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How To Acquire A Socialist State

So just how does one acquire a Social Communist State? Well like anything else a criminal does -he just steals it…

By de Andréa
October 30, 2011

But of course just stealing it would be too obvious, so the more sophisticated way of stealing would be to steal the money and buy it. And if it fails then…Oh well!

Most of you have at least heard about the Chevy Volt, or Obama’s so-called green car, well…partially green anyway, which costs $41,000 and GM has sold just fewer than 4,000 of these E-gas cars this year. But what you probably didn’t know is that it actually costs $41,000 to make the car. Oh no! It didn’t cost GM $41,000- it cost YOU $41,000…each, in taxpayer money from the so-called bail-out just to produce this useless machine. And then if you want one for your very own, it will cost you yet another $41,000 again of your own hard earned money to put one in your garage. Yeah, and that’s not all, the car uses both gas and electricity, which means that it likely pollutes the environment more than a normal car. Pollution involved in making the special E-batter + pollution from gasoline + pollution from coal-powered electricity = more pollution than just a gasoline powered car alone. But that is only the beginning my friend...

GM is now planning to ramp up production of this failed vehicle, by increasing production to a rip roaring 60,000 vehicles next year, astounding.

This isn't the extent of GM/Obama’s new "green" initiative, far from it. Last year GM filed for and received more "green" energy patents than any other organization in the world. They also spent $3 million of your tax money to install solar panels at a Volt manufacturing plant. This will save them a grand total of $15,000 a year in electricity expenses. Now I have never been very good at math, but lets see…….a….and carry the one….Okay, in order to recoup the cost of the green solor installation through savings, it will take GM approximately 200 years to pay for it. And all to manufacture a car that will produce no profit whatsoever. So how is GM going to survive not making any profit? Well…you see…that’s the catch, GM is, and has been for the past three years or so, a not for profit green corporation owned by Uncle Barrack. Kind of like any other Communist country, the Government dictator owns the business, so it doesn’t have to make a profit. You the slave subjects will make up the difference.

Obama is also planning a hybrid car for the Cadillac line. I'm sure it will be just as successful and cost-effective as the Volt.

You see American taxpayers gave GM about $26 billion dollars, yes that’s billion with a ‘b’, for their bailout. Obama still own 500 million shares of their stock, valued at about $25. At this price “we the people” stand to lose only a mere $15 billion. But why pay back the taxpayers who helped keep you in business when you can waste it installing green solar panels? So glad we were able to help out.

And another "green" energy project circles the drain
Remember the "green" energy business which received $1.2 billion worth of your tax money? Well surprise, surprise; it's also in trouble.

SunPower Oh yes! The California solar power company that was going to build a new facility is now $820 million in debt, $20 million more than the company is worth. It was granted the $1.2 billion of ‘your money’ after it announced it would build a new plant in Mexico to create a hundred new jobs in there in Mexico’ (I know you are glad about that) to build the solar panels for the project. As Human Events points out, if SunPower were a bank with this much debt, the feds would shut it down. But because it's one of President Obama's pet projects, and because a Democrat Congressman and his lobbyist son have an interest/money in the company, it receives ‘YOUR’ money to stay afloat. Just a slight conflict of interest there, but who’s looking?

Oh! But that’s not all. Your tax dollars are about to be wasted again on more "green" jobs! Remember how President Obama took $535 million from you and gave it to Solyndra, which then promptly failed spectacularly? Remember how he also took more millions from you and gave them to SpectraWatt and Evergreen Solar, which also immediately failed? Except for the CEO’s of course, they all walked away with Cayman bank accounts, also filled to overflowing with more of your money.

But Wait! He wants to do it again.

This time the Department of Energy wants to hand out yet another $6.5 BILLION to more "green" energy companies. Yes, just like Solyndra. The administration projects that this money will create a grand total of 283 (non-productive) jobs. That's will cost you 23 million of your dollars PER JOB. Hey, forget the job just give them the money!

One such loan/handout is in the amount of $1.2 billion for a project in California. Another loan will go to a company already worth billions. Why are you and I giving them money when they clearly can afford to waste it themselves?

That's because the "green" jobs movement is not about jobs at all. You see! In order for there to be a job there has to be something produced and the Government produces…that’s right… NOTHING. It's instead about looking and sounding politically correct and lining the pockets of Obama’s FAT CAT donors.

Since Spain’ went bankrupt subsidizing "green" jobs, one company, Iberdrola, has decided… guess what? To move to the U.S. and set up shop here. Why? Because we are printing lots of money and we are green and stupid. These companies just want the socialist government handouts. Spain has already proven that the "green" jobs movement is a complete waste. And President Obama understands that, PERFECTLY. You see he wants to totally break the Capitalist economy, run it into the ground, bankrupt it, and then… he will finish buying his SOCIALIST STATE, with the money he stole from YOU!

"The true engine of economic growth will always be companies likeSolyndra" - President Obama.... This guy is dangerous...

”Solyndra is exactly what the Recovery Act is all about"- Vice President Joe Biden...This disease must be contagious...

President Obama wasted billions of YOUR taxpayer dollars on politically motivated handouts to now bankrupt companies.

If alternative energy were a viable business, start up companies with venture capitalist money would be scrambling to be the first one with the new green widget, especially in America. But President Obama has declared "green" jobs the jobs of the future. Well, guess what? This isn’t the future, this is now, and now we need real jobs, jobs that produce a profitable product but Obama refuses to back down from his belief that these are the only jobs worth creating. Drilling for our own oil alone for example, would make America energy independent in less than 7 years and put America back to work producing a profitable product.

The Department of Energy is spending another, $1.2 BILLION, for a massive new solar panel project in California. This hand out is more than double those three previous failed projects combined.

The FBI raided Solyndra, believing that the company misled the government in order to receive free money. Oh! Oh! Ya think? How many more Solyndras are out there?

The loan/handout to Solyndra was put on a fast-track approval process. One of Solyndras largest investors was a huge donor to President Obama. How many of the other solar loans have been given to President Obama's donors? Payback time…

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) repeatedly warned the administration that the Solyndra loan was too risky. And yet the Obama regime went ahead anyway because risk just isn’t a factor. Just where is Congress in all this?

PricewaterhouseCoopers said there was "substantial doubt about Solyndra's viability”. Yet our dictator gave them your money anyway. This bad loan was supposed to create over 1,000 new non-productive jobs in a new facility, but according to employees at Solyndra, "everyone knew that the plant wouldn't work." The business model for Solyndra was a belief that they could make a product for $6 and sell it for $3. You see, anything works in a Social Communist economy, because it is at best a loser.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) said: “the Obama Administration didn't do their due diligence in researching Solyndra before the loan went out”. Oh contraire my little green friend, he knew exactly what he was doing. ”He clearly didn't properly research Evergreen Solar or SpectraWatt either said the GAO”. Are they deceived or what?

President Obama has hinged his entire Presidency on the viability of "green" jobs. It's all he proposes; it's why he wants to raise your taxes so he can support this drain hole. This my friend, is how one acquires a Communist Socialist State. He believes that the only jobs in the future are Socialist "green" jobs all supported by YOU!

But that is what Obama’s jobs plan is all about.

Thanks to President Obama's "green" jobs loans/handout, one job has been created for every $5.5 million spent. Now he has a plan to tax you and your family, actual job creators, and the wealthy even more, to pay for ‘what’? More "green" handouts. Government jobs are not jobs they produce nothing, they instead, are just a drain on the economy. To DEMAND that Congress do their job and pull the plug on all "green" jobs handouts, CLICK HERE If green was a real savings for anything or anyone or actually was profitable the private sector would be all over it like ‘green’ on broccoli.

THE BOTTOM LINE: In all of this social economics, the truth has been totally lost. The real solution here is… FIRE THE GOVERNMENT! I think it is pretty’ obvious that politicians are totally inept at business and economics. There is something to be learned from the philosophy of the “Private Sector”. The blatant clue here is, the word “PRIVATE”. The very best the government could do for our economy would be to do - absolutely nothing, and make a big issue out of it as well. Then the chips will fall where they will and the American entrepreneurs will pickup the pieces of this disaster and fill the holes made by this ‘Marxist Socialist Communist Community Organizing Dictatorship’.

As it is, the “Private Sector” is afraid to do anything, for fear Obama will just fowl it up again, and he will, I think that has been obvious.

OBAMA! Get out of our pockets, get out of our economy, and take your fake birth certificate and stolen social security number and get out of our country! And take your Communist and your Muslim Crony Czars with you…

de Andréa

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