Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Look At America’s Future

Raped, robbed, and acid throwing in Paris…It is happening over there, and unless we stop it now, it will happen over here.

By de Andréa
If you would like a glimpse of what your town and neighborhood ‘will’ look like in 10 years or less then watch this video from CBN news correspondent Dale Hurd who vividly illustrates the inevitable cultural clash that is now an everyday way of life throughout Europe. This is a precursor of the civil war that will soon exist between those who want to preserve a Constitutional form of freedom and those who want to replace it with the oppressive tyranny and barbarism of Islamic Sharia Law. France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and Britain today… and tomorrow, America!

I am no prophet, but I can see just beyond the end of my rather prominent nose at the direction the Judeao/Christian west is hell-bent on traveling. While both the leaders of France and England are just now becoming aware of the fact that the experiment of “Multi-Culturalism” isn’t working, America has the pedal to the metal racing toward the goal of Islamic tyranny. Watch a short clip of Colonel Allen West a Florida Congressman say it like it is. He says we are chasing our tail because we in America are in denial of whom and what Islam is.

Iran is 'not' just an extreme version of Islam; Iran is a definitive example of the Islamic future of the West and America. Watch a short film clip of the Iranian Agenda.

Islamic indoctrination and Sharia will destroy your freedom and the freedom of your children. Our universities nation wide, are programming our kids to accept the tyranny of Islam, watch a video of a meeting at the University of Central Florida supporting the ideology of Islam.

If you think your young children are not affected by the robotic indoctrination of the Islam, then watch this. In a Wellesley, Massachusetts Public School, Christian and Jewish Students Learn to Pray to Allah

In Dearborn Michigan with a larger population of Muslims than the country of Afghanistan, Christians are arrested and jailed in 2009 by local Dearborn police under Islamic Sharia law, and again in 2010. The Dearborn police shred Constitution in favor of Sharia.

Main-stream so-called moderate Muslims in America ‘are’ extremist terrorists sleepers. Moreover they are supported by our government and civic leaders in Boston and all over America. Watch video. Pay particular attention to the statement at the end about “reaching out to “Moderate Muslims”. Even the makers of this video are deceived, believing that there are good peaceful loving warm-fuzzy “Moderate Muslims.” Let me ask you, do you believe there were/are any good loving peaceful Nazis. Don’t be deceived my friend. A Muslim is a Muslim no matter what flavor he is.

If you open the door to Islam, no matter what the intention is --- you are opening yourself up to deception. Christians are especially susceptible to this mistake, as an outreach of benevolence, or even an opportunity to share ones Christian faith. The truth is your perils of love and faith will be seen not as an escape to peace, freedom, or salvation, but as weakness and stupidity. What will be accomplished is that Islam gets a chance to put its foot in your door. Watch a video of a fox news report on a Methodist church who believes they are benevolently reaching out to Muslims, saying, “They are not ‘facilitating’ Islam” when they are doing exactly that by sharing their ‘facilities’ with the Muslims. Opening the door to Allah/Satan is not the Biblical meaning of Christian benevolence, my friend; it is ignorance of God’s Word.

Once you have opened your door to Islam, you have opened your life to Satan and you have made yourself vulnerable to him. He will not listen to you…you will listen to him. You will not convert the Muslim he will convert you. He will deceive you into compromise and then he will strike. His foot will no longer just be in the open door of benevolence but he will have surreptitiously and incrementally taken over your house, your neighborhood, your school, your town, your country, your lives, and yes maybe even your soul. Read a past article with links to the story of Chris’lam’ the Christian compromise, titled “Islam in the Christian church”

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you cannot, or if you just refuse for whatever reason to see the reality of the events unfolding right in front of your very eyes right now, it is because of deception. Whether it is political, philosophical, religious or because of any other deceptive reason, you have become blind. You are in denial; you have become deceptively hardened and programmed against the truth. On the other hand, if this information is enough to wake you up and you have become at least slightly curious as to just exactly what the truth is, then watch carefully for a series of future articles on the “Whole Truth of God” as it applies to Islam.

de Andréa

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