Thursday, November 10, 2011

American Jihad

Just because one cannot see the unholy war of Islam against America, it doesn’t mean that it is not here. What it means is… one is deaf, dumb, blind, and ignorantly deceived. And because of our ignorance and deception, we are enabling our own demise and losing this destructive war…

By de Andréa

Currently nearly 3 million Muslims legally reside within the borders of the United States and an estimated 300 thousand more illegal Muslims have poured through our open unprotected borders with the blessings of our Muslim president. Although they live in every state in the U.S. the majority of them live and very nearly control the state of Michigan. They block streets in NYC and in Washington DC to pray to their god Allah. They live their lives according to Islamic Sharia law, the Immoral, and supremacist code of the Islamic Ideology.

But when Muslims bring legal disputes into U.S. courts, for some unknown reason a legal dilemma often arises, pitting Islamic Sharia law against individual rights guaranteed by American law, and the U.S. Constitution.

Increasingly, U.S. courts have yielded to Sharia. In effect, our own judicial system is failing to adhere to the very laws that govern this country. Sharia advocates are overturning our long-held legal traditions to follow the precepts laid down by an ideology much like Nazism, and whose laws are at odds with our U.S. legal and cultural history.

American law is built on the foundation of Judeo-Christian values and traditions. These have always operated under the precept, "Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's.” This foundational premise under the secular governing structure created the historic distinction between religious leadership and secular authority in the United States. This unique marriage of Judeao/Christian values at the foundation of our legal culture is now being threatened, by a culture of evil brutality that leaves no room for any law but Sharia, and has infiltrated, encroached and invaded the American legal system from our law schools to our courts.

There are now more than 50 cases, which received limited or no media coverage, that illustrate failure by the courts to maintain the integrity of local, state and federal laws.
For just a few examples, see the recent report from the Center for Security Policy, "Sharia Law and American State Courts: An Assessment of State Appellate Court Cases".

Our legal system must insure that constitutional guarantees are not influenced by any outside legal systems, including religious or foreign laws, such as Sharia, which are hostile to our legal traditions. Although some states have past legislation that prohibits any foreign law from influencing law in state courts, Sharia is still running rampant in the rest of the country as well as in our Federal Courts.

Sharia Law

Sharia is Satan’s law, and where there are Muslims, it stands above all laws. This immutable Islamic legal doctrine derived from the Koran and other Islamic texts from Hell. Its interpretations, and rulings, mandates gender apartheid, religious discrimination, Muslim supremacy, cruel punishments and torture, and the denial of free speech and religion, among other things. Requirements are detailed for every aspect of life, from the correct use of the toilet to food to the subjection and enslavement of non-Muslims to proper wife-beating techniques.

Islamic doctrine recognizes men as superior to women in all matters and thus promotes the unequal treatment of women. Under Sharia, the list of inequalities include, a woman's testimony is valued at half that of a man's, she may be convicted of sexual misconduct if she is raped unless she produces four male witnesses. She receives half the inheritance of male offspring, her husband may freely divorce her without providing for her welfare, she may be raped with impunity, and she may be beaten or killed as her husband sees fit. All these abuses, which violate U.S. laws for equal treatment of the sexes, are perfectly acceptable under Sharia law.

Sharia law requires the segregation of Muslims from non-Muslims, assigns a subservient status to non-Muslims called the dhimmah, forbids certain religious activities and observances and mandates death for Muslims who leave the faith -- all of which violate religious freedom, equal treatment under the law, and other guarantees of the U.S. constitution.

Jewish Law and Christian Canon Law

Many who defend rulings that follow Islamic doctrine or Sharia make spurious comparisons to Jewish law and Catholic or Christian Canon law. These comparisons are disingenuous because the distinctions couldn't be more striking between Sharia law and the laws of Jews and Christians. The fact is that Jesus Christ came to set man free from the law, and not to be in bondage to it.

Islamic law or Sharia is supremacist and oppressive. The Koran commands Muslims to change secular laws to conform to Sharia and/or to impose Sharia worldwide. In Muslim countries, the mosque is both the state and the court. Disobeying Sharia will be punished by flogging or death. By contrast, Jewish (Halacha) and Christian Canon laws are never imposed even for Jews and Christians, respectively. Under Jewish law and Canon law, any two parties in a dispute can choose to seek and follow a decision rendered by a religious court, but they are always free to pursue secular redress. In fact, Jews and Christians are required to follow secular law and are under no obligation whatsoever to abide by Jewish or Catholic Church doctrine. The dictum in Jewish law of "Dina d'malchuta dina" translates to "the law of the land is law" and recognizes non-Jewish laws and non-Jewish legal jurisdiction as binding on Jewish citizens. Jewish law does not operate under a supremacist power structure like Islamic doctrine. It is unenforceable, and it is not a replacement for constitutional law.

In contradiction to Church doctrine, for example Catholic men and women can freely initiate divorces without fear of punishment. A Catholic woman can even have an abortion, although abortion is condemned by the Catholic Church. Catholics can be excommunicated from the church, but this doesn't affect their individual liberties or impose criminal punishments or penalties.

Unlike Islamic Sharia, Jewish law and Canon law have no provisions for taking lives, criminal penalties, or monetary compensation for non-money damages. No doctrinal basis exists to create a worldwide Jewish or Catholic government like an Islamic caliphate, nor is there a religious mandate for martyrdom similar to a jihad to fulfill Judaic or Catholic devotion. If a Christian woman engaged in an extramarital affair, she would not be sentenced to death by stoning as she would be under Islamic doctrine. If her father or brother murdered her for her impropriety, they would be incarcerated for life or receive the death penalty by the appropriate authorities...and certainly not be praised for maintaining family honor, as is the case with Sharia. Catholics Christians and Jews are free to change their religions without the threat of punishment of death as it is under the supreme and barbaric law of Sharia.

While Sharia is immutable, Jewish and Canon law has evolved over time to embrace new interpretations. Jewish law allows the latitude for judicial discretion, and innovations are frequently proposed and instituted. Christian Canon has also changed with varying circumstances and has a rich historic basis of evolution, beginning with the First Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Clearly, Sharia is at odds with everything enshrined in our Constitution to honor and preserve individual liberties and freedom. Sharia stands in opposition to equal protection under the law for both of the sexes, all religions, all races, and all ethnicities. Ultimately Sharia replaces the constitution with the objective of submitting to Allah/Satan’s law, which denies freedom, equality, tolerance, and justice. Unfortunately, the United States is now on a slippery slope to allow Sharia to quarter in our American courtrooms. To permit this insidious divergence from U.S. and state law threatens the basic principles and liberties that Americans hold dear. In essence, Sharia law is antithetical to the American concepts of freedom and equality that are given to all human beings by the God of creation that is documented in our Declaration of Independent [Americans].

The purpose of Sharia is to totally control every aspect of mankind world wide. Any independent thinking human being, Atheist, Agnostic, Buddhist, Shinto, Confucianist, Hindu, Christian, or Jew, who would read Sharia law, would identify it with something from the depths of Hell itself. It is the most immoral, evil, barbaric and deceptive ideology on the planet. And it is a bigger threat to the ‘Free Judeao-Christian West’ than all the WMD the world can produce.

While we fight for the defense of the Middle East in Afghanistan and Iraq, we are losing a much larger nearly silent battle right here in our own country. Soon our military our government, and our culture will be irrelevant if this war against Sharia isn’t fought in our towns, cities, and in our state and congressional legislatures. If left up to the courts we as Americans will be at best reduced to slaves of Islamic Sharia, or at worst be reduced to human targets for the pleasure of Allah, the satanic god of Islam.

You still have a choice to fight!

Or not…

de Andréa

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