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Is DiFi Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

Is DiFi Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?
LOL…No…  But please read this, then ‘you’ decide.

By de Andréa
March 16, 2013

In what must be viewed as another embarrassing moment for Senator Frau Diane Feinstein of the American Gestapo…Senator Ted Cruz (R- of the Texas State of the American Republic) asked Frau DiFi one of the fundamental questions of the individual rights interpretation of the Second Amendment.

In essence, Cruz asked the anti-American California Senator what kinds of ‘exceptions’ she would legislate towards peaceful assembly and freedom of speech” (First Amendment) and to searches and seizures” (Fourth Amendment) that are comparable to her proposed selective ban on modern arms (Second Amendment).

DiFi, instead of answering the question, (which she could not) punted along the lines of “Trust Me, I know what I am doing…”.  Of note is her comment …“I’m not a Sixth Grader…”  Your right Senator, you’re not even a third grader!

The inadequacy of her answer is highlighted by a number of factors obviously unknown to the Senator.  Semiautomatic firearms for example have been available to the American citizenry for more than a century.  (She may not even know that or care.)  Even her own attempts to ban high capacity magazines, containing more than 10 rounds, would not impact standard configuration Model 1911 pistols.  So one would think that semiautomatic firearms as a class would be protected, given their slower rate of fire when compared to certain NFA-controlled automatic firearms (Those being “machine guns” for those in the Fourth Reich).

Another reason why her response is inadequate is that she rests on her long tenure in the US Senate.  But since her tenure is based upon the ability of California’s Coastal Strip liberal communists to vote for the (brain)dead in election after election, her claim to political longevity is based more upon corruption than it is on any mandate of God. 

In this particular case, her answer to Senator Cruz is simply obfuscation to the rest of the country, nothing more.

Lastly, her failure to answer the question is highlighted by her inability to address the “infringed” question that is so commonly asked by gun-owners and firearms activists of those who would disenfranchise them of the Second Amendment.  Frau DiFi’s answer here is effectively “yes”, given that she is truly enumerating those firearms that, for now, she does not feel are a “threat” to the public as the answer to society’s ills.

Thus we have the real dilemma with the situation- DiFi’s own pronouncement begs the question as to whether familiarity with the term “infringed” is a ‘Sixth Grade Level Educational Requirement’, or perhaps something relegated to lessons to at least the fifth or lower grade levels.

Way back when dinosaurs were young, I personally have memories of reading the Constitutional Bill of Rights for class work in the Fourth and Fifth Grades.  Protections for free speech, unreasonable search and seizures, the right not to self-incriminate, and to keep and bear arms seemed fairly apparent to a young mind when read plainly. 

“Infringed” or in this case “shall not be” was a “vocabulary” word if one was to complete the assignments back in the olden days.  But given Frau DiFi’s philosophy as well as her feeble and advanced age, perhaps she has forgotten her own elementary school lessons taught in the same era FDR used ultra-patriotism to sell war bonds to fight a war against just such despotism as she is now trying to serve up.  The fact that she is leading an incremental movement to install Despotism and National Socialism in the American Experiment is seemingly the greatest observation one could make under the circumstances.

The Senior Senator from California does not “get” the individual rights interpretation from reading the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.
She does not “get” the meaning of the word “infringed”, if her comments are to be construed literally and intelligently.

And, most importantly, she is constituting the single highest threat to her own beloved Senator Harry Reid’s attempts to re-elect enough “Red-State” Democrats to retain “control” of the Senate in the 2014 Mid-Term Election.

So it would seem that the most important question the voting public can ask, given the opportunity provided by Senator Cruz, is whether Senator Feinstein is actually smarter than even a Fifth Grader, let alone a Sixth Grader as she so eloquently articulates.  The answer should be apparent to all who could actually pass muster at the Elementary School Level.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Please watch the video of Cruz and Feinstein and then you decide if, first of all, she even attempted to answer Cruz’s Question and then what grade level would you put her at.  There is no evidence here that Diane has even read the U.S. Constitution much less studied it, or even considered it as fundamental to the “security of a free State”,  moreover I really doubt that Frau  DiFi either knows what the words “Shall not be Infringed” actually mean, or more importantly, does she even care?

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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