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They Cut Heads Off Children Don’t They?

They Cut Heads Off Children Don’t They?

By de Andréa
December 16, 2014

(WARNING: Some references in the following article are extremely graphic. (I have eliminated the photo images)
 “I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God.”  Revelation 20:4a New International Version

An Anglican priest known as the “vicar of Baghdad” for his work in war-torn Iraq has recounted atrocities inflicted on Christian children by ISIS, the Muslim jihadist army that has declared the creation of an Islamic caliphate in parts of Iraq and Syria.
“They chopped all their heads off,” Andrew White told the Christian Broadcasting Network referring to four children.
In an interview in Jerusalem, where he was told to travel because of threats by ISIS fighters, he told of Iraqi Christian children ordered to convert to Islam or die.
“ISIS [fighters] turned up and they said to the children, ‘You say the words that you will follow Muhammad,’” White said. “The children, all under 15, four of them, they said, ‘No, we love Yasua [pronounced Yashewa (Jesus)]. We have always loved Yasua. We have always followed Yasua.”
White, mimicking ISIS, he shouted, “‘SAY THE WORDS!’”
But the children replied, “We can’t.”
“They chopped all their heads off,” White said.
“That is what we [Christians in Iraq] have been going through. That is what we are going through,” he said.
Charisma News said in a report that “some of the bravest martyrs this generation may ever know are teenagers – and perhaps even younger.”
While White, in the report, doesn’t provide a time or location, or whether he personally witnessed the atrocity, he said the same tactic had been used against adults.
“[Islamic jihadists] say to one man, an adult, ‘You say the words of conversion or we will kill all of your children.’ He was desperate. He said the words. Then he phoned me and said, ‘[Father], I said the words, does that mean Yasua doesn’t love me anymore? I have always loved Yasua. I said those words because I couldn’t see my children be killed.’ I said, ‘Jesus still loves you. He will always love you,’” White recalled.
He said that while Iraq had 1.5 million Christians, only a handful remain.
The largest Iraqi Christian community in the world now is in Chicago, he noted.
While reports on beheadings of adults, wholesale slaughter and torture with punishments such as crucifixion are common when ISIS is involved, these are atrocities against children.

One such report came from the Anglican Communion News Service, which said the 5-year-old son of a founder of Baghdad’s Anglican Church was “cut in half during an attack by the Islamic State.”
The video showed an emotional White.
“I’m almost in tears because I’ve just had somebody in my room whose little child was cut in half,” he said. “I baptized his child in my church in Baghdad. This little boy, they named him after me – he was called Andrew,” he said at the time.
The report said it happened in the Christian village of Qaraqosh after Kurdish forces left and ISIS fighters arrived.
[WARNING THE FOLLOWING LINK CONTAINS HORRIFYING GRAPHIC PHOTOS] Catholic.org report quoted a source, Mark Arabo, a Chaldean-American businessman, confirming the beheading of children by ISIS fighters, who then “put their heads on a stick and have them in the park.”
“The world hasn’t seen this kind of atrocity in generations,” he told CNN.
The report, which included images, said the terrorists “who have invaded Mosul and other ancient Christian communities in Syria and Iraq have made music videos of themselves murdering civilians and captured soldiers.”
“They are literally enjoying the act of killing and the fear and suffering experienced by others. This sadism may be the purest manifestation of evil witnessed since the Rape of Nanking during WWII.”
Jeff King, president of International Christian Concern, which had staff members traveling in Iraq, evaluated many of the reports and found them “completely consistent with who these guys are.  They’re absolute barbarians. We’re at a loss of words to describe who these guys are.”

The Anglican report also quoted Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. “The horrific events in Iraq rightly call our attention and sorrow yet again. Christians and other religious minorities are being killed and face terrible suffering,” he said.
 “Several images have emerged of Christian children beheaded by ISIS, merely for being Christian,” the report said.
The report said the Muslim fighters sometimes crucified victims “because to them crucifixion is especially humiliating due to its Christian implications.”
The images show children lying in rocky fields where they died, a woman whose throat was cut and the decapitated bodies of children.
 “ISIS is an organization that has committed heinous acts of violence and violated the human rights of many of our fellow believers,” the organization said. “This is a disaster of almost unparalleled proportions for Christians.”
The Catholic.org report said the images and videos are made and distributed “to intimidate others.” One showed blood gushing from a woman whose throat was cut. Another was of a “distraught father in Syria” holding the body of his decapitated daughter, who was executed because she was of a Christian family.
WorldNetDaily columnist Jerry Newcombe wrote: “I saw a photograph that makes me sick. It is the corpse of a little girl, about 10 years old, wearing a dress and tights. She lies sprawled on the floor with her arms outstretched. For a presumably poor girl, she looks like she’s dressed in her Sunday best.  This photo makes you sick. It’s right out of a horror movie. Something within you dies when you look at it,” he continued. “How could you kill a child? And more importantly, how could you do so in the name of God? As of this writing, Christians continue to be killed in Iraq simply because they won’t convert to Islam. It is convert, flee, or die.”

WorldNetDaily columnist Les Kinsolving has noted the beheadings of captured Western adults and has suggested a solution.
“What would surely seem more effective … would be an Obama announcement that he had ordered Navy SEALs and Army Special Forces to engage in campaigns of mass capture of ISIS and other Muslim murderers of our troops. Then, with massive capture, an order could be given to execute five to 10 of these Muslim killers for every one of American forces and allies who are beheaded,” he wrote.
I have even a better solution: Carpet bomb Syria, and Iraq until there is nothing left standing. The rest of Islam will suddenly see the light and become Christian…Well maybe not!
THE BOTTOM LINE: “They’re absolute barbarians. We’re at a loss of words to describe who these guys are.” Said Jeff King. 
He is at a loss for words because, as he says, he has no idea who or what Islam is…  But I am not my friend.
If after reading this article about the so-called peaceful Nation of Islam you are not convinced that Islam’s god Allah is the Biblical Satan from Hell then you my friend will not see the train coming that is about to run you down. 

No human being could commit these kind of atrocities unless they were the sons of Satan himself.  These monsters are absolutely controlled by the power from Hell.  They have given themselves completely to the evil mind of Satan/Allah their god.  And in spite of what your Muslim president Obama says… ISIS is the true Orthodox Islam that follow Allah’s Qur’anic will, to the letter.   

What the monsters of ISIS are doing is straight out of the Quran, their hand book of war on the world. This is their so-called religion.  And this will only get worse my friend.  If you don’t turn yourself around now while you can still see the train coming, it will soon run you down. 

America needs to turn to Yasua now.  He will open your eyes and remove the supernatural deception of Satan that the West has so blindly embraced.

We need to get Islam out of America…

We need to fight this enemy now’, or we will fight for our lives later.  

And later we will lose…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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