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Do Christians Have Free Speech?

According to the IRS, Christians have no first Amendment right of free speech.

By de Andréa

The gag order of Christians is conveniently enforced through the nonprofit status of their Churches. The result is a de-facto law that says: when one becomes a Christian, one gives up, or looses ones right of free political speech. And of course any speech and every speech can’ and is’ politicized and therefore can be forbidden.

This is for those of you that have no idea of how or why free speech even became an issue important enough to warrant at least part of a constitutional amendment. Well… funny you should ask, because it was the right of ‘political speech’ that originally fueled the constitutional fire of free speech, the very right that is denied in the organized Christian Church. Seems like an oxymoron doesn’t it, since a right’ cannot be denied or it isn’t a right at all. Kind of like the second amendment where it says it cannot be infringed, but it is infringed all over the place by every government from local to federal. I really do wonder at times if any of us really have any rights at all anymore!

I am going to let you in on this dirty little secret that no one wants to talk about. And that is, that in midst of it all, the Church has sold its birthright of free speech in America for not for-profit tax free status. This sort of payola actually applies to all 501 (c) (3) nonprofits; but their tax free status comes at a high price.

Now just in case one might ask, isn’t fair to suspend the right of free speech of a large organization that might influence an election in some way. Well my friend, that just doesn’t hold water. What about large corporations for profit, they are not held to that rule! In fact they pay for the candidate’s election. You see the only real difference here is that the nonprofits receive graft or bribery in the form of not having to pay taxes. So in turn they are expected to keep quiet. As I said when one becomes a Christian one looses ones right of free speech, which is a high price to pay for a tax exemption.

That being said:
One religious group is charging the Internal Revenue Service with using a legal loophole to first, tax nonprofits' free speech, then, run away and hide with impunity when challenged in court. This is not the first time this has happened; apparently this is the modus operandi for the IRS, and like a thief in the night they extort churches, and if churches should stand up and fight, they quickly give the blood money back then RUN AND HIDE!

The nonprofit “Catholic Answers” organization got a taste of this tactic firsthand in 2008, when its president, Karl Keating, posted a discussion on the organization's website arguing that, according to church theology, Catholic Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., should not be allowed to receive communion in the Catholic Church because of his support for abortion. Obviously this is a moral and a theological position not a political one, which proves my point that the IRS politicizes everything and anything they want to. So in effect the IRS not only dictates ones personal theology or philosophy but denies ones constitutional rights in the process. This is a direct violation of not only First Amendment free speech but the freedom of religion, as well as the free exercise clauses. But of course here’s the catch…the churches have agreed to this forfeiture of rights for monetary gain. They have sold their soul for 30 pieces of silver, at todays silver price that might be quite a bit, depending on how big the pieces are.

The IRS then levied an excise tax on “Catholic Answers” for engaging in alleged illegal "political speech" against then-presidential primary candidate Kerry, which Catholic Answers paid. So in other words as long as Catholic Answers pays the tax free bribery back in the form of an extorted excise tax (tribute) then they can exercise their free speech rights. I don’t know about you, but I call that extortion plain and simple! Or, looking at it from the churches point view---it might be PAYOLA!

When challenged in court, the IRS simply refunded the extortion or tax, while refusing to change its ruling that Catholic Answers' speech was taxable in an election. Lower courts then ruled Catholic Answers had no course of action against the harassment of the IRS.

But Catholic Answers, together with the James Madison Center for Free Speech, are now asking the Supreme Court to step in, claiming this "tax-run-and- hide" strategy allows the IRS to arbitrarily and brutallly tax churches, charities and religious activists into silence, and then dodge the consequences just in case the nonprofits defend their rights and fight back.

"Not only did the federal courts in this case misapply Supreme Court law, they have encouraged the IRS to engage in trickery and extortion by penalizing nonprofits who exercise their God given right to speak, only to return the money at the last possible second just in case they sue," explained James Bopp Jr. Bopp is general counsel for the James Madison Center and co-chairman of the Election Law Subcommittee of the Federalist Society. "So long as the IRS is allowed to do this, nonprofits like “Catholic Answers” will be deterred from speaking about individuals who are political candidates in any context for ‘fear’ they'll be investigated and fined. Nothing prevents the IRS from doing this again and again. And these groups now have no judicial recourse.” Tyranny by any other name is…well… still just tyranny.

The IRS initially conducted an extensive investigation and concluded that, since nonprofits should not engage in political speech, “Catholic Answers” should be penalized for making a "political expenditure" during an election. You see even though abortion is a moral and theological Issue, IRS conveniently says it is political and therefore illegal. Hey! As I said, anything and everything can be deemed political and obviously is by the IRS.

But Catholic Answers argued its speech was not about the election of a candidate but about the theological issue of abortion within the Catholic Church. Catholic Answers, asked the federal courts to review that decision, knowing that without a change in the IRS's position on its speech, it couldn't make any kind of comments on figures like Kerry again without risking another investigation and penalty.

Catholic Answers was exonerated from any political expenditures or “participation in, or intervention in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office.” So it was the opinion of the court that Catholic Answers did not violate its 501 (c) (3) status pursuant to section 4955(f)(3). 9 as the IRS charged. Yet both the California federal district court and the federal appeals court held that because Catholic Answers got its money back, the issue was resolved, and since Catholic Answers no longer had standing there was nothing more for the courts to do. Because Catholic Answers accepted the return of the fine (extortion) the court considered it an out of court settlement. Looks like the wrong ‘answer’ on the part of Catholic Answers.

A copy of the ruling and petition to the Supreme Court can be seen HERE

THE BOTTOM LINE: So if a Christian in connection with his church dares to speak anything publicly and I mean ‘anything’, he stands the chance of ending up in the town square in stocks, until he can prove himself innocent of violating the bribery agreement of the IRS nonprofit rule of silent political censure.

Seems to me that Catholic Answers should have maintained their innocence by refusing to pay the extortion and let the IRS charge them and prove them guilty. Somehow I have always been under the impression that was the way it was suppose to work in America! You know! Innocent until proven guilty… I guess not!

Besides, the right of free speech doesn’t actually belong to the IRS anyway, so they have no right to sell or buy it. It is an inalienable right, and according to the Declaration, our inalienable rights come from our Creator. Now correct me if I am wrong…but I don’t believe the IRS is our Creator, but they are the Gestapo!

And just in case that is not enough government criminal activity for you to swallow all at once, I will leave you with a parting gift. Did you know that every Muslim nonprofit organization collects money from Americans for the support of so-called Muslim Charities? Hey, guess what? There is no Charity, Love, or Benevolence in Islam. It simply does not exist in their Ideology. Charity in Islam is a code word for the support of terrorism… And it is all tax free my friend… and if that isn’t enough, Muslims milk our free speech rights for all they are worth, and no fines from the IRS… No! Denial of free speech, fines, extortion, bribery, and payola are all reserved for Christians, because they mostly just sit and take it. I say Hoooorah! To “Catholic Answers” Inc. They may not have all the answers, but they’ve got grit…

Where is your grit my friend? The next time a Muslim demands time off to say their prayers or demand a foot washing station be provided for them, are you going to show him the time clock and tell him to go buy a bucket, or are you going to bow down to the bullying of Satan’s children and act like a dhimmah slave? Whether it is the Jizya tribute to Islam, or the extortion of the IRS, Christians need stop cowering in the shadows and begin standing up for what is right… Hey! Our God is bigger than their god…

Have a nice day!

de Andréa

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