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Islam Is Brainwashing Our Children

The future of America is in our children, if Islam is in our children then the future of America is just another Islamic State.

By de Andréa
The deception (Taqiyyah in Arabic) of guilt, promoted by the political correctness of Multi-Culturalism and diversity is used by Islamic Imams and is proving to be very successful in the robotic programming of not only our Federal governmental security agencies, but worse than that are the resulting hundreds of charter Islamic Theological Indoctrinational primary, intermediate or middle schools nation wide. The U.S. Federal government is not only enabling and promoting the Islmic Jihad of America, but we the taxpayers, are financing it. The purpose of this infiltration and indoctrination is of course to build a foundation for the future militant and violent Islamic Jihad of America. How do you like supporting the brain-washing of your children, making little hate America Muslims out of them? Or maybe I am too assuming, and you really don’t care what your children become, or what the future of America is.
Watch a video of what is going on in our universities already, by the time your children get there, this country will be an Islamic State.

Large networks of Islamic Jihad indoctrination schools polka-dot the American landscape from Florida to Washington State, from Maine to California and they are all being funded by American taxpayer dollars.

This Islamic education network described in the article below represents more than 40 individual networks across the United States Canada and Mexico. The Gulen network alone represents more than 100 charter schools in 27 states and is the result of the work of Turkish expatriate billionaire and Islamic Imam Fethullah Gulen, who lives with the aid of the Obama administration in a heavily guarded compound and terrorists training camp in the Poconos Mountains near Saylorsburg, Pa.

Terrorism analyst and author Paul Williams explains that Gulen left Turkey under somewhat of a cloud, and came to the United States to continue his agenda of Islamic Jihad and world dominance. "Fethullah Gulen is a chap who fled Turkey in 1998. He was attempting to avoid prosecution from the secular government at that time; he wanted to set up an Islamic government in Turkey,"[the restored Ottoman empire] Williams explained. "He moved to Pennsylvania and established a mountain fortress around Saylorsburg, which is in the heart of the Poconos,"

Court records from the Eastern District of Pennsylvania's federal courts indicate that Gulen won his removal case against Homeland Security by showing that he was an "alien of extraordinary ability. Moreover, by staying in the United States he could pursue his work of authoring articles and providing guidance 'to fellow scholars in the fields of theology, political science, Islamic studies, and education." Gulen is believed to have a third grade education.

Williams says Gulen had help.
"The Department of Homeland Security uncovered that Gulen has over $25 billion in assets. That's more money than many countries have. Most of this money has been channeled to Gulen from the CIA,"
Williams asserted.

Koinonia Institute senior analyst Steve Elwart says Gulen was helped by a number of different factors. "He was denied his visa the first time around by DHS by saying that he didn't have any experience since he was trying to come in as an educator. DHS said that he really didn't have the qualifications to hold himself out as an educator". Elwart says there was another concern. "There were also concerns about his ties to the CIA and that as it turned out, those concerns were apparently valid, because when he appealed the decision, he got two letters of recommendation from the CIA, that would strengthen the position that he did seem to have those ties".

Williams explains: “U. S. officials may originally have had a good reason for funneling billions of dollars to Gulen. Now his fingerprints are all over Islamic terrorist training schools across Asia – and dozens more charter schools across the United States. Those schools run on taxpayers' money, but have private Islamic teaching agendas, using the subtle inferences in history and social studies courses to advocate for the agenda of Islam. They have prospered; they have grown and the countries where they are have become increasingly militant and increasingly anti-American."

Williams says Gulen put his CIA money to work, first in his home country of Turkey. "He used that money to create this Islamic political party in Turkey and to take over the newspapers, and almost all of the Turkish media. Gulen's movement is so radical that it is outlawed in Russia and even in The Netherlands, a country that's known for its tolerance would not allow any funding for the Gulen schools," Williams added. But the U.S. Government does, you might want to think about why.

Could it be that Obama has the same agenda?
Elwart adds that there was still another factor influencing U.S. assistance to Gulen. "There has been a movement in this administrations to promote what they ignorantly call moderate Islam by bringing these people to America and financing them to get the American people inculcated [brainwashed] into the Muslim culture," Elwart explained.

Williams asserts that Gulen's long-range plans are to re-establish a world Islamic caliphate. "He created a party which is called the Justice and Development Party. The prime minister is Tayyip Erdogan. He's severed relationships with Israel and has allied himself with Iran," Williams said.

MEMRI Turkish expert Rachel Sharon-Krespin writes in an article in Middle East Quarterly that Fethullah Gulen is a major player in Turkish politics.

In an American Thinker article, Center for Islamic Pluralism Director Stephen Schwartz says that Gulen is the power not only behind a movement in Turkey, but is the controlling force behind what Schwartz calls a Turkish Diaspora.

Williams says the indoctrination is subtle and administrators ignorantly say the schools aren't trying to be Islamic. "They'll deceptively say these schools are completely secular. These schools don't promote any Islamic doctrine; they're not political in any way. But according to Gulen himself these schools serve, in the shadows, the creation of a new Islamic order. If you read about Gulen in the foreign press, they have it pretty well nailed down. In speeches he talks about the importance of “stealth jihad”, of infiltrating places and appearing very secular. In his own speeches he says you can really infiltrate a secular government in a place like the United States and wreak all kinds of havoc. That's what he's been doing. Once again the schools are funded by us. He has at least 140 of them now. He's been called the most dangerous Islamist in the world and very little light is being shed on him and his activities," Williams stated.

Elwart says “the indoctrination is very subtle, even though it is intentional. "There is a certain Islamic-centered slant to their teaching. One place they really start bringing in the slant is through their after-school programs and what they call their outside programs," Elwart observed. "For example, they'll have Islamic Turkish festivals and the kids can compete in making costumes, writings, and the like. Many times the prize for these competitions is a cultural trip to Turkey." Elwart also said, “that the Gulen charter schools are going largely unnoticed by the American public”.

"This is a problem with the charter school system; it's fragmented. There is not a lot of oversight on the schools so people are disconnected from one another. If they see something that isn't quite right at their school they don't have any place to go to raise the alarm," Elwart asserted. “The schools are established and then each school brings in teachers from Turkey using H1B visas. These are visas granted to people with math and science skills”. He explains that administrators are usually brought in on a temporary visa which explains the frequent turnover in the Gulen-connected schools.

The stealth evolution to an Islamic school
How does an American school, private, public, or charter school evolve into an Islamic Madrassa/School? Muslim-Money and deception…

The web site, Charter School Scandals, reports that the Pioneer Charter School for Science in Everett, Mass., is a Gulen School. Pioneer Charter School of Science Public Relations Director Aimee Mott says that her school was started by a group of concerned parents. "It was a community of parents and other concerned members of the community who thought that in this area, Everett, Chelsea and Saugus area, that the public schools were not meeting all the needs of the students," Mott stated. "They decided to get together, submit a charter to the state for our school and that was in 2006. So, our first year in operation was in 2007 and 2008." Mott also says that the school's newness means it relies on taxpayer dollars. "Because we are a new charter school, all of our funding at this point comes from the state. We are funded just like a public school, we ‘are’ a public school. We are a public charter school," Mott described. "We are working on applying for a government grant to get funding for some things."

The school's web site gives few details on the school's curriculum, it provides no list of faculty members, and lists only the principal and the board members. The Massachusetts Department of Education school directory lists the head of the school as Barish Icin, and also gives the members of the school's board of directors. Among the board members listed are Board Chairman Murat Kilic, Mustafa Ozdemir, Nuh Gedik and Ramazan Nigdioglu. A name origins web site,, verifies that all of the surnames are of Turkish origin. Williams says that Gulen's school network is well-funded, well-organized, and well-represented.

Gulen bribes Government officials
"He has set up lobbying groups and through his lobbying groups he has given millions and millions of dollars to both Republicans and Democrats. He has gained their favor and support through these bribes so his schools are rubber-stamped,"
Williams said.

Williams warns Gulen's compound in the Pocono’s is much like the terrorist training camp in ‘up state N.Y.’ called Islamburg, that Williams says he's visited. "I went up there to take a look at his fortress and it is a fortress in the heart of the Pocono Mountains. Hundreds of Turks live there. According to all the neighbors, there are helicopters constantly surveilling the area looking for intruders," Williams described. "There are sentry posts there and the neighbors have complained to the FBI about gunshots and explosions," Williams added. "They have a foreign militia on American soil.” Why the FBI does nothing…

“If this doesn't get people up in arms, I don't know what will".

THE BOTTOM LINE: I have been writing about the incremental infiltration of Islam into America in general and specifically into our educational system for nearly five years.

Whether it is just a foot in the door as in an Islamic program here and there, or a Muslim teacher, college professor, or a donation of money from an Islamic organization, or a completely Islamic school, all are designed to indoctrinate and program our future culture to accept the Islamic agenda of supremacy, domination, and ultimately, the tyranny and oppression of Islamic Sharia law.

At the end of this road my friend is just another Islamic State…If that’s what you want, then continue in your apathy and complacency, doing nothing and saying nothing. You may begin to notice that your children have adopted a new philosophy on some fundamental issues, some strange ideas that you are not familiar with. Then again it depends on just how deceived ‘you’ are. You may not be aware that anything unusual is happening until the bombs begin to explode in your neighborhood and bullets are coming through your front windows. Or maybe it will take, as a Christian family I once new that came to America from Indonesia in the 1950’s, they found their little boy dismembered on their front yard.

What will it take for you to wake up and do something right now, say something to your representatives, to your Mayor, to your School district, to somebody!

If you don’t care, then just go back to watching American Idol, or Two And A Half Men. Or better yet just go back to sleep, you will eventually wake up in the hell of Islamic tyranny. And no --- I will not apologize for telling the truth or for being so graphic, what America needs to do is watch the beheading of Daniel Peril, one would see what Islam is really like, trust me that would shake you awake!

de Andréa

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