Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Muslims Can’t Pray To A Catholic Cross

Several years ago the historic university accepted funds from a Saudi prince. Now Saudi Arabia owns George Washington ‘U’

By de Andrea

George Washington University President John Garvey pictured standing in front of one of the many campus crosses that used to adorn the university (Photo by Rafael Crisostomo)

“Crosses in every room at Washington D.C.’s Catholic University of America are a Sharia violation that prevent Muslim students from praying”, reads the opening remarks of an article on Beliefnet News about a suit by a Muslim organization.

I… am nearly speechless. No! Not because Muslim students say the crosses prevent them from praying, that is totally understandable. What I am nearly speechless about is that this is even an Issue, much less a surprise. I mean really do they teach anything at our colleges anymore that is true, informative, in touch with reality or useful.

Come on! This is Muslim 101, crosses and church bells are strictly forbidden in a Muslim school, or anywhere in Islam. Any Muslim child knows that! But…you say, this is a Catholic University! This is a Christian nation!

Oh contraire my pathetically ignorant deceived enabling blind self destructive dhimmahic slave. There are Muslims here in America--- that makes this an Islamic State. There are Muslims in George Washington University and in the Catholic University of America that makes them Muslim colleges. And the icing on the Islmic camel dung heap is that Islam donated Funds to G.W.U. and they were foolishly and ignorantly (that’s much to kind) stupidly accepted.

My friend! Don’t you know according to Sharia Law the whole world is the Nation of Islam and anywhere Muslims are present Sharia is enforced, Period. There is nothing to negotiate. Muslims do not compromise, Muslims do not assimilate, and at best you are the subordinate dhimmah slaves who pay a Jizya tribute for the privilege of living. If you violate Sharia in any way you are marked for death, Period. No plea, no trial by jury, no expectation of the presumption of innocence no nothing… This is the religion from hell folks, just when… Christians especially--- are we going to get off of our lazy brain dead bum’s and educate ourselves about the very simple fundamentals of this satanic enemy? Their god Satan AKA’ Allah just can’t stand to be anywhere near “THE CROSS”. This should be no surprise, its elementary…

NOW do you understated why they say that they CANNOT pray in the presence of the Cross that Jesus Christ died on to pay for the sins of the world yes He died even for Muslims the children of HELL! Maybe we should tell them that!

If this was something the college did not want to deal with, then why did they accept Satan’s money and invite Satan’s kids into their school. As I said at the beginning, I am nearly speechless.
Do you really think Muslims come to a Catholic college because they want to become good little Catholics and say the rosary or do penance? Or maybe it’s because the Catholics have good toaster strudel. Come on… wake up my deceived friends they came to change the school into an Islmic Madrassa; they came to this country to change it into an Islamic state.

The problem here - is not that the Muslims can’t pray in the presence of the Cross, although that may be their problem, it certainly isn’t ours. The very profound problem here is, that by the time we, the Judeao Christian West begin to understand the simplest fundamental facts about Islam we the “People of the Book” will be the slaves of the Dhimmah Pack. Folks read the Quran, read the Hadith, it’s even in the Bible that the antichrist will come from the Middle East. Read your history books, no, not the new ones, the Muslims that have infiltrated the Dept of Education have rewritten them, get an old one, pre 1960’s, and you will see the repeat of Islamic history over and over again. They do not change, and they do not stop. They did not come here for our babouches (sandals) or our kufi, and they are not here for our Big Mac’s or our dune buggies. The same historical ignorant deception is taking place right here before our very eyes that has been repeated in every Islamic country in the world. And we ignorantly make the same mistake and enable, and support them to our own demise.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I will not apologize for being so truthful and direct. The time is long’ past for diplomacy. We just must understand that we have either to convert all Muslims to our Western Culture today, or deport them tomorrow. This, my friend is the foundation of the Christian Crusades more that a thousand years ago. They waited to long and a 200 year bloody war was the result. If we don’t act now Islam’s Hizb ut-Tahrir حزب التحرير will bury us in the satanic oppression of Islamic tyranny. (Look it up!) “Insanity, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. - Albert Einstein. It shouldn’t take an Albert Einstein to figure this out, after all, I did!

de Andréa

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