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The New Republican Gay Party

The New Republican Gay Party
Is the Republican Party moving to the radical liberal left?  Has the GOP moved so far to the left that it has become irrelevant?  Is it time to scrap the GOP for a new Moral Conservative Constitutionalist Party?  Not a third party, but a replacement.

By de Andréa
March 21, 2013

Recently, Reinhold Reince Priebus  Chairman of the Republican National Committee, announced plans to spend $10 million dollars of Republican constituent’s donations in what he calls reaching out to minority groups in a bid to attract a different kind of American voter.  The Republicans also plan to begin embracing immigration reform (illegal aliens) and to soften the party’s stance on Gay-Marriage and Abortion.  In other words become anti-American liberals.

So “reaching out” has taken on a new meaning, it doesn’t mean trying to include the minorities in our agenda, it now means abandoning Americanism and becoming one of them.

A recent study commissioned by Republicans has mistakenly concluded’ that the party’s electoral success is hinged on becoming more “inclusive at welcoming non-traditional voters.”  Code words for the Republicans are caving and moderate and liberal influences are about to take over what is left of the opposition party; moreover Conservative Republicans may slowly and silently slip into history unless we really start becoming vocal and making a pest of ourselves.

The Republican Party says it no longer wants to represent “old white male” conservative voters, meaning the people that work hard, pay their taxes, and raise their families to love God, respect morality and observe the law.  Somehow, Republicans have come to view winning as more important than fighting the good fight.  And somehow, Republicans have come to believe that Log Cabin Republicans and children of illegal aliens will provide for the Republican Party of tomorrow - and I resent their ignorant foolishness.  This ignorance will only cause the future defeat of the GOP and the further destruction of the fundamental fabric of America.

Soon to be invited to the Republican ranks are the minority homosexual community or the misnamed so-called “Log Cabin Republicans,” this was by the way the group that was founded in 1977 to defeat the California legislation called  the Briggs Initiative, banning homosexuals from teaching our kids homosexuality in public schools, needless to say, they were successful.  Since its birth as a homosexual advocacy group, the Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) has only endorsed one Republican candidate for President, and that was John McCain.  All prior Republican Presidential candidates failed to secure this groups support because most all Republican candidates were pro-life, subscribed to the traditional definition of marriage, and paid little attention to the false cause of so-called gay rights, which are special rights specific to a special group, another unconstitutional philosophy.

Many uninformed robotically programmed Republicans believe the LCR shares a conservative ideology.  Aside from what some consider a fiscally conservative, small government, low taxes, free markets, strong defense slant, nothing could be further from the truth.  Log Cabin Republicans support liberal causes including “Corporate Diversity”; so-called “Family Fairness”; and “Sexual Orientation as a Choice” It is also worth noting that LCR was instrumental in defeating “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” see Log Cabin Republicans v. United States they refused to participate in the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).  I wonder why.

I lost my faith in any established political party a long time ago.  They are all, owned by “big money” influences of one radical philosophy or another.  The Republican and Democrat Party’s have both done their fair share of damage to the U.S. Constitution and fiscal strength of our nation.  Now it appears both parties wish to destroy what is remaining of traditionally pro-American values by setting up the old “big tent.”

I have some news for so-called Republicans.  I only vote for conservatives of the Republic.  Your national party has not been worth a hoot since Reagan left office.  You are losing the political fight because very few of you possess the courage to tell the truth and stand for traditional and fundamental American values.  You have moved to the center-left to accommodate your newfound homosexual constituency and the entitlement cultured illegal aliens like your Fuhrer Obama, but in the end, you will lose the core of your party, and all the patriotic constitutional moral conservatives.

Without the tradition of constitutionally protected freedom, there is nothing conservative.  The basis for Conservatism is tradition, belief in the Constitutional protection of Freedom and the moral values and precepts of our Creator.  Voting Republican does not make anyone a conservative anymore than owning a gun makes one a constitutionalist.  If conservatism fails to win the culture war of reshaping our government and political parties back to the fundamental philosophy of Constitution law, we will all become a nation of indentured servants and slaves to the coming tsunami of immoral tolerance washing over what is left of our once free Republic.

Rarely do Americans consider the long-term costs of the “feel good” ideas like tolerance, political correctness, and so-called social justice.  Instead of acknowledging their failures and working to correct the damage they have caused, the Republican Party is about to undertake a “rebranding” by unfolding its “Big Tent” strategy again.  A vision that includes Abortion, Gay Marriage, Dual illegal citizens, and the welfare addicted.  Big money Social Communist influences have laid down the law…and Republican lackeys are bowing to their demands.

Political favors will not solve America’s problems.  Respect for time honored traditions by honorable men and women will.  If the Republican Party turns its backs on conservatism, they might as well hand the government over to the Liberal Communist Democrats.  Based upon the last 13 years there does not seem to be much of a difference, just one failure after another.

THE BOTTOM LINE: So…what is the future of the Republican Party, one should also ask what is the future of American Freedom and Moral values? The answer is likely the same.  Because of decades of anti-American programming from Hollywood and through our Educational (Indoctrinational) System as well as the Slipperystream Anti-American Media, our values and morals have been… well… all but eliminated.  But what we ignorantly don’t see is that along with the loss of our American values and heritage go our freedom, equality and the ability to pursue happiness.  We have become a Godless nation that was originally built on Godly principals.  By abandoning these fundamental principals we have abandon our Creator.  How long will God continue His blessings on the most blessed country the world has ever seen before we become equal to the lowest form of third world pagan country on Earth? 

Not long my friend and because of our willful ignorance, we will have only ourselves to blame…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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