Tuesday, March 29, 2011

U.S. Iran and Hamas allied against Israel

Part of the deception of Islam is to get their foot in your door, and then be welcomed inside, then a compromising agreement is struck, and then it evolves into total corruption.

By de Andréa

Whether it be in you neighborhood, your town, state, school, or government the Islamic strategy of Jihad is all the same, The CON-GAME OF DECEPTION.

The following information is taken from the Jerusalem Post – According to a senior Massad Israeli security official. “Iran ordered Hamas to fire the massive barrage of rockets launched from the Gaza Strip at Jewish population zones in recent days”. The official said “Iran was concerned Hamas was considering moderating its position during ongoing talks to form a government with the U.S.-backed Palestinian Authority”.

“THE U.S. BACKED PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY”, keep this in mind as your read this article.

"Incredibly, the attacks against Israel have little to do with Hamas's confrontation with Jews and was more about internal political posturing," the official said.

Ironically, or maybe intentional the Iranian-ordered rocket and mortar barrage over this past weekend came as the Jewish state was celebrating Purim. Purim commemorates the events in the Book of Esther – when the Jews were saved from the genocidal intentions of the viceroy of Persia, which is now modern-day Iran.

The rocket onslaught also came after Israel seized a ship carrying a large quantity of weaponry. “Originated in Iran and was intended for Hamas in Gaza.” "The source of the weapons is Iran, which is trying to arm Gaza," said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on March 15, the day Israel intercepted the ship. Hamas last weekend fired more than 50 mortars and rockets from Gaza into southern Israel. Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, in an unusual move, claimed direct responsibility for 10 of the rockets. Usually, Hamas claims third-party groups in Gaza are behind such attacks. For a long period it had let other smaller militant groups do its bidding.

A foot in the door

U.S. funds to pay Hamas salaries. The Palestinian Authority has quietly offered to place tens of thousands of Hamas security forces on its payroll if Hamas joins in a unity government funded by the U.S. and Europe.

According to a senior PA official, the PA has been sending mediators to Hamas in an effort to persuade it into a unity deal. The PA has engaged in intense marathon talks with Hamas the past three days. As part of its latest list of incentives, the PA has offered to place between 15,000 and 20,000 of Hamas' forces in Gaza on official PA salary if Hamas joins in a unity government.

The technical explanation being given by PA sources is that the Palestinian leadership feels it better to maintain one major financial apparatus to pay all security forces, instead of having a separate governmental system in Gaza run by Hamas. Monthly salaries of Hamas security officers in Gaza typically range from between 800 and 1,500 shekel, or between $244 and $421.

The Compromise

Aside from an accommodation on salaries, the U.S. and the PA is ready to give Hamas full official security control of the Gaza Strip if the Islamist organization agrees to form a unity government, according to a PA official.

In 2007, Hamas seized Gaza from the PA and since then has maintained a de facto government in the territory. While Hamas largely controls Gaza, the PA still has militias there that are influential in key areas.

The PA official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that "Hamas would not need to recognize the existence of Israel as a precondition for entering a new unity government. "

He said Hamas is being asked to commit itself to previous Palestinian agreements, which would include those signed with Israel, without actually recognizing the specific agreements with Israel. The PA official admitted the request appears to be contradictory.

The PA official said that recent developments in Egypt and the greater Arab world force the Palestinian leadership to take a public position against the U.S. "The Obama administration's abandonment of [U.S. ally President Hosni] Mubarak in Egypt sent a big sign to the so-called moderate Arab world that we can no longer depend on American support," said the official. The official further argued that popular sentiment on the Palestinian streets dictates the PA must orient itself away from the U.S.

Indeed, the PA's official media outlets have been railing against the U.S. in recent weeks, with 28 PA municipalities even announcing boycotts of "the American consulate, its diplomats, and the American institutions in Jerusalem," according to a translation by Palestinian Media Watch.

In direct response to the protests that already toppled regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, the PA two weeks ago announced it finally would hold long-delayed parliamentary and presidential elections in September.

The corrupt deception

While the U.S. seems to be moving away from Islamic authorities it is moving in the direction of Islamic Terrorist Jihadist i.e. the Muslim Brotherhood.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The U.S. is now equally yoked with Hamas and Iran and against Israel. Do you see the pattern, the foot in the door, the compromising agreement, and then the corruption? Interestingly, this is totally predictable. This Islamic doctrine is taught in the Muslim Hadith’s (the Jihadist traditions of Islam as taught by Mohammad) Our Government gets conned into these agreements with the enemy because of our inexcusable ignorance of Islam, read the books it’s in there.

The U.S. and its ‘Judeao Christian allies’ (and I use the term loosely) could have won this war against the entire Islamic nations within a year after the U.S. was attacked, if we just understood this enemy. Do you remember what Gadhafi did in response to the violent, merciless, pull all the stops out; attack of the U.S. on Iraq? Answer: Gadhafi just gave up his WMD without even being asked. If America and its allies would have just done what the war college manual and the articles of war state, and that is to “Know who your enemy is,” the Pentagon could have easily predicted, in every case, what the Nation of Islam would do and what it would mean. Muslims in general do not have the capability of original thought; it is bred and programmed right out of them by their so-called religion. This is why the progress of their culture ended in the 7th century. They follow a predictable predetermined path dictated by two books, the Quran and the Hadith.

My suggestion is that you buy two of each book, one for your self and one for your representative. Just think if every one of your representative’s constituents would do that, he or she might get the Idea that you wanted them to actually read them. Moreover, after being at war with this enemy for 10 years now we still haven’t even brought ourselves to identify this enemy. At least our House of Representatives would have some idea just who and what Islam actually is and what their deceptive predetermined agenda is. I can guarantee you if we continue down this road of blind ignorance and deception we will not only lose this war, we will lose our country. Sound far fetched and bazaar?

Then stay tuned my friend…

de Andréa

Monday, March 28, 2011

The ATF Scandal

They tried, but they couldn’t cover it up. Obama lies when he says he didn’t authorize it, or had no knowledge of the undercover sale of arms to the Mexican drug cartel.

By de Andréa

The media ignored the crime as long as it could, but it had to air the story on TV news Sunday night.

To show you how long the media sat on this story while the Obama administration tried to cover it up, they knew since December 2010. I wrote about this story on February 22, 2011, that was more than a month ago, look it up, it is titled the Corrupt ATF.

While Obama said he did not authorize this scheme and the Attorney General new nothing about it, it is now known, and has now been reported that Obama’s DOJ knew about it.

So the big question is, WHY?

When solving a crime like this, the first thing one does, is to look for a motive. Who would gain by these guns showing up in the hands of Mexican criminals?

Last year Mexican president Felipe Calderon stated that the weapons found in the hands of the drug cartel came from the U.S. After that accusation was proved false and that the weapons were actually shown as coming from Eastern Europe and Russia, Obama, in order to shore-up his war on guns and gain support for his illegal unconstitutional national gun ban campaign, he wanted American guns smuggled into Mexico so the proof could be documented.

So, buffered through the DOJ Obama had the ATF smuggle guns from Texas into Mexico. But it backfired on him and Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was shot and killed Tuesday night, December 18 2010. He was killed with one of these ATF undercover smuggled guns. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano immediately jumped on the case looking now like a cover-up. The gun has since been traced back to a Texas gun dealer who was pressured by the ATF to sell these guns to the Cartel.

By following the path backward it ended up at the DOJ who has no specific motive of its own to get involved in a criminal action such as this --- but Obama does.

What did he know, and when did he know it.

Now the question is, did Obama do a good enough job covering his six to maintain denial of the crime?

I certainly hope not…

de Andréa.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Look At America’s Future

Raped, robbed, and acid throwing in Paris…It is happening over there, and unless we stop it now, it will happen over here.

By de Andréa
If you would like a glimpse of what your town and neighborhood ‘will’ look like in 10 years or less then watch this video from CBN news correspondent Dale Hurd who vividly illustrates the inevitable cultural clash that is now an everyday way of life throughout Europe. This is a precursor of the civil war that will soon exist between those who want to preserve a Constitutional form of freedom and those who want to replace it with the oppressive tyranny and barbarism of Islamic Sharia Law. France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and Britain today… and tomorrow, America!

I am no prophet, but I can see just beyond the end of my rather prominent nose at the direction the Judeao/Christian west is hell-bent on traveling. While both the leaders of France and England are just now becoming aware of the fact that the experiment of “Multi-Culturalism” isn’t working, America has the pedal to the metal racing toward the goal of Islamic tyranny. Watch a short clip of Colonel Allen West a Florida Congressman say it like it is. He says we are chasing our tail because we in America are in denial of whom and what Islam is.

Iran is 'not' just an extreme version of Islam; Iran is a definitive example of the Islamic future of the West and America. Watch a short film clip of the Iranian Agenda.

Islamic indoctrination and Sharia will destroy your freedom and the freedom of your children. Our universities nation wide, are programming our kids to accept the tyranny of Islam, watch a video of a meeting at the University of Central Florida supporting the ideology of Islam.

If you think your young children are not affected by the robotic indoctrination of the Islam, then watch this. In a Wellesley, Massachusetts Public School, Christian and Jewish Students Learn to Pray to Allah

In Dearborn Michigan with a larger population of Muslims than the country of Afghanistan, Christians are arrested and jailed in 2009 by local Dearborn police under Islamic Sharia law, and again in 2010. The Dearborn police shred Constitution in favor of Sharia.

Main-stream so-called moderate Muslims in America ‘are’ extremist terrorists sleepers. Moreover they are supported by our government and civic leaders in Boston and all over America. Watch video. Pay particular attention to the statement at the end about “reaching out to “Moderate Muslims”. Even the makers of this video are deceived, believing that there are good peaceful loving warm-fuzzy “Moderate Muslims.” Let me ask you, do you believe there were/are any good loving peaceful Nazis. Don’t be deceived my friend. A Muslim is a Muslim no matter what flavor he is.

If you open the door to Islam, no matter what the intention is --- you are opening yourself up to deception. Christians are especially susceptible to this mistake, as an outreach of benevolence, or even an opportunity to share ones Christian faith. The truth is your perils of love and faith will be seen not as an escape to peace, freedom, or salvation, but as weakness and stupidity. What will be accomplished is that Islam gets a chance to put its foot in your door. Watch a video of a fox news report on a Methodist church who believes they are benevolently reaching out to Muslims, saying, “They are not ‘facilitating’ Islam” when they are doing exactly that by sharing their ‘facilities’ with the Muslims. Opening the door to Allah/Satan is not the Biblical meaning of Christian benevolence, my friend; it is ignorance of God’s Word.

Once you have opened your door to Islam, you have opened your life to Satan and you have made yourself vulnerable to him. He will not listen to you…you will listen to him. You will not convert the Muslim he will convert you. He will deceive you into compromise and then he will strike. His foot will no longer just be in the open door of benevolence but he will have surreptitiously and incrementally taken over your house, your neighborhood, your school, your town, your country, your lives, and yes maybe even your soul. Read a past article with links to the story of Chris’lam’ the Christian compromise, titled “Islam in the Christian church”

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you cannot, or if you just refuse for whatever reason to see the reality of the events unfolding right in front of your very eyes right now, it is because of deception. Whether it is political, philosophical, religious or because of any other deceptive reason, you have become blind. You are in denial; you have become deceptively hardened and programmed against the truth. On the other hand, if this information is enough to wake you up and you have become at least slightly curious as to just exactly what the truth is, then watch carefully for a series of future articles on the “Whole Truth of God” as it applies to Islam.

de Andréa

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The American Muslim Brotherhood

The MB will soon be running the U.S. It may already be too late to turn this around. The Islamic train is about to hit us folks.

By de Andréa

The Muslim Brotherhood, with the support of our Muslim president Barack Hussein Obama, has infiltrated the U.S. government at its highest levels and is changing American policy that leaves America and the world’s Christians in grave danger.

In case you may be among those that have mistakenly doubted me when it comes to the dangers of Islam, then please read this article below containing many quotes from someone you may trust just a little more than I. Reverend Franklin Graham, son of well known evangelist Billy Graham.

“The Muslim Brotherhood is very strong and active here in our country,” says internationally known Christian evangelist Franklin Graham. “We have these people [Muslims] advising our military and State Department. We’ve brought in Muslims to tell us how to make policy toward Muslim countries. It’s like a farmer asking a fox, ‘How do I protect my hen house from you?’"

"That same Muslim Brotherhood is fomenting much of the rebellion and the deteriorating social order roiling the Middle East, forcing millions of Christians to flee for their lives”, says Graham, son of beloved evangelist Dr. Billy Graham, and founder of The Samaritan’s Purse international charity.

“Under [Egypt’s Hosni] Mubarek and [Jordan’s] King Hussein and other [so-ccalled] moderate leaders, Christians had been protected,” Graham says. “One million Christians live in Egypt and I fear for them, because if the Muslim Brotherhood comes to power, you’re going to see a great exodus of Christians, same thing in Tunisia and Lebanon. I fear for the church because the Muslim Brotherhood is going to be a very terrible thing.”

A new report from the Roman Catholic aid agency, Aid to the Church in Need supports Graham’s contention that the persecution of Christians world­wide has worsened exponentially in the past few years. According to the report, Christians face increased suffering in 32 countries around the world, with Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Nigeria being among the worst countries to be a Christian in today. The persecution has gotten markedly worse over the past two years according to the organization. The Muslim Brotherhood (the revived Ottoman Empire) is now established in 87 countries including the U.S.

“The proportion of countries with a worsening track-record of anti-Christian violence and intimidation would be higher were it not for the fact that in many cases the situation could scarce­ly have been worse in the first place. More than 75 percent of religious persecution in the world is currently being carried out by Muslims against Christians”, the report concludes.

The Vatican formed a special committee late last year to address the flight of Christians and the rise of militant Islam in the Middle East and around the world. In his New Year’s message, Pope Benedict XVI said “Christians suffer more than any other religious group because of their faith.”

Asked if President Barack Obama was doing enough to protect Christians at home and abroad, Graham says, “No. If anything it’s the opposite. Muslims are protected more in this country than Christians,” he says. “The president has made many statements but he doesn’t back them up.”

Obama’s defense of Islam
In recent weeks, Obama administration officials have stepped up the defense of their massive inclusive stance toward Muslims in their ranks.

The deception!
Deputy national security advisor, Denis McDonough, said last week at an interfaith forum in Sterling, Va. that “President Obama is actually trying to prevent terrorism by dispelling the myths that have developed over the years, including misperceptions about our fellow Americans who are Muslim. When it comes to preventing violent extremism and terrorism in the United States, Muslim Americans are not part of the problem; they’re part of the solution."

The truth here should be obvious: First and foremost Obama himself is a Muslim Jihadist infiltrator. Listen to him tell you! “I am one of them,” he says. “America is no longer a Christian Nation,” he says. “America is the largest Muslim Nation in the world,” he says. Obama has appointed Muslims in his cabinet, and a myriad of Muslims Czars in key positions in the government. There are Muslims in our military in the pentagon. This is what Graham is talking about when he says: “The Muslim Brotherhood is very strong and active here in our country. We have these people [Muslims] advising our military and State Department. We’ve brought in Muslims to tell us how to make policy toward Muslim countries. It’s like a farmer asking a fox, ‘How do I protect my hen house from you?’"

As far as Obama “trying to prevent terrorism”, as Deputy national security advisor, Denis McDonough, said. --- The truth is, that Obama won’t even identify terrorism as being an Issue, he calls it “man made disasters” or “domestic insurgency”. Moreover he repeatedly denies that we are even a war with Islam. How does one fight an enemy ones own president refuses to identify? Well…we obviously don’t. And when has a Muslim ever been part of any solution? ‘That’ my friend is the myth!

Graham diplomatically says, “What Obama is really doing is giving Islam a pass rather than speaking openly about the ‘horrific’ treatment women and minorities receive”.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The Fox In The Hen House???
I SAY…This is truly tantamount to the U.S. electing a Nazi infiltrator as president, electing a Nazi Congress, and having Nazis in charge of our security agencies, having Nazis in charge of our department of education and having Nazis in our Military and in our Pentagon during World War Two. Just who do you think would have possibly won that war???

Are you, as they say beginning to connect the duds…or no, I mean the dots? Would we have won the war in the pacific if Roosevelt would have fired Mac Arthur and hired Yamamoto? No! Then why by introducing the enemies perverted law of Sharia into our court system and hireling Muslims, in some cases known terrorists or Muslims with terrorist connections, to fight a war against terrorist Islam, do we think we can possibly win this war against the ideology of Islamic tyranny?

Or is it because our Marxist Muslim president says that we are not at war with terrorism or the nation of Islam and that the deception of denial will just make it all go away? Or maybe it is because Obama says we have already lost this war to his Muslim Brotherhood, because he says, “this is no longer a Christian nation, it is now the largest Muslim Nation in the world.” If you didn’t hear your say that, then watch the video again, turn up the volume, and listen. This may be the only time he doesn’t lie.

What do you say??? First pray, then write your representative and tell him/her what you know.
P.S. Even though the American MB Muslim Brotherhood was found to be a coconspirator along with CAIR the Counsel on American Islamic Relations in the Federal trial --- U.S. Justice Dept vs. the Holyland Foundation terrorist funding money laundering
indictment, the IRS still grants both of these terrorist supporting organizations, Tax Free Charitable Status. And in the case of CAIR are still paid advisors to Homeland Security.

The MB, CAIR, and all Muslim organizations, mosques and charities are truly the “Foxes in the Hen House” and like the fox they aren’t just in your house to share your bed. They are here my friend, to take your bed…

de Andréa

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sharia Law in American Courts

If you still don’t believe that someday soon, ‘YOU’ will be subjected to the terror of Islamic Sharia law in American courts, and police enforcement of Sharia in your own homes and on the streets of your town, well…you would be wrong, wrong, wrong my friend.

By de Andréa

If you have been waiting for something loud and clear, to wake you up to the ongoing WAR OF ISLAMIC JIHAD in America, then this might be the wakeup call that you have been so blindly looking for.

Wake up sleepyhead and turn off one and a half men and a jerk and pay close attention.

Sharia Law is already being enforced by police in the streets of Dearborn Michigan and in the state of New Jersey and now in the courts of Tampa Florida; it is just a matter of time before it comes to your town and directly affects you and your family. And you had better not just sit around on your apathy and wait for that to happen.

Just another foot in the door of our American culture of Freedom.
In Tampa Florida, a dispute arose over who controls the funds in a mosque received in 2008 from an eminent domain proceeding. Former trustees of the mosque are claiming in a Florida court that they have the right to the funds.

Current mosque leaders are disputing that claim, and want the case decided according to secular, Florida civil law, and their attorney has been vigorously arguing the case accordingly. The former trustees of the mosque want the case decided according to Islamic Sharia law. On March 3, 2011 The judge in the Circuit Court of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit in and for Hillsborough County, Florida Civil Division ruled “This case will proceed under Ecclesiastical Islamic law, [Sharia law], pursuant to the Quran.” You can read the Judge’s ruling for yourself - HERE

While it’s not unusual for a dispute to arise within any religious institution and for a court to order a mediation or arbitration, in order to resolve this without the court having to render its own judgment, what makes this case unusual, and highly troubling, is that a group of Muslim leaders—the CURRENT mosque leaders—who do NOT want this to be subject to Sharia law, are being compelled to do so by would you believe…an American Judge in an American court, moreover, this is not the first time. This is surreptitiously and incrementally being done all over America. You had better fight it now or begin your study of Sharia because you ‘WILL’ be judged by it.

This is reminiscent of the 2009 New Jersey case, where a Muslim woman sought a restraining order, in civil court, against her Muslim husband, who was raping her several times a day. The judge denied the restraining order because, in his opinion, the husband did not commit a crime because he was following his Islamic beliefs, Islamic Sharia law. In the New Jersey case, and now in this recent case in Tampa, Muslims found themselves being subjected to Sharia law in America, against their will.

Oh! You say, but this just pertains to Muslims! Oh no…my deceived friend suffering from denial, in 2009 and 2010 on the Streets of Dearborn Michigan, Christian Americans have been arrested by Dearborn police and detained under Sharia Law. In November 2010, 70% of Oklahoma voters past a law against the implantation of Sharia law. In January 2011 an Okalahoma judge overturned the law because of pressure from the terrorist group known as CAIR the Council on American Islamic Relations. So who makes law in America? Not the Legislature, not the American people, an Islamic terrorist group makes the law in America.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Americans have two choices: One, - sit back and enjoy life and freedom as long as it lasts, until the oppression and tyranny of Islamic Sharia directly affects them, at which time it will be too late to stop. Or two, – eat your spinach and fight against these sons of Satan now while you still can.

Up to you my friend, I’ll be dead and buried before America becomes an Islamic State… At least I hope I will…

de Andréa

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Tyranny of U.S. Regulatory Agencies

The Government demanded, to have the right to put toxic mercury into your bedroom, in your kitchen, in your bathroom, in your baby’s nursery.

By de Andréa
The Government is demanding that you can only use light bulbs that are of poor quality and will make you sick.
Today we are in bondage to thousands and thousands of government regulations. We only get to enjoy very small amounts of liberty and freedom within the very-tightly defined boundaries that the ‘Federal Government’ has set up for us.
This control grid has been developing for decades.
The elite that make up America's “ruling class” are indoctrinated and programmed to believe that they know better than the rest of us how things should be done. They are indoctrinated all through school that it is their responsibility to impose their vision of a better life on all the rest of us. To the ruling elite, we are all just a bunch of brainless sheep that aren’t capable of understanding what is best for us.
If it seems like the people running this country are a bunch of control freaks, that’s because it is exactly what they are, trust me I know, I used to be one of them. They are smug, arrogant and convinced that they are better than you are. They believe that freedom needs to be directed and controlled, and that all of us just need to be told what to do, and what to believe.
Obama and his friends do not believe in freedom--they want to control every second of your life, every aspect of you life and how you live it -- and through the deception of Obamacare, they also want to choose when you and how you will die.
We need to speak up; we need to elect so-called radical office holders that believe in real freedom a real America, like the one in the history books, (if they haven’t all been burned by now)... Obama even wants to take control of the Internet--if you want the United States to be a third world dictatorship, with expensive, poor quality dangerous light bulbs, then please stop reading here and just go back to sleep.
Otherwise your freedom has to be taken back my friend. You must fight back or do not have a complaint.

Many of the regulatory agencies totally bypass the U.S. congress, writing, and creating their own rules, all of which are constitutionally illegal.

In the United States today, thousands upon thousands of ridiculous federal regulations tightly control almost every area of our lives. Starting on January 1st 2012, we are no longer going to be able to buy certain kinds of light bulbs in the United States.

Back in 2007, President George W. Bush signed a law that mandates the following: "Manufacturers will no longer be able to make the 100-watt Thomas Edison bulb after Jan. 1, 2012, followed by the 75-watt version in Jan. 2013, and the the 60- and 40-watt bulbs in Jan. 2014." Yes, you read that correctly. Federal bureaucrats are running wild and the “Nanny State” has decided that you are simply not going to have the choice to buy traditional light bulbs anymore. You will have to smuggle them in from Canada and Mexico along with your prescription medicine, guns, slave diamonds and WMD.

So why the change? Well! My friend…Incandescent light bulbs have been proven to be safe and consumers still want to buy them. Yes! THAT is the reason… Because all! And I do mean ALL! Government regulations are for the purpose of POWER AND CONTROL and to destroy your freedom of choice. Because what is good for you my friend, is what the robotically programmed elites say is good for you.

The new CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) light bulbs are more expensive and are actually worse for the environment. So why was this law passed? The feds passed it because they decided that existing light bulbs use too much energy and have too large of a "carbon footprint", even though in the production of the CFL’s an even larger CARBON FOOTPRINT is produced. And instead of giving us choices and attempting to persuade us to change, the federal government is ramming their tyrannical wills down our throats. Well folks, it is about time that we told the federal bureaucrats that are trying to take our freedoms away that we want them to get their ‘dirty rotten dictatorial hands’ OFF OUR BLOODY LIGHT BULBS…

Thankfully there are some members of the House and Senate that are seeking to repeal this law, but right now it looks extremely doubtful that a repeal would ever be signed into law by the Muslim Dictator Imam Barack Hussein Obama.
Some people may not think that light bulbs are a big deal, but the truth is that the government telling us what kind of light bulbs to buy is just another incremental sign of how rapidly liberty and freedom are dying in this country. Because it is not just light bulbs, it is what we eat, what we read, what we say, how we do business, how we raise our kids, and what God we can believe or not believe in.
The founding fathers intended for this nation to have a very small and limited central government and lots of big room for liberty and freedom. Moreover it would exist at the pleasure of the people and the sovereignty of the states.
But it is not just politicians that have these attitudes. The elites that own and operate the mainstream news have these attitudes as well. Do you ever get the impression that television news is "talking down" to you? Well that my friend is because it is exactly what is happening. The people that own and deliver the news come from wealth and privilege. They have been indoctrinated at brainwashing schools like Yale, Harvard, and Stanford. They live in cities like Boston, New York and Los Angeles and they mingle with the ultra-wealthy and the very famous. They feel like they are making the world a better place by not only delivering the news but also by telling you what you should think about it.
So when the "brainwashed programmed establishment" passes a law that bans you from buying anything such as certain kinds of light bulbs, most of those in the "establishment" media are going to back them up on it. The establishment has decided that the rest of us are not smart enough to want "the green agenda" on our own, so they are just going to start imposing it on all of us.

As I said previously the purpose of regulatory agencies are for power and control. They disguise that purpose behind a shroud of safety and environmental protection, but trust me it has nothing whatsoever to do with your protection, these new light bulbs are actually worse for you, and for the environment. They have been known to cause health problems, brain damage and all kinds of environmental damage. And yet these elites say that this is good for you.
The following are just a few of the known issues with CFL bulbs....
*When a CFL light bulb is broken it releases high levels of mercury into the air.
*The quality of light produced by CFL bulbs is poor.
*CFL bulbs are dimmer this is one of the reasons they use less electricity.
*CFL bulbs flicker with an electronic pulse and this causes some people to become dizzy or ill.
*CFL bulbs have been associated with migraine headaches and sleep abnormalities.
*CFL bulbs are so toxic that they require special disposal.
*The mercury in CFL bulbs is particularly harmful to the unborn and children.
*The amount of mercury in a CFL bulb is enough to make 1,000 gallons of water unsafe for human consumption.
So why would I want one of these again, and what does one do if you break one of these toxic little bulbs inside your home, in your environment?
Well, you better have a few hours and or a lot of money.
The following are some of the guidelines from Maine's Department of Environmental Protection on how to properly clean up a broken CFL bulb...
What if I accidentally break a fluorescent lamp in my house?The recommended way is to call Hazmat; the cost could be between 5 and 10 thousand dollars.

Or… you can try to properly and safely clean it up yourself.
First your home, thanks to the protection of the government regulatory agency, is now a hazardous waste site. You must do the following:

*Evacuate the building; it is now a Hazmat site.
*Put on your Israeli WMD gas mask with filter.
*Don your paper disposable Hazmat suit if you have one.
* Do not use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the breakage. This will spread the mercury vapor and dust throughout the area and could permanently contaminate the vacuum.
* Ventilate the area by opening windows, and leave the area for 45 minutes or three years, which ever comes first, before returning to begin the cleanup. Mercury vapor levels will be lower by then.
* For maximum protection, wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from the Mercury and sharp glass.
* Carefully remove the larger pieces and place them in a secure closed container, preferably a glass container with a metal screw top lid and seal like a canning jar to contain any mercury vapors inside.
* Next, begin collecting the smaller pieces and dust. You can use two stiff pieces of paper such as index cards or playing cards to scoop up pieces.
* Pat the area with the sticky side of duct tape, packing tape or masking tape to pick up fine particles. Wipe the area with a wet wipe or damp paper towel to pick up even finer particles.
* Put all waste and materials including all your clothing rubber gloves and gasmask filter etc. into a sealable container, including all material used in the cleanup that may have been contaminated with mercury. Label the container as “Universal Hazardous Waste - broken lamp.”
* Remove the container with the breakage and cleanup materials from your home. * With the use of an exhaust fan in a window, continue ventilating the room for several hours or years depending on how much mercury vapor you want to get rid of.
* Wash your gasmask with soap and water, and rinse well.
*Take a long shower.
* Take the container with the waste material to a facility that accepts “universal hazardous waste” for recycling. Have you got all that? Easy huh!
*You and your family might want to check with your doctor to do a lab test checking for mercury poisoning ASAP.
Question! Do you feel safer using the new government mandated “green” light bulbs? You might want to be very careful not to drop anymore of these environmentally safer light bulbs in the future. As you can see, cleaning one up is hazardous and a huge pain.But all this in the name of conforming to the "green agenda" of the ruling class elite my friend. You know what one of the saddest things about all of this is? This freedom-killing regulation was signed into law by George W. Bush, pressured by the environmental nuts and then millions of us went along with it because we were also blindly programmed to unquestionably follow the leader.
And now our leader is an indoctrinated programmed brainwashed Communist Muslim, whose goal is to destroy any and all of the freedom and rights that we may have left.
Fortunately, there are still a few members of the U.S. government that have some common sense. For example, have you seen the recent video of U.S. Senator Rand Paul questioning Kathleen Hogan, the deputy assistant secretary for energy efficiency at the Energy Department? Listen to the smug arrogant attitude of Kathleen Hogan in her response to Senator Paul. She really believes that she knows what is best for the rest of us. So as a leader in the Department of Energy she believes she has a right to dictate and force her will on us as American Subjects.
During a recent hearing in the Senate, Rand Paul told Paul told Hogan "my toilets don't work in my house. And I blame you and people like you who want to tell me what I can install in my own house."

Just before the video was cut off a Senator mentions the Tenth Amendment… I think I can fill in the blank. The Tenth Amendment, the most violated Amendment in the constitution, reads: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”. There is no constitutional power delegated to the U.S. Government regarding light bulbs or toilets or healthcare, but you see that doesn’t matter to the elitist brainwashed dictators because they have their own rules of tyranny and know just ‘exactly’ what is best for us.

U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann has also come out against these ridiculous regulations. She recently had the following to say about her new bill to repeal the light bulb ban... "The government has no business telling an individual what kind of light bulb to buy.” She’s exactly right about that.
Federal bureaucrats should quit trying to be “little gods". Instead they are supposed to be "public servants". Americans are fully capable of getting along just fine without the federal government micromanaging every single little detail of our lives.

While America is still the freest country in the world by comparison, (not for long) we are no longer by definition, a free country, we are living in a Dictatorship. How can we claim that we are still living in a country that cherishes liberty and freedom if things have progressed this far?
Our educational system has been perverted so that we are now turning out little programmed robots, so every new crop of federal bureaucrats just seems to be worse than the one before it, and the U.S. government just continues to grow in size. There are thousands upon thousands of what seem like control freaks that sit in their offices all day thinking of new ways to tighten the "Big Brother" control grid that is being constructed all around us, but in truth they are just following their program of brainwashing. These brainiacs can’t even think for themselves. This is why, what they do makes little since to someone like me who is an independent free thinker. Robots don’t think, they simply follow a program of indoctrination.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Do you feel like you are being suffocated by all of this government social control? Well… you’re not alone.The truth is, that there are millions of Americans that are absolutely sick of it, just like you and I. It is time to cut the federal government back down to the size of the American Constitution. We don't need some sick, twisted robotic control freaks in Washington D.C. telling us what kind of stinking light bulbs we can or cannot buy, what toilets we can flush or what we cannot do with our land.

But alas, there may be the hope of a rebellion brewing in some of the individual states Read : The Rebellion of the American States and The EPA: The Shadow Government Of Tyranny and State Sovereignty

You might just want to write, call, or in someway contact your State senators, assemblymen, and or Governor and ask them to join the 30 other Real American States in the reversal of this oppressive national dictatorship that still deceptively calls itself our “Federal Free Republic”. Return the sovereignty of power to the states and to the people respectively as it says in the Tenth Amendment. That is if we still ‘do’ have a Constitution. Isn’t it telling that the Constitution was read in Congress for the first time in history just a few months ago and now we have this rebellion of the States? Likely the first time some of our leaders have ever heard it. I hope we can reverse a 100 years of going in the wrong direction. They work for us - lets start acting like bosses.
We are Americans, and our fathers, mothers, sons, and forefathers and even some of us bled and or died so that the rest of us could enjoy liberty and freedom in this land. We and our comrades in arms did not sacrifice so much, so that a bunch of snot nosed elitists robots could impose their tyranny on all the rest of us common peons and micromanage all of our lives.
We just want the basic liberties and freedoms that God gave us and that we were taught about as we grew up. The protected rights guaranteed us by law. What we do need from the government is to do its constitutional job of protecting these many states from a foreign invasion instead of trying to spoon-feed us their supremacist hypocrisy.
Is that too much to ask? What do you think?

de Andréa

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Rebellion of the American States

Get the Fed out of our states, pockets, kitchen, schools, businesses, and off our land.

By de Andréa
As a follow up to my articles titled “State Sovereignty” and “The EPA: The Shadow Government Of Tyranny” some states like Utah now want the Federal Government out of, well…out of their states…

The federal government controls more of Utah – on a percentage basis than Utah does – more than 47 other states, putting its brand on some 35,000 square miles of Utah state land.

In what could be described as a Sagebrush Rebellion on steroids, a Utah resolution advancing quickly in the state Legislature tells the feds to relinquish their control over their land.

The Utah State Jurisdiction of Federally Managed Lands Joint Resolution reads something like this. --- "Be it resolved, that the Legislature of the state of Utah calls on the United States, through their agent, Congress, to relinquish to the state of Utah all right, title, and jurisdiction in those lands that were committed to the purposes of this state by terms of its Enabling act compact with them and that now reside within the state as public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management that were reserved by Congress after the date of Utah statehood. Be it further resolved, that a copy of this resolution be sent to the Secretary of the United States Department of Interior, to the United States Director of the Federal Bureau of Land Management, to the Majority Leader of the United States Senate, to the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, and to the members of Utah's Congressional Delegation."

Its chief sponsor is Rep. Roger Barrus, and it already has been approved in the House and advanced to the Senate.

While a resolution does not have the force of law, it was through resolutions that many of the Issues or articles through which states are in rebellion against their federal government today got started.

Those issues include firearms freedom acts, rejection of REAL ID, rejection of federal marijuana laws and a refusal to apply interstate commerce limits to intrastate commerce.

Some states like Arizona, Montana and now joined by Tennessee are in the process of proposing to set up state commissions that would evaluate federal mandates for their constitutionality. In other words the States will retroactively scrutinize all legislation and the enactment of Federal departments both past present and future and decide whether the State will adhere to, or ignore or nullify federal decisions, laws, statutes or mandates etc.

It is in the West where most of the federal government's 650 million acres of land is located. Some 22 million is in Utah.
The lands are used as military bases, parks, reservations and are leased for forestry and mining operations. In Nevada, the federal government controls 84 percent of the land, in Alaska, 69 percent, and in Utah 57 percent. Other states are Oregon, 53 percent; Idaho, 50 percent; Arizona, 48 percent; California, 45 percent; Wyoming, 42 percent, New Mexico, 41 percent and Colorado, 36 percent. Quite a land grab for a government that constitutionally is allowed only to own land that is necessary to run the government, such as property under and surrounding the capital building and the Whitehouse. Oh yes, and military property and the National park system.

House endorsement came on a 61-9 vote.

Agencies with say-so over the acreage include the BLM, Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of Defense, Corps of Engineers and Bureau of Reclamation.

Barrus told the Salt Lake Tribune, "We call on Congress to revisit how public lands are being managed by the BLM."

The resolution cites the Constitutional Convention's aims that "state governments would clearly retain all the rights of sovereignty and independence which they before had and which were not exclusively delegated to the United States Congress."

It explains that "the federal trust respecting public lands obligates the United States, through their agent, Congress, to extinguish both their governmental jurisdiction and their title on the public lands that are held in trust by the United States for the states in which they are located."

If that is not done, the resolution said, "the state is denied the same complete and independent sovereignty and jurisdiction that was expressly retained by the original states, and its citizens are denied the political right to establish or administer their own republican self-governance as is their right under the Equal Footing Clause."

The resolution explains that use of the more than 22 million acres at issue "has been eroded by an oppressive and over-reaching federal management agenda that has adversely impacted the sovereignty and the economies of the state of Utah and local governments."

Now, suddenly, it explains, “the Department of Interior has arbitrarily created a new category of lands, denominated Wild Lands, [read “The EPA: The Shadow Government Of Tyranny” ]and has superimposed these mandatory protective management provisions upon BLM operations and planning decisions in violation of the provisions of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act, the provisions of the Administrative Procedures Act, and Presidential Executive Order 13563 concerning openness in policymaking."

The result is Utah officials feel the state is better off running land inside its borders itself than having bureaucrats in Washington making those decisions.

The Sagebrush Rebellion developed on a small scale during the 1970s when federal bureaucrats imposed a large number of new rules and regulations on lands throughout the West, interrupting and interfering in business and other uses of the lands that had been going on for years.

The current general antipathy toward Washington probably is expressed most strongly in legislation under development in Tennessee, Arizona and Montana.

Generally, the state proposals would establish a commission for the review of "all federal laws and regulations for constitutionality." State officials then would decide whether they qualify and could be in effect in the state. In other words the Federal Government operates at the pleasure of the States.

The plan has been promoted by The Patriots Union, a Wyoming-based organization that is taking on the battle against what it considers an overreaching Dictatorship in the federal government.

A large number of states are battling Washington over specific issues that state lawmakers and governments believe they should decide.

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, a spokesman for the Patriots Union, said states are starting to assert their rights under the Constitution.

He said the idea is as old as the administration of Jimmy Carter. At that time it was called the "Sagebrush Rebellion," when Western states fought back against Washington's control of land inside their borders, especially oil-rich and coal-filled land resources.

"There is no constitutional right for the federal government to hold natural resources, federal parks," he said. "For states such as Utah, which has been fighting with the federal government to regain ownership of its own lands, [this nullification plan] offers a strong argument to chase the government off its property."

The issue is being forced into the headlines by President Obama's law that effectively nationalizes the decision-making process for health care.

But states also have raised the issues of currency, the REAL ID Act, marijuana laws, guns, health care regulation, and others.

"Under the Constitution states are required to use coinage of gold and silver," Pidgeon said. "But the federal government has inflicted on the states the fraud of a debased fiat useless currency. This is the best mechanism that has been developed to date to put the beast back in the cage," he said.

Officials with the Patriots Union say dozens of states are working on the idea of a nullification plan.

Major components of the proposal are:
Establish the constitutional grounds for state nullification;

Establish a swift method for nullification of any unconstitutional federal act, past, present or future;

Establish that only the U.S. Supreme Court has "original jurisdiction" under Article III of the U.S. Constitution;

Establish that the people (not the courts) have the final word;

Establish the very limited role and power of the federal government under the Ninth and Tenth Amendments;

Reject modern expansions of power via misinterpretations of the commerce, welfare, and supremacy clauses

Regain state and citizen control over the runaway Fed.

This legislative proposal is a huge leap beyond what has developed in the states where officials are telling Washington to back off.

Will this rebellion lead to the threat of secession and another American Civil War? Well that is obviously up to the Federal Government. The United States Government has for at least the last hundred years or so, been building an unconstitutional National centralized power structure that has like never before, now evolved into a National Dictatorship and again into a socialist economy.

At the risk of be called simplistic, a little bit if in your face history. Once this Constitutional Republic was dismantled by the Seventeenth Amendment, and unlimited funds were available to it by the Sixteenth Amendment and the Federal Reserve Act was passed all in 1913, the foundation of tyranny was laid in the form of, and under the disguise of, a true Democracy. A National Democracy was something the Framers as well as the people shuddered to think about, because it was well understood that democracy always opens the door to tyranny. Something I guess we have forgotten in our socialistic greed of something of nothing.

By 1932, with the destruction of the capitalistic free economy, the results of the new democracy of 1913 were evident and America was introduced to its first potential dictator. Franklin Delano Roosevelt whose social programs including the New Deal nearly brought a once free economy into National Socialism.

The cost of the Second World War however could not be sustained by a failing socialist economy, and Capitalism was once again reborn. But the damage to the political system had been done and after the War the National Government power structure began once again to emerge out of the damaged Constitutional Federal System.

Growing ever larger and more powerful by the day, and fed by an unlimited supply of the people’s money the new National Central Government plundered and grew its way into what it is today.

With the deceptive promise of “Change” the people elected the second potential dictator of America, Barack Hussein Obama. And true to his promise of “Change” he has changed what was left of this free capitalistic economy and the guaranteed rights of a Federal Constitution into a Socialistic National State of absolute power and corruption. That is until now…

Is there a remnant of the American spirit of freedom still alive? Are the States beginning to rebel against this corruption and tyranny? For nearly one hundred hears the creep of social tyranny has been incremental and surreptitious. And then in less than two years this Muslim Dictator Barack Husein Obama has totally ignored the Federal Constitution and any other law that stood in his way of absolute power. This sudden “Change” may have just been too bold too blatant and too fast, the sleeping giant of freedom may have just awakened…

One can only hope!

de Andréa

Monday, March 07, 2011

Liberals Support Terrorism In Tennessee

In Tennessee, a bill that links the Sharia doctrine of jihad to material support of terrorism, is being fiercely opposed by CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), ISNA (Islamic Society of North America), and all other Islamist groups, as well as the ACLU and Liberal Democrats.

By de Andréa
March 4, 2011

When you get right down to it, CAIR continues to reveal its ‘True Colors’—the advancement of Islamic Terrorist Jihad in America, moreover, so does the Liberal Communist Democrats… The ‘Red-Green Alliance.

If the FBI, Home Land Security, the NSA, any or all of the so-called security agencies in the U.S. Government were actually interested in the security of the United States, they would arrest all members of CAIR, the MOA, MSA, the MB, ISNA, MPAC, and all other Muslim political organizations, the so-called Muslim educational organizations and all the Muslim Charities. Why??? Because all have the same agenda, and that is to infiltrate, indoctrinate, and ultimately replace this Free Constitutional Republic with the supremacist oppression and tyranny of Islamic Jihad, establish Sharia and create another world Islamic State. But alas, the liberal left and the Islmic terrorists have a common enemy, Constitutional Freedom and Americanism.

It is becoming so obvious that only a blind and brain-dead bureaucracy could not see the blatant in your face deception, of every Muslim in the country, or, well…in the world for that matter, all 2 billion of them. Yes they all robotically follow the same book and they all have the same programmed agenda. You infidel fools --- they don’t want much, they just want to turn you into Muslims, slaves or headless bodies. READ THE BOOK my deceived friend before it’s too late to stop it.

It just may begin in Tennessee
What is going on in Tennessee is proof of what I have graphically just described, and the liberal communists in our country and in our government are aiding and abetting this enemy, they should all be brought up on charges of treason. Doesn’t anyone in Washington DC know that we are in a world War for our very survival against the nearly two billion people of the Nation of Islam??? I guess not… I mean, open your eyes, and look what is happening all over the world, wars and rumors of wars on every continent in every nation in every country. Just what exactly will it take to wake up the west???

Imagine two bills in the Tennessee legislature are simply criminalizing only those individuals who knowingly engage in what has already been defined federally as “material support for terrorist activity”. And people are against it…Indeed, what if the bills were even more refined and targeted only the material support of “Jihadist” terror activity. Meanwhile, the bill in no way regulates or affects the peaceful practice of any religion, including Islam. Who would oppose such a common-sense measure? Islamic terrorists and radical left wing extremists, recently, in Tennessee, we’ve seen an alliance’ between the radical left American communists and Islamists wound into hysteria over this very suggestion. This has, very plainly revealed all of them as defenders of the terrorist Jihad provisions in Shariah, all of them - for whatever reason, either through ignorance of deception or determination of tyranny.

This crucial piece of legislation to prevent Jihadist acts of terror is being considered now in the Sovereign state of Tennessee. The “Material Support to Designated Entities Act of 2011,” also known as House Bill 1353 and Senate Bill 1028, is on the cutting-edge of anti-terrorism legislation. It would be the first of its kind to empower local and state law enforcement to deal with the enemy’s stated threat doctrine—the Sharia law of jihad, as enunciated in Islamic jurisprudence, or “Islamic Shariah Law”. These bills, coupled with the power of the State Sovereignty bills considered by Montana, Arizona and 27 other states ‘could’ have the impact necessary to turn the tide of Islamic Jihad in America.

The bill’s sponsor, Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Bill Ketron (R-Murfreesboro), said “this bill does not interfere with the constitutionally protected r ights of those who practice Shariah religious law.” Ketron added: “This is not about religious rights or about those who practice Islamic beliefs. It’s about protecting our citizens from acts of terrorism that come from Shariah jihad which is a growing threat in all our states.” Even though this is truly a step in the right direction, this shameful blindness, and deception reflects what is obviously not understood and that is that there is no separation between Mosque and State. The fundamental Islamic religious beliefs are acts of terrorism, violent militant Jihad, and the tyranny of Sharia. It all comes out of the same book. We went to war with Nazi Germany without understanding what they were about until after the war was over because we didn’t read Mein Kampf, (My Struggle). Moreover after witnessing the aftermath it we still didn’t even believe it.

Pressure by an liberal Islamic alliance (a coalition of ideology and convenience of far-left groups like the ACLU, Communist George Soros-funded extremist blogs like Mother Jones and ThinkProgress, and Islamist Muslim Brotherhood-linked pressure groups like the Muslim Public Affairs Council and CAIR) to defeat the bill has been fierce and growing, willingly supported by misleading propaganda. The Associated Press ran a headline on the bill, incorrectly reporting it, saying it “would make following Shariah a felony.” This is of course becomes ironically and ignorantly true because “following Sharia” includes violent Jihad and terrorism. In the article, AP reporter Lucas L. Johnson II claims the bill’s focus on the Shariah law of jihad “represents the boldest legislative attempt yet to limit how Muslims worship.” While one can certainly understand the Islamic reaction to limiting part or their religious practices as being part of their First Amendment rights, we just can’t have them religiously practicing the destruction of this country.

Amplified by the far-left, liberal Dem’s, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)— co-conspirators in the largest terrorist funding and money laundering trial in US history of the Islamic Holyland Foundation—have launched a media campaign to distort the law and defame its author, Center for Security Policy General Counsel David Yerushalmi.

These groups have lied, squealing that the Tennessee bill “would jail Shariah followers and make it a crime to practice Islam peacefully in the state”. For example, from the AP report: “Muslim groups say they fear the measure would outlaw central tenets of Islam, such as praying five times a day toward Mecca, abstaining from alcohol or fasting for Ramadan.” The piece continued, quoting Remziya Suleyman, policy coordinator for the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition: “This is an anti-Muslim bill that makes it illegal to be a Muslim in the state of Tennessee.” Bull!!! IT OUTLAWS TERRORISM; this is what the Muslims don’t want. Do you think they really believe that we are going to make them drink beer and eat bacon for breakfast during the fast of Ramadan? Of course not, we just want to make them stop blowing us up, shooting us, running us down with their SUV’s their Mercedes Bens and camels. But guess what - they don’t want to stop, because that my friend, is what proves what they are here to do…and it is not just to get our women to wear a Hijaab.

In an interview with Mother Jones, CAIR staff attorney Gadeir Abbas said, “essentially the bill is trying to separate the ‘good Muslims’ from the ‘bad Muslims.’” In a sense, Abbas is correct: The Tennessee bill is an attempt to cleave Shariah’s law of Jihad (‘bad’) from peaceful practice (‘good’)—and it’s being fought relentlessly, and with much flailing. Why? Because there are no good Muslims, can you think of any Muslim Nation that is at peace and think about this for a moment, were or are there any good Nazi’s??? It is the same ‘Supremacist Ideology’.

Because Muslim pressure groups like CAIR and MPAC are mischaracterizing this bill so aggressively it tells us something profound about their intentions. Despite the bill’s very clear wording on protecting citizens’ First Amendment rights to “peacefully” practice their religion—including, of course, Islam. These Muslim groups are making two very clear statements: (1) they are drawing a line in support of the law of Violent terrorist Jihad in Shariah, and (2) they are affirming that, as books like Shariah: The Threat to America have argued, “Shariah is a unified theological, political, social, military and legal code” - as I said there is no separation of Mosque and State, there is no separation of anything from the tyranny and oppression of Sharia.

The proposed law is very straightforward, and is based precisely on the federal material support of terrorism statute upheld recently by the US Supreme Court. The Court ruled that Americans found to be providing “training,” “expert advice or assistance,” “service,” and “personnel” to designated terrorist organizations constitute material support and, thus, would be in violation of the law. Now if anyone knows at all what is going on in the Obama administration one would know that this law is never enforced. All Federal agencies from IRS to the FBI are either knowingly or ignorantly in bed with Islam and support terrorism in America. It just looks good to have the law on the books. This is why the states must do what the Fed fails to do.

If this seems a no-brainer—consider the effect of this ruling (and, by extension, the proposed Tennessee law) on some of the favorite causes of both the radical left Dem’s and the Islamists in Muslim Brotherhood front groups, like CAIR and the Muslim Public Affairs Council. The federal law stands in the way of providing material support to the genocidal Hamas or Hezb’allah, leftist enviro-terrorists or FARC—all pet causes of the Democrat Liberal Islamic alliance, The RED GREEN. . In its biased coverage of the Tennessee bill, and its commonsense and non-intrusive national security provisions, the media has completely ignored the bill itself; moreover they have participated in the deception of America.

It may be useful to explore the bill, to have a better understanding what has its critics so upset. From this standpoint, we can see what the truly profound statements, from groups like CAIR are making by opposing it. Yeah! Like we want Jihad… We want it to be legal to kill you…We want to enact Sharia.

The bill
The bill’s first section includes legislative findings that conclude that authoritative Shariah is the basis for jihad both around the globe and domestically. The legislative findings make clear that the law refers to the objectively knowable Shariah that that calls for violent jihad against the West and is the law of the land in many foreign countries, including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Gaza, Sudan, Somalia, Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and Pakistan, and parts of Muslim-controlled Nigeria, Indonesia and even the Philippines and Europe and America . In other words, the bill identifies Sharia’s brutal practices and dictates as they occur in the real world (rather than in an imaginary Shariah of one’s own deception).

The second section of the bill, the legislative intent, states clearly that the target is a violent jihad-driven Shariah, not any peaceful Islamic religious practice. This peaceful religious practice even includes the so-called non-violent definition of jihad—“the personal struggle” or striving to better ones’ self (which, as many know, is based on a ‘weak’ or unreliable hadith, remember Mein Kampf also means “my [personal] struggle”). So what’s the problem? Islam is obviously a lie and a deception. One cannot practice Islam without violent militant Jihad, this ‘is’ Sharia. They cannot be separated. It would be tantamount to taking Jesus Christ out of Christianity… There would be no belief, nothing to have faith in, no religion.

Since September 11, 2001, we have heard CAIR, MPAC, ISNA, and the other Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood pressure groups condemn what they describe as “terrorism in the name of Islam”; then why can’t they support criminalizing organizations that clearly promote what they have called, “perversions of Islam”? The media doesn’t ask them. Because they can’t, Islam is a lie, Islam is a deception, Islam ‘is’ the definition of deception and perversion. Islam is like a cancer, silently and incrementally infiltrating the entire body until it is to late, it has metastasized and it is to late to destroy it without destroying the body.

In the third section of the law, the Attorney General would have the authority to designate or identify a Shariah organization as terrorists, but ONLY if that organization is advancing violent Shariah AND either actually engaging in terrorism OR retains the capability to engage in terrorism AND intends to engage in terrorism. Once designated, the Shariah organization can have its financial assets frozen. These provisions track almost precisely the federal material support of terrorism statute upheld recently by the US Supreme Court. This part of the law would be effective if the security agencies were not already infiltrated by Muslim sleepers and deceived or could see through the deception, because it would effectively shut down every Islamic organization in the country including all Muslim charities all Muslim camps (terrorists training facilities) all Muslim schools and all mosques.

The final section is the criminal section, which makes it a crime to provide such a terrorist organization with material support, again tracking the federal material support statute. You see all these Islmic organizations know that under this statute, every single one of their groups would have the potential of being designated as a terrorist supporting organization; moreover they could be legally shut down.

Despite all the hyperventilating by the Liberal alliance, the Tennessee bill does not impact the peaceful worship by law-abiding Muslims. If you are not advocating violent Shariah and if you are not engaged or planning to engage in terrorism, the law simply does not apply. A previous undercover op proved that 87 percent of mosques in America are nothing but violent Jihad propaganda centers, 87 percent it all that they could prove, in reality it is 100 percent. This is truly like say you have a trucking company with no truck drivers. What kind of a trucking company would that be? I love it!!!

THE BOTTOM LINE: Is it fair to say that the Tennessee law discriminates against Shariah advocates and devotees of terrorism by criminalizing any material support of their terrorist organizations? Yes, as well it should. The same way the federal law discriminates against any foreign terrorist organization.
The howls of Islamophobia and bigotry from the now-familiar quarters of the far-left Democrat liberals and Islamist pressure groups—“The ‘Red-Green Alliance” tells us more about their respective agendas than we’ve seen previously. The far left, opposes any reasonable counter-terrorism measure that would make America more secure by addressing actual threats and producing proactive legislation.

This is aggressive preemptive action my friend, unlike the reactionary stand that we have been taking. Groups like CAIR, ISNA, and MPAC have shown their true intention of protecting the principles of violent Jihad, terrorism, and Shariah at all costs. It shouldn’t shock us that, both the agenda of the Communist left Democrats and the Islamic Terrorist, come at the expense of the truth.

Europe is just 15 miles from Islamic North Africa
It is just a matter of time until the instability and violent Jihad of the Middle East spreads to Southern Europe and on to North Western Europe and then to the Continents of the Americas. All the plans have been made, everything is in place.

It’s the Liberals philosophy of “The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend”…

de Andréa

Friday, March 04, 2011

A Voice From The Womb

Will anyone listen? Will anyone listen to the fact that all Americans have inalienable rights, even little ones?

By de Andréa

They had no one to speak for them so now they are speaking for themselves…

In the wake of the scissors wielding doctor in Philadelphia murdering thousands of babies after they were born, there has been a revival in the basic right to life issue in America. Although the holocaust of Philadelphia was recently uncovered, it is just a real life example of the secret death chambers that make up a billion dollar American industry.

There is a new suit against Roe v Wade in the Supreme Court and a bill in Ohio called the Heartbeat Bill. It is interesting that the infamous Roe v Wade ruling by the Supreme Court had a stipulation that if ever it could be proven that life began at conception, the Roe v Wade ruling would automatically become void.

A voice from the Womb
An Ohio House committee has received testimony from the youngest people ever to do so in America.

Proof of life
It may not yet be legal proof that life begins at conception, but certainly if there is a heart beat it is legal and medical proof of life. In any medical journal or text book, if one has a heartbeat one is considered, to be alive.

State lawmakers in Ohio are considering the "Heartbeat Bill," which would prohibit aborting of babies who have a detectable heartbeat, which is medically evident as early as six weeks into a pregnancy, this is most often before one is even aware of the pregnancy. Janet Porter of Faith2Action, who is regarded as the architect of the bill, explains the unique testimony by a little person that committee members heard on Wednesday -- from the womb.

"We had an unborn child -- we actually had two of them. They not only were seen but they were also heard," Porter shares. "...We were able to zoom in on their beating hearts and with the aid of an ultrasound we could hear them as well -- and I'm hoping that it will move the hearts of legislators to pass the Heartbeat Bill."

The ministry leader and pro-life activist believes the visual/audible testimony of the unborn babies, both only a few weeks in the womb, changed some hearts and minds among committee members.

"I believe we saw some people who were surprised at just how clearly the sound of that heartbeat is and how you could see it so clearly, especially in the 15-week unborn baby," she shares. "It was interesting that the ultrasound could also make it in color so that the heart appeared orange and it was beating -- and it really jumped off the screen."

Porter says that some 50 of 99 Ohio House members have signed on to the bill. If passed by both chambers and signed into law, the bill will be the most protective of life in the nation.

Since the introduction of the Heartbeat bill in Ohio a rash of state legislators from Oklahoma, Georgia, Arizona, and Texas have asked for a copy of the bill. This may just be the beginning.

The ninth Amendment: “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people”. The little people however, now also have a voice under the First Amendment: "Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech…and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Are the voices of the littlepeople finally being heard, is the petition of this grievance finally being heard?

THE BOTTOM LINE: Will this pave the way for the American Constitutional right to life, finally, for every American, not just the large bulllies? One can only hope that we can end this barbarism and hypocrisy. Since Roe-v-wade more than fifty million small Americans have been slaughtered by our own government. That’s more than any other government has killed of their own citizens in all of history. Do you think this will affect the future of this country? It already has my friend.

Interestingly I don’t find anything in the Constitution or the Declaration that the physical size of an American determines whether or not one has basic inalienable human rights.

Especially the right not to be murdered by an elitist group of supremacist bully hypocrites...

And no! I am not mean spirited, I just don’t soft-petal the truth.

de Andrea

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Islam Is Brainwashing Our Children

The future of America is in our children, if Islam is in our children then the future of America is just another Islamic State.

By de Andréa
The deception (Taqiyyah in Arabic) of guilt, promoted by the political correctness of Multi-Culturalism and diversity is used by Islamic Imams and is proving to be very successful in the robotic programming of not only our Federal governmental security agencies, but worse than that are the resulting hundreds of charter Islamic Theological Indoctrinational primary, intermediate or middle schools nation wide. The U.S. Federal government is not only enabling and promoting the Islmic Jihad of America, but we the taxpayers, are financing it. The purpose of this infiltration and indoctrination is of course to build a foundation for the future militant and violent Islamic Jihad of America. How do you like supporting the brain-washing of your children, making little hate America Muslims out of them? Or maybe I am too assuming, and you really don’t care what your children become, or what the future of America is.
Watch a video of what is going on in our universities already, by the time your children get there, this country will be an Islamic State.

Large networks of Islamic Jihad indoctrination schools polka-dot the American landscape from Florida to Washington State, from Maine to California and they are all being funded by American taxpayer dollars.

This Islamic education network described in the article below represents more than 40 individual networks across the United States Canada and Mexico. The Gulen network alone represents more than 100 charter schools in 27 states and is the result of the work of Turkish expatriate billionaire and Islamic Imam Fethullah Gulen, who lives with the aid of the Obama administration in a heavily guarded compound and terrorists training camp in the Poconos Mountains near Saylorsburg, Pa.

Terrorism analyst and author Paul Williams explains that Gulen left Turkey under somewhat of a cloud, and came to the United States to continue his agenda of Islamic Jihad and world dominance. "Fethullah Gulen is a chap who fled Turkey in 1998. He was attempting to avoid prosecution from the secular government at that time; he wanted to set up an Islamic government in Turkey,"[the restored Ottoman empire] Williams explained. "He moved to Pennsylvania and established a mountain fortress around Saylorsburg, which is in the heart of the Poconos,"

Court records from the Eastern District of Pennsylvania's federal courts indicate that Gulen won his removal case against Homeland Security by showing that he was an "alien of extraordinary ability. Moreover, by staying in the United States he could pursue his work of authoring articles and providing guidance 'to fellow scholars in the fields of theology, political science, Islamic studies, and education." Gulen is believed to have a third grade education.

Williams says Gulen had help.
"The Department of Homeland Security uncovered that Gulen has over $25 billion in assets. That's more money than many countries have. Most of this money has been channeled to Gulen from the CIA,"
Williams asserted.

Koinonia Institute senior analyst Steve Elwart says Gulen was helped by a number of different factors. "He was denied his visa the first time around by DHS by saying that he didn't have any experience since he was trying to come in as an educator. DHS said that he really didn't have the qualifications to hold himself out as an educator". Elwart says there was another concern. "There were also concerns about his ties to the CIA and that as it turned out, those concerns were apparently valid, because when he appealed the decision, he got two letters of recommendation from the CIA, that would strengthen the position that he did seem to have those ties".

Williams explains: “U. S. officials may originally have had a good reason for funneling billions of dollars to Gulen. Now his fingerprints are all over Islamic terrorist training schools across Asia – and dozens more charter schools across the United States. Those schools run on taxpayers' money, but have private Islamic teaching agendas, using the subtle inferences in history and social studies courses to advocate for the agenda of Islam. They have prospered; they have grown and the countries where they are have become increasingly militant and increasingly anti-American."

Williams says Gulen put his CIA money to work, first in his home country of Turkey. "He used that money to create this Islamic political party in Turkey and to take over the newspapers, and almost all of the Turkish media. Gulen's movement is so radical that it is outlawed in Russia and even in The Netherlands, a country that's known for its tolerance would not allow any funding for the Gulen schools," Williams added. But the U.S. Government does, you might want to think about why.

Could it be that Obama has the same agenda?
Elwart adds that there was still another factor influencing U.S. assistance to Gulen. "There has been a movement in this administrations to promote what they ignorantly call moderate Islam by bringing these people to America and financing them to get the American people inculcated [brainwashed] into the Muslim culture," Elwart explained.

Williams asserts that Gulen's long-range plans are to re-establish a world Islamic caliphate. "He created a party which is called the Justice and Development Party. The prime minister is Tayyip Erdogan. He's severed relationships with Israel and has allied himself with Iran," Williams said.

MEMRI Turkish expert Rachel Sharon-Krespin writes in an article in Middle East Quarterly that Fethullah Gulen is a major player in Turkish politics.

In an American Thinker article, Center for Islamic Pluralism Director Stephen Schwartz says that Gulen is the power not only behind a movement in Turkey, but is the controlling force behind what Schwartz calls a Turkish Diaspora.

Williams says the indoctrination is subtle and administrators ignorantly say the schools aren't trying to be Islamic. "They'll deceptively say these schools are completely secular. These schools don't promote any Islamic doctrine; they're not political in any way. But according to Gulen himself these schools serve, in the shadows, the creation of a new Islamic order. If you read about Gulen in the foreign press, they have it pretty well nailed down. In speeches he talks about the importance of “stealth jihad”, of infiltrating places and appearing very secular. In his own speeches he says you can really infiltrate a secular government in a place like the United States and wreak all kinds of havoc. That's what he's been doing. Once again the schools are funded by us. He has at least 140 of them now. He's been called the most dangerous Islamist in the world and very little light is being shed on him and his activities," Williams stated.

Elwart says “the indoctrination is very subtle, even though it is intentional. "There is a certain Islamic-centered slant to their teaching. One place they really start bringing in the slant is through their after-school programs and what they call their outside programs," Elwart observed. "For example, they'll have Islamic Turkish festivals and the kids can compete in making costumes, writings, and the like. Many times the prize for these competitions is a cultural trip to Turkey." Elwart also said, “that the Gulen charter schools are going largely unnoticed by the American public”.

"This is a problem with the charter school system; it's fragmented. There is not a lot of oversight on the schools so people are disconnected from one another. If they see something that isn't quite right at their school they don't have any place to go to raise the alarm," Elwart asserted. “The schools are established and then each school brings in teachers from Turkey using H1B visas. These are visas granted to people with math and science skills”. He explains that administrators are usually brought in on a temporary visa which explains the frequent turnover in the Gulen-connected schools.

The stealth evolution to an Islamic school
How does an American school, private, public, or charter school evolve into an Islamic Madrassa/School? Muslim-Money and deception…

The web site, Charter School Scandals, reports that the Pioneer Charter School for Science in Everett, Mass., is a Gulen School. Pioneer Charter School of Science Public Relations Director Aimee Mott says that her school was started by a group of concerned parents. "It was a community of parents and other concerned members of the community who thought that in this area, Everett, Chelsea and Saugus area, that the public schools were not meeting all the needs of the students," Mott stated. "They decided to get together, submit a charter to the state for our school and that was in 2006. So, our first year in operation was in 2007 and 2008." Mott also says that the school's newness means it relies on taxpayer dollars. "Because we are a new charter school, all of our funding at this point comes from the state. We are funded just like a public school, we ‘are’ a public school. We are a public charter school," Mott described. "We are working on applying for a government grant to get funding for some things."

The school's web site gives few details on the school's curriculum, it provides no list of faculty members, and lists only the principal and the board members. The Massachusetts Department of Education school directory lists the head of the school as Barish Icin, and also gives the members of the school's board of directors. Among the board members listed are Board Chairman Murat Kilic, Mustafa Ozdemir, Nuh Gedik and Ramazan Nigdioglu. A name origins web site, HearNames.com, verifies that all of the surnames are of Turkish origin. Williams says that Gulen's school network is well-funded, well-organized, and well-represented.

Gulen bribes Government officials
"He has set up lobbying groups and through his lobbying groups he has given millions and millions of dollars to both Republicans and Democrats. He has gained their favor and support through these bribes so his schools are rubber-stamped,"
Williams said.

Williams warns Gulen's compound in the Pocono’s is much like the terrorist training camp in ‘up state N.Y.’ called Islamburg, that Williams says he's visited. "I went up there to take a look at his fortress and it is a fortress in the heart of the Pocono Mountains. Hundreds of Turks live there. According to all the neighbors, there are helicopters constantly surveilling the area looking for intruders," Williams described. "There are sentry posts there and the neighbors have complained to the FBI about gunshots and explosions," Williams added. "They have a foreign militia on American soil.” Why the FBI does nothing…

“If this doesn't get people up in arms, I don't know what will".

THE BOTTOM LINE: I have been writing about the incremental infiltration of Islam into America in general and specifically into our educational system for nearly five years.

Whether it is just a foot in the door as in an Islamic program here and there, or a Muslim teacher, college professor, or a donation of money from an Islamic organization, or a completely Islamic school, all are designed to indoctrinate and program our future culture to accept the Islamic agenda of supremacy, domination, and ultimately, the tyranny and oppression of Islamic Sharia law.

At the end of this road my friend is just another Islamic State…If that’s what you want, then continue in your apathy and complacency, doing nothing and saying nothing. You may begin to notice that your children have adopted a new philosophy on some fundamental issues, some strange ideas that you are not familiar with. Then again it depends on just how deceived ‘you’ are. You may not be aware that anything unusual is happening until the bombs begin to explode in your neighborhood and bullets are coming through your front windows. Or maybe it will take, as a Christian family I once new that came to America from Indonesia in the 1950’s, they found their little boy dismembered on their front yard.

What will it take for you to wake up and do something right now, say something to your representatives, to your Mayor, to your School district, to somebody!

If you don’t care, then just go back to watching American Idol, or Two And A Half Men. Or better yet just go back to sleep, you will eventually wake up in the hell of Islamic tyranny. And no --- I will not apologize for telling the truth or for being so graphic, what America needs to do is watch the beheading of Daniel Peril, one would see what Islam is really like, trust me that would shake you awake!

de Andréa