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Obama Aids Terrorists in the U.S.

Obama Aids Terrorists in the U.S.
Through the Department of Homeland Security, Obama’s private military SS, Obama is systematically flooding the U.S. with terrorists from all over the Middle East.  Truth is, they have been illegally infiltrating the U.S. Government since the mid 1970’s.  

By de Andréa
December 9, 2014


One example is Farzad Dastmalchi, an Iranian who came into the United States illegally, engaged in falsification of documents to make it appear he was legal and continues to reside in the US and works for the defense department without being deported, I'm honestly not surprised by what is taking place with illegal aliens in the U.S., including the support of Islamic terrorists.


The following, supports the fact that I say Obama is using his ‘Gestapo SS’ Homeland Security to aid and enable the Islamic Jihad of America, turning it into an Islamic State.


In a hearing on Tuesday, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) engaged Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson concerning four alleged Islamic terrorists who were captured coming across the border illegally into the US.  You may have seen it on the news.  When asked whether or not they had been deported, Johnson not only indicated that they were not deported, but said that two were released and fled to Canada.

The four men were believed to be tied to the Kurdistan Workers Party, which the US State Department has identified as a terrorist group (though Obama still supports them and the Muslim Brotherhood, even though Egypt identifies them as a terrorist organization as well as the United Arab Emirates identifying Hamas-CAIR as a terrorist group).  All of them unbelievably operate freely in the U.S. as 501c3 Charitable Organizations.

First, Chaffetz began his questioning by asking what Johnson would say to someone who would claim that Barack Obama's executive amnesty was an action to "change the law." Chaffetz even provided the clip of Obama making a statement to that effect, which Johnson said that he was "suspicious" of an eight-word clip. So Chaffetz read the entire context making it perfectly clear that Obama knew what he was saying and his intent to illegally change the law.

Obama wants to change the law because he wants to legalize all of the Middle Eastern Terrorists that have illegally entered this country. Trust me, the Mexican illegals are just an insignificant distraction.

Johnson, Obama’s DHS puppet, claimed that the administration was acting within its legal authority.  Johnson, who says he is a lawyer, might want to study up on his Constitutional Law!

Rep. Chaffetz then cited Obama's words in context and even continued up until the point of "how" Obama changed the law, something not granted to him legally via the Constitution.

The Utah Congressman then questioned Johnson about the four men with ties to a terrorist organization, who were caught by the border guards coming across the border.  "You said they would be deported. Did you deport them?" Chaffetz asked Johnson.

"Uh, no. Not at this point," Johnson answered.  "What is the disposition of those four people," questioned Chaffetz.  "Two are detained, the two others were released by the judge — uh, not my preference — they were released by the judge and they fled to Canada and they are seeking asylum in Canada," Johnson said, and then he attempted to place blame on the judge that let the men go. Johnson clearly let two Iranian terrorist go free into the population of the U.S.

Chaffetz exposed Johnson to the world as one that said the men would be deported, but were not. In fact, when questioned about the two men's whereabouts in Canada, Johnson could not even identify where they were.
"I'm not sure about their exact whereabouts, sir," Johnson answered.

"Mr. Secretary, this is the problem," Chaffetz said. "You come, and you say — you tell the world that you're going to deport these four people tied to — these are terrorists and you don't. They get released."

THE BOTTOM LINE: While I totally agree with the line of questioning by Rep. Chaffetz and the points he makes, the real problem besides the fact that we have a Muslim Jihadist terrorist President in the White House  is the issue of accountability and that both Houses of Congress and both parties have allowed Barack Obama and his cronies to continue to break the law and endanger the American people.

Until the chief law enforcement officer is forced to adhere to the rule of law, this will continue. Unless the Congress is willing to do what the Constitution demands they do, namely impeach Obama as a treasonous terrorist, the rest of these "investigations" and "hearings" are nothing more than window dressing on the abject corruption and willful ignorance that is taking place in the federal government.

If after this and the many other constitutional violations this president has committed, you still aren’t convinced that your president Barrack Husain Obama is a treasons traitor to the enemy of America, and not only should he be impeached, but sent straight to Gitmo for the rest of his natural life, if not sentenced to death as an enemy traitor in time of war, then you are one of the blind ignorant enabling brainwashed anti-Americans I write about...

You are part of the problem!

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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