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Chrislam, How Does This Happen

It happens the moment one ignorantly allows the deceptive evil foot of Islam to step into your doorway

By de Andréa

As a follow up to my article on February 5, Titled: Islam in the Christian Church (if you haven’t read it please do so before continuing) I will attempt to answer the question that so many have asked, HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?

Because they are progressive and provide a foundation, please make sure you have also read the second article, published February 12, titled: Obama Is Preparing American Children For Islam. At the end I explain the steps outlined in the Islamic hand book of Jihad called “The Hadith” for the systematic infiltration and subsequent conversion of a country into an Islmic State, they are the incremental steps of (Islamic JIHAD).

This same formula to achieve Islamic world domination has been used for 1400 years to create one Islamic State after another. Moreover it is now being used in Europe and in America. Islam is the most predicable and in your face enemy the world has ever encountered, and yet it is the most unknown and least understood. There is really no legitimate excuse for this ignorance except for the Western laziness of phlegmatic apathetic complacency. It truly is like watching a movie of history repeating itself over and over and over, again. One would think we would know the story line and the ugly ending by now. But instead we are deceived. We are so stuck in our ignorant deception that we won’t even turn around and look at the train coming from East to West that is about to run us down. By the time we feel the vibrations and hear the sound of it, it will have hit us full force.

So how does this satanic ideological theocracy of Islam whose agenda is to destroy every idea, philosophy, ideology, and opposing religion in the world, hope to bring 6 billion people under the oppressive supremacy of Sharia? Again! Deception…

But specifically, how do such evil anti-Christian children of Satan infiltrate the Christian Church? It is not difficult to deceive a people that are ignorant of the enemy they face, especially if they are an out of balance indoctrinated people, programmed with a perverted one-sided half truth of Christianity and benevolence to a fault. Couple that with the pressure of the new Western religious philosophy of political correctness, tolerance, multi-Culturalism, and the indoctrination of diversity, and one has the perfect storm for the benevolent acceptance of Islamic deception.

It has become increasing important to be well grounded in the truth of Gods word and to “put aside”, as Paul the Apostle said “fine points of doctrine” that become legalistic and do nothing but separate and weaken the Christian faith and family. The confusion and sidetracking of Denominationalism is what Paul was warning against in his letters to the early fledgling churches. And yet the Christian Church (especially the Protestants) has near totally ignored this biblical warning. Instead of trusting God’s word, and all of its complex and paradoxical truths that are necessary for a diverse people coming from a variety of cultures and individual backgrounds, have divided the faith and all but abandon Gods word by following the teachings of such theologians as Calvin, Luther, Wesley, and others. The result is a confusion of fractionated bits and pieces of the whole truth of God. Christians are generally lacking the whole truth because of this division that the Apostle Paul so clearly warned about.

This diversity contributes to a weak and confused Christian Church all sidetracking down a different path leading to the disaster of satanic Islamic deception.

An example of what I have tried to explain as the Islamic foot in the door and where it leads to is an article that appeared on the Fox News web site titled Churches Open Doors to Muslim Worship Watch the Fox News video discussion on the Issue. You will notice that author and interviewee Lauren Green seems to know that this isn’t a good thing, but also you will notice that she doesn’t know why… This ignorance of the Islamic ideology is what contributes to the deception that can only lead to the perversion and demise of the Christian Church. God’s word says in the last days many will be deceived and fall away. Ignorance and deception is the biggest contributing factors in this downfall.

While this ignorant practice is just a foot in the door to the infiltration of Islam into the Christian Church, it has already lead to the next step, exemplified in the perverted merger of Islam (the religion of eternal death) and Christianity (the religion of eternal life), it is called Chrislam. As the two opposing beliefs come together, Islam will devour Christianity. It is just its nature to do so… God’s word says: “no man can serve two masters he will love one and hate the other”.

To illustrate this first step of the foot in the door is the Lauren Green article “Churches Open Doors To Muslim worship”, it reads in part:

“Two Protestant churches are taking some heat from critics for opening their church buildings to Muslims needing places to worship because their own facilities were either too small, or under construction.

Heartsong Church in Cordova, Tenn., let members of the Memphis Islamic Center hold Ramadan prayers there last September. And Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Alexandria, Va., allows the Islamic Circle of North America to hold regular Friday prayers in their building while their new mosque is being

Diane Bechtol of Aldersgate says this is something Christians are called to do: Be neighborly and develop relationships - even those who don't share your beliefs. "I think it's a tenet of our Christian faith, and that is that we extend hospitality to the stranger,” said Bechtol.
“We are a congregation that wants to be helpful to people and if we are asked to help a neighbor in need, that's what we do."

The U.S. Christian community is divided over whether or not to allow Muslims to use their churches as prayer space Dr. Alex McFarland, a Christian theologian and radio talk show host, charged these churches “have crossed the line from respect and tolerance, to ... affirmation and endorsement.

THE BOTTOM LINE: They ignorantly and wrongly see it as their Christian duty. Others are saying, “It extends the hand of fellowship where it was never intended to go”. The benevolent hand of Christian fellowship is not only extended to the sons of Satan, the enemy of God and his son Jesus Christ but out of ignorance and the subsequent deception of Allah/Satan, Christians are joining and enabling Islam, and out of ignorance it is not the intended other way around. .

The question of “how does this happen” is answered by understanding that it happens the moment the evil foot of Islam steps into the doorway. Whether it is in your home, your church your neighborhood or in your country there is no compromising the Christian faith and there is no ideology so fundamentally opposed to Christianity than Islam. Read a previous article titled: Islam The Biblical Antichrist

If you have watched the video of the Fox News interview you will notice the clip of the spokesperson for the church defending their position by stating, “They were not facilitating the religion of Islam”. Bad choice of words, because of their ignorance one can easily see that quite literally that’s exactly what they have done, as well as, (without intention I’m sure) they have in-fact enabled, endorsed and emboldened the satanic agenda if Islamic Jihad. Muslims see benevolence as weakness and weakness as stupidity.

As I said: The seemingly innocent Islmic foot in the door of the ignorant and deceived Christian church as an act of loving benevolence blindly toward the enemy of God has already lead to the next step of infiltration…the intergraded perversion and the merger of Christianity and Islam. Chrislam… It is coming to a Christian church near you --- turn around and look --- it might even be yours.

Something to remember through all of this is that Islam does not assimilate into your society, your culture, or your religion; you will assimilate into theirs…read your history book, this same movie has been playing on the world stage for 1400 years, moreover, it hasn’t changed.

If you have stubbornly chosen to remain ignorant, as Eve did in Eden 6000 years ago, you will have submitted yourselves to the supremacy, slavery, and deception of Allah/Satan; moreover by the time you recognize it, you will have been devoured by it. My suggestion then, is that you may as well purchase your prayer rug now before the big rush.

One certainly wouldn’t want to be caught rugless in a new Islamic State…

de Andréa

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