiture of rights for monetary gain. They have sold their soul for 30 pieces of silver, at todays silver price that might be quite a bit, depending on how big the pieces are.

The IRS then levied an excise tax on “Catholic Answers” for engaging in alleged illegal "political speech" against then-presidential primary candidate Kerry, which Catholic Answers paid. So in other words as long as Catholic Answers pays the tax free bribery back in the form of an extorted excise tax (tribute) then they can exercise their free speech rights. I don’t know about you, but I call that extortion plain and simple! Or, looking at it from the churches point view---it might be PAYOLA!

When challenged in court, the IRS simply refunded the extortion or tax, while refusing to change its ruling that Catholic Answers' speech was taxable in an election. Lower courts then ruled Catholic Answers had no course of action against the harassment of the IRS.

But Catholic Answers, together with the James Madison Center for Free Speech, are now asking the Supreme Court to step in, claiming this "tax-run-and- hide" strategy allows the IRS to arbitrarily and brutallly tax churches, charities and religious activists into silence, and then dodge the consequences just in case the nonprofits defend their rights and fight back.

"Not only did the federal courts in this case misapply Supreme Court law, they have encouraged the IRS to engage in trickery and extortion by penalizing nonprofits who exercise their God given right to speak, only to return the money at the last possible second just in case they sue," explained James Bopp Jr. Bopp is general counsel for the James Madison Center and co-chairman of the Election Law Subcommittee of the Federalist Society. "So long as the IRS is allowed to do this, nonprofits like “Catholic Answers” will be deterred from speaking about individuals who are political candidates in any context for ‘fear’ they'll be investigated and fined. Nothing prevents the IRS from doing this again and again. And these groups now have no judicial recourse.” Tyranny by any other name is…well… still just tyranny.

The IRS initially conducted an extensive investigation and concluded that, since nonprofits should not engage in political speech, “Catholic Answers” should be penalized for making a "political expenditure" during an election. You see even though abortion is a moral and theological Issue, IRS conveniently says it is political and therefore illegal. Hey! As I said, anything and everything can be deemed political and obviously is by the IRS.

But Catholic Answers argued its speech was not about the election of a candidate but about the theological issue of abortion within the Catholic Church. Catholic Answers, asked the federal courts to review that decision, knowing that without a change in the IRS's position on its speech, it couldn't make any kind of comments on figures like Kerry again without risking another investigation and penalty.

Catholic Answers was exonerated from any political expenditures or “participation in, or intervention in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office.” So it was the opinion of the court that Catholic Answers did not violate its 501 (c) (3) status pursuant to section 4955(f)(3). 9 as the IRS charged. Yet both the California federal district court and the federal appeals court held that because Catholic Answers got its money back, the issue was resolved, and since Catholic Answers no longer had standing there was nothing more for the courts to do. Because Catholic Answers accepted the return of the fine (extortion) the court considered it an out of court settlement. Looks like the wrong ‘answer’ on the part of Catholic Answers.

A copy of the ruling and petition to the Supreme Court can be seen HERE

THE BOTTOM LINE: So if a Christian in connection with his church dares to speak anything publicly and I mean ‘anything’, he stands the chance of ending up in the town square in stocks, until he can prove himself innocent of violating the bribery agreement of the IRS nonprofit rule of silent political censure.

Seems to me that Catholic Answers should have maintained their innocence by refusing to pay the extortion and let the IRS charge them and prove them guilty. Somehow I have always been under the impression that was the way it was suppose to work in America! You know! Innocent until proven guilty… I guess not!

Besides, the right of free speech doesn’t actually belong to the IRS anyway, so they have no right to sell or buy it. It is an inalienable right, and according to the Declaration, our inalienable rights come from our Creator. Now correct me if I am wrong…but I don’t believe the IRS is our Creator, but they are the Gestapo!

And just in case that is not enough government criminal activity for you to swallow all at once, I will leave you with a parting gift. Did you know that every Muslim nonprofit organization collects money from Americans for the support of so-called Muslim Charities? Hey, guess what? There is no Charity, Love, or Benevolence in Islam. It simply does not exist in their Ideology. Charity in Islam is a code word for the support of terrorism… And it is all tax free my friend… and if that isn’t enough, Muslims milk our free speech rights for all they are worth, and no fines from the IRS… No! Denial of free speech, fines, extortion, bribery, and payola are all reserved for Christians, because they mostly just sit and take it. I say Hoooorah! To “Catholic Answers” Inc. They may not have all the answers, but they’ve got grit…

Where is your grit my friend? The next time a Muslim demands time off to say their prayers or demand a foot washing station be provided for them, are you going to show him the time clock and tell him to go buy a bucket, or are you going to bow down to the bullying of Satan’s children and act like a dhimmah slave? Whether it is the Jizya tribute to Islam, or the extortion of the IRS, Christians need stop cowering in the shadows and begin standing up for what is right… Hey! Our God is bigger than their god…

Have a nice day!

de Andréa

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The DOJ Considers The Law of Sharia

There is no Free Speech in Islam. In fact there is no freedom of any kind in Islam.

By de Andréa

One of the many dangerous and noxious doctrines within Islamic Sharia law is the prohibition against “blasphemy” or the “defamation” of Islam and/or the prophet Mohammed, which is an automatic death sentence under Islamic law.

Sharia is a direct affront to our Constitution and our cherished first amendment right of free speech, as it silences any critique or criticism of the tyranny of Islam in any way. This autocratic and barbaric law of Sharia is for the expressed purpose of total submission of the Infidelic Dhimmah to Islamic supremacism and/or the extermination of all who live in the free world. In spite of this fact our ignorant and deceived Department of Justice is considering its implementation.

European countries are already prosecuting people for “speech” against Islam, in effect implementing, and enabling this Sharia prohibition. ACT! for America’s” chapter leader and author Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is one of those people sued by the United Kingdom of the Islamic State of Britanniah. The Islamic State of Canadah’s Human Rights Commission which of course supports Sharia, went after American author and actor Mark Stein for his outspoken truth about Islam. Could this eventually happen in the U.S.? Well my friend, it is already happening right here in what used to be the Constitutional Free Republic of America.

Consider the latest.

Muslim leaders, including the head of ISNA (Islamic Society of North America, a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist front organization), recently urged the Department of Justice officials to take steps to criminalize among other things, the criticism of Islam. They are calling the criticism of Islam “discrimination” and “racist,” and the DOJ is buying into it, even though only brain dead people are robotically programmed into believing that Islam is a race. I don’t think Nazism is considered a race either, although I might be wrong about that too. This brainwashing program is just to send one down a dead end road so one doesn’t think about the fact that Islam is a supremacist hateful, murdering Ideology not unlike Nazism.

Communist Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also embraces the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) push for a UN resolution calling for an International global law for governments to criminalize defamation of religion. I can’t help wondering if this applies to Christianity as well --- probably not! This is serious folks! I hope you can you see why I am putting so much emphasis on combating Sharia law? They’re now trying to confiscate and destroy our first amendment rights!! Next up is our entire Constitution and then our country… and then well… they get rid of you and me!

In a DOJ hearing this past week:
Top Justice Department officials convened a meeting Wednesday where invited Islamist advocates lobbied them for cutbacks in anti-terror funding, changes in agents’ training manuals, and additional curbs on investigators and a legal declaration that U.S. citizens’ criticism of Islam constitutes “racial discrimination”. Well of course they did, our enemy wants us to stop defending ourselves and just surrender to the supremacy of Islamic tyranny, can’t they see this? This is how powerful Islamic deception is my friend, and then if one couples it with ignorance there is no chance of seeing or understanding the truth.

Holder & Perez, besides Obama himself, are two of the most criminally dangerous and treasons men in America. A little background on Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder --- the reason Obama picked Holder for Attorney General was because Holder made a career out of defending Muslim terrorists in US courts. Yeah! I know… “It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.” The thing of it is, is that as Attorney General, Holder is still doing it!

Listen to what an American Muslim lawyer has to say:
“The DOJ’s civil rights lawyers are top of the line — I say this with utter honesty — I know they can come up with a way” to redefine criticism as discrimination,”
said Sahar Aziz, a female, Egyptian-Islamic American lawyer. “I’d be willing to give a shot at it,” said Aziz, who is a fellow at the Islamic State of Michigan-based Islamic Jihad advocacy group, code named “The Institute for Social Policy & Understanding”. More like the Institute of Islmic disinformation and deception.

The audience of Islamist advocates and department officials included Tom Perez, who heads the DOJ’s division of civil rights. “We must continue to have the open honest and critical dialogue that you saw in this robust debate,” Perez responded in an enthusiastic closing speech a few minutes after Aziz made her demands at the event. “I sat here the entire time, taking notes,” Perez said. “I have some very concrete thoughts … in the aftermath of this.” I’ll bet you do Tom…

“The DOJ meeting showcased the expanding alliance between [so-called] American progressives [communists] and Islamists”, said Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor in New York. "Progressives are making these Islamist groups into the political representatives of Muslims in the United States,” he told The Daily Caller.

McCarthy investigated and prosecuted Egyptian-born Imam Omar Abdel-Rahman, dubbed “the blind sheik,” for urging Muslims to kill New Yorkers. Abdel-Rahman was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1996.

“Progressives ally with the Islamic lobby because they think it will be a political voting bloc that will be reliably Democratic,” said Robert Spencer, an author and expert on Islam. None of the Islamist advocates of civil rights officials in attendance, including Perez, objected to Aziz’s call for free-speech restrictions and adherence to Sharia. The conference did not include any influential critics, such as McCarthy and Spencer, who argue that Islamist terror attacks are motivated by Islamic texts. These texts include for example the Koran’s verse 9:5, which says, “when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them.”

Aziz, however, used her invitation to argue that Americans fear of Islamic Jihadist bombs’ has evolved into ‘racism’ towards dark-skinned men. Guess what Aziz, all dark skinned men are not Muslim Terrorists and all terrorists are not dark skinned men, at least not anymore they aren’t. The word “Muslim,” she said, “has become radicalized. … I don’t accept this formalistic cop-out that this is all about religion.” Aziz did not offer any evidence for her claim, which she said justifies the use of Title VI anti-discrimination laws against institutions and individuals who argue that Islamic texts spur Islamic violence. Truth is Aziz, the word Muslim is synonymous with the word RADICAL.

This legal redefinition, she said, “would also take [federal] money away from local police departments and fusion centers who are spying on us.” (By “us”, I guess she means terrorists) Aziz also argued against the commonplace police practice of informally talking with people in communities, including Muslim communities. “This has been a real problem with this outreach stuff,” she said. “Muslims are acting in good faith, and then they find that their imams, who were going to outreach meetings, were being spied on,” she complained. “Some have been deported. Some have been prosecuted.”

Aziz was of course referring to cases like Afghan-born New York Imam Ahmad Wais Afzali who was ordered deported In March after he admitted he lied to the FBI about warning a suspected Muslim terrorist that he was being investigated. That terrorist, Najibullah Zazi, was planning to place bombs in the New York City subway.

“People are going in good faith to talk with police”, Aziz said. “They being very honest about what their grievances are. They telling the government, ‘This what we want you to do … [and] we want you to not spy on our community.” She needs to brush up on her English grammar just a little, but then who am I to criticize. You will notice however that she is vehemently opposed to US counter terrorism departments spying on terrorist activities. Well… I can certainly understand that. What I don’t understand, is why the DOJ doesn’t understand it…

Dwight Holton, a Justice Department legal counsel based in Oregon, said the threat of criminal gangs or terror attacks justifies routine police contacts with locals. “When we go to a barber shop to talk to the community, we don’t tell them you can have a lawyer present,” he said. “You should,” Aziz immediately replied. Aziz’s outburst was supported by a second Islamist advocate, Islamic Society of North America president Mohamed Magid. He argued that “teaching people that all Muslims are a threat to the country… is against the law and the Constitution.” Oh contraire my dear terrorist enemy, it is in fact' constitutional because it is the truth, and has been proven repeatedly in a court of law, and has stood the test of time and history! I’m sure at least Holton caught that!

Magid asked Perez to change the federal government’s rules, would you believe ---governing terror investigations, for more private meetings with top justice department officials, for the reeducation (brainwashing) of FBI agents, and for more arrests of people who oppose Islam, which he labeled “religious bigotry and hate.” No Magid!…it is not bigotry and hate it’s called the truth Magid… and furthermore Magid, Islam is not a religion it is in fact, Ideological despotism. As I said before…”not unlike Nazism”

A little background on Magid
In a 2009 federal court case the United States V’s the Muslim Holyland foundation, the government named Magid’s terrorist organization an unindicted co-conspirator in the successful 2009 trial of three Muslims who smuggled $12 million tax free dollars to the Islamist terror group Hamas and is now on the FBI list of Muslim terrorist supporters. Two of the Jihadist smugglers in that trial received life sentences.

Just as a side note and FYI: the IRS still accepts all of these terrorist fund raising organizations as tax free non-profit Muslim charities. So this is just one of the many hundreds of ways the American people unknowingly support terrorism and enable the enemy of America the West and the free-world.

During his speech, Perez applauded the Islamist lobbyists for persuading government officials to end extra security checks on airline passengers from Nigeria and 12 Islamic countries. The checks which were adopted in 2010 after a Nigerian Muslim terrorist tried to blow up a passenger aircraft on Christmas Day. Yeah! We don’t need to scrutinize Muslim terrorists from Nigeria. They are just warm-fuzzy Moderate Terrorists with bombs in their shoes.

“What did we hear in the aftermath of that? We heard a lot of feedback from people in this room and from leaders across the country that we could be doing a better job [by ending these checks]… and a few months later, and thanks to you, we did just that,” Perez told the Islamic Jihadists.

McCarthy, the former prosecutor, said, “Few people recognize the expanding alliance between progressives and Islamists. Americans just don’t realize that Islamist ideology is among other things, collectivist and redistributionist, so it works seamlessly with the liberal left,” he said. “They disagree over gay rights and women’s rights, [but] on some items they’re on the same page,” McCarthy added, citing Islamist groups’ support for the administration’s health sector law as an example.

Perez repeatedly promised extensive consultations and flattered the Muslim attendees, while speaking in a style that blended the cadences of an academic lecturer and a rural preacher. “There will be times where we have honest differences of opinion, but if we don’t talk and don’t actively listen and if we don’t reflect and recalibrate where necessary, then we won’t be doing our job, and you have our continuing commitment to that end,” Perez declared. Does that mean that there will be a Federal Sharia law coming out of the DOJ that will include the death penalty for sassing a Muslim? I don’t know, but you had better watch for it.

Progressive[s] [Communists], including Holder, Holton, and Perez, choose to ignore the Islamists’ stated goals, Spencer said. “They assume — and force us’ to assume on pain of charges of ‘Islamophobia’ — that all Muslims are moderate, peaceful and have no intentions of bringing Sharia [Islamic law] here,” said Spencer. “No amount of evidence to the contrary, no amount of jihadi plots, and no number of demands for accommodation of Sharia’s provisions, ever disabuses them of this deceptive dogma.” Bravo Spencer!

When the session ended, Perez — a Maryland resident, a progressive communist, a terrorist enabler, and a former staffer to Sen. Ted Kennedy (almost as bad)— climbed the stage to embrace Imam Magid a known terrorist supporter who was born in Sudan and trained at a Saudi Wahhabist Seminary. (Wahhabism is the most extreme form of Islamic tyranny.) Does Perez know this? Well… I know it! Go figure…

THE BOTTOM LINE: My hope in publishing this article is that the reader will clearly see the Islamic satanic spell of ignorance and deception that controls our government. And if those of us, who are somehow miraculously unaffected or shielded from this deception of Islam, fail to do whatever we can to rid this country of this horrifying enemy of haltered and death, then we will soon be in the same quagmire that Europe is just now beginning to wakeup to. The thing of it is, is that Europe is just now finding itself for the second time in their history, in the same quicksand of Islam that they were in a thousand years ago. And that historical mistake resulted in 200 years of what appeared to be civil war, when actually it was Islamic Jihad! One would think that at least they’ wouldn’t make exactly the same mistake again! Yeah! One would think!

Couldn’t we also take a lesson from that ignorant mistake? I guess not…But I am going to pray and pray hard that you do my friend. Your lives and the lives of your children are depending on it…

de Andréa

Friday, October 28, 2011

“Occupy” Community Organizing

Just what did Obama mean by “Community Organizing”?

By de Andréa

Too bad we didn’t know the answer to that question when he was campaigning for president. Well… some of us did, but the rest just didn’t listen, or think!

I do hope by now however, that the majority of us, at least have some idea of what Obama’s “Change” was really about. “Community Organizing for Change” should have been a red flag. But unfortunately for most, it was a green flag to go ahead and blindly jump right out of the moving train, or worse yet an air plane with no thought of a parachute.

It isn’t as if there wasn’t some need for questions, like maybe Change what? And to What? Or what are we Organizing our Community to do? Well… I guess those are just too obvious to ask. I mean we didn’t want to appear stupid or something did we?

So now’ after the fact, after we have blindly jumped into the abyss - we’re now’ stupid or something! Better late than never, I aways say.

If you are really’ interested in just what the “Change” was, that Obama has been “Organizing your Community” to do, then Watch and listen for yourself. They say a picture with words is worth, well… more than just a thousand words.

Obama’s Community Organizing : Listen and watch “Death to Capitalism” “Death to America” Occupy Wall Street or Occupy your Community, is Communist Community Organization right out of Saul Alinsky’s (pictured at right) Marxist books.

Watch them align themselves with Communists, Nazis, Islam’s Ayatollah Khomeini, and Ahmadinejad, and anyone else who hates and wants to destroy America and its freedom. This is Obama’s Community Organizing my friend; it is to bring about the Change that he so proudly campaigned for.

Whether it is Occupy Europe or the support of Occupy Wall Street in Tehran or Occupy Oakland California it is all the same Communist anti-Capitalism, anti-American and anti-God hatred. All promoted by Obama’s Marxist Community Organizing. Watch them all!

Capitalism is not what destroyed this economy my friend. It instead, was and is, purely the criminal greed for power on the part of the government, and it didn’t begin with Obama. Read a previous article of mine, a study titled “The Federal Brief” .

It is the God given liberty of Free Enterprise and Capitalism that has blessed - not only this’ country, but most of the industrialized world. It is, the GREED of the International Central Banking System not the greed of Wall Street, that drives and fuels the Federal power over education, our property, the food industry, our water, and yes - even the air we breathe --- that took this country down - and half the world with it.

A retired French economist named Fredric Bastiat once said: “In a free country the only rule of law that there can be, is a law to protect and strengthen the rights and freedoms of its citizens. Any other law is oppressive and takes away ones liberty” Our laws, nearly since the ratification of the Constitution, have been designed to surreptitiously destroy freedom and promote Federal Power!

President Bush mistakenly stated that “everybody wants to be free” and “everyone has a right to be free”. While I can agree somewhat with the latter statement, the former just typifies the ignorance of America and the West. Our so-called educational system is turning out more and more brainwashed people that are indoctrinated and programmed to be dependants. They choose to be told when and where to take the next step, to follow a set of autocratic rules no matter how oppressive and brutal they may be, rather than to make the ‘effort’ to do and think for themselves, to appreciate and fight to save the God given freedom they have or could have.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Well there you have it, Obama has Organized “Change” In your Community, I hope you enjoy it, you voted for it. Well…at least the majority of you obviously did. And in the coming election if you want more of the same, be sure to vote for your Community Organizer again and get more of the “Change” you so sadly deserve.

Remember; dependants make good slaves while independent thinkers are trouble makers! But like me, they are still ‘free trouble makers’… de Andréa

Thanks for listening…