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Islam in the Christian Church

Yes, the presence of Islam in the West includes not only the deception and infiltration of our schools and government, but now this evil ideology has deceptively infiltrated the Christian Church.

By de Andréa

This new Islamic perversion of Christianity is called “Chrislam”.

This is an article that I have been dreading to write.
I knew this was eventually going to happen, I just hoped it wouldn’t be in my lifetime…

If you consider yourself a Christian, either by culture or belief, you had better read ‘this’ my friend.

In case you were wondering how Islam could possibly take over the world, and how the antichrist could come out of Islam, Read Islam The Biblical antichrist. But more to the point, how will Islam defeat the West? It no doubt will --- but not only from the inside out, but from its very core, the literal foundation of Judeo-Christianity.

As near as I can tell, this merging or blending of Christianity and Islam began in Nigeria, but in the past couple of years it has spread not only to Europe, now known as Eurarabia, but to America as well. Will we soon be known a Ameribia, or Amerislam?

As they should be, a Protestant renewal organization is concerned about the recent efforts of some mainline Protestant churches to produce an ecumenical reconciliation between Christianity and the demonic ideology of Islam.

Quran’s are placed in pews next to Bibles.

According to a recent blog post from The Last Crusade, Christian congregations in several large metropolitan areas including Houston Texas, Atlanta Georgia, Seattle Washington, and Detroit Michigan, are preaching sermons and teaching Sunday school lessons that blend the demonic ideology of Islam and the New Testament teachings of Jesus Christ.

Proponents of the new movement, which has been dubbed "Chrislam," Ignorantly claim, “Christians cannot love their neighbors without having a relationship with them.” This just illustrates that ignorance of the enemy is extremely dangerous. The fact that Islam is viewed by Christians as equal to the gospel of Jesus Christ is appalling to me as well as very telling that the West, and more specifically Christians are totally deceived by this evil barbaric religion from hell. You just don’t have a relationship with the devil, not even his kids.

This my friend, is why I believe it is so important for Christians to study and understand what Islam is, because this is the result of ignorance my friend, it is the Satanic deception of Christians. How could this happen? How could the Jews have been so deceived about their Messiah? In exactly the same way! It’s the deception of Allah…

From the website, The Last Crusade
“A study by of the Centre for Migration Policy Research at Swansea University shows that thousands of Britons are converting to Islam every year – with [would you believe] more women becoming Muslims than men.

The research suggests that the numbers converting to the religion has doubled by 2010 from the 60,669 converts in 2001.

The average age of the Muslim converts is 27.5, with 520,0o0 Brits becoming Muslims in the past 12 months.

A detailed study by Swansea University for inter-faith think-tank Faith Matters, suggests that despite an often negative portrayal of Islam in the media, more people are adopting the religion each year.

By contrast, Paul Richardson, Assistant Bishop of Newcastle, maintains that less than 1% of the 18 million Christians who belong to the Church of England attend Sunday services. “At this rate,” the Bishop speculates, “it is hard to see the church surviving for more than 30 years though few of its leaders are prepared to face that possibility.

If this decline continues, the Bishop adds, Christian Research has estimated that in five years’ time, church closures will accelerate from their present rate of 30 a year to 200 a year as dwindling congregations find the cost of keeping them open too great.

While 30 Anglican parishes close every year, 70 new mosques sprout up throughout the United Kingdom. A score of organizations have been set up to serve the needs of Christian Brits who now embrace Islam.”

That is hard for me to swallow, much less comprehend.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Although I have felt for the past 22 years that warning the world about the coming invasion of Islam is want I am supposed to do, I have often wondered why. Now I know. Early in my research, I had never thought nor envisioned in my worst nightmares, that a Christian could possibly be ‘so deceived’ as to convert to Islam. I still believe that, because there is a spiritual part here that isn’t being addressed.

The deception is --- that ‘Allah’ the god of Islam, is the same God Jehovah, the God of Jews, and Christians. When in fact, after one wades through the lies and does a little research, one ‘will’ find - that the reason why Muslims worship death, is because Allah is the “Angel of Death”, and the god of Hell. He is one in the same as Lucifer the angel of light, then he became --- Satan the angel of darkness, and in AD 610, he became “Allah the Angel of Death”. Moreover I don’t mean figuratively, I mean actually. Allah is the same Satan as the serpent that deceived Eve in BC 4000, and has continued to deceive mankind throughout history. Allah is the same Satan that supernaturally and blindly deceived the Jews about their Messiah, and after failing to destroy the resulting Christians, Allah deceived the Arabs starting with Muhammad. Today Allah uses his children, the Nation of Islam to deceive the world. He wants to be god of this world again, just has he was before the “Great Flood” Read a previous article, “Islam In a Nutshell”

That being said, a real Christian is the embodiment of the Spirit of God. Not that a Christian becomes God, as some “New Ager’s” believe, but that the Spirit of God lives within the person. If this is true, then the spirit of Satan and the Spirit of God cannot occupy the same person. So these so-called Chrislamic churches could not have been real Spirit filled Christians, they were likely cultural Christians. Nevertheless as the statistics show, soon the churches of England will be disappearing at a rate of 200 a year while these perverted Chrislamic churches together with Muslim Mosques will be ‘growing’ at a rate of more than 100 per year. ‘That’ is daunting my friend. Just how long do you think it will be before England, and all of Europe for that matter, become an Islamic State? Moreover, America will not be far behind.

All because of deception
Although America is a few years behind Europe it is already happening hear. If it hasn’t already in your town, it will be coming soon to a demonically-deceived Christian church near you. While the deception will not stop, it is difficult to deceive an informed person. Truth, knowledge, and understanding founded in the word of God, is the enemy of deception. If you don’t have a class at your church that teaches the truth about Allah and the demonic ideological theocracy of Islam and exposes the deceptive lies that are becoming so popular in the Judeo-Christian culture; then you might want to ask your pastor about starting one before the people in ‘your’ congregation begin bringing prayer rugs and wearing a hijaab on Sundays.

By then however, it may be too late…

This is why I often say: There is nothing more anti-Christ than Islam.

Some additional source information on this subject

de Andréa


Unknown said...

It doesn't seem farfetched when you see and hear so-called main stream big preachers like Rick Warren working so hard to bring all the religions together into one harmonous family, regardless of how different our theology. God help us!

Anonymous said...

The nazies Muslims` predecessors where simpletons: they`d created the "nordic Christianity" and killed Jews.Muslims make friends with Christians,use their churchies and use thousands of idiots-traitors Jews.
But the repeated tradition of the West to lie down the new enemy and to taste his values continues.

Asaki Haraishi said...

Has the author of this blog ever told a Jew that they have been, or are being, deceived by "Allah"?

Where in Scripture does it say that the Jews rejected Christ in favour of "Allah"? No, they rejected Jesus in favour of Barabbas. Also, did the Scripture not say explicitly that they delivered Jesus to be crucified because of their ENVY?

Answer if you can (though I'll certainly not be holding my breath for it).

And lastly, why do you suppose that the name "Jehovah" does NOT appear at all in the New Testament?