Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christians Protest Against - Christians Protesting Against Islam

This, my friend is how Islam will destroy the West. Ignorance leads to deception, to enablement, and to cultural destruction.

By de Andréa

Source: From an article found in the Detroit Free Press
“Christians streamed into Ford Field on Friday for a 24-hour prayer event led by a controversial group as about 150 protesters demonstrated outside,”
read the opening lines in an article titled “Prayer Event In Downtown Detroit Prompts Protests”

My first thought was…‘The protest must be from local Muslims’, since Detroit, as many Michigan cities, is fast becoming predominantly Muslim. It shouldn’t have been a surprise to me because I know most Christians haven’t a clue to whom or what Islam really is, but nevertheless it was the ignorant Christians of Islmic Detroit who were protesting the informed Christians from the State of Kansas who came to Detroit to protest Islamic takeover of Detroit. ‘I hope that made some sense’.

Chanting, “Stop the ‘hate and spread the ‘love,” said the protesters “the prayer rally inside the stadium promotes division and hatred”. Led by what the Detroit Free press called “a controversial preacher Lou Engle of Kansas”, It Said “the event was organized and promoted by a group that often criticizes Muslims, gays, Catholics, Jews and African Americans. Members have used militaristic language against a variety of people, especially Muslims in metro Detroit.”

Just for the record, there were African Americans in attendance at the Prayer vigil from Kansas. I don’t know if there were any gays Catholics, Jews, or Muslims in attendance but I kind-a doubt it because, it was after all a Christian Prayer Rally, now wasn’t it?

“Their message is not one of inclusion, it’s of hate,” said Jennifer Teed of Detroit, a so-called Christian protester who opposed Engle’s prayer event. “I don’t see how that’s religious at all.” Teed held a sign in English and Arabic that read, “All are people” and “Standing on the Side of Love.”

Well it may not be “RELIGIOUS” Jen…but again just for the record: There is no love in Islam. Love is not taught in the Quran. The Quran is the book from Hell. It was written by a man called Muhammad and inspired by a god called Satan who now calls himself Allah. So “ALL” are not ‘people standing on the Side of Love.’

I find it interesting that inclusion is prohibited by Scripture - we are not to be yoked with unbelievers and we ‘are’ to live as a separate people. “Inclusion” is a feel good multi-cultural politically correct trap set by Satan.

Yes we are to love our enemies but that doesn’t mean we should join them, support, or include them in our circle of friends or in our churches as some so-called Christian churches have already done. This is Christianity out of whack, we have gone beyond enabling and have now become the defenders’ of Hell, against Gods people. Read a previous article titled Chrislam, How Does This Happen and watch the interview of Lauren Green of Fox News titled Churches Open Doors to Muslim Worship pay particular attention to the spokesperson of the church saying, while defending the sharing of their Christian Church FACILITIES with Muslims, that …well we are not FACILITATING Islam! I so’ hope you get the point and made the connection…obviously the spokes person didn’t.

The article went on to say: “Engle and the organizers of the prayer event, known as The Call, have repeatedly targeted local Muslims, saying they are under demonic control. They have tried to include local clergy, but over the past week, a growing number of ministers have denounced Engle.” Guess what my dear ignorantly deceived city of Detroit; Muslims “are' under demonic control” And if you don’t wake up soon, you will be too!

Outside Ford Field, the protesters featured Baptist, Catholic, and Methodist pastors who criticized Engle. (I can just see him putting out his chest in a pharisaical fashion saying) “I’m about the separation of faith and hate,” said the Rev. Ed Rowe of Central United Methodist Church in Detroit. “You can’t hate and be righteous,” [like me] said Germany Bennett, pastor of True Oracles of God, a Detroit church. “Hatred is a sin, and 'we' believe in love.”

Oh! Contraire my ignorantly deceived self righteous pastors, God said to love what is good and hate what is evil. While there may be a fine line between loving the person who is a Muslim and hating Islam --- as a Christian one must fight against the evils of Satan and Islam is directly from Hell my ignorant friend. As Christians are said to be children of God, by the same token, self-proclaimed Muslims are children of Satan. We need to find the balance of God’s teachings in our spirit. And until we recognize this, we will not effectively minister to the Muslim community and so we will lose this battle.

The Rev. Charles Williams of Historic Solomon Baptist Church in Detroit said, “Engle is promoting an extremist agenda that is anti-Detroit and anti-minority. God did not call us to hate,” Williams said.

Well… Why not just call them racists too while your at it pastor??? Extremists are they! Is it extreme to hate oppression? Is it extreme to hate the murder of anyone that is not a Muslim? It is extreme to hate bondage, slavery, and extortion pastor. Is it extreme to hate the mutilation and murder of women? All this and more wonderful horrifying laws are taught in the Quran and the Hadith pastors, you might want to find out just who and what Islam is before you yoke yourself with it and support it instead of protesting those who have. Didn’t Jesus say “take the plank out of you own eye so that you may see the speck in your brothers eye”?

Cheryl Voglesong of Royal Oak held up a sign that read: “Take Thy Fear mongering back to Kansas. We don’t want it. I’m a Christian, and we’ve lived peacefully with Muslims for 100 years in Detroit,” she said. “Lou Engle and these guys are coming here to attack them, that’s crazy.”

You might want to read resent history about the country of Lebanon Ms. Voglesong. Lebanon was a Christian Democracy much like America until just a few short years ago. Not for just a hundred years, but for more than a thousand years the Lebanese lived ignorantly with the Warm Fuzzy Muslims, in their neighborhoods, in their businesses, in their schools, in their government and today instead of Lebanon being a Christian Free Democracy it is a tyrannically oppressed Islmic State, ruled by Hisbala Muslim terrorists.

This is because the Christians of Lebanon were just like the Christians of Detroit. Ignorant, Deceived, Enabling and as a result they were Destroyed. Those are the four steps to the destruction of a Christian culture and it has been repeated over and over and over again throughout the past 1401 years all over the world. The Christians from Kansas might be extremists, but the Christians in Detroit are ignorant, deceived, enabling and it is destroying Detroit and the State of Michigan. The state of Michigan now has a larger population of Muslims than the entire country of Afghanistan. And Islam completely controls some cities that once sported a Christian church on every corner. Today the church bells are silent and if we don’t start being “Extreme” soon Christians will be silenced as well.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Just down the road of time and because of the blind Christian benevolence, all of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Americas as well as the rest of the world will be ruled by our Warm Fuzzy Muslim neighborhood friends that we have been living with for hundreds of years.

Pastors…Where do you think the antichrist is coming from? Just a hint, it will not be from Iceland. The Bible says he will come from the countries surrounding Israel. Today for the first time in history all countries surrounding Israel are Islamic States, controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood… (The revived Ottoman Empire)

Think long and hard about it… And then you might want to pray that God will revive you!

de Andréa

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