Saturday, February 12, 2011

Obama ‘Is’ Preparing American Children For An Islamic State

Or, ‘is’ he preparing our children - to help create an Islamic State. You decide…

By de Andréa

It may not be the quickest way, but the most effective way to defeat and “change” a country is to indoctrinate and change its children. When they grow up, the country will be defeated without firing a shot.

The left liberal extremists and the Islamic terrorists have a common enemy, Americanism, and freedom. It’s a case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

In many of his campaign speeches Obama said: “I will fundamentally change America”. Few stopped to think about what the foundation of America really is, and exactly what he was going to change, they just cheered “CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE". Few understood that Obama meant that he would fundamentally destroy America, and that the foundation of America ‘is’ the U.S. Constitution (the law of freedom), and that the “change” he had in mind was to replace it with Islamic Sharia Law, (the oppressive law of tyranny).

Author attorney and activist David Horowitz says it's absolutely outrageous that elementary and intermediate school students will be ‘forced’ to take Arabic language and Muslim cultural classes in a Dallas-Fort Worth suburb.

Several Dallas television stations have reported that the Mansfield Independent School District is instituting Arabic language and Islamic studies after receiving a federal order and grant from the Foreign Language Assistance Program of the U.S. Federal Department of Education Gestapo the (DOE‘G’)(an illegal federal department by the way according to the 10th Amendment). Under the program, Arabic language, and classes on Islamic culture would be “mandatory” in the district at an elementary and intermediate school level and optional at the middle and high schools. Watch the news clip

Note: There is a good reason that it would be mandatory in elementary and intermediate schools, and at least for now, optional in middle and high schools. The younger the child ‘is’, the easier he/she is to brainwash, indoctrinate, or robotically program. Moreover, they will never depart from it, a solid future for Islam. Think about it Mom’s and Dad’s.

Don’t deceive yourselves by thinking this is an isolated case. This, and worse, is going on all over America, in grade schools all the way through Graduate schools, universities and colleges. There are even public tax supported schools that are strictly Islamic, right here in down town America. This is tantamount to the Hitler youth camps in the 1940’s, this provides a guarantee for the future of the cause.

Watch the Video of Obama, our Muslim President, he believes that Islam and the Arabic language is the future of America. He says that: “America is no longer a Christian Nation, but is the largest Islamic Nation in the world.” Moreover, he says: “he is one of them”. With the separation of church and state rule, (that really doesn’t exist, but that’s another story) the religion and culture of Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Shintoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism are not allowed within a mile of an American public school, but of course Obama’s terrorist religion of Islam is "mandatory".

Obama’s Federal DOE program also identifies Arabic as "a language of the future.” Do you think he has something in mind? If one were to judge that by the direction we are going today, they would be exactly right. But David Horowitz, founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, (watch his video) says “Arabic is a language of the past. What has Islam in all of its history contributed to the world, except terror?” He asks.

The political activist finishes by saying: “I am skeptical about the district's claim that the courses will be, or remain, about language and culture, and not about the Islamic religion. In Islam one cannot separate culture from religion.” To reinforce David’s statement, in Islam nothing is separate from the religious ideology and the oppression of Sharia, 'nothing' my friend.

“We already have a lot of ‘infiltration’ of Islamic jihadist doctrines in our K-12 school systems," he argues. "The teachers unions have ruined our K-12 schools. These unions are left-wing extremists and they encourage Palestinian terrorists to come to the schools and indoctrinate students. So I'm none too happy about this news item."

THE BOTTOM LINE: Jihad in America…A little education may be in order.
To cast a little light on what is going on here behind this deception of Islamic benevolence, (or trying to appear as assisting with the education of American children), this is just part of the second and third phases of Jihad (the struggle of the Islamic holy war). This is the infiltration and indoctrination phases of the Jihadi war that has been going on right in front of our deceived, Christian, and benevolently blind eyes for the past twenty five or more years.

According to the Quran and the Hadith (the Muslim Jihadist handbooks) Jihad can be seen in two periods, the Soft or Stealth period and the Militant or violent Period. The Stealth or soft-Jihad period is to be implemented in the host country in three overlapping phases of deception. One may not necessarily end before the next phase begins, as well as all phases may be peppered with acts of terrorism which is the final phase of militancy, control, and violence. This off an on peppering of terrorism is used as training as well as to keep the host population off balance and preoccupied with security.

Stealth Jihad Period
Migration phase:
The first of these three stealth phases is the migration phase which continues throughout both of the Jihad periods. Muslims will immigrate or invade a country either legally or illegally, they will deceptivly appear to assimilate into the host culture and concentrate on numbers, or growing the population of Islam through immigration, propagating, and conversion.

Infiltration phase,
The second phase is the infiltration phase which includes the infiltration of every aspect of the host culture and society, giving the appearance of assimilation and a moderate peaceful Muslim community --- living peacefully with the host population.

Indoctrination Phase
The third and final phase of Stealth or soft-Jihad, it is the indoctrination and changing phase, including the introduction and implementation of Sharia, this is the phase that we are experiencing right now in America; it is the surreptitious and incremental programming of the citizenry to accept Islam as an alternative culture and rule of Sharia law. Islam must be stopped at or before the end of this phase or we will truly be at the gates of HELL.

Militant or Violant Jihad Period
After the third phase of soft Jihad, we will then enter into the second and last of the two periods of the Jihad holey war known as militant and violent Jihad - The next two phases, are the demand and the force phase. At this point it is too late to stop the agenda of Islam in ones country with out an awful lot of blood shed.

The Demand Phase
The first in the militant period is the demand phase. By this time the population of Muslims in the host country will be significant. The infiltration into government local, state, and federal as well as security, the military and police agencies, schools and yes even into Christian churches and Jewish synagogs will be well established, Islam will be in the position of control, especially with the success and the support of the previous indoctrination and change and acceptance phase. The demand phase will, instead of requesting that the Islamic culture and Sharia law be considered, it will now be demanded. At this stage about half of the deceived citizens will wake up.

The Force Phase
The final phase of the Militant and violent period is the force phase. This will usher in the full blown violent terrorists phase especially when and if the demand phase is met with any resistance. We now have the birth of a new Islamic State, tyranny, violence, murder and mayhem, will occupy a normal day. At this stage, the other half of the sleeping and deceived, will think that this must be the end of the world.

These-my friend, to one degree or another are the guidelines of Islamic Jihad that have been used for more that 1400 years to systematically “Change” country after country into an Islamic State. Moreover this is happening right here, right now, and unless we stop it soon, this will be the end of a free America. We can’t fight an enemy we won’t identify or refuse to understand. And if you are not aware of this war in America, should I advise you of your deception??? Or should I just let you snooze until you wake up long enough to hear an explosion.

de Andréa


Anonymous said...

Nothing you have said in this Nazi style blurb has any iota of truth. You obviously know nothing of American history, no understanding of the US Constitution, and you seem to promote ignorance, perhaps because you are ignorant. But lets call a spade a spade, you are nothing but a racist bigot, anti-semetic, and would love to turn America into a Third Reicht. I am glad nobody believes any thing you say.

John said...

Anonymous, who are YOU trying to fool with your dismissal of the facts?

Regardless of American History or the US Constitution, what's happening here is very real, and you know it.

So, yeah, let's call a spade a spade...ignorant.

Mick said...

'Anymous' is a tosser who's too cowardly to put a name to his rants.

But that's the Left - full of hyperbole and empty rhetoric lacking any truth.

'Nazi', 'ignorant', 'racist'.... back to the playground. And back to the sewer with 'Anonymous'!