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American Town Passes An Islamic Sharia Resolution Against ‘Islamophobia’

   In a time of universal deceit, the truth is a revolutionary act”George Orwell

American Town Passes An Islamic Sharia Resolution Against ‘Islamophobia’

"Truth  -  is the new hate speech" – Pamela Geller.
By de Andréa
April 18, 2015

Well of course’ the town is in Michigan.  Michigan is the fastest growing Islamic State.  This is what happens when you give an inch to the Satanic ideology of Islam.

The Michigan Taylor City Council unanimously approved a resolution that supports a campaign for sharia under the guise of "hate based on religion." Islamic supremacism as law. Muslims are conducting a genocide against Christians across the world and US politicians are passing resolutions prohibiting criticism of genocide, gender apartheid, creed apartheid, misogyny and Islamic hatred. 

Anything at all said about Islam is by its very nature negative by Western society. So therefore anything said about Islam will be construed as hate speech.  So according to the Islamic terrorist apologists and supporters’ one cannot say anything at all even if it is the truth about Islam or one will find oneself convicted of a hate crime and in Jail.  As Pam Geller pictured at right said "Truth is the new hate speech"

Islamic supremacists are infiltrating and embedding themselves in school boards, town councils, county board of supervisors, state governments, police forces, the federal government and security agencies, and the military etc., to impose Islam on secular American society. Embedded Muslims and their well-paid stooges in American governments are passing resolutions to impose Islamic Sharia Law — to prohibit criticism of Islam and jihadi terrorism.

Councilman Alex Garza, who offered the Islamic supremacist resolution, previously devoted himself to Rashida Tlaib, the first Muslim woman to serve in the Michigan Legislature, and the second Muslim woman in to be elected to a state legislature in America. Garza is an Obama goose stepper, who worked as a Field Director for Organizing for America – in Michigan, and in president Obama's campaign.

This sharia resolution is based on a false premise. The North Carolina parking dispute is reframed, repackaged into an "islamophobia" incident, despite the facts. According to the FBI's hate crime statistics for 2013,  they show the same trends as previously reported, so-called hate crimes involving islamophobia does not exist. So-called “hate crimes" are most often anti-Semitic but we don't see representatives and councilman offering up Islamic Jew-hatred resolutions. 

The dubious and fallacious narrative of widespread Muslim victimization at the hands of "American bigots" is a talking point, a fiction. Just as in previous years, most so-called hate crimes were not religiously motivated, most religiously motivated hate crimes were anti- American anti-Jewish, and anti-Christian, Muslims suffered fewer total incidents than many groups and fewer per capita than gays or Jews. Anti-Islamic crimes did not involve greater violence than others and have not become more frequent. A glance at the details here. 

But that truth doesn't stop well-paid puppets like Alex Garza from pushing sharia on the people by way of "hate based" legislation.

March 04, 2015 By Anne Runkle, News Herald, thanks to Patrick
The Taylor City Council unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday that supports a campaign against hate based on religion or ethnicity.

Councilman Alex Garza offered the resolution supporting the Campaign to Take on Hate.  The campaign by the National Network for Arab American Communities addresses bias and discrimination against Arab-Americans and Muslim Americans.

The Taylor resolution, however, does not mention Arabs or Muslims specifically, and "agrees to protect all its citizens and families no matter their religion or ethnicity."

The resolution says the city will "stand against those who preach hate and incite violence."  Well since Muslims preach nothing but hate and violence then by their own rules all Muslins should end up in jail, right?  Wrong! Muslims get a pass…

Former State Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who formerly represented southwest Detroit, Ecorse and River Rouge, said the campaign was borne out of a number of recent hate crimes, including the murder of three young Muslims in Chapel Hill, N.C.
Tlaib, a Muslim-American, addressed the council about "alarming increases in hateful statements" about the religious group.

She said her 9-year-old son overheard her talking about a newspaper cartoon that depicted Muslims as Nazis. "He came up to me and says, 'Mama, don't worry. If anyone asks if I am a Muslim, I will lie and tell them I am not,'" Tlaib said.  Bolderdash. (Well that is not exactly true. “Not exactly” I said, Islam is worse than Nazism, it is Nazism on steroids).

Councilman Charley Johnson said he supported the resolution, although he felt it didn't go far enough, as it didn't address hate crimes based on sexual preference.
Two residents addressed the council against the resolution.

Butch Ramik, a former councilman, asked if the council had researched all of the Take on Hate campaign's platforms.

He said that while he is in favor of taking a stand against hate, he is troubled by the campaign's support of the End Racial Profiling Act.

Ramik, a former police officer, said there are already avenues in place to halt profiling that is not justified. He cited Attorney General Eric Holder's recent finding that the Ferguson, Mo. Police Department targeted African-Americans unjustly.

Ramik asked if the resolution means that the council supports all of the campaign's stances.

Garza responded that the resolution means that the council backs the campaign's "ideals."

Resident Fred Lyons said he didn't feel the resolution was necessary.
"I don't see why we need a resolution to say we're against hate. We are," Lyons said. "Anyone who would say you are supporting hate would be asinine."
He said he feared the resolution could lead to lawsuits against the city.
Garza said the resolution seeks to "create awareness" of hate.

"I think we should all remind ourselves that this country was not built on us hating each other," he said. "I think we have to make sure that we continue to remind each other that we support each other and make sure we point out hate when it occurs. This resolution does not commit the city to anything. We're committing to continuing to take on hate in this country."

Garza said elected officials have a responsibility to speak out against hate and discrimination.

The Detroit City Council also passed a resolution recently in support of the Take on Hate campaign.

To Show you how this is catching on all over the country Texas Lawmakers barely smacked down Sharia Law in legal showdown

Pay close attention to this story.
Because there’s both good and bad to be had here.
The good news is lawmakers in Irving Texas told Muslims Sharia law couldn’t be practiced in their town.  The details can be found in this video.  Did you watch it…did you see the bad news?
The fact that the vote was 5-4 is pretty darn scary.  How could it be that in Texas of all places Sharia is that close to being allowed?
And really, what does it say about the country as a whole if one of the most conservative states in the nation is that close to allowing Muslims a chance to change American law to their oppressive laws?
One thing’s for sure, more American need to take Sharia seriously.  If we don’t my friend, it won’t be long until Obama and his goons get their way.
THE BOTTOM LINE: There is at least one big problem here as I see it, maybe more.  First that a Muslim identifies ethnicity, it doesn’t.  This just supports total ignorance.  All Muslims are not Arabs and all Arabs are not Muslims.  And why is it okay for Muslims to threaten as well as kill Christians and it is a hate crime if I say Islam is the ideology from Hell, which it quite obviously is.  I mean can you name one other religion that murders innocent people in the name of their god?  No you can’t.  And guess what?  Hate Speech is still free speech. 

I can’t help but wonder how long it will be until I am arrested for printing the truth. 

And just for the record, I don’t hate Muslims, I hate Islam…

And that’s the truth!   

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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