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You Want Cuts…Here’s Your ‘Cuts’

You Want Cuts…Here’s Your ‘Cuts’
What is Obama’s Agenda?  Obviously it is not to get through this crisis safely, intelligently and with as little disruption as possible.

By de Andréa
March 11, 2013

Obama is like someone with tunnel vision he can only see the target of his agenda and that is to destroy the economy of the American Constitutional Republic.

To begin with, the sequester was President Obama’s own idea back in 2011 in his last regime.  He thought it was an effective extortion tool to force Republicans to do things his way because he was not willing to compromise on anything.  But it backfired and the Republicans for once stood their ground and called the president’s bluff.

Like all bully dictators, The Fuehrer Obama is blaming the Republicans for his sequester and he is doing his best to make it hurt the public as much as possible so they will blame the GOP.  An email that was leaked by a Department of Agriculture field officer indicated that Obama had given instructions to make the sequestration cuts hurt Americans as much as possible.

Rep. Tim Griffin (R-AR) commented on the leaked email, saying: “This email confirms what many Americans have suspected, Obama is doing everything he can to make sure his worst predictions come true and to maximize the pain of the sequester cuts for political gain.”

In a further demonstration of the president’s infantile sequester tantrum, it was announced earlier this week that 60,000 federal employees which are responsible for protecting and securing our national borders have been told that they will be furloughed for up to 14 days.  This includes Border Patrol and Port of Entry agents.

David Aguilar, Deputy Commissioner of the US Customs and Border Protection Agency reported that he has been instructed to cut $754 million from his budget between now and the end of the fiscal year, September 30.  In order make the necessary cuts, they will initiate a hiring freeze, reduce or eliminate compensatory time and overtime.  They plan on reducing travel and training expenses, which means border patrol agents, may have their patrols cut short or reduced.  A reduction in training may place some agents at risk.  This of course is right up Obama’s ally the illegal aliens including Muslim terrorist will be taking advantage of the lull in border protection and pour through our southern border, sorry Arizona.  Moreover, you can bet your sweet bippy the Fuehrer ‘Herr’ Barrack Hussein Obama will blame the GOP…

Jenny Burke, a spokesperson for the Customs agency said:  “Even with these cuts, though, individuals apprehended illegally crossing the southwest border will still be processed as usual.”  OH REALLY!  She has to be joking,    or worse, she’s serious.  Obama already gave orders to start releasing thousands of illegals that were being detained and awaiting deportation.  Telling us it’s going to be business as usual along the Mexico border is an outright lie.  But then that’s par isn’t it?

For once, I have to agree with a union boss, the one that represents about 24,000 Customs agency employees.  Colleen M, Kelley, president of the National Treasury Employees Union said:  “the sequestration budget cuts are going to ‘undercut’ national security.  It will also result in a loss of federal revenue because the only other federal agency that collects more money for the federal government is the IRS.”  Oh well, just raise taxes on George Soros and Michael Bloomberg’s to 100%.

Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Insecurity, says: “that the reduction of customs agents will result in huge delays for anyone having to pass through Customs”.  She predicts those delays could be 150%-200% of the time it took to clear Customs before the sequester took effect.

One of Obama’s provisions of the sequester, is that alternative cuts could be substituted for the more painful and dangerous ones.  Everything so far indicates Obama would rather place the nation’s security, economy, and welfare at risk to make the cuts as painful as possible for political reasons only.  He cares more about his agenda of breaking the American Capitalistic economy and replace it with Karl Marx Social economy than he does about what’s left of the Republic and the people and he’s proving it by how he is handling ‘HIS’ sequestration.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  So what does it mean to SEQUESTER anyway.  Well the Encarta Dictionary says: “the act or process of legally confiscating somebody's property temporarily until a debt that person owes is paid, a dispute is settled, or a court order obeyed.”  -OR in international law, “the seizing of an enemy's property, or the fact or process of being seized.”  -OR-  “the act of going into or putting somebody in an isolated place, away from people or everyday pressures, or the fact of being in such a place.”  In Short it generally means to Confiscate.  You can take your pick but In Obama’s case I think it means… to extort or to abscond…

Thanks for listing – de Andréa      

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