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Boys And Girls Shower Together In American Schools

Boys And Girls Shower Together In American Schools
Now, Minnesota schools propose letting boys into girls locker rooms

By de Andréa
December 1, 2014

You thought California was the only state full of perverts in the government…well it has spread to Minnesota and several other states.

On August 13 2013 I published an article about California schools, titled: “California Endorses Sexual Perversion In Their Child Indoctrination Centers”
The article told about how the perverted legislature of California passed a law that would allow high school boys to take coed showers with the girls.

On Thursday November 20, 2014 I published an article Titled“We Cannot Compromise on Morality or Rights”  


I said at the time that this was only the beginning.  Since last year, several States have passed their own version of the new perverted social bill aimed at the destruction of morality in America, and so it goes, once the camel’s nose is allowed in the flap of the tent, soon you will have a camel in your lap and poop in your bed!


The newspaper ad read: A boy wants to shower next to your 14-year-old daughter. Are YOU OK with that?'

If you live in Minnesota, your high-school daughter might soon be showering next to a boy after athletic practice if a “transgender” policy being considered by the Minnesota State High School League MSHSL is approved this month.
Funny I remember growing up with only two genders…that’s right two – male and female.  I vaguely remember about 6000 or so years ago, or millions if you prefer,  that it was the way we were created and it was how we as living organisms procreate.  But now I find out that I am wrong, wrong, wrong, there are actually more than fifty different genders one can pick from, is this where pro-choice, Same sex Marriage and Pro Sodomy laws  has led us to?   The LGBT offers users 58 different “gender” choices that include agender, bigender, cisgender, gender fluid, gender nonconforming, genderqueer, pangender, transfeminine, transgender, transsexual and two-spirit, just to name a few. 
You do realize that this kind of behavior is what destroyed empires in the past don’t you?
Critics of the controversial measure in Minnesota, which has sparked fierce opposition across the state, said it was dangerous, and part of a broader radical agenda.  It could also represent a violation of privacy, parental rights and religious liberty, according to legal experts involved in the issue.  But that’s all that constitutional Christian stuff from the distant past…
The policy draft being considered is aimed at allowing “transgender” students – children who believe they were born in the body of the wrong biological sex – to participate on the sports team corresponding with their “perceived or chosen gender.”
So, if a boy believes he is a girl, he should be allowed to play on the girls’ sports team and use the girl’s locker room and shower, under the proposed policy, regardless of the “gender assigned at conception.”  Boy I can just see where that is going, Sexual Orgies in the locker room anyone!
Despite its controversial nature, the transgender plan flew largely under the radar until days before it was set to be considered by the MSHSL last month. That is when the Child Protection League CPL sprang into action, taking out a full-page newspaper advertisement about the policy.  “A male wants to shower next to your 14-year-old daughter,” the ad reads. “Are YOU OK with that?”
According to the ad, transgender males and females will be allowed to shower, dress and share hotel accommodations while on the road with members of the opposite sex.
“Transgender Sensitivity Training” would of course also be required for all students, teachers, parents, staff and counselors, the ad said.  You just gotta get some right thinking ya-all!
The MSHSL, an organization that oversees interscholastic athletic programs for public, private and home schools in Minnesota, was overwhelmed by the response. Within days of the ad, the organization had received over 10,000 emails as the issue exploded in the media.   However, the MSHSL is still planning to consider the proposal Dec. 4, said the executive director of MSHSL, who supports the plan.
Critics fight back
Minnesota state coordinator and media spokeswoman Michele Lentz of the Child Protection League Action, or CPL Action, said parents need to fight back against the plan.  “The MSHSL policy is part of an aggressive and dangerous push that is under way to encourage and normalize gender confusion and to suppress the right of anyone to object. So much for the right of redress.  Her organization is advising parents, grandparents and taxpayers to “speak up while they still have a voice” on the matter
 I say - pull your kids out of public school pronto…if’ fact every parent would suddenly find the need to homeschool or put their kids in private schools, that would effectively end the less than useless Perverted Public Brainwashing System. 
“Just hearing about this has caused great public alarm,” Lentz explained. “The policy is generally so outrageous that our biggest hurdle is to get the public to take it seriously. Our challenge is to make very clear that this is a massive, radical, well-funded national push to entirely up-end our culture. It attacks our children to the core of their beings, and creates questions that will undermine relationships of all kinds, including marriages and families.”  As I said the end of civilization as we have come to know it.
“We call this a war against kids,” Lentz said, citing a wide array of harms that could afflict high-school students under the plan.
The consequences of allowing the transgender policy to go forward will include, for example, male athletes suddenly appearing in female locker rooms, showers and toilets – or vice versa, if a girl claimed to be male.
“Traveling teams will find themselves sharing hotel accommodations with an athlete of the opposite gender,” Lentz warned, echoing a common concern among Minnesota parents.
 “The consequences of placing adolescent teens, primarily 13 to 18 years old, in unisex locker rooms are limitless,” Lentz said.
“Depending on the age, some will be sexually assaulted simply through the naked presence of the other gender. Some will be mercilessly bullied. Some will be raped,” she said. “And all will be forced to deny the obvious – the logic, science and attributes of each biological gender.”
Even more dangerous still, perhaps, is that the policy represents a “direct attack on the structure of the family and the essence of manhood and womanhood,” Lentz said.
“It denies the existence of two distinct sexes,” she added. We no longer are confined to our ‘assigned’ gender at birth. It is now irrelevant.”
Pushing it anyway
Despite the growing public outcry, proponents of the policy have no intention of backing down. As of mid-November, the MSHSL said it was still planning to take up the measure early in December.
“It is needed to put a structure in place around an issue that already exists,” argued Dave Stead, the executive director of the MSHSL.  Asked about how many transgender students were in Minnesota, Stead admitted to having “no idea.”  But he insisted the policy is “necessary for our schools to have structure on this issue that exists.”
What about “the structure of the family and the essence of manhood and womanhood,” as Lentz said?  Oh well…I guess that structure is now irrelevant.
We also have existing issues of murder, rape, bank robbery, and, assault and battery in this country.  Using the logic of Dave Stead of the MSHSL, it would then be appropriate to also encourage these’ existing issues and just structure those offences and send the rest of us prudes to sensitivity training.    
When requested to clarify what exactly the issue was, Stead said: “The issue is that there are some students who present themselves differently from what they were assigned at birth.”  This cries loudly of ignorance my friend, and the lack of knowledge about the science of the birds and the bees.   This guy Dave Stead believes that gender is assigned at birth.  He probably also belongs to the flat earth society.  For an educator he sure lacks education, someone should bring him up to speed and at least into the 18th Century.  
Behind the transgender measure
While Stead and other proponents cite an “issue that exists” as the motivation behind the policy, critics contend a tiny minority of radical activists is the driving force.
“The public is not on board with eliminating reality, including ignoring science, biology and morality,” said Lentz with CPLAction.
She added that her organization – was originally founded by seven concerned moms – and was working to get the community involved to stop “this radical assault on all standards of privacy and decency.”
“This policy is not something that parents, schools, or districts have been requesting,” Lentz added when asked why MSHSL was still pushing the plan despite escalating public outrage. She cited OutFront Minnesota, an organization that also played an important role in redefining marriage in the state to include same-sex couples.
OutFront also wants to ban therapy for minors who may be struggling with gender confusion or same-sex attractions, the organization said in an email to supporters.  “The opposition is banking on placing a civil rights, political correctness spin on this issue in order to silence the masses,” Lentz said of the strategy being used to promote the policy and similar measures. “Our job is to tell the American public that it is not only all right to speak up, it is their duty in protecting all children, including the gender-confused.”

THE BOTTOM LINE:  What spokeswoman Michele Lentz of the Child Protection League Action, or CPL Action doesn’t seem to grasp, is that we no longer live in a Constitutional Representative Republic.  The people let that go more than a hundred years ago.  We have, thanks to the so-called Progressive Party, progressed even beyond the dreaded Democracy as a form of government in America.  Yes we have progressed even beyond tyranny.  We have progressed all the way to a form of government led by the perverted minority.  It’s not the first time this has occurred in history. But in all cases as I said, it has destroyed empires.     

Former President James Madison once said: “Democracy was the right of the people to choose their own tyrant.” 

Well…we are way’ beyond that my friend   …

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

If you agree please pass this article on to everyone on your email list.  It may be the only chance for them to hear the truth.

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The World's' gone mad said...

… to force men and women to have their nakedness exposed to “surprise visitors” of the other sex in sex-private changing rooms.
… to put them in a position where they can not avoid seeing the other gender uncovered.
… to force husbands and wives, who desire to remain covered from the opposite sex by all but their partner, into nakedness before other men and women.
… to take from parents the right of decision making in when it is appropriate for, and to what degree, their children to be exposed to the opposite sex.
… to take from little ones the right to chose to keep their nakedness covered until they desire to disrobe before a member of the opposite sex.
… to turn the safety of a school environment into a place of embarrassment, shame, lust and danger.
… to take from parents the right to know if their child will be sleeping in a room with the opposite sex on school trips.
… to force children to sleep in the same rooms with other sexes when it is against their parents/ own moral values.
… to force liberal evil upon a Christian (yes, still) nation.