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Our Communist Media Interested Only In Inciting Riots

Our Communist Media Interested Only In Inciting Riots

What you’re not being told about Ferguson…is the truth!

By de Andréa
December 20, 2014

The mainstream media wants nothing less than to divide America over the Ferguson and New York Issue.
The liberal Communist un-American bosses of the Mainstream Media, including Obama’s so-called department of Justice are trying as hard as they can to provoke racial division in the US. And the Ferguson shooting of an unarmed criminal who attacked a police officer serves as a great catalyst for this manufactured division.
The truth is there are no race riots in Ferguson…the riots are just incited by a few criminals, and supported and encouraged by the Mainstream Media.
Strictly Personal:
I have often said that one would be better off to cancel their subscription to the Communist controlled Alphabet Soup newspaper and read THE BOTTOM LINE instead.  And it’s FREE! I am not even a news reporter, I am an Opinion Editorial Writer and I am more fair and balanced and less biased than any of the commie Newspapers.  I guess it is because I just print the truth…the only use I have for the Mainstream news is to find out what lies they are telling so I can contradict them with the truth!  
If the media actually wanted to do their job of reporting the ‘whole’ unbiased truth, they would focus not just on how Americans with guns are helping to protect several local businesses in Ferguson from criminals, (which they would never do). But they would also focus on how European Americans in Ferguson are standing up for African Americans, and vice versa. (Americans helping Americans)   But then that would be the truth, something unheard of in the Communist alphabet soup news these days.  
One example of the most encouraging stories is how a group of four black men are standing guard over a gas station owned by a white man.   Yes WITH GUNS, oh my!
You see, Missouri is one of the true American Constitutional states that allows for the open carry of fire arms. And what Mom’s Demand Against can’t argue against is that the display of weapons is not only a valid right, it is a demonstrably effective tactic to deter violence.  Did you hear what I said? TO DETER VIOLANCE my friend.  In other words it is not a GUN FREE ZONE!
The Review Journala Los Vegas on line news blog, wrote of the courageous men who are helping to keep law and order in Ferguson:
[Concerning the men guarding the gas station] One, a six feet, eight-inch tall man named Derrick Jordan – “Stretch,” as friends call him – whisked an AR-15, (a s-called  assault rifle) out from a pickup truck parked near the entrance.
Jordan, 37, was one of four black Ferguson residents who spent Tuesday night planted in front of the store, pistols tucked into their waistbands, waiting to ward off looters or catch shoplifters.
Indecently Jordan and the others guarding the gas station are all black. The station’s owner is white.

“We would have been burned to the ground many times over if it weren’t for them,” said gas station owner Doug Merello, whose father first bought it in 1984.
Merello said he feels deep ties to Ferguson, and if the loyalty of some of his regular customers is any indication, the feeling is mutual.
At times, Jordan and his friends were joined on Tuesday night by other men from the neighborhood, also armed. None of the men was getting paid to be there. “He’s a nice dude, he’s helped us a lot,” said a 29 year old who identified himself as R.J. He said he, like the other volunteers, had lived a short distance away from the store for most of his life.
The truth is the men have managed to use their weapons in several instances to chase away criminals focused on robbing, looting and burning.
THE BOTTOM LINE: While second amendment supporters are aware that this is the purpose of firearms, “…for the security of a free State”, it’s particularly disheartening to see that not only is the story of the effective use of arms being ignored.  They’re purposefully and willfully keeping an inspiring story of positive race relations under wraps.  It’s a pretty big indication that there is not only a wide and active conspiracy by the government controlled Communist Media to downplay positive firearms use and positive race relations.  But an intent to disarm Americans and at the same time incite race riots. 
These kinds of actions will ruin the republic.  Don’t be surprised if the divide continues to widen all across the country, thanks to the Drive bye Biased Media.
Are you prepared for riots in your streets? Is your family?
Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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